This has probably been the most talked about moment in this fic, and as a thank you for your reviews throughout this process, I'm going to go behind the nearly closed door in Chapter 18 and show the conversation between Sam and Edward in full, so you can see exactly how much of a misunderstanding it was.

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Sam leaned against my desk, shaking his head at me. "You're quite taken with your princess, the whole country can see it, especially after that display at her welcome banquet."

"Do not remind me," I groaned. "I've never seen my father so upset, and Isabella…"

"Oh come now, there is no way that you look upon her and see no faults. I love Emily with my whole being and I can still see the things that aren't perfect. They are what gives her substance."

"Truly, she is everything I could want," I said before hesitating.

"But…" Sam pushed.

"Her coloring is darker than I'm used to, but it adds to her intrigue. She is pretty in her own way, that is sure, but a little slight for me. I enjoy someone that I can have without fear of breaking them. And that long peasants bob that her hair is styled in, something will have to be done about that."

Sam smiled as he moved closer to me. "See, that was not as difficult as you thought and the two things you mentioned are temporary."

"How do you mean?" I asked.

"From what Lady Tanya said in front of Emily, she used to dye her hair and it damaged it, so it is not a fashion statement but a necessity. And she is still young, she will fill out into a womanly shape by the time she is nineteen, even if she has not given you a child by then."

I sighed, thinking about what it will be like when we are married, already anxious for the day that she is mine.