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Dean smiled at the pretty brunette holding his hand. They had known each other for five years, and dated for the better part of four of those years. She knew the story of Sam and Dean, how the brothers would risk their lives to hunt all that goes bump in the night. As for her and Sam, It didn't take long for the two nerds to strike up a friendship with each other. They both told about their lives, explaining to the other what they considered reality, and were eager to hear about the other's world. She was the one who brought Sam and Dean closer together. Sure, they were already pretty close before considering Dean practically raised his kid brother, John disappearing for days at a time and all that. But they would still lie to each other often and got into stupid fights, like all brothers eventually do. But once the witch entered those hunter's lives the relationship between the brothers visibly improved. She always said how she hated conflict, seeing as how she had helped put an end to a rather important one hardly over a year ago. If they ever quarreled around her they would instantly feel guilty and resolve it quickly, not wanting her to feel stuck in the middle and torn between her friends.

They first met in New York, at a small restaurant near central park. Sam, Dean, and John were working a case, so far they had no luck. There were rumors about some sort of something that went around taking people's souls or something of that nature, but they were at a dead end as far as catching and killing the creature. Dean was twenty, as was she. Sam had just turned seventeen. She was sitting at the booth behind the boys, talking on her cell phone in hushed whispers. Dean's ears perked up when he heard her say something about the hunt they were working on. After she hung up Dean took out one of his many fake I.D.'s and told her he needed to ask a few questions. She knew a lot more about the events than a normal person and even though she didn't say it, Dean could tell she knew that the boys were working on something else and that they weren't really F.B.I. But for her to blow their cover she would have to blow hers, and Dean could tell she did not want to do that. At least not right now.

On their third day in New York he saw her again. Dean was taking a walk at night as an attempt to relieve some stress after a fight with Sammy. Dumb kid kept talking about running off to college when he was old enough. Even had the audacity to have one picked out and have applications filled out. Dean just couldn't wrap his head around it, how could Sam do that to him? After everything they had been through as a family, and with dad promising he was getting closer to finding a lead on what had killed mom, and he was just going to bail on them now? Leave it all behind for some prestigious school?

Dean stopped his stroll, frozen in his tracks. The creature the boys were hunting had gotten to her. They had never seen or heard of anything like it before, nor had they known of anyone who did. And they sure as hell didn't know how to kill it. It was cloaked in a torn black robe and hovered above the ground. Its skeletal hand reached out and turned her face towards it. It was unlike anything the hunter had ever witnessed and he was at a loss for what to do. The monster looked like it was trying to suck her face off. Dean started running towards it planning on tackling it, he had to do something to save her. Even if it would merely distract the beast, that would hopefully give her a few seconds to run and escape. Right before he reached the creature the girl took a stick out of her pocket and a bright blue light exploded from the tip. It took the form of an otter and chased it away before the girl collapsed.

Dean rushed to her side and grabbed her around the waist, successfully preventing her from colliding with the cold concrete path. She looked like she was about to faint with her pale face and fluttering eyes, unable to chose between open and closed.

"Chocolate…get me chocolate… please." Her voice was hoarse, trembling with effort as she begged for the treat. It was a strange request but nevertheless Dean obeyed. He ran out of the park and into the nearest shop and got her a chocolate bar. He was back within ten minutes, panting from all the running.

Within a few seconds of eating the chocolate she seemed a lot better. The color had returned to her face and she looked a lot more stable, less likely to pass out on him at any rate. "Now, you wanna explain to me what the hell just happened?" Dean tried to make his voice sound gentle despite the confusion he was feeling. To be honest he was kind of freaking out. He had never seen or heard of that thing before but somehow this seemingly ordinary girl could make it go away with a blue glowing otter?

She shook her head in response to the question. Dean understood, she wouldn't tell him out here where just anyone could hear them speak. This was a secret that needed protecting, not one to be careless with. Besides, enemies had eyes everywhere. Dean took her back to the hotel the three Winchesters were staying at. The two were alone for the moment, Sam and John were out who knows where. Probably a library for the former and a bar for the latter. Dean figured now was as good a time as any to get her to talk. "Now what happened out there?"

She opened her mouth to answer, but just then Sammy came walking through the door and spotted the couple. He groaned. "You couldn't at least have gotten a different room? I don't want to have to listen to you two all night."

"It's not what it looks like Sam. She isn't a one night stand. She is….Something. And there was … something attacking her. She did something and made the something go away and then chocolate made it better."

Sam stared at his older brother like he was crazy. And maybe he was. For all Dean knew with what he saw this girl could be some sort of supernatural creature. And he had done the only logical thing and invited her inside for a game of share and tell. But He didn't think she was, at least, she didn't give off that "evil monster" vibe. He took Sam by the arm and led him over to the other side of the hotel room and tried to explain what he had seen in the best detail he could.

"Well how did she get rid of it?" Sam whispered, causing his brother to shrug "Dean she could be dangerous." Sam glared at Dean and he glared back, silently daring him to do anything to the girl. Innocent until proven guilty and all that. Of course John would probably be pissed that the boys hadn't done any of the usual tests on her yet with the holy water or silver blade, but somehow Dean knew that it wouldn't do anything. Why mark up such beautiful skin for no reason?

"You two, you're the F.B.I from a few days ago aren't you? Mr. Perry and Mr. Tyler correct?" she asked slightly uneasily, trying to break the tension and interrupt the looks the brothers were shooting at each other. They walked back to where she was sitting on the bed and took a seat on either side of her.

Dean scratched the back of his neck. After a bit of thought he decided that with what she just went through she deserved the truth. "Yeah, here's the thing. We aren't really F.B.I, we are hunters. This is my brother Sam Winchester, and I'm Dean Winchester. We travel the country and pick fights with monsters and perform exorcisms on ghosts." He paused, waiting for her to say something like 'that's impossible, those things don't exist.' But she just nodded as she took this in. It kind of scared Sam and Dean that she didn't seem the least bit worried or startled. Perhaps she was a hunter as well? It made sense, how else would she have been able to get rid of that thing? And that cold look in her brown eyes told the brothers she had seen many horrors over her years.

Sam placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "That thing that was after you, it must have been some kind of demon. It might try to attack you again, these things like revenge. I don't know how you got rid of it, but it will come back. But don't worry, we will destroy it. You will be safe; you just have to do what we tell you until it is gone."

She started giggling at that, soon turning into uncontrollable laughter. Sam and Dean shot a look at her, both of them thinking she was crazy. She noticed the looks soon enough and calmed down enough to explain. "That thing wasn't a demon. It's called a Dementor. It vanishes all happy thoughts and makes the air colder around it. It sucks your soul from your body, that's how it feeds."

"Sure sounds a lot like a demon to me." Dean murmured to no one in particular.

"And how do you know all this? Are you a hunter as well? How did you get rid of it?" Sam's voice wasn't accusing, it was genially curious. He knew that there was something inhuman about this girl, but she didn't seem like the demon type.

She shook her head. "No, I'm not a hunter. I've never even met a demon; the closest I have been to them have been through pages in a book. And all the ghosts I've ever met have been nice. Well except for Peeves, but he's a poltergeist so I guess its okay. And he wasn't really truly evil, just annoying. I'm a witch." She took out her wand and showed the brothers the source of her magic. She must have noticed the uneasy glances Sam and Dean shot at each other because she quickly defended herself. "I'm a good witch though. I'm not one of the devil worshiping, human sacrificing, dark magic witches that you have probably encountered and killed. My kind, the real kind, we channel our magic through a wand, and no one needs to die for us to perform it. I was born with it, like everyone else that went to my school. We go to school at age eleven so we can learn how to control our magic and use it for good."

"If you're not the evil kind, then how come you know so much about them?" Dean's voice was a little skeptical. He wasn't sure if he could fully trust her yet, but at the same time he didn't want to jump to conclusions and have her hating them. She would be a dangerous enemy, and she could be very useful ally to the hunters if she truly was good. Dean could tell Sam was thinking along the same lines as him because his brother's face was cautious. although both of them managed to control themselves and not snap and toss holy water in her face.

"I'm a bookworm, I do my research." She responded. "Plus I'm a transfer auror, meaning I go around the world tracking the bad witches and wizards and bringing them into the Ministry of Magic for trial. I had to know what I might be up against in America." Normally the boys wouldn't have waited so long to kill her; she was a witch after all. But something about her told them to at least hear her out before deciding to kill her or spare her. Dean could tell Sam felt it too.

She went on to explain about how things worked in her world, the school, the government, everyday life. She explained how she and her two best friends had been fighting this evil wizard Voldemort and how they defeated him just a couple years ago and how the ministry was practically begging her to be an auror. She described different spells and potions and their uses. She told them about the goblins and house elves, dementors and death eaters, trolls and werewolves. She showed the boys her purse that held all of her belongings so she always had everything with her. Even Dean had to admit that expansion charm was pretty impressive. Everything was so much different in her world than theirs.

It took her a good few hours to explain her life story, but by the end both the boys were glad they hadn't killed her on the spot. Of course they took a few precautions, using holy water in her tea and the devils trap under the rug which she stepped out of easily. Dean could tell she was good, and she was so open about everything, proving to the brothers that they could trust her, that she had nothing to hide or lie about.

In return the Winchesters told her of their lives. How their mother had died and John becoming obsessed with hunting the supernatural until he killed what had murdered Mary. How they were raised to defend themselves and kill anything even remotely evil with a drop of supernatural blood in it. They told her about the lonely life of a hunter, always on the move and having no place to truly call home. They told her how they had saved people and how they learned everything from their dad and their 'uncle' Bobby.

She offered to help the boys with this case because she had come here to get the Dementor and return it to the ministry. Someone, the identity was still unknown, had released it and it was this witches mission to collect the Dementor and return it to the tight clutches of the Ministry. The boys agreed because they didn't know what they were dealing with or what to do with them. Apparently there was no known way to kill a Dementor in the wizarding world.

It was far into the night and the next morning's dawn was already threatening to break upon the horizon by the time they had all told their perspective basic back stories, so the trio decided to continue after a few decent hours of sleep. Dean let her sleep in his bed and moved over to the couch. She did a few spells to enlarge it and make it as comfortable as a bed in return. The hunter had a feeling she would be sticking around after this case was over. But maybe that was just his own personal hopes clouding his judgment. For the first time in a long while Dean fell asleep with a smile upon his face.

John was the last person to learn to trust her, but after a few weeks he grew to love her as his own daughter. She was helpful and a great fighter, with or without her wand. She was clever in a crisis and always had an answer when the boys didn't have a clue. She had been traveling with the hunters for a while and so far everything was running smoothly. After sending a letter (Which she delivered by owl much to all of their surprise) to the Ministry of Magic saying she resigned, she decided to stay with the Winchesters permanently. Sam and Dean fought less, and when they did she always helped the brothers to find a common ground. She helped the boys save many lives, and saved them many times as well. Sometimes the Winchesters, Dean mostly, would find themselves wondering what they would have done if they hadn't met her. One, if not all three of them, would surely be dead. Having a powerful witch on your side sure did help your chances of survival. She saved the family of hunters in more ways than just saving their lives.

Everything was great, until Sam decided to leave them. He had been accepted into Stanford with a full scholarship, having taken multiple online classes between hunts. He had met and fallen in love with a beautiful blond named Jessica, and he wanted to go to college with her and be normal. Have a normal life. Dean was pissed at him. After everything they had gone through, he was going to leave. Just like that. He wasn't just talking about it anymore like a fantasy; he was actually going to go through with it. Pretend nothing had happened and go live a normal happy life. This was the one time that she couldn't find a way to make Sam and Dean get along. There was no common ground. He was giving up on them. Giving up on his own brother. After everything Dean had done for the kid to be the best big brother in the world, this is what he gets in return. For him to just up and leave like nothing they had been through meant anything at all.

Of course most of Dean's anger came from jealousy. He was jealous his brother was able to find a way out. He was jealous Sam had found happiness with some chick and they were willing to build a life together when Dean couldn't do more than a night or two with each girl he was with. He was jealous that Sam was able to go live a normal life. He was jealous because he knew that no matter how hard he tried he would never get out. He was a soldier, someone who blindly followed orders and felt lost without a commander. Nothing more.

Sam gave her the option to go with him, she was Sam's best friend and she got along great with Jess. She was certainly smart enough to get into college. But she couldn't go, or at least she chose not to. She chose to stay with Dean instead. Saving people, helping the cause, fighting for what she believes in, that's where she belonged. She couldn't let go of everything just because she needed a break. She would keep helping people if it killed her. That was one of the things Dean admired most about her, that selfless talent that she always managed to put everyone else's needs above her own well being.

Shortly after Sam left the group, Dean came to realize something. He realized why he had wanted her to choose to stay with him instead of going with Sam. He knew why he admired her so much and tried so hard to protect her. Dean was in love with her. He probably had been all this time, but he had refused to admit it. Everyone he cared about ends up hurt, or dead. And Dean couldn't let that happen to her, he simply wouldn't allow it. He probably would have never told her, if it weren't for her almost dying on him once. Sure, they placed themselves in life or death situations on a daily basis, but this time it was different. She was on the brink of death, hardly holding on by a thread. It was far too close a call for Dean's liking. Once she was completely healed and restored to full health Dean allowed himself to admit how little time they had. That at any second she could be taken away from him. He didn't want that to happen without her at least knowing he was in love with her. He had to take that chance. As it turned out, she was in love with him as well.

For a while, they were happy. Four years the fates permitted them to stay together. She still kept in touch with Sam via cell phone and email, but Dean refused to speak to his brother since their last big blow out fight. Dean was still mad at him for choosing school over family.

Dean knew he loved her, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. She was everything Dean could ever need or ask for plus more. He talked to his father, saying him he planned on proposing. John wasn't stupid, he could read the signs. He knew his son and the witch had found love and solace within each other. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. But he was still a little weary; with all that was happening when would they have time for a wedding? John had long since gotten over not trusting her because of her magical gift and she had been around long enough to be considered one of them. But making it official with an unbreakable bond like marriage went against everything he had trained himself to believe. Eventually he seemed to realize he wouldn't win this one, so he begrudgingly gave the kids his blessing.

Dean grabbed her small hand and pulled her into a small restaurant in New York. She giggled. "Dean, what's going on?"

"I told you, we are taking the day off. We need a small break, and after everything we have done and been through recently I think we deserve a day off." She just smiled and followed the hunter in. They sat down and had a nice lunch. Smiling, laughing, no worries of the creatures in nightmares, just a carefree normal couple on a date. When they had finished their meal Dean paid the tab with his hard earned pool hustled money, leaving a generous tip, and the two walked out of the cafe hand in hand. "Remember this place? This is where we first met. We even sat at the exact booth."

She simply looked into his eyes, smiled, and said, "I know," before pecking him on the lips.

Dean grabbed both her hands and leaned in close, whispering into her ear. "Close your eyes. Empty your mind." She had taught Dean about side along apparition, how to focus the mind and think only of where you wanted to go. They practiced it to perfection, relying on her magic and his destination place. It had even managed to save their life on a few of their hunts, when she was too wounded or weak to do much more than expel a bit of magic, just enough for Dean to get them out of immediate danger.

When she opened her eyes the couple was standing on the top of a foothill in Colorado. It was a nice view, overlooking the Rocky Mountains with a great view of one particular mountain, Devil's Head. The locals had nicknamed it The Sleeping Indian, for that is what it took the shape of, but Dean preferred to call it Mr. Hard On because there was a bit of the rock that rose to look like a boner. They stayed there for hours, sitting and cuddling and wasting time. They watched the sun start descending in the sky until it hid behind the mountains in the west, painting the sky with pink and orange, blending the colors beautifully. It totally was not a chick flick moment.

"This is where we had our first kiss." Dean whispered as he held her closer to himself. She turned her face towards him and leaned in for a sweet, soft kiss. Like their first it was long and lingering, full of so much emotion. But this time they were both more sure of themselves, more confident with the situation. This was normal now; they were a part of each other.

The next stop was an olive garden in Vermont. They had a good dinner, filling up mostly on their famous breadsticks and trademark salad. "This is where we went for our first date."

"Oh please," she protested, rolling her eyes. "That doesn't count. It was ruined halfway through by that pair of Vetala. Anytime we go out in public we never catch a break from monsters."

"I asked you out, you said yes, the first half was great, and we both came out alive. A bit scratched and bloody but alive. I count it as a successful first date." The woman rolled her eyes once more, but smiled nonetheless. He made her happy, simple as that.

After leaving the restaurant, she closed her eyes again. After the familiar feeling of the tug in her gut had passed she opened her eyes to find that they appeared in the lobby of an expensive hotel. Luckily none of the guests seemed to notice their sudden appearance. Dean stepped behind her, hugging her from behind, and kissed her neck softly. "This is the place where I first told you I love you, and where you told me you love me." She let out a sigh of contentment as she leaned back into Dean's strong arms. She couldn't help but smile as she remembered that day.

The sun was long gone by now, letting the cloudless night shine with all its constellations. But the sky was nowhere near as remarkable as the building before them. The architecture was a work of art on its own, and the woman couldn't help but stare open mouthed at it for a few seconds as she recognized where they were. "The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. I told you once I wanted to come here, visit and check it out. I can't believe you remembered that. B-but the rest of the locations have been to places that we went to before. You and me, we've never gone to Canada before..." She rambled, trying to make sense of why Dean had taken them here.

Dean smiled at her excitement. Of course he knew she would be overjoyed, but he still loved the feeling of being the reason for that smile on her face. "Just shut up and enjoy it. It'll make sense soon enough. Now come on, let's get inside before you freeze."

She didn't need to be told that twice. She sprinted to the doors, shooting a look behind her at the boyfriend as a challenge to race.

"No fair!" Dean protested as he ran after her. "You got a head start! That's cheating."

At the door they stopped to regain their breaths. "Yeah well you have longer legs so it evens out. Either way, I still won."

"Did not. It was a tie."

She seemed to be able to accept that because she turned her attention to the door before her. After a quick and simple unlocking spell the heavy door swung open, the warm air being a pleasant welcome to the intruders.

She glanced around in awe, taking a moment to simply take in the multitude of books. And this was just the first part; she knew for certain there were other sections and rooms that were decorated with many other old and valuable books. "Wow." She let out a breath, unable to form a coherent sentence. It might not have had the magic of the Hogwarts Library she loved so fiercely, but this place was definitely extravagant and breathtaking on its own. Dean had to agree, even if he didn't get a hard on over a stack of books, this place was pretty incredible.

Library hours were nine in the morning to five in the evening, so they had the entire place to themselves. Not even the librarians or cleaning crew hung around here this late into the night; they did have lives after all. The girl darted through the towering bookshelves, squealing with delight as she ran her dainty finger amongst many of the book's spines. She enchanted a chair to float so she could reach the books on the very top shelves several feet above the ground, so high that even Sammy would need a ladder to be able to access them. Grabbing one that presumably hadn't been opened in ages judging by the layer of dust coating it; she flipped to the middle and put it right up to her nose, inhaling deeply. The aroma of old inked pages always worked as a type of therapy to the brilliant witch.

Dean smiled to himself as he saw her face light up in a giddy expression, it had been far too long since she had been this happy and relaxed. Sure, she was always beautiful. But when she smiled like that, a real smile straight from the heart about something she was passionate about, she was breathtaking. It didn't happen that often, considering they were constantly fighting for their future. That's another downfall of being a hunter, not much vacation days.

Dean could almost pretend they were normal, just an ordinary pair of lovers breaking into some empty or abandoned building to make their significant other smile like that. Of course they would try to not fall into the whole horror movie stereotype, where they go into a haunted place just for shits and giggles to prove to their friends that "I'm not scared of anything so let's spend the night and split up so we can totally not get killed." Then again, their whole life was a horror movie. They hunted ghosts and monsters for a living. Who does that? But whenever they went somewhere that didn't feel right they usually knew exactly what they were heading into and how to kill it.

So it was times like this that the eldest Winchester brother treasured. The few occasions that they weren't fighting for their lives and facing nightmares. When they could just spend time together and be happy without worrying what tomorrow might bring. This was Dean's favorite part, just watching her and falling in love all over again.

After a decent amount of time had passed, the vast majority of the adrenaline seemed to have left her system and she was starting to calm down. She skipped back to where Dean had sat down and she plopped herself into his lap.

"Thank you for bringing me here." She whispered softly as she brushed her lips across his cheek chastely. She pulled back, her eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. Her warm brown orbs searched his green ones for an answer. "But I still don't get it. Why are we here? All the places we went to today, they had a meaning to us. But this one was just a fantasy, and even then it was more mine than yours."

"That's because even though we haven't been here yet, I hope this place will mean something good to us. This is the place where I tell you that I love you and can't live without you. This is the place where I ask you to be mine forever." Dean gently lifted her off his lap and held her hand as he got on one knee before her. He pulled the ring out of the box and slipped it on her finger. He watched as her eyes widened in surprise, what he was doing finally dawning on her. "This is the place where I ask you to marry me. With this job, my family has been through a lot. I have been through a lot. But you, you are the only thing keeping me going; you are the light at the end of the tunnel. Hermione Jean Granger, I love you. Will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

Tears filled her eyes as she looked down at him. Dean had just enough time to stand up before she threw herself into his strong arms. "Yes." The answer was soft, only a whisper. But at the moment it was the only thing she was able to say, she was so overwhelmed with joy that she couldn't bring herself to say much more. Instead she showed the hunter how she felt by kissing him deeply and passionately. And just for those few seconds, both of them could have sworn that everything was perfect.

Dean woke with a start. That was five years ago. He had tried so hard not to remember her. The aching in his chest was still painfully fresh every time he thought of her. How she was brutally torn away from him mere weeks before the wedding. Ever sense that demon took her away from him, Dean had vowed to never fall in love again. He didn't need any more pain. He always leaves before things get anywhere near serious. He went for one night stands, not actual relationships. Of course he didn't think she was dead, but he knows he will never see her again. Just like he would never see his father again, who had promised to walk her down the aisle but was now dead because of Yellow Eyes. This life really made a person give up far too much.

"Bout time you woke up. It's your turn to drive." Sam turned his attention away from the road and onto his brother. Sam was driving the Impala. Dean's car. Why was Sam behind the wheel again? Oh right. The boys were in a hurry because Chuck the so called profit of the Lord had a dream about someone dying so he decided to call up the Winchesters and make them go on a wild goose chase to find some chick that was in danger. Apparently Sam thought they couldn't spare enough time to get a decent night's sleep at a motel. Dean was all for saving people, honest, but he knew they wouldn't be that much use to anyone if they were half asleep the whole time they worked this case.

Sam had pulled over to the side of the road so the brothers could switch places. As Dean got in the driver's seat he starts talking without looking at Sam. "I dreamt about her again."

He didn't have to say who for Sam to know who his brother was talking about. Sam knew the two had been in love but they never told him they were getting married. Dean was still angry at his brother for running away and leaving behind his family for college when proposed to her. When Dean broke into Sam and Jessica's apartment demanding his help to find John, Sam had been surprised not to see her there with his brother. But apparently Dean's glare was enough to let him know not to bring it up just yet. It took Dean until the Bloody Mary incident to finally tell his brother exactly what had happened. After Sam confessed what happened to Jessica, Dean shared his own story of what happened to that beautiful and clever witch.

"Again? That's the third time this week. Why are you all of a sudden remembering her? You haven't mentioned her in years and you refused to talk about her, and now suddenly you can't stop dreaming about her?" The pain is still fresh in Sam's eyes. She was his best, and one of his only friends before it happened after all.

"I never forgot about her." Dean defended himself sternly. "I just try not to think about her." Sam nods in understanding. He knows how his brother feels. He cared for her a lot too. They both have to try to bury the pain.

"So who are we trying to save? What information do we have?" Dean tried to change the subject.

"A girl, mid twenties, brown hair. As far as I know from my research, she is the first to die by this demon or ghost or whatever it is. Chuck said in his dream he didn't get a chance to see her face all that well, all he knows is she is a pretty brunette in her twenties with brown eyes. Something came up behind her and killed her. A bunch of deep gashes just appeared all over her body, she was bleeding out. Then the thing disappeared. He didn't get to see what it was, but considering it was a dream from a profit, I'm sure it was something of the supernatural. Those kinds of cuts just don't appear naturally. She was the first, so I couldn't find any pattern."

Dean nodded, taking it all in. He could tell there was something his brother wasn't telling him, but he didn't try and push it. Not yet at least. That description of the girl was far too familiar, but Dean forced himself not to dwell on the details and to stop thinking about her before he dared to begin to hope. He couldn't let his emotions get in the way of a hunt, especially not this one. If Chuck was right, and as much as Dean hated to admit that the prophet often was, then this was one case the brothers couldn't afford to mess up.

"How far away are we?"

Sam glanced down at his cell phone's GPS. "About another hour. But it was noon in his dream, so we have at least fifteen hours to find this mystery girl."

It was around nine in the evening, so they still had all night and half of tomorrow. That is, if she was to die tomorrow. For all they knew, it could be sometime next week or even next month. Dean drove a little faster though, pressing down harder on the gas, just in case. Something told him that this girl is important, that they have to save her. And he'd be damned if that thing got to her before they did.