Night 2

I was still giggling throughout the whole day, I got lots of funny looks from other people but I didn't care. I was slowly losing my sanity, and I didn't mind it, I liked seeing things differently.

Later, I went back to work at 11:55 p.m and ran to the office, not wanting to be caught outside like this. I hid under the desk, not caring the doors were open and Ashlin walked in "Where are you sir? We didn't mean to scare you." She said in that stupid voice. I growled to myself, sure she was just trying to get me to lower my guard and then they would kill me.

After a few minutes, she left through the right door. I came out and closed both doors with a grin.

"You ain't gonna get me you murderous freaks." I snorted, not realizing that my power was draining quickly. DJ ran to the closed door and knocked three times, I flipped him off in answer. At four a.m, a loud 'CLANG' was heard and the whole restaurant went black and the doors flew up, I jumped at the unexpected sound and looked around.

"Fuck! nonononononono!" I pleaded softly as Daxter walked to my doors and started playing, what sounded like, Tordors March. I dashed under the desk, praying he wouldn't find me. Daxter suddenly flipped the desk over and glared at me, tears gathered in my eyes as I waited for my doom. But it never came.

"H-Huh?" I opened my tear soaked eyes and found Daxter staring at me, with the saddest look on his face. He lightly patted my head and left, leaving me confused and sobbing my eyes out.

'What the Hell just happened?' I thought to myself, then the clock struck six but I didn't leave straight away instead, I went to the stage and looked at Daxter.

"Thank you, for sparing me." I said to him, then I left.