For this story everything is exactly the same for Sonny and Carly. Now for Zem, it's a little different. When the Hardy Boys jumped him he was able to get away with Emily's help and she's hiding him away. Now on with the story....

If Tomorrow Never Comes

By Kittykat

Chapter 1

Carly picked up her pace, pulling her coat tightly around her. She smiled slightly, wanting to get home as quickly as she could. She knew Sonny was home and she wanted to see him. She'd missed him so much it was almost ridiculous. Almost. At the thought, she almost broke into a run, when she saw a figure hunched on the shadows of the pier stairs. She slowed down becoming alert immediately.

There was something familiar about the person. She stepped closer making sure to keep a safe distance just in case. When she was close enough she realized who it was. Her eyes widen in shock, "Mike?" she asked quietly. Mike looked up at the sound of her voice. She saw the circle under his eyes, his sunken cheeks and dirty face. His clothes were a mess. "My God." Carly bent down to touch his head, looking into his eyes. She saw them cloud with fear and doubt. "It's okay. It's me Carly, Mike." She watched as his eyes cleared.


Johnny watched in amusement as Alexis tried to bring her dead plant back to life. She'd tried everything from coaxing to threatening but nothing seemed to work. He decided to tease her. "Ms. Davis?"


"I think your plants dead." he said, deadpan.

Alexis turned to look at the bodyguard. He was trying his dardnest to hide a smile. "It's a bonsai tree, Johnny" she snapped, "and it's perfectly fine."

"If you say so, Ms. Davis. Here are the contracts you wanted." he replied innocently, handing her a packet of papers. Alexis took them from him going to her desk and picking up another set of papers. "Here. Tell him to look this over." Johnny nodded, taking the packet, he stopped and turned back, saying over his shoulder, "Maybe you should try watering it"

"Water? I thought you didn't need to water these."

Johnny laughed closing the door behind him.

"Well, damn." Alexis said out loud, looking at her pathetic dead tree. That boy was too cute for his own good. Damn the whole being in love with Ned thing... she thought, as she headed for the kitchen for some water.

Johnny was still chuckling as he walked down the hall. The elevator doors opened and Carly stepped out. She looked up, startled to see him there. "Jesus, Johnny. You almost gave me a heart attack."

"Sorry Mrs. C. how was your day?" he asked, noticing the tension on her face.

Carly smiled slightly at his endearment, he's refused to call her Carly since she married Sonny and she refused to let him call her Mrs. Corinthos all the time. So, he'd come up with Mrs. C. It suited her just fine. "It was... eventful. Sonny home?"

"Yes he is. He's been looking for you." Johnny handed her the papers while he went to open the penthouse door. "Can you give this to him?"

"Sure." she replied, patting his cheek affectionately as she stepped into the penthouse. She saw Sonny on the phone. He turned to look at her, sending her a dimpled smile and a wink. Her heart picked up a beat like it always did when he looked at her. She smiled back, walking up to his desk. Setting the papers on it, she bent to place a kiss on his head. Seeing he was in a heated argument with Benny, she walked up the stairs to their room. Their room. It still surprised her that he was hers. She knew he didn't love her the way she loved him but he cared for her. She could wait for him to love her. She knew that. She closed her eyes, praying that he would learn to love her one day.

She changed out of her suit into a pair of faded jeans and a pullover t- shirt. Picking up her brush, her mind wondered to Mike. He's refused to let her take him to the penthouse, threatening to run. She'd convinced him to let her take him home. She'd followed him home, thinking about what she would say to Sonny. She didn't notice where they were heading until she saw the Cortland street sign. Mike had gone into a run down building and she's followed him. She entered his apartment and was struck dumb. It was a mess. Clothes, trash, and barely any lights. It took her back to another room what seemed like so long ago except that room and the situation had been far, far, worse.

She went toward the chair by the window where Mike had sat down. She looked down at him, running her hands through her hair. "Mike." He turned to look at her. "Listen, I'm going to go home now. I need to see Sonny but I'll be back in a little bit. Promise me you'll be here?" she said, holding his hand in hers.

He gripped her hand tightly, "Please don't tell Sonny where I am?" Carly hesitated, knowing she couldn't keep this from Sonny. "Mike..."

"Just for a little bit, please."

Hoping to keep him calm, she promised. "Alright. Just for a little bit."

He let go of her hand and settled back into the chair. Carly stood up slowly, walking to the table and grabbing her purse. Walking back to Mike, she smoothed his hair gently. "I'll be back." She made her way to the door, turned to look at him one last time and then closed to door firmly behind her. She'd taken the first cab home needing to talk to Sonny.

Putting her brush down, she stood up, turning the lights out and made her way down stairs. Her shoeless feet were silent on the floor. Sonny wasn't in the living room, she walked over to the couch. She sat down on it in her usual Indian style and bent her head into her hands, trying to massage her headache away.

Sonny walked silently out of the kitchen. Smiling he noticed Carly sitting on the couch. She put her head in her hands and his smile faded. Something was wrong. She always came looking for him to greet him with a hug or a kiss. It's what married people do, she'd say. He walked slowly to her, taking the seat in front of her on the ottoman. She looked up at him and smiled but it didn't reach her eyes. He took her hands, leaning forward to kiss her forehead. Pulling back he asked. "Baby, what's wrong?"

He saw the tears start to form in her eyes and he got up to sit next to her on the couch. Pulling her to him, he kissed the side of her head. "Carly, you're scaring me. What's wrong?" Before she could say anything, Johnny knocked on the door. Sonny groaned in frustration. It never failed. "Yeah?"

Johnny walked in and paused, seeing Carly and Sonny on the couch. He always hated interrupting them. "I'm sorry. It's Emily Quatermine."

Carly's head came up off his shoulder, looking to the door. "Send her in, Johnny." she said. Johnny stepped aside and Emily walked in. She looked tired and extremely worried. "I'm so sorry." she said.

Sonny got up from the couch, walking over to her. "It's okay. How are you doing? We heard that Zander came back to look for you. Did he hurt you?" Sonny asked.

Emily shook her head. How many people was she going to say this to... "No. I'm fine."

Sonny nodded. "What can I do for you?"

"Actually I came to see Carly." she said, looking over Sonny shoulder. Sonny turned to look behind him. Carly got up from the couch. "Alright. I'll leave you two alone." Walking back to Carly he kissed her softly. "I'll be upstairs if you need me." She smiled at him and watched him walk to the stairs. She looked at Emily and caught the surprised look on the girl face. Smiling at her, she walked over, reaching for her hands. "Are you sure your okay, Emily?"

Emily smiled slightly, "Yeah. I am. He wasn't... he didn't hurt me..."

Carly nodded, satisfied for the moment. Turning away she walked to the bar, pouring herself a glass of water she asked the question on her mind. "What did you need to see for, Emily?"

"I need your help. I need someone to help me hide Zander."

Carly choked on her water. Emily rushed over, patting her firmly on the back. Wheezing, she pulled away. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she turned to look at Emily. "Come again?"

Emily raised her eyes to Carly. "I'm hiding Zander. He's innocent and I need to prove it but I can't do it alone. Will you help me?"