Crystal Gems Online

Chapter 1: Stuck

Small hands fiddled with the large box within pale almost blue hands. A girl with long brown hair, bangs covering blind eyes, sat patently in the chair at her computer desk. Her mother had just bought her a new role playing video game where the user was able to be transported into the game by wearing head devices, she might even be able to see in the game; Amy couldn't wait. The game was called, 'Crystal Gems', and it was a game where the players would be able to have there own special powers just to battle others in the game. You could create groups to become stronger, be a solo player, or you could set up small shops to just sell gear to the players. It's a normal life game, just with unique abilities and creatures; it was sure to be worthwhile.

Amy heard the sound of wires connecting at her right, the sound of a satisfied sigh from her mother who was setting the game up. "It's finished Amy,"

"Thank you mother," The blind girl spoke, smiling in where she expected her mother to be. "Can you hand me the helmet so that I may begin?"

Her mother nodded, knowing that her daughter couldn't see it anyway. "Sure sweetie, just don't get too wrap into this like when you played Sword Art Online; you have to eat dinner you know."

Amy sighed with a small smile on her face as she placed her head wear on. "I already ate dinner and finished all of my homework, I think some game time is way over due."

Her mother smiled and kissed her on the head. "You deserve it sweetie," She kissed her daughter on the head softly. "Have fun, I'm going to check on your brother; don't stay up too late!"

The sound of footsteps ended abruptly once Amy turned the game on. To her amazement the game actually adjusted her eyesight and she was able to see the bright colors, lights, and words that appeared on the screen.

A small smile cracked on her pale face. "Amazing!"

She went to work right away, eager to meet new people from all around the world and ready for the many new adventures that were to come.

The first thing that appeared on the screen was asking if she wanted to be a boy or a girl, she clicked on girl. She was given many choices to design her character; hair color, skin color, outfit, eye color, anything you could name.

When she had finished she was given the chance to look at her newly created character. Her avatar wasn't that much different than she usually looked, except for the now long blue hair that covered her eyes and soft light blue skin that followed. She was wearing a different shade of blue dress that reached her knees and softly flowed in the wind.

She had a dark purple sword strapped in a case behind her back along with dark black combat boots which matched with the dress surprisingly well. In addition, she also had white tape wrapped around her the forearms.

"She's perfect," Amy whispered softly to herself as she finally clicked the finish button.

The words 'Insert Name Here' flashed on the screen in bright red lights, she tapped on the word blank with her pointer finger. A keyboard appeared in front of her as she silently typed out a name with no hesitation.


The screen then went blank for two seconds and then before she knew it she had fallen face first onto a soft grassy hill. Blue eyes peered through thick bangs as she watched as other new gamer's fell from the sky and onto the soft terrain that was this new world.

Sapphire stood up tall and looked down at her soft blue skin, it looked so real. She ran her hands through soft blue tresses, it felt real. She smiled as she looked up at the bright blue cloudy sky, it was all so amazing.

"Nice isn't it?" A voice boomed from beside her. "It's like you're in another dimension but in reality it's just a game, but we should enjoy it while we can right?"

Sapphire nodded respectfully and stretched out her hand. "I'm Sapphire,"

"I know," He chuckled as he pointed to the small diamond floating on her head. "Those things let other players know who you are and where you are. My name is Lars,"

She took it in and nodded once more, turning to look at the scene of players interacting with others. "How long have you been playing?"

"Few days I guess, but I haven't really had time to discover my powers yet." He mumbled.

"Powers?" Sapphire question.

He rolled his eyes playfully. "Man you really are a novice! Powers are only given to certain players who posses gems. The lucky ones who have gems won't need to rely on stupid weapons like that sword on your back, probably isn't even very strong."

Lars pulled out his sword which shinned a bright blue and looked like nothing could destroy it. "Mine was made by this weird guy named Greg, he's really creepy but dude can make a nice sword," The brown haired skinny boy put his weapon back and eyed the blue girl quietly.

"So umm, y-you're like really bad at this game so how about…" He swallowed thickly as his cheeks flashed red, Sapphire looked at his curiously.

Being blind she was not used to human facial expressions and what they meant.

He closed his eyes and pulled out the user selection bar; he clicked on a red button which quickly sent a message to Sapphire who jumped slightly when it appeared in front of her. She looked at the silent request to be in a group with Lars and then looked back to him.

"Will you just decide already!" He shouted out angrily, face still red hot.

Sapphire didn't speak as she accepted his request and now joined the group that occupied her and him.

He let out a sigh in relief and finally smiled, well sneered, in her direction. "First thing first, I need to show you how to fight with that thing; and I know the perfect place!"

Lars grabbed her hand as another blush rose to his face, he scrolled through his user bar once more. "Don't get the wrong idea chick; we just need to be touching if we're both going to teleport to Beach City."

"Beach City?" She repeated, trying the words on her tongue.

He rolled his eyes as he clicked on the area he wanted to travel to. "Just hold on tight."

A yellow glow of energy flowed around them as they were quickly zapped to a regular looking beach surrounded by hundreds of other players. Lars pulled her along with him as he headed towards a large building that had a large dirt battle field in the middle; players cheering from the stands that surrounded it.

"This is the battle dome where players face off to see who is the strongest!" He smirked as he pointed to the score board that floated in the air. "Those are the top players listed, number one is and always will be Rose Quarts."

Sapphire looked at the top ten list of strong players with deep interest:

1)Rose Quarts




5)Lapis Lazulie






Sapphire pushed Lars softly as a soft smile reached her face. "Only been playing for a few days, huh?"

"I kind of stretched the truth but whatever!" He chuckled, another blush finding its way onto his face, one of which Sapphire still couldn't comprehend. "How about I introduce you to a few of the top ten?"

She shook her head. "No thanks Lars, I want to meet them because I fought my way to the top not because I got lucky and met you."

He gave a firm nod, giving her a fist bump. "I respect that, you've just earned my respect." The sound of loud bells ringing alerted them that the first match was about to begin. "How about you find a seat and I enter you in? Since you're new you'll be matched with someone just as weak-"

"Ow!" He groaned as she punched him sharply in the chest. "Just go find a seat, I'll catch up later."

Sapphire smiled at him playfully as she slowly walked up the stairs which were filled with hundreds of players. They were either waiting to fight or just enjoying watching the fight. She found an empty seat on the hard concrete floor next to a player wearing a dark black cape, hiding their identity.

"Can I sit here?" She asked nicely.

The player made no movement but she could hear a soft, 'whatever' mumbled from them.

Sapphire sat next to the stranger, surprised at how comforting their presence was even though they didn't seem like the friendliest person in this game. Before she could continue to explore this feeling the first match had began to start.

"And in the first match for the crown of Beach City we have Lars vs Sadie for 9th place! Maybe this time he can finally win!" The sound of the crowd laughing and the roaring cheers excited her; she felt her heart race at the thought of getting to fight on the battle field.

She smiled brightly as she saw Lars in what appeared to be his fighting gear, blue sword held close to his heart. "Amazing," Sapphire whispered to herself.

The match began with the girl Sadie running full speed towards Lars with her magical stick weapon that actually, really looked like a regular stick. Lars stood his ground with a look of utter focus which surprised Sapphire, she was used to seeing the boy a goofy clumsy mess; but on the field he was a different person.

Sadie landed the first hit on his sword but Lars pushed her hit off and she was pushed back due to his sudden power, she smirked. They both ran head to head and began to fighting with their weapons, each dodging strikes at the last second; it was a match to see.

Sapphire watched, mouth open in awe at the beauty of it all.

Too wrapped up in the fight she failed to notice the masked stranger secretly glancing at her from time to time; cursing softly under their breath.

Back on the battle field Lars quickly dodge an attack and plunged his sword into Sadie's stomach, stopping her movements completely. She glowed a bright orange color before her health bar dropped down from 50 to 0. A large icon with the word "WINNER" floated atop Lars' head and Sadie was brought back to life only shortly after her death.

The crowd cheered loudly and Sapphire even surprised herself as she jumped up and waved in the air. "Yeah Lars!"

"The winner Lars is now at the number nine spot in the ranking and Sadie is dropped down to number ten. Our next battle will be with Ruby vs Centipedal for seventh overall! But until then we will have a few novice's have some fun."

In the sky above the arena appeared the list of new arrivals who would be battling for the first time. "First up we will have Sapphire vs Blowfish, will the following players please report to their proper stations!"

Sapphire gulped as the feeling of excitement left and was now replaced with nervousness. Lars spotted her from the steps and ran over to her quickly, a grin on his face.

"Check it out!" He pointed up at his diamond which now shined yellow. "Yellow means that I'm number nine, maybe one day you'll be at the top too!"

He smirked at Sapphire. "But there's only one way to do that!" He grabbed her blue hand and pulled her down the stairs and towards the tunnel which led out to the battle grounds. "You shouldn't worry Sapphire, I heard Blowfish sucks anyway."

She nodded at his attempt to be comforting but she could still feel her insides bubbling with anxiety. "W-what about my weapons-"

"You have a pretty useful sword right there on your back, search for weaknesses and don't show any of yours." He educated her. "Your health bar will be at 100 percent but if it gets to 0 before your foes then you loose,"

"And I die?" She gulped.

He shrugged. "Yeah but it last like a second, if anything thing it's like waking up from a nap. You've got this kid, make me proud!"

Lars pushed her out onto the battle field and quickly ran behind the bars where it was safe, he waved at her encouragingly. Sapphire sighed and removed her weapon, holding it awkwardly in her right hand.

Her opponent, Blowfish, was a boy about her age but defiantly taller than her. He was skinny and wore a green jumpsuit which surrounded his body; his name didn't fit his appearance at all. The boy was looking rather bored as he ate sharp pieces of metal, it didn't look very appetizing.

"And the match between novice Sapphire and Blowfish will begin in 3…2…1…Fight!"

She stood still and watched her opponent carefully, trying to use the tips that Lars had given her. But how was she supposed to hide her weakness when she didn't know what it was?

The boy Blowfish finished his metal shards, swallowing them down roughly. He began to choke on the sharp shards that had been lodged in his throat, he fell on his knees on the dirt floor. Sapphire took a step closer, trying to make sure the boy was alright.

His fit stopped suddenly and his skin began to bubble, as if something was trying to escape from beneath it.

"Run Sapphire! He isn't hurt it's just part of his fighting technique," She heard Lars shout from behind the metal bars keeping him back.

She looked back at the boy who now fit his name, Blowfish. His body had transformed into a large fat fish with sharp metal shards poking out from his skin, he was now twenty times larger than her. He opened his mouth which appeared to be empty, then a sharp flow of wind forced her back into the concrete walls surrounding the field.

Her back collided with the hard walls as gravity then pushed her back down to the dirt covered floor. Sapphire cracked one eye open and watched as her health dropped down to seventy percent, her back felt like it had been stabbed a million times in the same area.

"Sapphire you have to move before he comes back and spikes you!" She heard Lars shout from her far left.

She could also hear the sound of another voice to her right, also shouting at her. "Move you idiot!"

Not knowing why such an abrupt comment would strengthen her will, Sapphire rose quickly and ignored the pain as she barely avoided one of his metal spikes being thrown at her. She landed not so gracefully onto the dirt covered floor, landing on her stomach.

She used her sword to pull herself back up and watch as the Blowfish began to recharge, growing more spikes to replace the ones he had thrown at her.

"Use your weapon while he is weak!" She heard Lars shout from the bars.

She nodded and ran towards the beast, weapon held out in front of her. The fish caught her movement and blew another gust of wind, separating her from her weapon. She landed on her back while her weapon lay a few feet away, sticking straight up in the dirt.

Sapphire growled at Lars in frustration, glaring in his direction. "Any more bright ideas?"

"T-try your best?" He smiled unsure, not used to the calm and collected girl snapping at him.

The blue haired girl looked back at her foe who was almost finished growing his final spike. She rose to her feet and closed her eyes, trying to think of any possible outcomes where she could actually win; turns out there are a million of them.

Sapphire stood shocked as a giant montage literally flowed within her mind, millions of ways to defeat her foe were revealed to her. With new found understanding Sapphire opened her eyes and looked at the palm of her right hand and smiled softly.

She set her feet firmly on the ground and ran towards her foe with amazing speed, the crowd gasped and stood from their seats as they watch the petite girl zoom around the field. The Blowfish tried to follow but was no match for Sapphires speed and stuck to throwing random metal shards in her direction.

With her speed unlocked she managed to dodge all of the sloppy attacks with new found grace. She jumped into the air and grinned when the beast pointed his strong winds to the ground and followed her high in the sky.

"Alright do your thing!" Sapphire shouted as her hand started to glow a bright pink color, a large pink iron fist was formed.

She drew her iron fist back and then drew it forward when the beast was close enough, the force of her iron fist made the Blowfish go barreling back to the arena floor. With his spikes gone his dis-launched spikes which resided in the dirt collided with his now soft skin, causing him to burst; she had won.

Sapphire landed softly onto the dirt covered ground and retracted her pink iron fist. She shut out the loud roar from the crowd and continued to observe her right hand which had a small pink gem resting in the palm of it, that wasn't there before.

She was finally brought out of her thoughts when skinny arms pulled her into the air, spinning her around until she was dizzy. "You're a fucking gem Sapphire! This is awesome, and the way you fought!"

When he put her down she finally had time to look up and see the bright yellow words above her head, WINNER. She sighed softly and looked around at the unknown faces of the crowd while Lars continued to blabber on about how well she had done.

In the mist of her search she made eye contact with deep red eyes that remained hidden behind a black cape, she was broken from the eye contact when Lars pointed in the air.

High up up in the sky was a new ranking of novices, the name Sapphire sat at the very top as number one.

"Almost there kid!" Lars congratulated her with a real genuine smile which he rarely ever gave.

She gave him a light smile as she looked back towards ruby red eyes, their eyes remained locked as they each tried to solve a certain mystery about the other. The soft hue of ruby red quickly changed to one of angry fire and Sapphire followed where the sudden anger was directed at.

The fiery red eyes were openly glaring at the hand that gripped hers firmly, when had Lars even taken her hand?

In a strange attempt to explain herself Sapphire looked back up only to see that the dark masked stranger was no longer watching her from the stands, she sighed sadly and allowed Lars to guide her to where they were selling hot dogs and burger.

Pink eyes followed the movement of a certain blue haired girl from the top ten champion sky booth.

"We've finally found another gem," The large pink woman whispered in joy as she looked at her skinny friend who had a small blue gem in the middle of her head.

Said gem shook her head. "She has a lot to learn, maybe we shouldn't let her-"

"No!" The two gems turned to see the dark masked figure shouting at them with their hands in the air, the figure dropped their hands quickly. "I mean...Maybe we should give her a chance?"

A purple chubby girl let out a laugh. "What's wrong Ruby? Usually you're against recruiting other members," The gem raised a suspicious eye at the masked figure.

"She's different," Ruby muttered quietly under her breath with a hint of a rare smile.

The purple gem gasped in shock and put the masked figure into a head lock. "Holy shit you like her!"

"I don't like anyone," With a large amount of strength the dark figure pushed the other gem away, fixing now wrinkled fabric. "And I could care less if she joined or not,"

The pink haired woman placed a heavy hand on top of the dark figures head and slowly pulled the cape away to reveal sharp ruby eyes. Her short fro puffed up quickly and fell back into place as the woman gave her a smile.

"How about I get you to ask if she wants to join our group?" Ruby nodded softly as she tried to fight back the urge to smile. "She has already became friends with Lars so it shouldn't be that hard, but if you don't feel comfortable with it Lars can al-"

At the thought of Lars even touching her beloved blue beauty she fought back the urge to barge down there and punch him him the face. "He won't touch her and I'll handle it don't worry Rose."

The purple haired gem let out a rough laugh. "Haha go mark your territory Ruby!"

After all of the unnecessary praise from Lars, Sapphire had finally found the time to get a bite to eat with her new friend. They both ordered a cheeseburger and small drink as they returned to their seats high at the top of the stadium.

"Okay next up we have Ruby and Centipedal," He explained to her as he took a large bite from the burger, talking with his mouthful; Sapphire resisted the urge to scowl in disgust. "Ruby is a touch one and she won't give up her title so easy,"

The blue girl nodded as she quietly finished her meal, cleaning her mouth with a napkin after. "Who is Ruby?"

Lars burped loudly once he finished eating and then finished his drink in three large gulps. "The hot feisty chick in the black cape,"

Sapphire felt her heart speed up a mile per minute and she whipped her head quickly to the ignorant boy. "Black cape, and you actually know her?"

"More or less," He sighed, not interested in the conversation. "She's number seven out of ten and her skill is strength; actually when I think about it she has a gem in her hand just like you."

He scratched his chin. "You two might even have the same iron fist," Lars let out a chuckle. "But no matter how similar your powers are you are total opposites; you're cool and collected while she is rash and impatient."

The voice of the loud speaker stopped her from speaking again. "And for our next battle we will have Ruby and Centipedal fighting it out for seventh place!"

Sapphire watched silently as the masked figure finally removed their hood, revealing a girl just a little bit shorter than her; if it was possible given her height. The girl lived up to her name Ruby; she wore the usual fighting gear, a baggy bright red shirt that was tucked into a deep red tight running pants.

The main thing that got her attention was the cute mini fro on top of the girls head which had a warriors band holding it back, her black uniform was now tied around her neck as a cape; it allowed Sapphire to see the strong muscles that were now revealed.

A deep blue flushed to the blue haired girls face as she eyed the noticeable muscles in Rubies arms and legs. Lars raised an eyebrow at his friend as she openly gawked at the girl on the field.

"Are you blushing?" He questioned as he poked her cheek where dark blue stained.

She slapped his finger away, not understanding what blushing was. "I-I don't think so," She looked over at him for knowledge. "In the real world my eye sight isn't very valuable to me, I lost it when I was five years old; so I'm not aware with the change in facial colors or what they mean…"

"Like before when you were asking me to join your group your face was turning bright red," Lars chocked on his spit and his face turned dark scarlet. "See, you're doing it again! What does it mean?"

Lars shook his head and tried to rid himself of his blush. "We-we'll uhm it's called blushing!" His voice cracked as he shouted, he cleared his throat and tried again. "It's called blushing, Sapphire. People usually do it when they are embarrassed, angry, or when your all hot and bothered if you know what I mean." He joked playfully.

Sapphire nodded thoughtfully as Lars pointed at Ruby once more. "Let's just watch the fight,"

With that being said they turned their attention back to the afro haired girl who had her opponent weakened to thirty percent in the few minutes that they were talking.

Ruby grabbed Centipedal by her tail and spun around rapidly, releasing the beast into the air. She released her iron fist and punched the beast in her gem when she came falling down, her gem shattered into a million pieces.

A bright light filled the arena followed by a small explosion, a bright green bubble was left in the remains of the beast. Ruby removed her fist and spat onto the floor beside the beast, the word 'WINNER' shone brightly on top of her head as the crowd cheered happily.

"Harsh," Lars mumbled with his hands behind his head.

Sapphire moved her vision back to the teenager and raised an eyebrow. "What was harsh?"

"She totally shattered her gem, once you shatter a gem it can't be brought back." He looked at the blue girl. "Only a few people in this game, such as yourself, are gifted with gems. Those gems give you cool level up techniques, like your iron fist."

She looked back at the shattered gem on the floor. "So what happens to her now?"

"Now, it will take a while for her to be able to log back on to the game and when she does she won't be a gem and her level up will be gone." Lars shuddered when dark red eyes met him angrily. "Someone must have gotten her really upset to destroy that dudes gem, and I hope it wasn't me. Let's get out of here?"

He held his hand out to help her up and smiled softly when she accepted it, they made there way out of the battle dome; unaware of the angry red eyes following them.

Ruby was beyond furious at this point. A majority of the crowd had cheered her on for her victory but the others had told her that she was being too harsh and shouldn't have destroyed her gem like that. But Ruby was used to people not excepting her methods and she really hadn't meant to go too far; but she couldn't take it.

The way they got along so well, the blush on her pretty blue face at something he probably did to her. She sighed loudly, thinking back to how her eyes were glued to the way they interacted during her whole battle; she had taken her anger out on her foe and she regretted it.

"Way to be a heartless beast out their Rub's," Amethyst mumbled as she entered the sky box, her fellow gem sisters watched her carefully. "I mean I know you have an anger problem and that you want to be at a higher ranking but-"

"I don't care about the ranking!" She shouted.

All she cared about right now was that blue haired girl who she had yet to speak to.

She sighed, taking a seat in one of the folding chairs. "I didn't mean to do it, my anger always gets the best of me…"

"Don't worry about it Ruby we understand." Her friend Pearl spoke, giving her a soft understanding smile. "Amethyst was just being a jerk as always," Pearl glared at the purple gem.

Amethyst shrugged and patted the red girl on her fro. "Don't worry; Centipedal was a weak link anyway!"

"How about you and I take a walk?" Rose spoke up softly, she nodded at the other two gems. "I know you two have a battle to prepare for."

The chubby girl grinned. "Lapis is going down!" She looked at Pearl. "And then I'm going to take you down, weakling!"

"Tell that to the chart, I'm ranked higher than you," Pearl shot back.

Rose grabbed hold of Rubies arm and pulled her to the door. "Let's go, this will go on forever,"

Ruby followed the pink gem leader out to the sandy beach of Beach City, she led her toward the ocean which remained calm. Rose sat down on the beach and patted at the space beside her, the red gem shook her head.

"I should be getting back to my place, I've got some stuff to do in the real world." Ruby motioned behind her. "But you have fun,"

Rose looked at her and gave a soft nod. "Don't take it too hard Ruby, we've all lost control like that; you just need to learn how to control your furry."

"But how," She sighed angrily. "I've tried for years but nothing works."

Before the leader of the gems could respond a voice called to her from behind them.

"Rose! There you are," Ruby looked up to see Greg running towards them, two hotdogs in his hand. "I've been searching for you all day, I brought food-oh hey Ruby how's it going kid?"

Ruby smiled ruefully at the man. "Not so well, I've just been branded the gem crusher and my anger is getting worse…"

"Dang that's tough," The man smiled anyway, he always amazed her whenever he smiled during even the worse situations. "You know what they say; if every portchop was perfect we wouldn't have hotdogs!"

Rubies left eye twitched. "A-are you calling me a hotdog?"

"Nobody ever understands my metaphors," The large man sighed as he sat beside his lover, giving her the food. "I'm saying that if you were perfect, no anger or anything, then you wouldn't be you; Ruby. And I don't about you but, I think Ruby is pretty cool; anger and all."

Her heart fluttered as she looked at the two lovers sitting together, encouraging smiles on their faces; she looked away quickly. "Y-yeah whatever, I'll see you losers later."

Ruby turned away and began walking towards where her apartment was located. The four of them all shared one house but that was only for missions and such, but personally they all had places of their own where they resided in for personal matters.

The house they shared was also located on the beach but high up on a mountain with Roses figure sculpted into it, it was Pearls idea. Sometimes Ruby couldn't help but think that the skinny girl had a huge crush on the leader gem but whenever she brought it up Amethyst would always get angry, it was weird.

Ruby shook her head and cleared her thoughts as she approached the board walk on the beach, her house wasn't very far away and once she was home she could finally log off and forget about the blue haired girl. At least, that was her plan.

You see usually when you teleport from place to place there is no telling where and what you will land on. Ruby just so happened to be standing on someone's teleportation portal, a bright light shinned above her head and before she could move a body landed right on top of her back as they both fell to the floor.

Ruby lay on the hard wood floor of the board walk with someone sitting on top of her back, she felt her anger rise as she shoved them off of her; a silent yelp filling the air.

The red gem stood and dusted herself off, ready to glare at the novice teleporter. "Watch where the hell your going!" She shouted, only to close her mouth when she realized just who landed on her.

It was the same girl who was making her go crazy all day, the blue haired beauty named Sapphire. Ruby could feel the butterflies begin to flutter in her stomach, she had never felt like this before; she didn't know how to handle it. The girl was even more beautiful up close and she almost melted on the spot when her soft soothing voice filled the air.

"Sorry," Sapphire mumbled with a hint of sass as she fixed her bangs back over her eyes. "Just trying to find Beach City Apartments,"

Ruby felt her mouth move before she could even think of the words. "Don't stop talking," She whispered dreamily before covering it up quickly. "I mean, I know where it is!" She felt a blush rise to her face as she readjusted her tone. "I have a place over there too so,"

"You're blushing." Sapphire deadpanned.

Ruby felt her face get even hotter as she took a small step back. "Wh-what?"

"You're blushing," The blue girl repeated softly as she finally rose to her feet, Ruby cursed herself for not offering to help. "What are you embarrassed about?"

Ruby opened her mouth expecting to curse the woman out but she couldn't force herself to do it. "Everyone is getting on my case about smashing that stupid gem! I wish they would lay off,"

"Well I don't really care what the others say but I think you did pretty amazing," Sapphire sent her a soft smile.

Ruby sighed softly, and sent her a genuine smile as she shoved her hands into her pockets. "Well thanks, you did pretty amazing yourself," She grinned. "For a novice,"

"Haha," Sapphire giggled, lighting up the red girls mood in the process. "I didn't think you would be watching, you didn't really speak to me much when I sat next too you earlier."

"I just wanted to be alone at the time but I was totally watching, who do you think shouted for you to move your ass!"Ruby explained with a sharp grin.

Sapphire laughed loudly. "That was you? Thanks for helping me not to get killed, it was my first fight and I was really bad at it..."

"I thought you were amazing," Ruby whispered softly as another blush rose to her face, she nodded towards the end of the board walk. "I can show you the way to the apartments, I have one of my own."

Sapphire smiled softly. "Yeah that would be great, my parents are probably worried about me anyway."

Ruby didn't say anything to that and led her new companion to the Beach City Apartments where a few users resided, getting ready to log off as well. The red haired girl ordered a room for the blue girl, handing her the key once the payment was complete.

"You're room is right across from mine," Ruby smiled. "I can sh-"

"Sapphire!" Skinny arms wrapped around the blue girl, the brown haired boy hugged her close. "This is bad!"

Ruby growled as she watched the boy hug the blue beauty so close to him, she yanked him away from the girl with her strength. "What are you going on about lover boy?" She grunted out as she pushed the boy to the floor.

Sapphire shot a glare to Ruby and crossed her arms. "Don't be rude Ruby."

"Whatever," She glanced down at the teenager who was struggling to rise, he decided to remain on his knees as he glared at Ruby.

"I'm not here for you muscle woman!" He flinched when she pulled her fist back. "Sapphire stop her!" He tried to hide behind her but the blue girl pulled him to his feet with her speed.

She glared up at him through her blue bangs. "Lars please just tell me what's going on,"

"The log off button is gone!" He all but shouted as small tears welled up in his eyes. "I-I can't find it!"

Sapphire opened her mouth to calm him down but Ruby whispered beside her, red hands frozen as they scanned the menu bar. "H-he's right Sapphire," Bright red eyes made contact with her blue bangs.

"We can't log off."

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