007- Two legs

Hlodovic Kilian did not stand out as a warrior in his village, and it was of a popular opinion that he would meet a dull, quiet end on his deathbed with nothing left behind for the coming generations to remember him by. He was painfully aware of this fact, especially on this day when the village elder decided to pair him up with Olivia Bethild for the hunt–the fiercest female warrior of the village and his long time crush since childhood. None of the other young men were ever particularly worried whenever Hlovodic happened to get paired up with one of the especially attractive women for the hunts because they knew he didn't have it in him to leave a lasting positive impression, so while they did see him and Olivia off at the main archway with words of encouragement they didn't truly mean it. It was simply a matter of courtesy—in the coming hundred years they would start telling people to break their legs...for some reason.

Predictably misfortune did meet Hlovodic on the hunt, for while he did his best to keep his composure around Olivia in an effort to project just the sort of demeanor that would catch her eye—if even for a moment—partway through the walk of the woods his right foot fell through a patch of loose soil and he was sent tumbling into a blueberry bramble patch. The berries were extremely ripe on this day, so Hlovodic's coat of leather armor, his helmet, his breeches and his gauntlets were covered in a blue dye so thick that it refused to come off regardless of how hard he wiped at himself.

Olivia had a laugh at his expense, however, her kindness would not allow her to deny the blueberry warrior a helping hand—and in the moment that he grasped her outstretched hand and she found herself pitching forward, she regretted it. The blueberry duo set out from the crushed bramble patch, reduced to a spiny blueberry smoothie from all of the writhing that ensued in their effort to untangle themselves and climb out of the depression, and after taking in the sight of one another they laughed.

"You two may want to turn back. An abhorrent reaver is in the immediate vicinity."

Now it wasn't that Hlovodic and Olivia did not understand the words that were spoken to them as that would have been impossible–Juno made sure to calibrate his speech patterns so that when he spoke their language it was done so with the proper intonation and dialect. No, what gave the two warriors pause was that the person that addressed them was not shackled to the earth by gravity like they were; his (Her? Might it have been a her?) arms were also not attached at the shoulders like theirs were, and the person was clad in a bulky coat of armor that made them appear quite intimidating.

Actually, it might have just been the hands–so large that this individual could have crushed both of their heads if they so pleased, and almost as if to volunteer for a demonstration of the raw savage power of those hands a large mechanical wolf came barreling toward them through the trees, made a lunge for the mysterious purple haired golem and promptly had its head caught in the palm of one of those hands. The hand closed, the reaverbot died, Juno turned to face them with the usual smile and the two warriors cried out.

You might be interested to know that what transpired immediately after this short sequence of events would be recorded in history—the original tablet depicting the event could be found at the main library on Kattelox island. That aside, this isn't the story of how Hlovodic and Olivia became know as the golem hunters at their village, or how they had been wed to each other and went on to lead future hunters toward becoming the first unofficial hunters of abhorrent reaverbots on Terra.

This is the story of how Juno made the brave step of requesting a pair of legs from Mistress Sera so that he could walk among the carbons without being thought of as a monster, and how hundreds of years into the future a young hero in blue digging armor would question why there was a spare body in the wall...because seriously...