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The scientists bustled around the massive chamber, frantically preparing for the upcoming experiment on an enormous ring shaped object that lay within.

Two men were overseeing the work, one a tall man with spiky light grey hair, the other a slightly shorter man with blue hair. The grey haired man wore a high collared white shirt and had a slightly unpleasant look to him. The blue haired man was clad in a lab coat.

"Finally the preparations are almost complete." The blue haired man spoke up excitedly. "We would never have made it this far without your support Mr. Steinbeck."

"Think nothing of it Professor Radcliffe, I am a patron of the sciences, and when I heard of your discovery I knew that it would be worth my while." The white haired man replied.

"Preparations complete, test commencing in T minus Five minutes." A voice rang out through the facility. Professor Radcliffe tensed in anticipation and worry, it was finally time to see if his hypothesis had been correct. Finally time to see if they could activate the ring.

"Test commencing in T minus, 4, 3, 2, 1… Test commencing." The voice announced as a hum filled the air while various instruments started monitoring the object.

A smirk crept up Steinbeck's face as energy surged through the massive ring, a blue light materialising inside it.

Several "Ohhs" and "Ahhs" could be heard as the scientist stared at it in wonder.


Team RWBY plopped down underneath a tree in exhaustion after a long, tiring training session.

"Phew, that was a nice workout." Yang said, still somewhat chipper despite her exhaustion.

"Why did I agree to this?" Weiss panted out laboriously as she stared up at the blue sky.

"We need this to keep ourselves in good condition and our teamwork in good order." Blake said matter-of-factly as she leaned back against the tree trunk.

"Yeah! How are we supposed to keep kicking butt if we don't keep training?" Ruby said excitedly, somehow still energetic.

"How can you still have any energy left? We worked ourselves to the ground." Weiss said unhappily as she turned her head to regard their leader. But something caught her eye, a glimmer in the sky that wasn't supposed to be there.

"What's that?" Yang wondered out loud, having noticed it as well.

They all looked up in wonder as the glimmering grew stronger, until suddenly in a bright flash of light a massive ring like object appeared in the sky.

"The Hell?!" Yang exclaimed, taken aback by the sudden appearance.

"What is that?!" Weiss shouted at the same time, her fatigue blown away by the surprise.

"I don't know. How can something like that just appear out of nowhere?" Ruby wondered confusedly. "And how isn't it falling?"

"I don't know, but we should head back, maybe the teachers will know more." Blake suggested sagely.

"Yeah… I agree." Weiss agreed uncertainly.

Just as they were about to start heading back, something appeared from the blue field inside the ring, something incomprehensible. Before they could even react smaller things were launched from its back, shooting off in various directions, four of them headed straight at them.

They stared in disbelief for a few seconds before Ruby finally reacted and started firing her sniper rifle at them.

To their surprise the rounds seemed to simply bounce off the things, and they realised, to their great shock, that they were actually larger than an Ursa. They quickly tried to scatter, leaping away from them as they flew by.

Looking close up they seemed to be made from some sort of metal that was impervious to their weaponry.

Yang decided to try punching one of them, but her fist barely dented the plating as a force field seemed to surround her, trapping her.

Ruby was met with a similar fate as she, too tired to use her semblance, was caught up to.

Weiss tried valiantly to keep away from them, but they were far too fast, and she was caught trying to run away.

Blake was caught trying to help her teammates, the last of the machines swooping in as she tried to break Ruby out.

And as suddenly as they had appeared, they were gone, taking team RWBY with them, and leaving only spent shell casings and the memory of the ring like object behind to indicate they were ever there.


The ring lit up with a bright light, temporarily blinding those who were looking at it. As the light died down so did the blue light inside the ring.

The scientists looked excitedly at the data they had gathered, it was clear from the information they got that it connected somewhere, like a gate.

Professor Radcliffe's eyes widened as he realized the readings indicated something must have come through before it closed, but they couldn't see anything… No, wait… There!

At the base of the ring (gate?), a small figure could be seen. He rushed up towards it, Steinbeck following curiously.

It took him a short while to reach the figure, as they had been keeping a respectable distance from the gate. This had meant that they at first had missed the figure, as comparing what he could now see was a dainty girl against the massive, several hundred metre in diameter gate she lay at the foot off… well, it was hardly surprising.

The girl in question had pale skin and long hair the colour of pure snow. Her clothing was similarly white, with the inside of the vest she wore a deep red.

She was also unconscious, and he quickly called for the medical staff to come help.

He wondered who she was, where she had come from and, most unsettling, if she was missed by family or friends…

In his musings he failed to see the confused astonishment that appeared on his sponsors face for just a few moments…


As Weiss came too she found herself in an unfamiliar bed staring up at an unfamiliar ceiling. Slowly she struggled to get up as she tried to remember how she had gotten there.

Her eyes snapped wide open as she remembered what had happened, the strange machines, the force fields and then… nothing.

She must have fallen unconscious at some point, as she had no idea what happened after her capturer.

Speaking of which… where was she? She could find nothing that she recognised in what she supposed was some sort of hospital room, and she was most certainly not restrained so…

She really had no idea.

Then she heard the door opening and saw a somewhat tall, busty girl with orange hair enter, carrying a plate with some fruit and a glass of water. She wore a white blouse with frills by the shoulders and a green necktie. She also had a blue skirt, white gloves with red details and similarly designed boots. Around her waist was a leather belt that looked somewhat superfluous.

"Ah, you're awake! How are you feeling? Everything alright?" She said in a cheerful tone that made Yang seem unhappy. Speaking of whom… Weiss could see none of her teammates, yet they should all have been captured as well… so where were they?

"I'm fine. Where am I?" She replied coldly with a question.

"Ah, that's right! You don't know that, do you?" The girl said, her face slightly worried. "This is the Ri Technologists' Mother Base on the South Pole. They found you unconscious by that thing… what was it they called it?" The girl seemed deep in thought for a short while.

Weiss didn't give her time to figure it out though. "I beg your pardon?" She asked incredulously. She had never heard of any of those things.

"Huh?" The girl was snapped out of her musings.

"I have never heard of either the Ri Technologists or the South Pole. What are they?" Weiss asked wonderingly.

The girl looked at her like she had grown a second head. "I can understand not knowing the Ri Tech, but not knowing the South Pole…" The girl looked completely confused, unable to comprehend Weiss words.

"Well, I don't. Did they find any others besides me?" Weiss asked cautiously yet hopefully.

"Hmm? No, I think you were alone. I'm pretty sure they would have told me if there were others." The girl looked thoughtful.

"I see…" Weiss averted her eyes, a strange feeling of sadness creeping into her heart. Where were the others? If she had been found alone then… She dared not consider the possible answers.

"Oh! My name is Cliana Rimskaya. What's yours?" The voice of the girl snapped her out of her strange mood.

"My name is Weiss Schnee, it's a pleasure to meet you Cliana." Weiss said with a small smile. "Despite the circumstances…" She then mumbled.

"Weiss…" If Cliana had heard the last part she made no indication of it. "Oh, does that mean you're German?" She then asked with a sweet smile.

"What's a German?" Weiss looked at the girl wonderingly.


Kyousuke Nanbu liked to think that he was prepared for most things, but even so he wasn't entirely prepared for finding a raven haired teenager collapsed on the Wildraubiter he was about to test.

It probably had something to do with him never having seen her, and judging by the reactions of the mechanics when he pointed her out, neither had they.

So not only did he have to deal with the headache of having to test pilot an unfinished PT, he also had to deal with the headache of finding an unidentified, unconscious intruder.

He sighed. And people said he had good luck…


Kusuha wasn't sure what to think. Before her lay an unconscious, busty blonde in an audacious outfit. One that was causing her childhood friend Ryusei no small amount of embarrassment, mainly because he had found her by tripping over her.

To his defence he quickly disentangled and scampered away, and she was lying in the middle of the way.

Although Kusuha did have to question the boy's sexuality at times, as he seemed more interested in giant robots than girls.

Then she remembered that there was a girl lying unconscious before her, and she quickly moved up to check up on the girl, using her nurse training. The girl seemed fine, she was unconscious, but otherwise fine, but even so she made sure to get her to the hospital that they, quite ironically, had just left after visiting Ryusei's sickly mother.

Well, at least things could hardly get any stranger from then on, right?


Shu Shirakawa could only blink in confusion (a sight so rare anyone who had seen it would have shut down there and then) as he looked at his passenger.

Confusion because he hadn't let her on board and because he had no idea how she got there. He mused it might have had something to do with the Granzon's core… Actually, that sounded far more likely than he wanted to admit, having a device installed in his mech that caused the laws of probability to go haywire was not nearly as fun as it might sound.

He cautiously observed the girl that had appeared. She was short, probably somewhere in her teens, with a good chance puberty hadn't quite set in properly yet. Her hair was dark red that became lighter at the tips. And she wore a Black dress of some sort with large amounts of red details and what seemed to be some sort of red metal box.

This was troublesome, he was planning to go on a short trip back to La Gias, and he wasn't about to bring a young girl with him…

He might just have to leave her with Bian on Aidoneus Island, which he was a bit reluctant to do as Adler Koch was present, and he only barely tolerated the man, who had been a key figure in a project to produce excellent pilots through downright cruel and unethical methods.

Although he supposed a high priest in a cult worshipping an evil god of destruction meant he might not have any right to complain…

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