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I wake up to the feeling of a warm hand. My eyes don't blink open, like in the movies, and I feel groggy and disgusting.

My hair needs a wash and my deodrant requires reapplying, and that's about what I can feel.

Who is holding my hand? My eyes feel lightly crumbly, as if my eyelids were always shut.

I test my senses, and I let out a whine/moan/grunt sound, sort of sounding like 'nyyyaaaaaaaah'.

"You know, if you really didn't want to marry me, you could have just said so," joked Barry.

That gets my eyes open.

I cuddle his arm closer to me, because it's warm.

Logic and reasoning are having a light sleep-in today.

"I wanna marry you," I yawn, "but I've been rather stressed about the wedding and what if when I actually get married I look fat in all my wedding pictures?"

My filter seems to have been cuddling with my logic and reason.

"Caitlin Snow, you could never look fat to me."

His face is over mine now, so close I can see the light dancing on his eyelashes, illuminating the particles that are between him and me.

"Say that to me when I gain 40 pounds by eating donuts and drinking coffee."

"Okay then."

I give him a small smile as a sign of gratitude.

"By the way, Iris has gone nuts. She's gone and put herself on the mission of finding a perfect colour of red for us at our wedding."

"Oh no. Can't you stop her?"

"Nope, she's waiting in the waiting room with some needles and measuring tapes, waiting for me to tell her you woke up."

"Don't you freaking dare, Mr Allen."

"Sorry, Cait. But I got pricked already by the needle, and so shall you."

"BARRY ALLEN! COME BACK HERE RIGHT THIS SECOND A-" The door slams as Barry high-tails it (normally, not, you-know).

Iris is not up here fourteen seconds later (with me holding my breath and counting the seconds).

"Come on, Caitlin. You're a doctor. You need to eat too." Are her first words. This is not going to be a good talk, I don't think.

"What does the doctor say?"

"He said you had a syncopal episode due to lack of haemoglobin in your blood, produced by, wait for it, FOOD. He also says that you need a day or two of bed rest and will not let you walk in that time."


"You. Are. Pulling. My. Leg."

"Nope. Sorry. By the way, Barry, Joe, Cisco, Dr Wells, Eddie and I will be making sure you have regular meals. And coffee. Have decaf if you want, heck, have tea, but you will make it alive to this wedding, or so help me God- I'm being dramatic, aren't I?"

"Yeah, just a teeny bit." I smile a little bit.

Iris sits down on a part of bed that does not have my body lumps sticking out of the blanket, and adds as an afterthought, "Oooh, Felicity's here."

"You. Did. Not."

"Come on, you know I totally did. By the way, we're getting our window shopping done tomorrow, so you can come with us after. And I have your discharge papers awaiting the doctor's approval."

"Cool, thanks Iris."

"Felicity's in the hospital, downstairs, waiting."

"I will attempt to rephrase my previous statement more sarcastically."

Iris crosses her legs, cocking her head at me.

"Why Barry?"


"Why do you like Barry?"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me."

"Then you also heard we're really close friends that are getting married?"

"Yeah, but come on. You do not marry a guy like Barry as a friend."

"Well, I refuse to conform to society. Help me up, please?"

"Kay, but Barry's taking you home in my car. I've got Eddie dropping me back off at work, and Felicity took a train with Oliver Queen, his bodyguards and his cousin, Ri?"

"Roy." I correct.

"Also, we have a flower girl. She's Oliver's sister, and Barry said he said you two talked about this and invited her."

"Yeah. Thea."

"Let's go get you some clothes." Iris stands up.

26 Minutes Later

"No. Absolutely freaking not." I cling to my bed, dressed in my now-laundered clothes from the day before.

"Come on, Caitlin," Felicity says.

"It's an evil metal death trap! I'd sooner walk!"

"I'm afraid we cannot allow you to do that, Miss."

"It's Dr," Iris reminds the nurse/murse (?).

Barry walks in, just as sudden, and does not seem to be surprised.

"Caitlin, Caitlin, Caitlin." He sighs theatrically, then smiles. "Come on, I'll carry you to the car."

"Okay." I reluctantly disentagle my arms from their handcuffed positions on the metal bars of the headboard.

The murse looks fed up but rolls with it. "Bring the wheelchair." He says, and walks away, never to be seen again.

So there was this awkward buisness of trying to sort out rides for everyone involved, but we got it sorted in the end.

Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow went in their white van, Dr Wells and Cisco went in Joe's car, Felicity and Iris were in Eddie's car, which left me and Barry in Iris'.

Barry holds out his arms in front of the bed.

"Your ride awaits, Princess."

"Thank you, my prince." Then I giggle, ruining the dramatic effect.

I jump into his arms, bridal style, and he carries me across the hospital.

Then I REALLY wake up.

I feel warmth receding from beneath my eyelids as I feel like I've been- what was it again? Sailboated? No. Waterboated? No.

Oh, waterboarded.

"Hi, Caitlin, it's me. I've got our wedding sorted out, if you would like to wake up now." It's Barry, and he doesn't sound very happy.

"I already miss you so much, Cait. I can't do this- any of this - alone. Caitlin," He sniffles, and a one of his warm hands leave momentarily, returning wet. "Please, wake up. You've been out for just under four days, and the doctors think you're dying, so they made everyone else leave except for me, once I told them I was your fiancee, and Caitlin, in case you die, and I never get to say this to you," He breaks out into sobs, small little fits of sobs that seems to scratch and tear at my soul like a hellhound.

"I love you Caitlin. I love you so much that I can't bear to live without you. Please," His body racks with sobs once again, as I listen helplessly, as he struggles to get his next words out.

"Don't die on me. Don't do this to me. Please, Cait."

He calms down, and once again his hand leaves, though it returns to mine a second later.

"The doctors seem to think you can hear me. Did you know your heart rate goes up, everytime I talk to you?" I can feel his struggling smirk as he searches me for any sign of life. I want to scream and shout, even though I feel blue in the face already with the effort of trying to scream.

"Okay," he leans closer, whispering now. "I can remember when I found you. Iris had screamed for the Flash. And I came running. She yelled that it was her friend. I remember seeing you, so lifeless, on the ground. Your head was bleeding, you'd knocked it on the corner of the coffee table on your way down. I thought you were dead. I died a little bit inside just then, Caitlin."

I scream, and scream and scream, until at last I think I've made a noise.

The air goes deathly silent. I scream with my last effort, and again it comes out as a frog's ribbit-kind of creak.

"Caitlin?" He sniffles. "Come on, wake up. Please, just for me, wake up."

I scream again, and the agony catches up to me. Everywhere hurts at once. I feel dizzy and distorted.

"Caitlin? Are you feeling pain?"

I scream for the last time, trying to make the pain stop, and I do it.

I open my eyes, finally.

Then comes the shaking, and the shivering.

Barry crushes my frame to his for a second, free tears of relief mixing in with my own.

"Ow." I say, voice scratchy and gravelly.

"Sorry, I'll get some pain meds." He pushes the red call button.

"Barry?" I meditate on the idea of telling him I love him too, when, a second later, the nurse come in, effectively ruining my chances of any romantic gesture at this time.

What was I thinking anyway?

He's obviously so tired and stressed, and doesn't know what he's saying.

"Barry?" I try again, as the nurse is prepping a needle to go into my arm.

"Yes, Caitlin?"

"Get some slee-mmmhhhnmm."

My mind goes dark again.

Unbeknownst to me, Barry kisses my cheeks, then my forehead, and says, "You too, Cait."

A/N: Actually the syncopal episode is based on personal experience. Unfortunately, cutting my school trip by three days in hospital with foriegn doctors and me not speaking the language.

Also I do not have The Flash as my fiance. Just letting you know.

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