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Death's office

Harry James Potter entered a nicely furnished office and saw a young woman sitting behind the only desk in the large room. Stepping up to the desk he stood and looked down at the sitting woman watching as she read from a folder in front of her.

"Sit down Potter," she practically growled without even looking up.

Harry sat down and waited impatiently to find out where he was and how he came to be there, he fidgeted as she read, thinking he had far more important things to do. His friends were all in danger and they would need him. "Er excuse me miss?" he asked politely. "But where am I, how did I get here? How do I get back to my friends?"

The young woman looked up at him; her bright amber coloured eyes looked at him with a fierce glare to them. "Look Potter just sit and be quiet while I go over these files." She commanded

Several minutes later the woman looked up from her files and let out a loud sigh. "Right, Harry James Potter, perhaps you would like to enlighten me as to why you are here again, you do realise that you are not, and I repeat 'not' supposed to be here?"

Harry looked at her completely confused by what she said. "First, yes I am Harry James Potter, and no I have no idea why or how I got here or even where here is, I was hoping you could tell me."

"Oooohhhh… I just don't believe what that fool Peterson did, or more to the point what he did not do… So you have no recollection of any of your prior visits to this office, is that correct?" she asked him as she rubbed at her temples.

"If I have been here I don't remember it, it would actually be nice to know where here is… although I really should be out there helping my friends." Harry replied to her question.

"Mr Potter, for now you are going nowhere due to the simple fact that you are dead… which is something you should obviously be able to remember. You should also be able to remember each of your 'seven' previous visits to this office, why you do not I will have to investigate, though I have a suspicion that Peterson removed not only your memories from previous attempts at life but of your visits to his office as well. How such an incompetent angel got this position is beyond my understanding." She said as she turned a page in the file on the desk.

Reaching forward toward his head the woman suddenly morphed into the well known image of death and placed a bony finger on his forehead. After a quick jolt of pain Harry remembered all his other visits to deaths office, he also remembered his other attempts at life, how he had died in the forest, then gone though a load of rubbish with Dumbledore on the platform at Kings Cross station and then waking to find himself not returned to finish the battle against Voldemort as he had expected but here in deaths office.

"Dumbledore lied to me, why in heavens name did he lie to me?" he asked shocked by what his respected mentor did.

"Mr Potter you sound as if you are surprised that the evil old manipulator caused your death, Don't tell me that after all that old so and so has done you still look up to him? now why would that be? He has completely ruined your past six lives and each time destroyed any chance of you succeeding in continuing the Potter line along with your wife… er… some Granger girl. He has prevented you two changing the magical world into something worth saving. There is no doubt in my mind that the big boss will carry out his threat to rid that world of the gift of magic if there is no change in the near future." She said looking into his eyes as if reading his mind.

"Oh how I wish at times that we were allowed to swear… wait till I get my hands on that old goat… uuuuugh," she said rather loudly making Harry cringe. "Right Harry so that you know, you and the Granger girl belong together. You are what we term 'chosen', you were selected by the department of magic when making your vows to each other on the platform at Kings Cross station after your third year at that old fools school, which means you are a completely and fully compatible magically married couple, and dying wont change that.

What on earth was Peterson thinking allowing this to happen? You were both fighting against Dumbledore manipulations, him having obliviated you several times when you revealed your real relationship with Hermione. Each time you got together that old fool interfered thus preventing your marriage bond ever being completed, and Peterson sat here letting it happen, leaving you incapable of defeating The Dark lord and start the needed changes to save the magical world. It is essential you complete the bond with your wife and meld your Magical cores together to give you the power you will need to destroy Riddle and live, you must consummate your marriage." she said as she calmed down just a little.

"But Hermione is with Ron, they love each other, they have done for years." Harry declared not quite grasping what he had been told about Hermione. He admitted to himself that he had liked her as much more than a friend for quite some time but he had never liked her enough to ask her out. As those thoughts drifted through his mind he realised just how silly they were, if he liked her that much, which he did, then he should have asked her out at least once. He then remembered the mention of the obliviations and leaving them with the Weasley's. "Damn was everyone in the wizarding world against us?" he asked no one in particular while remembering all the stuff he had to put up with due to the papers and gossip mongers.

"This is worse than I thought," said the death angel looking angrily at the files. "That Dumbledore is down right evil. I think some rather extreme measures are called for here. And I thought when I took over from Peterson things were going to be quite easy, so I could get a small rest from rushing around the universe for the next two centuries or so. I was so obviously wrong." She muttered to herself only to be interrupted when a telephone appeared on the desk and started to ring. She picked up the phone and said "Hello, Pauline Fairbanks."

Harry could hear someone speaking faintly on the other end of the phone, "Hello Pauline, James Twoways here, head office have just been on; they have decided that Harry Potter simply can not be trusted to do things on his own, so you are to find a way to assist him. The boss is far from happy with Mr Potter and his reckless thoughtless and idle attitude. Get this sorted so we can get the time lines running and back on schedule no matter what it takes."

Pauline looked over at Harry in thought for several seconds making him fidget as he thought about what had been said about him. He admitted to him self that Mr Twoways was right, he had been everything he said. "First I should say it is not Potter's fault, it will all be explained in my report, I do however have an idea sir, I will need some help but I think it will work."

"Ok Pauline get on with it, do what ever it takes to get the human through this time period. Bye." the voice on the other end of the phone went silent and a few seconds later the phone vanished.

"Right Harry, I have an idea how we can get through this, we need some help." She said as she pressed a button on the desk.

A small echoing voice came from the desk "Yes Pauline?"

Pressing the button again Pauline spoke "Find out who Hermione Jane Granger's angel is and send them over to my office if you will sue. Thank you."

"Right Harry we just have to wait a short while until my colleague arrives. We can then make some decisions about what can be done about this utter mess."

Several minutes passed as they waited, Pauline read several passages from the files out loud and let Harry know how he had been manipulated his entire life, right up to spending months searching for Tom Riddles horcruxes, when all they needed was one of the darn things, a short Goblin ritual using his and Hermione's combined magical power, and Voldemort his horcruxes and marked followers would all be queuing up down below where they belonged.

A knock on the door let them know that the angel they were waiting for had arrived. Pauline called for her fellow angel to enter and watched as a young looking man strolled in as if he had not a care in the world to worry about. "Ah Pauline you sent for me?"

"Yes head office has been on and we have a serious problem to solve, but first let me introduce you to Harry James Potter… Harry I would like you to meet Mathew, he was originally assigned to the son as an assistant, he has since become a valued member of my department." Pauline said as she pointed Mathew to a chair.

"Right Mathew your charge Miss Hermione Jane Granger," Pauline started before she was interrupted.

"Harry Potter? What in heavens name is he doing here?" Mathew said as he suddenly looked rather angry. "He's supposed to be down there producing more Potters with my charge." The two angels of death then started to talk in a rapid language only used by angels.

Harry listened in to the conversation that was going on just a few feet in front of him, but he was unable to understand a single word of the language that was suddenly being used, after a long drawn out discussion the two angels turned and studied Harry as if he were some odd object for sale in a junk shop. He just made out the words as Mathew said quietly, "Well it's blatantly obvious he is totally and utterly useless alone, he's wasted far too much time with that useless Weasley boy, he will have to go."

Pauline nodded and agreed with her fellow angel before turning to Harry, "We have made a decision, you are going back again, but as you have made so many mistakes and can't really be trusted to do things without just barging into things like some demented brainless idiot, we are going to give you some help."

As she finished speaking Mathew closed his eyes and faded away right there in front of them, Harry was feeling worried whereas Pauline seemed quite happy about Mathew's vanishing act. Before Harry could gather his thoughts enough to make a comment Mathew faded back into view. "Timed that well, for some unknown reason she was full of loyalty potions and about to marry that Weasel fellow. These humans, I tell you, you take a simple five minute break and they can destroy the universe while you are gone." He muttered as Hermione appeared standing beside Harry.

Hermione looked around trying to work out what had happened, it took just one look at Harry for her to remember they were in love and she threw herself in to his arms and was kissing him for all she was worth before she realised they had an audience. After hearing some one behind her clear their throat she ended the kiss, looking a little sheepish she unwrapped herself from around Harry and looked at the two angels. "Er… where am I…?" she asked rather quietly.

"Ah yes, sorry about the heart attack Hermione, best way of getting those potions out of your system I could come up with on the spot like that… oh and welcome to heaven, or at least the way station known as the department of death, magical section." Mathew said sounding rather sheepish.

Harry looked at Mathew and from his actions wondered had he had live dealings with Hermione before, but then the thought that Mathew being her angel of death he would know her quite well, if only from afar and so would most likely be familiar with her temper, and Hermione having been the victim of potions was most definitely angry.

"Miss Granger, Hermione if you prefer. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Pauline Fairbanks and I am Harry's angel of death. We have called you here because we have a problem, it has been decided that due to yet another mistake made by Harry's previous angel he has to return to the land of the living… again," Pauline told Hermione everything she had told Harry and added the sorry stories of the times Harry had failed to carry out his destiny in other previous tries at life.

She explained that as she was Harry's magically chosen, and married to him in a small ceremony on the platform at Kings Cross station after their third year, they needed their magical cores combined to finish off Voldemort. To combine their magic they needed to consummate their marriage but due to the meddling of the Weasley's mother and the interference of Dumbledore the great obliviator they had never managed to progress that far.

After quite some time listening to Pauline Hermione turned to listen as Mathew said quietly, "So you two will be returning to a time in the past, where Hermione it is hoped that your knowledge of these events will help you in keeping Mr Potter from barging into things like some sort of demented idiot as he usually does, thus leading the two of you to fulfil your destinies. I do have a personal suggestion before you go back… you should be prepared to talk to your parents regarding your status as a married couple and you can be quite sure we will ensure that they will accept it without any problems. You will be unable to tell anyone about us or about this place, or of your past lives to explain anything, so don't even bother to try."

There was then a four way conversation about where they would be placed in the time stream and what their story would be, as a general consensus was reached along with Harry's promise to stop behaving like Ron when it came to using his brain and his education the two teens faded from view as they were returned to the land of the living with their memories intact.

Hogwarts School…Contractual failure

"Harry Potter!" Dumbledore called loudly from beside the goblet of fire while turning to look at the Gryffindor table. Harry James Potter blinked and shook his head as if he had just woken up; slowly he crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned back between the legs of the girl sitting behind him. Although Harry leaning between her legs the way he was stirred feelings the fifteen year old girl did not remember having before in the lower region of her abdomen, Hermione Jane Granger leaned over and whispered loudly in his ear, "Harry, you have to answer."

"Harry Potter," Dumbledore called for the third time, while Harry simply sat where he was and looked around at all the faces that were looking at him. His arms folded just a little tighter and a scowl crossed his face, he had no intention of taking part in this stupid and dangerous game just to make the dumb prat's at the ministry or the stupid old headmaster happy, not again. This time he would live his life the way he and his wife wanted, and the old man could go take a jump.

Dumbledore looked directly at Harry for several seconds then spoke making quite sure he spoke clearly "Mr Potter you need to join the other champions now, let us not keep them waiting."

Harry looked at the old man with defiance written all over him. "I'm not stopping you joining the champions 'sir', no need to wait for me, I did not put my name in that stupid cup. My life is dangerous enough as it is and I have no intention of adding to that by taking part in this stupidity."

Dumbledore put on his friendly grandfather face "Harry my boy, I am afraid you have no choice you are now under a magical contract, breaking it can lead to tragic consequences."

"I'm sorry to disagree with you headmaster but I fail to see how I can possibly be part of a contract I did not and will not consent too, there is also the fact that that object being inanimate can not sign a contract, so like I said I am not interested in your stupid game." Harry replied still not bothering to move.

"Harry, breaking the contract would cause you to lose your magic at the very least, it might even result in your death," Dumbledore said in his overly friendly voice.

"So... It would seem that if, and I repeat the word 'IF', I did as you say and was to take part in this dumb idea, from what I read about it, it also might result in my death. Well if I'm going to die over something it sure as hell is not going to be something as stupid as this tournament, and I sure as hell am not going to be dying while being watched by everyone as I fail at something thought up by you and those dummies at the ministry. No headmaster you can shove your tri-wizard cup where the sun never shines.

That is unless you produce this magical contract that has to be signed in blood by both parties to make it binding. You can't can you? So I say this for the last time, I. Am. Not. Interested. I will take no part in this stupid game. If by some miracle I lose my magic well I'm sure that I can quite happily finish my education at a muggle school. So if you repeat your lie to me and tell me one more time that I have no choice and have to take part in the stupid thing then I shall consider my contract with this school as broken, and will require a full refund of my school fees along with a copy of my educational file to hand on to my next school," Harry said then he started to stand "Now if you don't mind I'll just go back up to my dorm. You coming Hermione?"

Hermione shook her head to clear it and looked around the great hall. For several seconds she stared at the goblet in front of them. Then she turned her full attention to Harry, listening to what he had to say. Harry ignoring Dumbledore stepped up to Hermione and without any warning he leaned forward and kissed her, it was a chaste kiss but it really surprised the fifteen year old girl that he had kissed her in front of so many people, as he was usually so shy about such things. "I asked if you were coming with me," he said quietly.

Dumbledore could not keep his anger from showing as he glared at Harry before almost shouting "Potter, you will do as you are told. You have no choice, you will take part in this tournament and I will hear not another word from you."

As soon as the headmaster finished speaking there was a bright white light that filled the great hall. Everyone was looking at Harry as a Gringotts money bag, which was obviously full, appeared in front of him. Along side the moneybag there was a large scroll of parchment. Harry took hold of the money bag placed it in a pocket and then he grabbed the parchment and unrolled it. Harry's mouth fell open and his eyes got wider as he read the parchment. He stood there stunned for a couple of minutes before looking over his shoulder, he called quietly for Hermione to come and read the scroll.

Hermione joined Harry and took the offered scroll; she could not quite believe her eyes as she stared at the words written in front of her and it took all she had not to blurt out what she was thinking about the headmaster.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Monday 31st October 1994.

Standard automated Contractual failure form 1217/8

Lord Harry James and Lady Hermione Jane Potter.

It is with regret that we the school governors admit to the failure of the Hogwarts staff in the following: Educational laws and bye laws 1879: of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry thus creating contractual failure/s as follows:

Contractual failure: to limit student requirements to age related topics and tests. E.g. requiring full wizard standards from a forth year student, contrary to section one, paragraph 4, subsection 21 of the educational code 1879.

Contractual failure of paragraph 32 c, subsection 3, Item number 7, which states that the school head shall be responsible for the safety of both staff and students during the school term. There will be a full refund of all school fees paid for the term/s in question plus the standard compensation for a broken/failed contract, educational code 1879.

Also added and taken into consideration are the following items of the Educational code 1879.

Contractual failure of paragraph 246 subsection 11, which states 'All bonded students registered by the ministry as married will be notified of provisions made for their marital status within the school immediately upon the bond formation.'

Contractual failure of paragraph 246 subsection 14, which states 'All bonded couples will be provided with suitable married quarters.'

Contractual failure of paragraph 246 subsection 15, which states 'All bonded students will be provided with weekly lessons in the running of a Wizarding marital home.

Both Lord and Lady Potter's contracts with the School of Hogwarts have been found to have been broken by the School faculty on several points. Refund of fees and a set amount of compensation accompany this declaration; no further claim/s will be accepted.

Signed on behalf of the Governors: Pauline Fairbanks

Hogwarts board of Governors.

Standard automated Contractual failure form 1217/8

Along with the scroll was a letter that had been dated some months previous and addressed to them both from Gringotts bank of London, it had obviously not been delivered to them and as it appeared attached to a school document must have been intercepted by Dumbledore.

Lord and Lady Potter, due to unforeseen circumstances and the change in your status it is imperative that you attend a meeting with the Potter vaults account keeper at your earliest opportunity. This letter will act as a portkey to transport you both to your account keeper, activation words 'Potter account 2' will activate the portkey within the letter. For the portkey to work you must be outside the main castle. We at Gringotts recommend use of the great lawn in front of the castle doors as an adequate departure point.

Keeper of Accounts Bonecutter.

Estates office.

Gringotts London.

Harry thinking on his feet as was his usual way turned to the headmaster, "I need some time to think about what this says and what the breaking of this contract will mean to me. I need to take a walk. I will be out on the front lawn 'headmaster'." Turning to Hermione he gave her a gentle nudge before he spoke quietly to her "Will you accompany me please?"

As Harry and Hermione walked out of the great hall Hermione conjured a copy of the parchment from the school and passed it to professor McGonagall and then together the two teens turned toward the main door of the castle. Albus Dumbledore headmaster of Hogwarts unsure of where the contract had come from muttered some praise for who ever the death eater that was taking his old friends place. A death eater that had obviously put Potters name in the goblet, and as it seemed to the old man, the death eater had everything covered including a magical contract, he was happy to let the boy take a walk. He would have cursed and not sighed in relief had he seen the parchment that McGonagall was reading.

Not knowing that Harry referred to the broken school contract, Dumbledore smiled to him self once again feeling superior to everyone else, his plot was working well. He felt sure that the rule abiding Miss Granger would quickly change the boys mind if he still questioned things. "Harry Potter will be in the tournament, Miss Granger will see to that, otherwise I will have wasted almost three years setting this up," Dumbledore said very quietly to himself as he reluctantly went to join the other champions and their head teachers. He would let Harry know what was expected later, when he came back to apologise for his bad behaviour. He looked forward to seeing the boy being submissive once again.

The two teens paused as they heard their best friend Ron Weasley speak, but he most definitely did not sound very happy. "That's right Potter you coward, first you find a way to put your name in the damn Goblet without telling me, your supposed best mate, and then you chicken out. Well we don't need someone like you in Gryffindor, there's no room for liars and cheats with a streak of cowardice down their back. Come on Hermione, you can walk up to the tower with me."

Neither of the young couple turned to look at Ronald Weasley as he ranted at them, they had heard his stupid angry tantrums before, his last tantrums being over not having enough food and not knowing how to destroy a locket. This time they came to a mutual agreement made with a simple look into each others eyes. Ronald Weasley had most definitely already ended their friendship permanently. Revenge for planning on feeding them love potions sometime in the near future was definitely on the cards as far as Harry was concerned.

Harry and Hermione slowly walked across the lawn and away from the main door of the castle, only stopping to talk when they were sure they were far enough away not to be overheard. "Er… Hermione just to be sure I'm going to ask you a question, if it sounds stupid or you don't understand it just shake your head. Er… Are you back too?"

Hermione's eyes lit up as she answered "Yes love. Though at first with that kiss I thought everything had been a dream."

"I'm not sure what's happening this time as this contract thing never happened before, we need to find out what's going on," Harry said looking into Hermione's eyes.

"I agree Harry, we can't talk about this here though, we know it's obviously not safe for you here with the headmaster trying to force you to take part in this stupid competition designed for 'of age' students, we both know what happened last time. Oh that's what the change is, you never refused to enter before did you." Hermione answered with tears of un-vented anger at how life treated her and her best friend beginning to fill her eyes.

"So shall we use the portkey, I'm certain it's from Gringotts?" Harry asked in a whisper.

Hermione gave a slight nod of her head and reached out to take hold of the note he was holding. "At least it's a way out of here we didn't have last time… first though you should call Dobby and ask him to help us. We will need our belongings out of the school." Within a few minutes Dobby and his life mate Winky had been summoned and had collected the Potter's property, then joined them out on the main lawn.

Hermione after taking hold of her trunk reached over and she said "Potter account 2," as she took hold with him. A mere second later they both felt the pull of the portkey and they vanished from Hogwarts grounds in a swirl of colours.