Hi guys,

So it's been a while and all you get is this lousy author's note ...

I mean ... I honestly thought this year would be the year I might finish all these stories I've been writing for so many years but that hasn't panned out. A lot hasn't panned out this year.

I have a lot going on and it's not an excuse but writing hasn't been on my radar. And I think part of me just lost the will to do a lot of stuff let alone write ..

I couldn't form the words or remember the emotion behind the scene or what I wanted to happen next and I knew I couldn't write in that state. It would have been an awful way to do it.

But these past few days a new story has been filling my head all of a sudden and I want to write it for you guys but I know I need to finish all of these first.

It's been a while since that has happened so I'm hoping it's a positive sign.

Be patient with me and drop me a line every once in a while and if you promise not to give up on me I won't give up on you guys and these stories either.

I won't promise anything but I want to be writing again and updating before the year is out.

So just let me know that you're still around and I know it will help.