Jeff digs his key ring out of his pocket and flips through the array of keys for the right one. He finds it and unlocks the door to his office. The dark room is dusty and smells like old books. Jeff coughs a little as he enters. He goes into the top drawer of his desk to grab the Swiffer duster that Annie had gotten him a while back. After cleaning up a little, Jeff rests into his chair as he enjoys the silence.

When 30 minutes pass and no sign of Hickey, Jeff walks over to Hickey's desk where he finds a note. It reads: "Decided to leave my "temporary" job. The office is all yours. Enjoy, Hickey". Jeff puts the note back on the desk and steps back, soaking in the information.

A knock at the door brings him out of his thoughts. "I've already done my paperwork, Dean-" When Jeff opens his office door, he doesn't find the Dean, instead he's greeted by a preoccupied Annie. "Oh, hey, Annie."

She looks up at him, meeting his eye, and offers him a small smile. "Hi, Jeff. Is Hickey here?" She asks.

Jeff shakes his head, "No, actually I found a note on his desk that said he isn't coming back to Greendale. He quit."

Annie's eyes grow wide in shock and sadness, "What? Really?" Jeff nods.

She looks down the hall and then back to Jeff, "Well, I'm going to head back to the Dean's office now."

Before she leaves her stops her, "Wait, why are you here today?"

She turns back around, "As head of the new "Keep Greendale From Going Under" Committee I had to come in to help the Dean with certain things."

"Wow, that's quite the name," Jeff says with a smirk.

Annie shrugs, "I'm working on it."