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Sam is sick of Gabriel's pranks and he wants to get revenge on the Archangel. Castiel knows a way that will teach his big brother a lesson...

No more pranks Gabriel!

The first thing Castiel saw when he appeared in the small motel room was an upset looking Sam, sitting all alone on his motel bed. Dean was nowhere to be seen and Cas quickly came to the conclusion that the older hunter was out to get some food, leaving Sam all alone.

Castiel wanted to say something, wanted to greet him but when he had opened his mouth to say something, he quickly closed it again when he saw the white powder which was all over Sam's head, shoulders and even his back.

The angel sighed and slowly moved towards the hunter, sat down next to him and put a hand on his shoulder. Sam's body jumped at the sudden contact and he quickly turned his head around and looked at Castiel with wide eyes, which startled the angel.

"Sam? Is everything alright with you?"

Almost immediately Sam's eyes went back to normal and a soft sigh poured over his lips.

A shy nod followed and he looked back to his feet.

"I don't think so Sam. You look upset. What happened?"

Sam growled, but didn't turn his head back to the curious angel.

"One word: Gabriel."

That was all Castiel needed to know and he couldn't prevent himself from rolling his eyes at that.

"What did he do this time?"

Another growl.

"Look at me Cas! How does it look like? He pranked me…again!"

"Well that's my big brother. I know how you feel Sam…but hey, it is just some powder, nothing bad, right?"

"Nothing bad? NOTHING BAD? Do you want to know what he did to me? He put me into a fucking Clown show! Clowns…they were everywhere! Do you have any idea how bad that was? One of them sprayed me with water, the other used itching powder on me and the other clowns stood around me and laughed at me…and…and I was so afraid of them…"

The last words made Sam blush really hard and he quickly turned his head away from Cas.

The angel looked at him and squeezed his shoulder.

He knew about the immense fear Sam had of clowns and he had to admit that Gabriel had overdone it this time. That was far beyond a normal prank. That was just mean…

"I know how mean he can be when he pranks someone Sam. Back in heaven, when everything was still normal and peaceful, he loved to prank me and my brothers. Not even Michael or Lucifer were spared."

"And what did you do to make him stop?"

"A first there was nothing to make him stop. Even Lucifer helped him sometimes. I think he was the one who taught him all those pranks. But when Gabriel started to prank even him, Lucifer decided it was time to get Gabriel back for all the pranks he pulled on him and his brother. I was still very young back then and we tried many things to make him stop, but we didn't find anything that worked on him. Until this one day…"

Cas had to bite back a laugh when he could see the curiosity sparkle in Sam's eyes now.

"What happened Cas? Come on, tell me!"

He couldn't hold back the amused chuckle now.

Sam sounded like an excited little kid…

"One day we found Gabriel asleep. And…what? Don't look at me like that Sam. There are times when even an angel needs some sleep…well, where was I? Ah yes. So we found him asleep and it was the perfect opportunity to get him back. Lucifer told us about a little weakness he has found out back then and it worked very well. He stopped pranking all of us for a very long time after that."

"Really? And what is this weakness?"

Castiel's lips quirked up into a broad grin.

"He is ticklish Sam. Very ticklish…well at least he was very ticklish. I don't know if he still is."

Even Sam had to grin at that.

"Well I think there is only one way to find out…

Only an hour later everything was ready.

Dean still wasn't back and Sam and Castiel were still alone in the motel room.

"Do you know the plan?"

Sam nodded and Castiel's lips quirked up into an evil grin.

"Excellent. Call him down here Sam…"

"With the greatest pleasure."

Even Sam had to grin now and he closed his eyes to concentrate and he sent a prayer into heaven in hope Gabriel would hear him.

Just a few moments later a flutter of wings was heard and the archangel stood in the room, arms crossed above his chest and a broad grin on his face.

"Heya Samantha. How are you doing?"

Sam grumbled something to himself and glared at Gabriel.

"I feel a bit better now, thank you for asking!" he snapped at him.

Castiel squeezed his shoulder yet again, told him silently to not forget their plan and to keep his emotions in control as long as he was able to.

Gabriel stepped forward, his grin widened and a low chuckle poured over his lips.

"You aren't mad at me, are you?"

"Are you serious?"

"Awww come on Sammy. That was just a little prank. Nothing serious. Just a bit of fun."

"Well fun for you maybe, but not for me! And don't call me Sammy!"


Glee was sparkling in Gabriel's golden eyes and Sam clenched his fists as he started to lose his self-control.

"Alright! That's it! Cas, come on. Get him!"

Before Gabriel knew what was happening it was already too late and his little brother and Sam pounced on him. A little wrestle match started but in the end Castiel and Sam managed to pin the archangel down onto the bed. Cas held his arms above his head while Sam used some handcuffs to cuff the angel to the bedposts. He did the same to his ankles and straddled his thighs when he was done, grinning down at him.


Gabriel had to grin as well.

"Is that all you got? How cute. I'll rip these apart faster than you can watch Sammy!"

"Oh yeah? Cas and I would love to see you try."

The Trickster raised an eyebrow and he tried to free himself but shocked he had to realize that he couldn't break his bonds.

"What? Hey! What is that?!" he growled and he started to squirm, pulling against the handcuffs, but they wouldn't break.

Sam's grin widened and even Castiel had to grin now when he sat next to them.

"Holy oil Gabriel. You won't be able to break these. You are at our mercy!"

A shiver ran down the archangels back but he tried to keep up his serious and slightly angry expression. But he couldn't deny it: He was nervous now. Very nervous…

Sam and Cas did a very good job in trapping him and there was no way he could free himself.

They tricked the Trickster…

Gabriel had to grin at that and he threw Sam a challenging look.

"So, you got me. Fine. What are you going to do to me now, huh Sammy? You won't hurt me, right?"

Sam growled and nudged him slightly into his stomach which made the angel cringe and gasp a little.

"Oof! Hey! Careful there Gigantor!"

"You shouldn't provoke him brother. Sam is already angry. Your nicknames won't make it better for you."

"Oh come on Cassie. Which side are you on?"

Castiel just grinned at him and the archangel rolled his eyes before he looked back into Sam's face.

"He is right Gabe. You won't make it better and seriously I am very, very angry at you!"

Gabriel's grin widened.

"Hmm I wonder why…"

Sam narrowed his eyes and tried to banish the memories which crept back into his brain.

He would make sure that Gabriel would pay for all those means pranks…

And he would wipe away that smug grin of his very soon…

"Listen Sammy. This will get us nowhere. I recommend you untie me and I will forget about that. But if you don't, I will- AH! Hey!"

Gabriel's words were cut off by a yelp when Sam poked him in his sides.

"Don't. Call. Me. Sammy!"

Each word was followed by a poke in the archangel's sides or ribs and it made him twitch and squeak. Sam grinned when he could see how Gabriel bit his lower lip, trying hard not to smile when Sam kept poking him. Even Castiel had to grin at that because he remembered how ticklish his big brother was and it looked like he hadn't changed one little bit.

"Hey Sam?"

The hunter looked up, right into Castiel's wide grinning face.

"Try this. Drove him nuts when we were fledglings."

Gabriel's eyes widened slightly when his little brother gave Sam two black feathers.

"Are those yours?" Sam asked with a raised eyebrow and the angel just nodded, pulling out another pair of two long, black feathers.

"What is wrong Gabe? You look troubled."

Sam chuckled when Gabriel glared fire arrows at him.

"Stop it you two, this is childish! And it will not work on me. You're wasting your time!"

"If you're so sure about it, why are you so nervous then?"

"I am not, okay?! And now…UNTIE ME!"

"Oh no Gabe, we haven't even started yet. I will untie you when I decide that you've learned your lesson."

"Come on Sammy. It wasn't that bad, was it?"

Sam growled and he started to push up his T-Shirt, taking one of the black feathers and hold it right above his belly.

Gabriel's eyes widened again and he tried to suck his stomach in.

"Again: Don't call me Sammy!"

And the tip of the feather made contact with the smooth skin, making Gabriel jump and squeak, but that was all reactions Sam got because the archangel pressed his lips together, squeezed his eyes shut and let his head fall back into the soft pillow. He tried his best not to grin by biting his lower lip, but the more the soft feather danced over his sensitive skin the more he could feel how the giggles started to build up inside his belly and how his lips quirked up bit by bit.

"Wow. It is just a feather Gabriel," Sam said laughing when he saw the angel's funny reactions.

He started to draw random patterns with the feather, brushing up and down the side of his stomach, grinning when he saw how the muscles underneath the skin twitched every time he found an extra sensitive spot and heck Gabriel had a lot of them!

He started to draw wide circles with the feather, drawing them closer and closer and closer until he was circling the belly button with just the tip of the feather. His grin widened when he looked at the quivering belly and then back up into Gabriel's now wide grinning face.

"Awww what is wrong Gabe? What's so funny?" Sam teased, earning a little squeak when he flicked the feather tip quickly and teasingly over the angel's navel.

"Don't tell me that tickles?"


That was all Gabriel could say before he pressed his lips together yet again.

His whole body jumped when the feather brushed along the rim of his belly button and it drove him insane!

He didn't dare to open his eyes because he could already feel the evil grins of Sam and his little brother Castiel. The whole situation was so embarrassing…and yet so much fun.

He would never admit it out loud, but this was a lot of fun. It felt good to play around like this…

Well, that was before the evil feather slipped inside his belly button…

Gabriel bucked his hips up and let out an honest to God shriek when Sam twirled the feather between his fingers, brushing against every little ticklish spot inside his belly button.

And Gabriel tried to hold it back. He really did. But the moment he felt something soft brushing against his neck and ear, all hope was lost. His lips quirked up into the biggest grin Sam had ever seen, his mouth opened and not even a second later loud, booming and ironical angelic laughter filled the room when Gabriel let go and laughed.

Sam and even the usual stoic angel among them had to laugh and both of them kept going, teasing him with the feathers until Gabriel was lost in his laughter. He pulled desperately at the handcuffs, shaking his head back and forth when Castiel slipped both feathers inside his ears, twirling them between his fingers as well and Sam, who still tickled his navel with one feather, using the other to brush over his sides and ribs.

"Hey Gabe. I have heard that angel feathers tickle more than normal feathers…is this true?"

"S-Screhehehw you Sahahaham!"

"I think that's a "yes"," Sam grinned and he changed tactics.

He pulled the angels shirt further up to expose his underarms.

With a wide grin on his face he brushed the feathers up and down the smooth, hairless skin.

Slowly at first but then faster and faster until Gabriel roared with laughter.

Even Castiel had to stop for a moment because he was laughing too much himself.

It had been such a long time since he had seen his big brother like this.

His whole face scrunched up and the goofy grin split his face almost in half.

His head was thrown back into the pillow, short hair messy from throwing his head back and forth when Cas tickled his ears earlier and he could hear the mirth in his loud but happy laughter.

Oh how he had missed this. How he had missed times like this. Times in which he could fool around like the little fledgling he once was and when he looked into Gabriel's eyes, every time he opened them, he could see that his brother certainly thought the same.

It didn't take long and Castiel was laughing along with his brother.

He dropped the feathers and scribbled his fingers over Gabriel's neck which made him scrunch up his shoulders and shriek.

"C-Caaaas nooooo! ACK! S-stop! Stohohohop!"

Laughter was the only response he got and tickling fingers attacking his ears now.

The moment Sam dropped the feathers as well and dug his fingers into his belly, he lost it.

His back arched off of the bed, mouth wide open as loud laughter poured out of him.

He squirmed around, tried to throw Sam off of him, to bite Castiel's hands every time they came too close to his face and pulled desperately on his restraints, but nothing was working.

He could only lie there and laugh, laugh, laugh.

His eyes were squeezed shut and one ticklish wave after the other raced through his entire body and up into his brain. The growing laughter of Sam and his little brother didn't make this situation better. On the contrary, it made it so much worse…

"Hey Cas, do you know his most ticklish spot?"

"Yes…his feet."

Gabriel tried to growl, to glare, anything, but he couldn't.

Oh how he would've loved to wipe away that smug grin of his little brother's face right now!

But all he could do was focusing on the tickling fingers and a shiver ran down his spine when Sam and Cas stopped their tickling for a moment, only to scoot down to his legs.

"C-Come on you two…enough…" he said while panting heavily.

He may didn't need to breath, but his vessel's natural functions forced him to though.

"Oh no Gabriel. That was just some fun. Now you get the real punishment. Cas and I will tickle you until you are sorry for all the pranks you've done."

The archangel growled and squirmed around when Sam and Cas started to pull off his shoes.

"Wait until I get my hands on you! You will regret this!"

The only answer he got were fingers wiggling quickly up and down his socked soles.

Almost immediately he squeaked and laughed, arms and legs pulling on the cuffs yet again.

He tried to yank his feet away, to kick his tormentors, but nothing would make them stop.

He was at their mercy and it didn't look like they would stop anytime soon.

When Sam reached up to pick up two of the feathers and when he could feel how Castiel pulled his socks off of his feet he knew he was in hell!

"W-wait! Not that!"

"Why? Because you are waaaaay too ticklish for that~?"

Gabriel blushed at Sam's teasing and grumbled something when the hunter grinned at him.

His eyes widened when Sam moved the feather to his foot. Slowly it came closer and closer and the archangel started already squirming and giggling. The anticipation was killing him!

Sam's grin widened when he watched how Gabriel scrunched up his sole and he let his feather hover above the skin for a moment. He knew this was driving him mad and he wanted to make sure that Gabe would learn his lesson. Besides this was a lot of fun.

Castiel chuckled when he looked at his brother. He was already giggling, cheeks flushed in a deep red from booth embarrassment and his earlier laughing fit. But when he looked into his golden eyes he could see only mirth sparkling in them and it filled his heart with so much warmth and joy that he couldn't stop grinning himself.

And then both the hunter and the angel attacked, brushing their feathers up and down the scrunched up soles, throwing Gabriel into another laughing fit.

Hell! It tickled so bad!

All Gabriel could focus on were the soft feathers brushing up and down his smooth soles, teasing his arches, brushing back and forth underneath his toes when Sam and Cas had grabbed them and hold them back and he squealed with laughter when both of them used their feathers to tickle in between his toes and that made him screech.


Gabriel screamed with laughter, back arching off of the bed when Sam and Cas had dropped their feathers yet again, only to dig their fingers into his scrunched up soles. Sam and Cas couldn't help but laugh along with him when his laughter went up an octave or two when blunt nails started to tease all the sweet spots on his soles.

His feet twitched and the archangel had thrown his head back, mouth wide open when loud laughter poured out of him. He shook his head from side to side, pulling on his bonds as hard as he could when he could feel teasing fingers on his toes, scratching between them, pinching them or fingers wiggling underneath them.


"Woa, did you hear that Cas? He said "please". Or do I have problems with my ears?"

Castiel grinned.

"Hmm I don't know. I haven't heard anything…"


"I am not convinced yet brother…"


Sam laughed and he nudged Castiel into his side.

"You're so mean Cas."

Castiel's grin widened.

"He deserves it. He has done this way too often to me when I was young."

"Y-You are wahahahay too sensitive about thahahat brohohohother."

"Oh am I?"


Castiel looked at Sam and both of them grinned.

"Alright Gabriel. Are you sorry for pranking me and Cas all the time?"


"Now that was rude and not very…angelic! Uhm Cas, would you kindly…?"

"Of course, but you should cover your ears…"

Only moments later wiggling fingers found the sweet spot between his shoulder blades and Gabriel screamed so loud that he managed to blow out the small window the motel room offered and he screamed something in Enochian through his frantic laughter which made Castiel laugh so hard that he had soon tears in his azure eyes as well and he had to stop his tickling.

When Gabriel's laughter died down, Sam dared to take his hands away, grinning when he looked from a still laughing Castiel to a still giggling Gabriel.

"Looks like he apologized huh Cas?"

"Oh yes, he did."

Both the hunter and the angel decided to free Gabriel from the handcuffs after they had teased him with a few pokes here and there.

But as soon as he was free again he growled and glared darkly at them and only seconds later Sam and Cas were pinned to the floor by Gabriel's mojo. The archangel straddled Sam's thighs and he grinned down at him when he saw how the human shivered and how his eyes widened.

"I told you, you will regret this…Sammy."

Sam couldn't even answer.

Another shiver ran down his spine when Gabriel pushed his shirt up to his chest and his wings unfolded behind his back.

"And since you asked me if angel feathers tickle much worse than normal feathers I decided to answer this question by showing it to you. And as for you…"

He turned his head to Castiel who was already giggling with anticipation when Gabriel put his hand on his belly.

"You knew what was coming to you the moment you used your mojo on me, am I right little brother?"

Castiel did not even have the chance to answer him.

The moment he could feel tickling fingers all over his body he was reduced to a squeaking and laughing mess on the floor.

Gabriel grinned and turned his attention back to Sam.

"Your turn Samantha…"

And the moment the soft, golden feathers touched Sam's skin he knew he and Cas were screwed.

And he learned one thing for sure that day:

Never mess with the Trickster!

The End