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So, this story is a pseudo-sequel to When Three Wrongs Make a Right. I do not anticipate it turning into a full-fledged sequel, it will most likely consist of short episodes or one-shots that I dream up. Other than the fact that it uses the character's names, I wouldn't technically consider this a crossover anymore...it's deviated so much from the original stories. But still I will say,

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Summary: after all the events that transpired in the original story (best to read that first), Hiccup and Jack have moved to Germany with Luka/Toothless. Again, this is a love trio (not a triangle) between three boys.

There will probably be explicit language, sexual language, maybe violence in later chapters. I'm not sure, but appropriate warnings will be given at the start of each chapter.

New Life

There they go again…

Hiccup was relaxing against the bare wooden wall of the attic floor sketching when he heard Benedikt and Toothless fighting again. They have been doing that a lot more as of late.

Hiccup strained his ears to try and figure out what they were saying. Since moving to Germany several months ago, he had been struggling to pick up on it. He knew enough to get around, but not enough to understand the swarm of insults Toothless was hurling at his brother. Something about being a diseased swine…?

All of a sudden, Hiccup heard Benedikt let out a cry of pain before yelling one final retort at his twin. Shortly after, Hiccup saw the attic ladder be pulled down right before Benedikt's blonde hair emerged as he climbed up.

Hiccup could tell he was really aggravated. His hair was disheveled and he had a cigarette in his mouth. After noticing the auburn-haired boy lounging against the wall, Benedikt hesitated, not sure whether he should stay or go. But Hiccup gave him a welcoming half-smile and stretched upwards to unlock the latch on the attic window. A gentle breeze floated down and Benedikt pulled the ladder up before collapsing next to Hiccup.

"Still doesn't want to go, huh?" Hiccup asked not so much as a question, but more as confirmation while Benedikt pulled out a lighter and flicked it to start the flame.

Not answering for a moment, he held the fire up to the end of the paper to set the leaves alight and then flicked off the lighter before inhaling the smoke.

Tilting his head up, he breathed the smoke out towards the window and affirmed, "Nope."

"Mm..." Hiccup murmured thoughtfully as he refocused his attention on his barely started sketch. He had forgotten what he was drawing and just started to shade absentmindedly. "Are you sure you don't want me to talk to him?" he asked, even though he already knew the answer.

"I'm sure."

Hiccup sighed quietly and pursed his lips. Benedikt had been trying to persuade Toothless to seek professional help since before Hiccup and Jack had gotten there, and of course Toothless had always vehemently refused. At first, Hiccup just thought Benedikt was being overprotective, but after they had settled into a state of normalcy, Hiccup had noticed the same change in Toothless's behavior that Benedikt had. It was hard for him to describe…Toothless would flip from being his usual self to flying off the handle completely. It was akin to living with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Not that he was quite as extreme as Mr. Hyde. But it heavily concerned Hiccup since he wasn't sure what or why something would set him off. It was clear that his problems were beyond what he or Jack or Benedikt could fix.

Hiccup glanced back up at Benedikt and saw a trail of blood run down from a gash on his forehead. "He got you good that time, didn't he?" Hiccup asked in a dark attempt at humor.

Benedikt glanced up as if to look at his own forehead before touching his fingers to the swollen bump that had since emerged. "Yeah…his aim has been always impeccable" he said as he examined the blood on his fingers.

"What'd he hit you with?" Hiccup asked flatly as he returned to his nonsensical sketch.

"Two Euro," Benedikt answered as he used the back of his hand to wipe the blood from the side of his face.

Youch. That coin would sting if hit just right. Apparently it was normal for the two brothers to get into such fights with one another. They've done it since they were younger. But Toothless's aim and reflexes had ensured that one of them would always walk away with a little blood.

"Bene…" Hiccup started to say but paused knowing he'd still be rejected, "Just let me try to-"

"I have already explained to you that you can't, Hiccup," Benedikt said firmly as his golden eyes flickered over to Hiccup, putting an end to the discussion before it even began.

"But why not?" Hiccup pushed. Benedikt had always insisted that he would handle Toothless. That he could convince him on his own to seek help. But apparently it wasn't working and Hiccup was growing frustrated that Benedikt was forbidding him to talk to his own lover.

Benedikt sighed and put the cigarette to his lips to breathe in another drag of smoke before blowing it back out the window. "You just have to trust me on this. I would rather he be angry at me than at you," he said closing his eyes solemnly.

It was nice that Benedikt wanted to spare Hiccup's feelings, but he wanted to help Toothless as much as his brother did. "Maybe if…you know…we all supported him on this he would…"

"It's not that," Benedikt interrupted as he opened his eyes and fixed them on Hiccup. "I want him to continue associating you with something positive. He was worse before you and Jack got here," he added as he took another drag on the cigarette.

"Then maybe Jack and I are the ones who could persuade him…"

"No, Hiccup," Benedikt insisted. "I do not want him associating at all that part of his life with you or Jack. It…" he trailed off and pulled a knee up to rest his arm on it, seemingly putting a wall up between him and Hiccup. "I know he has told you things that went on but…you weren't there," he emphasized.

A surge of jealousy flashed across Hiccup's heart. Was Benedikt saying that he couldn't truly sympathize with Toothless just because he didn't grow up with him?

Sensing his anger, Benedikt continued, "I mean that you only know what he felt safe to tell you. You weren't there to clean him up. To cover up for his absences. He went through a lot…and he might have been able to move past it on his own…but your injury and our father's death hit him pretty hard. I just…" he paused as if trying to figure out what he wanted to say and then added, "I only want him to see you as part of the life he desired. That is why I don't think you should talk to him about anything associated with his past. Only his future."

Hiccup looked down at his knees as Benedikt's words sunk in. His reasoning made sense, even if the pangs of jealousy were still there. He wanted Toothless to be able to talk to him about anything. He wanted to help the raven-haired boy heal. But…maybe his brother was right. It might only serve to damage Toothless's feelings towards Hiccup if Hiccup also insisted that his past had injured him beyond self-repair.

"Well," he resolved as he pushed himself up on one hand, "You can't stop me from trying to cheer him up." He picked up his sketchbook and made his way to the ladder.

He thought he heard Benedikt snort from behind him, but Hiccup ignored him. Pushing down and unfolding the ladder, he climbed down it to reach the main floor of their rented flat. The two brothers had found a large house whose owner had converted the floors into very large apartments. They occupied the second and top floor and, as such, also had access to the attic.

Hiccup made his way downstairs to the dining room, in which he found Toothless. Not much to his surprise, he found him sitting at the table and staring at the wall while holding a half-drunken bottle of beer. Hiccup instantly grew concerned when he saw that his face was completely stoic, that was the first sign that something was wrong.

"Toothless?" he asked hesitantly as he walked in.

Toothless's green eyes flashed onto Hiccup as he said in a flat voice, "I've told you before, Hic. My name is Luka."

"Y-yeah, sorry bud. Old habits die hard," Hiccup said as he casually leaned against the wall across from him, not completely sure himself whether he should be thankful the table placed a safe distance between them. It was always a bad sign when Toothless insisted on being called Luka. "Did you want to take a walk to the market with me? We're out of milk and sugar," he suggested in an attempt to get Toothless out of the house.

Toothless stared at him intensely for a moment before lifting his beer and downing the rest of it. "Alright," he conceded as he stood up and went to go rinse out the empty bottle.


At least their walk had managed to brighten Toothless up. After they went to the store, Hiccup had suggested they stop for some coffee. He wanted to stall him long enough to make sure his mood was genuinely lifted before they returned home. He didn't want to walk in and have Toothless get in another fight with his brother.

Hiccup stood next to Toothless as he ordered their coffee from the small cart that was set up near a church. Hiccup admittedly knew enough German to be able to order a coffee, heck, anyone could do that even if they didn't speak it at all. But Hiccup generally preferred Toothless to interact with people for him, even if it did make him feel a little childish. But he'd rather feel childish than stupid, which is what he knew he sounded like. It was hard not to feel that way when Toothless was able to interact so casually.

Toothless paid the man and took the cups before walking over to one of the tables set up near the fountain. Hiccup followed behind and set his backpack down on the ground beside his chair.

"Thanks Toothless," he said as he took the cup from the raven-haired boy.

Toothless smiled warmly at him and took a sip of his drink. Hiccup was happy to see the expression return to his face. It meant that the boy he had fallen in love with had returned to normal.

"It's almost time that Jack gets out of his class," Toothless said as he clicked on his phone to check the time.

"Did you want to go meet him?" Hiccup asked.

"Did you finish your homework?" Toothless asked smirking at Hiccup patronizingly.

Hiccup furrowed his brow and kicked Toothless from under the table. He was the one who had signed Hiccup and Jack up at a private institution to learn German properly. And he knew how frustrated it made them when he asked how their homework was going. He knew damn well how well they could speak, and it wasn't great. Hiccup thought it was a little personal revenge of his since he and Jack would poke fun at him whenever he pronounced something funny in English.

Toothless laughed and reached under the table to rub his sore leg. "Relax, I'm just kidding," he said. "We can go meet him. Then maybe after we can take the long way and walk down by the river."

Hiccup smiled a little at the idea. He loved going down by the river. The scenery was so relaxing and even after the months he's been here, he still couldn't get over how beautiful he found it. It was so different in comparison to the dim city of Burgess.

"Could we get ice cream too?" he asked expectantly. After discovering the glory that was gelato, Hiccup could hardly restrain himself from the dessert.

After seeing the innocently hopeful look on Hiccup's face, Toothless's smile grew to its full effect and he added while chuckling a little, "Heh, you're too cute, Hic."

Hiccup silently laughed and looked up into Toothless's eyes. It was a beautiful spring day and the sun shone brightly upon everything, which only served to light up the emerald green in the raven-haired boy's irisis. Hiccup was relieved to see him this happy again, after being apart from him for so long, he had forgotten how amazing it felt to be with him. How amazing it was to see him like this…

"Come on," Toothless said gently, "We better get going in case they get out early," he explained as he took the nearly empty cups and brought them back to the stand.

As they walked down the boulevard in the direction of the park and the institution, Hiccup felt the bliss of being with Toothless again wash over him. Despite leaving behind so much, he had never felt happier. It wasn't home…but it was a life. A life he had only dreamed of having…

As if knowing what he was thinking, Hiccup couldn't help the smile that graced his lips when he felt Toothless take a hold of his hand.

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