Five nights at Freddy's

(Jak and Daxter style.)

Freddy: Daxter

Bonnie: Torn

Chica: Ashlin

Foxy: Dark Jak or D.J

Mike: Jak Mar


What the Fuck did I just agree too?! I thought to myself as I walked out of Dax's Pizzeria, my name is Jak Mar I just got out of collage and looking for a job. I start work tonight, and I'm super scared, I walked into my apartment and ran to the bathroom and puked.

"Urgg BLLLEEEEHHHH!" I moan softly as I empty the contents if my stomach. After about ten minutes I stand back up and see I have four hours before I have to go. I sniff softly and clean myself up, I was still nervous so I decided to draw for a while. Before I knew it, it was time to go. I moaned and sat up. When I got there, everyone was gone I saw the Robots staring at me.

"Creepy as Fuck." I muttered to myself. There were three of them on the stage, there was Torn, the bass player, Ashlin the mother hen, and Daxter the leader.

"There's one more." I said softly, and I saw two purple curtains with a 'SORRY, OUT OF ORDER!' sign in front of it. I walked over, and parted the curtain.

"OH SHIT!" I screamed and leaped back in terror, D.J the dark was staring right at me! I try to catch my breath as I stare back. I gasped heavily and put my hand on my rapidly beating heart, He scared me I thought to myself. I walked into my office and I found it was... Tiny. I shivered and sat down at my desk, I shivered in fear. Suddenly a loud ringing nearly made me shit myself, I panted softly as the phone played a recording.


I sat there, eyes wide after it ended. 'What the fuck?!' I thought in horror, Torn was gone. No one had come in that I heard of, and I hadn't moved and when I pressed the light button on the left door TORN WAS RIGHT OUTSIDE!

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT!" I screamed and slammed the door shut in pure terror. I quickly scanned the other cameras. Thankfully the other two hadn't moved, I let out a small sigh of relief but Torn was still behind the door.

"Ohhh shit... He's not leaving!" I cried softly to myself. I whimpered in terror as I flipped on the light switch real quick.

"SHOO!" I yelled shaking like crazy, but the door wouldn't close.

"What, What? Why? WHY!?" I shrieked then Torn made a lunge at me, Now if you were in my shoes what would you do? You would scream like a little girl and run right? That's what I did.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I ran out of the office and hid under one of the tables, that's when Ashlin decided to try and get me by flipping over the tables, and the table I was hiding in with them.

"OHH FUCK!' I screamed as I banged my neck on a table and I got up dizzy and ran again. I made it back to my office, and slammed both doors.

"This ain't worth $120." I muttered as I hid under the desk until 6 a.m, as soon as the bell chimed I ran out of the doors. I ran home, forgetting about my zoomer.

"Ohgod. Ohgod. Ohgod." I whimpered over and over to myself I rocked back and forth on the floor. I was sure that they would come barging into my apartment and rip me apart. I whimpered on the dirty floor, heh I'd have to sweep it or something. I oddly started laughing to myself, I don't know why but it struck me as funny.

"I barely escaped with my life back there." I laughed to myself as I rocked on the floor, Was I going crazy that day? I don't know.