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POV- Isabella

I materialize back in Forkchaun and I am feeling a bit dazed. It takes me a moment to realize where I am and that there's screaming behind me as hands tug at me.

"You're back, praise be, you're back." My best friend Angela cries as she hugs me tightly.

I feel so overwhelmed, I don't know what to do? "Angela, please calm down."

She looks crestfallen. "I'm sorry, Bella, I thought I'd never see you again and… BAM, here you are in Forkchaun. What in the world happened? How did you break the bond?"

She's firing so many questions off at me. She really is happy to see me. "It's alright, I- I didn't break it. Edward," Just saying his name sends a jolt of pain straight to my heart. "He did it, he broke the bond."

She looks confused. "That's great, but why would he do that?"

My mind flashes to Edward telling me he loves me enough to let me go and it causes my heart to surge. His determination to show me a happier life, how he sacrificed his own happiness proves how selfless he is and made me love him all the more. It brings very little comfort, though.

Angela watches me warily. "Because he loved me enough to set me free," I reveal as I shrug my shoulders.

"Wow." She breathes out.

"Yeah." I agree.

"Well, I'm glad you're home." She declares as she smiles.

I offer her a slight smile in return. "It's good to be back."

Even though I left my heart with Edward. Maybe he'll be happy again someday? I wish that for him.




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