Hey, there!

It's been a while. I took some time to think about what I wanted to do with the story. Life has been kind of hectic for me with work. And I'd hit a dead end with this version of the story. I went back and reread the first couple of chapters. Needless to say, I cringed (lol). I'm truly thankful for all of the warm reviews and constructive criticism.

Every time a new FNaF game was released, I wanted to incorporate it into the overarching storyline. I think I was a little too ambitious in that regard. When I wanted to add something new, that meant I would have to rewrite a whole section of the story to accommodate the new plot point. That left me with a lot of plot holes that would've been a pain in the ass to fix.

That being said, I've decided to discontinue this version of the story. I understand if you're disappointed with me. There are a lot of "guard befriends animatronics" stories on the archive. But I wanted to try something different.

Here's where the good news comes in. I am brainstorming for a new FNaF story. I want to have the storyline figured out before I actually get it on its feet.

The story focuses on an eccentric team of paranormal investigators who set their sights on the long abandoned Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Their goal is to debunk the urban legends surrounding the place. But they soon discover that there's more truth to the rumors and ghost stories then they could possibly imagine.

So you guys have THAT to look forward to. ;)