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Leone, a woman with blond hair and golden eyes, and a body that made even women want her, was walking through the capital. She decided to stop at a bar and took a seat in the corner of the building. She was sitting, hopping to hear some useful information, and get drunk. Schere's and Bulat's death had taken a toll on everyone they managed to kill three beast, but at what cost. They lost friends and valuable assets to the revolution. She was about halfway through her eighth serving of whisky when people began to crowd into the bar. This was only the start, about four more and she'd be on her way to being drunk. The bar was coming alive with orders and chatter a like. As she was waiting for her ninth serving of whisky, she heard quite the interesting rumor.

"Hey have you heard of the guardian!?" He spoke to his friends in a whisper, obviously trying not to be heard so he isn't arrested.

"Yeah but we only know of the name. The imperial guards were talking about him." The other two gave similarl answers.

"Well from what I hear he's someone who's been killing off anyone who dared messed with the villages in his controlled area." The three men just stared at him with disbelife. The one in the middle spoke for the rest at the man's accusations.

"No way man I don't buy it. They would've delt with him by now."

"Yeah, that's the same thing I thought at first. They say that they sent a hundred soliders to go and check it out. Apparently they took way longer than expected, so they sent out some scouts to go check it out. When the scout returned he had one arm missing. When he gave his report he said that a man in black and gold armour had not only killed his comerades, but also appeared to have killed the hundred soliders."

"Damn." Was all the one in the middle could manage. Then the one sitting next to the wall had spoke, "must be nice not to live in fear." He got approving nods from all his friends. Just then here whisky had came. She'd have to ask Lubbock to dig into this, what they were saying were true then he was like striking gold for the failing revolution. "His integration would not only bring up morale and spur more deffection and revolts in the lesser areas, but also be able to help replace lost members." Just then her drink had arrived, as she drank her beverage she listened to more tales of the man know as guardian .

A couple of days later

Everyone was sitting at the table eating, except for Lubbock. There was two new additions as well. One was a red head girl with headphones, and a blue haired man with horns standing next to Najenda. "Would someone mind telling me where Lubbock is?" Everybody looked at their boss.

"He's out looking into something for me." They all looked towards the blonde beauty. Then looking extremely exhausted the said man entered the room holding a file a few too many inches thick. He slumped in a chair next to the red head who name was chelsea, breathing heavily he turned towards Leone. "You owe me big." After a few more breaths he spoke again "but after what I found out, I see why." Now everyone was looking at the two of them and their conversation.

"What might you two be talking about?" Najenda was observing them, Leone had opened up the folder. "Nothing just someone I'm interested in." She was looking through the papers. She wasn't quite shure what to think about him so she decided not to tell boss. "What no picture Lubba!" She looked at the said boy.

"Nope besides his deeds no one knows anything about him or how he looks. The man is literally a living legend. He appears and leaves without a trace."

"Seriously, just what are you two going on about." Najenda was starting to get annoyed by the way she wasn't getting answers from her subordinates.

Seeing this Leone knew she had no choice now. "There was a rumored person who openly defied the Empire. Also he killed any who tried to enforce its rule on the villages that was in his claimed domain. So I saw him as a potential asset and had Lubbock look into it for me."

Najenda had stared in disbelief but before she could voice it Lubbock had put in his thoughts. "Boss I know what you're thinking but don't, I felt the same way too. As I started digging things up the more my opinion had changed. There may be some false things in his reputation, but most of what they say are true. And hell, if he join us and the revolution then we'd start getting a lot more support. The way people speak of him in the capital I know they'd join the revolution if he did."

Everyone was in schere shock at their statements. But if what they said was true then he's just what the revolution needed. He'd be able to revive it and more.

Najenda had leanened back and smirked, ideas and plans was shooting from one side of her head to the other. "Alright then what's this person's name?" She said waiting for a response.

"Thing is that's something I couldn't get. All we know is people call him guardian . He's a ghost when it comes to things about him." The green haired boy said looking at Najenda.

"I see so he's perfect for Night Raid and the revolutionary army. I want you two to focus on finding him, learning more about him, and establishing contact with him. For now that is your primary task, with him we can bring the revolution back at full swing and pick up momentum. Everyone else I'm sorry but you're going to have to pick up their slack while they're doing this. You should began training more also to keep up with the pace his presence will bring. We're going to be working more and harder jobs if everything goes as planned."

"Roger" everyone responded and left to do as they were bid. The ex general was left with the horned man named Susanoo. "guardian , I hope you are everything we need you to be. You'll be the deciding factor of this revolution."

At the capital two days later

" 's nothing on him maybe we should just give up, he doesn't want to be found obviously." Lubbock was through playing cat and mouse with the person.

"I don't know, maybe you're right about this." They were on their way back to base. Leone and Lubbock was crossing a clearing when a figure had emerged from the woods. They wore a mask a black hooded cloak. Their voice was masked "why are you looking into guardian ?"

Lubbock looked to Leone, she looked from him back to the figure. "We wish to speak with them."


"We wish for him to join Night Raid and the Revolution by extension." She was shure that the guardian was interested in joining.

The figure just stood there watching them, for a while they thought they just wanted to mess around with them. "guardian will meet with Night Raid tomorrow at noon the two of you will arrive here at that time and bring him to your leader. You will make your proposal, he'll then ask each of Night Raid an question and make his decision." The figure had used a smoke bomb and was gone just as they had arrived.

Leone and Lubbock had come bursting through the doors. "Boss! Great news!" Everyone had looked towards them obviously they had made some type of progress with guardian . As Najenda's eyes focused on the lioness she began explaining "guardian has agreed to meet with us tomorrow at noon!"

Najenda was surprised with the sudden contact. He had been so persistent in remaining unknown but now he made contact. These actions could mean nothing but he was interested. "Really. Where might he want to me-" she stopped in the middle of her sentence. "Wait he wants to meet all of Night Raid?" She was confused by the request.

"Yeah, it appears he wants to gauge our personalities." Lubbock had managed to catch his breathe.

"Okay, well then, I suggest we all get some sleep. We don't want to give off the wrong impression now do we."

Everyone gave their nights respect and went to their rooms. As the sun rose it was as if the it was a sign of extremely good luck. Just as agreed upon they were waiting at the clearing. As noon rolled around a figure clad in black and gold amour had come from the woods. the only noticable features was his green eyes. He had a saber strapped to his side. Lubbock had his hand outstretched to him. The figure had narrowed his vision on him with his hand on his saber. Lubbock put his hands up in a defensless position wondering what he had done wrong. Then he noticed he had Cross Tails on. He took off his left glove and tried again. This time he was meet with the same jesture.

It took about ten minutes to get back to base. When they arrived everyone was in the meeting hall. when the said boy entered the room all eyes had fell on him. Najenda had stood to greet him but he was standing ready to attack but not in a stance. She eyed the person then found the object of his agression. "Susanoo take a few steps back." She looked back at the figure "better?" He shook her hand and took a seat.

"As I'm sure my subordinates have made it abundantly clear that we want you to join us. The revolution is very close to dying and your presence would help revive, and make it twice as strong. The people have suffered enough, and judging by your actions you want to stop the pain and suffering also. We are working to save them so will you join us."

He stood up and turned around "I see why she acts and it's of pure intentions why have the rest of you decided to join."

Everyone was taken aback by his sudden response. He first turned towards Leone

"I joined because she offered me a way to save the women in the slums." He turned to Lubbock "Ohh um I joined to help people and reason I'm not comfortable with sharing." He stared a bit before turning to Mein "I joined to help my people." She was the only one who got a approving nod. He turned to Akame "I simply wish to stop the death and sorrow." He turned to Chelsea and waited. "Personal reasons and to stop villages from being burned down." He looked at her for a moment and turned towards Najenda "I'll join then." The armour had dispersed from his body revealing a brown haired boy with green eyes. they had all just stared at him, he was so young, probably under 18. "Name's Tatsumi."

The blonde haired woman woman looked at him smiling "Oh yeah, this one's mine."