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A sound popped up in the storage room of the Titans Tower. It wasn't the usual, rats strolling around the ventilation noise. It was like a wrecking ball came crashing through piles of wooden boxes. He certainly remembered that he had some wooden boxes in the storage room, but he couldn't really tell if there's an object enough to break through most of them. The ceilings of the storage room weren't too high. So even if a box did fall, it wouldn't be enough to completely shatter it to pieces, let alone causing that noise.

Who would attack the Titans Tower anyway? It was in a secret base in the middle of nowhere and protected with invisible barriers and radar scramblers. There were transporter beams around and they could make their ways easily. There was no other access in the basement, unless if someone is trying to dig themselves out.

Damian Wayne, still on his Robin outfit after a long mission, walked in through the boxes unnoticed. The colors of his outfit could be a dead giveaway, but the shadows were still perfect enough for him to get through without someone batting an eye. The structured nature of the storage room also helped well on his sneaking. After batting himself through the shadows of the room, he took a glance of what was causing the noise this entire time.

He couldn't really tell at first who caused that one hell of a noise, but if there's one thing that he's quite certain at, the boxes did break, and it broke hard.

There was a pile of wooden boxes as wide as a chair. After remembering the locations of where he put his stuff, he knew that the boxes contained old carbon fiber materials that Robin used for his armor experiments. Four wooden boxes stacked in a 2x2x2 manner against the wall. This thing somehow managed to break through all four wooden boxes at once until it hit the metal wall in the back. If it was really a person, he/she was so lucky that the carbon fiber rolls were at least strong enough to give him/her comfort after the impact. But even then, it was still quite rough.

Robin ran towards the broken boxes, passing by the smalls wooden scraps that was scattered on the floor thanks to the impact. He picked up and threw the carbon fiber rolls away from the ruins. As he dug deeper and deeper, he finally found the cause of the entire mess.

It was a person: Male, red haired, early 20s, wearing a yellow suit costume with a lot of red lightning motives around it. Just from the overall look, he could already guess that this person is a speedster, someone who can run beyond the speed of sound. The only person he knew who have managed to accomplish this feat was Barry Allen AKA The Flash. The costume that he had right now had a lot of resemblance, with the exception that the red and yellow color being reversed and his mask only covered his face and not his red hair.

All the sudden, he gasped and opened his eyes wide. He managed to startle the Boy Wonder as he stumbled into the back in surprise, falling into the other carbon fiber rolls. He was still conscious after crashing through four wooden boxes containing one of the strongest silks in the world. That alone was quite the accomplishment.

"Uh... hello?" Robin asked. The diplomatic approach was always the first priority. "Uh... are you alright?"

His breath was quick at first, but it slowly weakened. He took a glance around the area, trying to figure out where he was at this moment. And then, he paid his attention towards the Boy Wonder. He didn't react to him or anything like that. He just... froze.

"It's fine." Robin said. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"Where am I?" He asked. "What... what's going on? Why am I here?"

"You're in the Titans Tower." Robin began his words. "My name is Robin. You just zapped here out of nowhere and breaking through stuff. I heard the noise and I checked in downstairs. Who are you?"

"I'm... I'm Kid Flash." He said. "And..."

"Kid... Flash?" Robin raised his eyebrows. "Uh... Do you know the Flash?"

Kid Flash widened his eyes. "Yes, I know... Uncle Barry... I know him. Where is he?"

"Barry is your Uncle?" Robin said. "It's fine. I know him well. I can get you in contact with him and he'll talk to you, okay? Is that good for you?"

"Is he alright?" Kid Flash said. "Is he? Please tell me..."

"He's fine." Robin said. "You don't need to worry."

Kid Flash leaned the back of his neck towards the pile of carbon fiber rolls and breathed a sigh of relief as he heard that news. Robin was still skeptical though. It was almost like he heard someone came back to life. He rose his head back up to ask another question.

"Artemis..." Kid Flash asked. "How about Artemis... is she alright?"

"Artemis?" Robin said. "Who's Artemis?"

"What?" Kid Flash got his mouth hanging on that sentence. "You... you don't know?"

"Who are you? Your real name, I mean?" Robin said.

"Wait... you're not Robin." He backed away. "The only peoples that I know for taking that role are Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake. Jason died after Batman failed to save him. Am I in the future? Who are you supposed to be?"

"Wait, Jason?" Robin sharpened his eyes. "Tim has been Robin, but he is now Red Robin. Dick Grayson was Nightwing. He retired after he started his family with Barbara. Jason has never been Robin. He's the Red Hood, mercenary and hired hitman."

"You knew all of those peoples?"

"The better question is how the hell did you know all of those?"

"You don't know? I was a part of you!" Kid Flash said. "I was with the team! You don't remember the team? Miss Martian, Superboy, Aqualad, Blue Beetle, Artemis, Nightwing? Beast Boy?"

Robin sighed. He had detected lies before in his life, but he just regained his consciousness after breaking through boxes containing one of the strongest materials on Earth. It wasn't a really good time of lying especially if he didn't know where he is right now. Damian took off his mask, revealing his face towards the complete stranger who seemed to have known a lot of the team.

"Look, I knew Miss Martian, Superboy, and Blue Beetle." Damian said. "I also know Dick very well. He's like a brother to me. Tim... we had our problems but we mostly sorted them out. I have lots of problems with Jason, but he was doing what he does and I can't always stop him."

"Jason is still alive?"

"Yes, and he never becomes Robin, nor will I ever let him." Damian said. "My name is Damian Wayne. I'm the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul. I wasn't the brightest of heroes back then, but things happen and I... changed somehow. So you were a part of the Titans?"

"The Titans?" Kid Flash said. "I... I don't know what you're talking about."

"Then how did you know those names?"

"Because I was with them!" Kid Flash said. "How about the Reach, the Kroloteans? Are we safe from them?"

"The... the what now?" Robin said. "Look, you're not making any sense. I don't even know that Barry has a nephew."

"Wait, I think..." Kid Flash said. "Are we in the future...?"

"That depends." Damian said. "What time were you in?"

"What time are you in?" He snapped.

Damian raised his head at that retort, but he answered it anyway for his service. "2029."

He froze. He stumbled back to the carbon fiber rolls and grabbed his face in desperation. There was sobbing right beyond all of that, but Damian couldn't tell why. That sobbing turned hysterical as Kid Flash took his goggles off and screamed. He was completely puzzled. That scream felt like a desperate cry for help, and it really sent shivers down his spine.

"What's wrong?" Damian rushed on him. "Hey, tell me what's wrong!"

Damian rested both of his hands on his shoulder, trying as hard as possible to convince him to snap out, but he couldn't. His mental health just couldn't stand up to it. This alien attack has turned this normal early 20s teenager to tremble. His mouth was shaking. His sight was transfixed into something non-existent in front of him. He ignored the sight of the Boy Wonder trying to calm his nerves. He just stared into something empty, something better than what he just realized right now.

"I..." He muttered. "I... left them... They... didn't... know..."

"I want you to calm down." Damian said. "Count to four, inhale. Count to four, exhale."

"Can I calm down once I know that my friends are dead?" He muttered, too exhausted to even crack a voice. "And I wasn't there to save them?"

"Your friends are safe." Damian said. "I... I don't know how do you know Superboy or Blue Beetle, but they're fine. Don't worry."

"Artemis?" He turned his weak, exhausted face towards him. "How about her? Please, I want to know."

"I... I don't even know." Robin said. "I don't know who Artemis is."

"How couldn't you!?" He yelled. "She was a part of the Team for years now!"

"I'm sorry." Damian said. "I don't know who this Artemis is. You have to believe me."

"Just tell me she's dead and spare me the pain." He said. "I thought... I thought I lost it. I thought I was trapped inside that space forever."

"What space?" Damian asked. "Where did you come from? I mean... when did you come from?"

He didn't turn his face. He simply glared at him to give his answer. "I came from 2016."

Damian slowly backed away. "That's impossible."


"You... we... the Titans... Superboy... Megan... they weren't there." Damian said. "Nightwing and Robin exist, but Barry doesn't have his powers and I doubt that you even exist at that time."


"Start from the beginning." Damian said. "Tell me what happened. Tell me your name, your real name. I've told you mine. So let's trust each other, okay?"

He began to give his reply. It was a simple nod, but it was all that Damian needed from him.

"My name is Wally West." He began. "I'm... Barry's nephew. I... was in a mission to stop an alien force called the Reach. They have set up these devices and I have to stop them by running really fast, but I wasn't fast enough and I got hit. I really thought I was going to die. I got... disintegrated. I said my goodbyes to my girlfriend, Artemis, and..."

"And then what?"

"I was... trapped in some sort of a void." Wally said. "I was there for like... two hours. I kept running and running and running. I don't know how fast I've run. Then I crashed into these..."

Wally was lost on his train of thought. He widened his eyes all the sudden. The sudden face change caused Damian to startle for a bit.

"Shit." Wally said. "I should've known."

"Should've known what–"

Wally grabbed Damian on his throat and ran super speed towards a nearby metal wall to slam him down. The force was enough to cause quite the banging noise. It echoed through the entire room, and Damian was powerless to stop it.

"What...?" Damian struggled to get out of his choke.

"Where am I?"

"You're in... Titans Tower."


Wally pulled him and slammed him down the wall again in super speed. That combined with his throat on chokehold caused a very painful groan from Damian. It didn't stop there, though. Damian's struggle of breathing was made apparent as he grabbed on Wally's arm and trying to fight him back.

"Tell me where I am right now!" Wally shouted. "Tell me the truth! Am I in some sort of a simulation? Am I in the Matrix? You sick aliens! WHERE IS ARTEMIS!?"

Thankfully, someone else more proficient come in and saved the day. It was Raven, the young and dark sorceress who wore a dark purple cloak. She got him on a chokehold through her Azarath magic, a dark purple energy force that surrounded his throat and pulled him away from Damian. Damian was released out of the speedster's choke. He fell down the floor and grabbed his chest, regaining his breath through some painful heavy breathing. The speedster was powerless to stop the magic, nor does he have any power to break from it at all.

Unfortunately, things got rather heavy handed. Kid Flash vibrated inside Raven's energy choke and managed to escape. Unable to handle the speed, Raven released the magic out of him. Immediately, the speedster charged towards Raven and pushed her all the way into the stairway. She slammed on a nearby metal wall and fell down to the floor, but still conscious.


The speedster stopped his attack the moment he noticed a small flying green bird gliding towards him. In an instant, the bird transformed back into a human, revealing Beast Boy knocking Wally out with a kick. Wally stumbled back and fell down a few feet as Beast Boy stood up defending Raven from any more attack.

"Stay away from her!" Beast Boy said.

"Garfield." Damian called him. "Calm down."

Wally stood up after getting himself knocked by the green beast. For some reason, he stopped attacking and widened his eyes. He kept his eyes transfixed on Garfield alone, almost like he actually knew him in his own little world.

"Oh shit." He said. "Garfield... Garfield Logan?"

"Yeah, that's me." Garfield said, giving his own barrier between the speedster and Raven. "What do you want? Why are you attacking my friend? How did you know my name?"

"Everyone knows your name, Gar." Raven replied from the back using her usual monotone.

"You look... older." Wally said. "Last time I checked, you were still very young."

Garfield sharpened his eyes. "What? I didn't know you."

"You don't remember me?" Wally said. "I was with you in 2016. We were attacked by the Reach. We were fighting together for the Team."

"Dude, I didn't even have my powers at 2016." Garfield revealed.

"Wait..." Raven interrupted the entire ordeal. "I think... I can somehow explain."

Another Titans member, the lovely and beautiful Tamaranean Starfire, came into the storage room to check up on things.

"Is everything alright?" Starfire asked with that always lovely voice of her. "I've heard noises. I'm afraid something horrible might happen."

"We're fine." Robin said. "What are you trying to say, Raven?"

"I know it sounds bizarre at first, but trust me. It's going to make a whole lot of sense if you think about it." Raven said. "I think he came from another universe."

Robin shivered down towards his spine. Another being from another universe? He knew that Raven was a magical being but the fact that someone from another universe actually made a leap and create another one is just baffling to him. How was that even possible anyway? Time-travel wasn't even remotely possible. It has been proven so many times in the past and he's going to believe in those again. Even with Raven's magic, time travel was quite an impossible feat.

"What?" Damian said.

"His past was inconsistent to ours." Raven said. "He shows genuine signs of confusion, and it's not caused by memory loss."

"What?" Wally said. "What are you talking about?"

"Now Wally," Damian struggled to regain his breath. "We are about as clueless as you are. We have tons of questions in our head and believe me when I say that we want to know it as much as you do. I don't want a fight between any of us here. I want answers just like you. In the meantime, I want you to go clean yourself up first and take some rest. We'll find the answer soon enough, okay? If what Raven said is right... we'll let you know, but please don't go until we find out what's going on."

Wally sighed, glancing down back on the ground and thinking of the offer. "Deal."

"Since you know Jaime and Tim, I will call them to take care of you." Robin said. "Raven, you'd better have a good explanation about this."