I don't own Twilight. SM does, but we all know that. Thanks to the wonderful help & awesomeness of Kara & Sherry. This is purely for fun. :) If you're scared by "different" then this is a bit... different?

POV- Edward

Ever since I was a little boy, storms have always fascinated me. I don't know why, maybe it's the sound of the thunder or the way the sky would light up as a bolt of lightning would streaked across it. The clouds would get dark and gloomy until they eventually split open with rain.

Rain, man I loved the rain. It washes away all the gloom, then we are blessed with mother nature's most beautiful sight. A rainbow.

Growing up in a loving home, raised by two incredible parents, I couldn't have asked for a better childhood.

The thing is, my parents weren't rich, but we weren't poor either. I know they often felt guilty for not being able to provide me with the things that my friends had, like the latest electronics or new clothes every other month. I didn't have a new car.

I was truly okay with it, but my mother, Esme, liked to always say "what if" because she was a dreamer. She chose to think there was a possibility of there being more out there for her son.

She'd say. "Chase your dreams Edward, you never know, one day you might catch them?"

We would love to sit through rain storms together. It was just so peaceful. When the rain would begin to let up and the sun would barely start to show. "Here's another chance, Edward.

"Here comes your rainbow. You find it and at the end of that rainbow you'll find your lucky charm."

A/N:This is a drabble. I don't have a set date for posting, but I wanted to do this for fun. I did dream the plot of this & talked it over with my amazing sista's, Kara & Sherry. They of course were super supportive. Please show them some love!