In the years before the Allspark was smuggled to Earth, during the Great War, something else crash-landed on the planet. Something that the Transformers – both Autobot and Decepticon – were never expecting to find. 1,621 miles away from where the Autobots would later hide the Allspark, something else crashed on Earth. An egg, a massive egg with pulsating green veins on the outside, had crashed on Earth, in the area soon to be known as Michigan after the formation and discovery of the Great Lakes. Within this egg were two small bodies, two small, unmoving bodies. These two bodies had yet to become actual Transformers, had yet to discover just what signs they had developed, had yet to discover just what side they were on. But for the time being, they remained within the protective shell, waiting for the ones who would find them and release them. This, however, wouldn't come until eight years after the Allspark was destroyed, three years after the Battle of Chicago, and one year after the humans' sudden attempt at extinction.

When the egg was discovered, the humans quickly built a structure around it, making an attempt to hide it from future prying eyes. But you can't hide stuff forever. Sooner or later – the damage is done...

Fast-forward to present day, second week in the month of June in the year 2015. In the dense corners of space, the pearly gray, cratered moon turned away from the Earth still as slow as ever. Yet on it, within a massive crater, a shape stirred from his rest. It had been a long journey for him, having come all the way from a nearly devastated homeworld back to the very planet that had tried to kill him, but he knew that it was necessary. The rest were there, on Earth's surface, hiding in the United States. The rest had to be found before they were all brutally executed.

"I must land soon," he stated, standing straight upwards and looking down at the Earth. "I fear for the safety of my comrades, what with the threat of Unicron on that planet. And yet... this is the very planet that once tried to kill me." He sighed. "I must remember that although Lockdown may be dead, Megatron kept coming back, though I do not know why. It is possible that Lockdown could also return, though it is very unlikely. But I have to go back. They need me down there."

He sent out a signal to the planet, to some very specific coordinates, and spoke once again. "Calling all Autobots! I have returned. I am waiting up on the moon, waiting for just the right minute to land. I will contact you again when I have the drop zone. For now, I will say that it will be close around the Great Lakes. My arrival is imminent."

He signed off, gazing at the planet's surface. "I have returned," he said. "Let the humans attempt their rules over us once again. They will pay the price if they try."

In Ada, Michigan, a young girl had just finished watching a movie at the local theater. The girl had dark blonde hair, green eyes and glasses, and currently wore a red Nike shirt, size 10 jeans, and a pair of black Nike tennis shoes. In her arms was a dark blue sweatshirt.

She stopped just outside the box and put her pair of 3D glasses into the recycle bin.

"Did you like the movie?" the attendant asked.

"Depends, really. There wasn't really a plot, just mindless action. In other words, there wasn't any meat on the bone," the girl responded. "But thanks for asking anyway."

With that, she exited the theater and headed straight towards her Toyota 4Runner. Something, however, caught her eye as she drew closer to it. Someone was looking at the side of the vehicle, as if they were examining it. A puzzled look came over her face, and she walked quickly to the vehicle and up behind the person studying it.

"Can I help you?" she asked, causing the person to jump.

The person whipped around, looking straight at her. He had white skin, blackish eyes, and black hair on his head and chin. He was also sweating in the morning sun, seeing as he had a jacket on beneath his white t-shirt. "Oh, no, thanks," he said quickly – a little too quickly. He paused, and said, "Look, I am sorry about this. But I'm just interested in your car, that's all."

"Do you not have one?" the girl asked.

"No, I have one, I just wondered what sort of model this one was," the man said. "What's your name, kid?"

"I'm Mary, Mary Runner," the girl said. "And you?"

"Yeager, Cade Yeager," the man said, sticking out his hand.

Mary gladly shook it. "In answer to your question, the model of car is a 2014 Toyota 4Runner. It used to be my dad's, but it's mine now."

"Cool, cool," Cade said, looking back at the car. "Seems like you move around pretty well."

"I am a local girl, so I do move around pretty well," Mary said, slightly offended.

"Seeing as you know your way around, do you know where the nearest highway is?" Cade asked hurriedly. "I've been searching like mad for one, and I can't seem to find one."

Mary nodded. "The road just over there is the East Beltline. Take a right down there, and soon you'll start to cross over a bridge. Before the bridge will be a sign stating 'I-96', the name of it; the highway on ramp is on the right. Don't be surprised if you miss it the first time; I've done that once or twice myself."

Cade turned and began walking towards his own car, a black-and-blue Bugatti Veyron. "Thanks a lot!" he called, turning around and waving goodbye.

"Hope you find where you're going!" Mary responded, returning the gesture and climbing into the driver's seat.

But the moment she closed the door she spoke to herself, her suspicions closing in. "That Cade guy wasn't wondering what sort of brand my car was," she said, tapping the steering wheel. "He was looking at the door, not the back. The back's where the brand name is. So why was he looking at the door?"

She waited until the Bugatti Veyron had driven out of sight; then she climbed back out of the car and went around to where he had been looking. "Odd," she remarked. "He's covered that with tape. Wonder why..."

Kneeling on the ground, the girl reached towards a small section that had been covered in duct tape. Grabbing a corner, she attempted to pull it away – and succeeded. Beneath that tape was a silver symbol – the Autobot symbol. But Mary didn't realize this. The only thing that she did realize was that it looked strangely familiar – she didn't know why, only that it did.

Shrugging, she climbed back into the driver's seat, started the car, and pulled out of the parking lot. A car was a car after all.

Within minutes after pulling out of that parking lot she heard the Bluetooth buzz. "Oh great. Just great," she groaned. "I'll have to pull in again. Can't drive while on the phone – that's distracted driving."

She steered into another parking lot, parked the car, and answered the call. An unfamiliar voice was on the other end. "Calling all Autobots! Harbor Springs, Michigan is the drop zone. All Autobots be there by five sharp – may drop earlier. Calling all Autobots!" The message ended there.

Mary turned off Bluetooth temporarily, her face a mass of confusion. Then it hit her. "Wait just a stinkin' minute here..." she muttered, hopping out of the car and taking another look at the symbol on the door. Now she made the connection: the car she was driving was an Autobot – probably the Autobot that was mentioned in the call. She stood up, looking directly at the car. "You may have fooled everyone else, but you're not fooling me," she said firmly. "Come on – reveal yourself."

A moment after this was spoken the voice of the Autobot was suddenly heard. "Don't – say – a word," the Autobot stated, speaking softly. "The government has resumed their search for us. Back inside. Then we can talk."

The girl obliged, being careful not to act suspiciously. The moment the door was shut the Autobot spoke up.

"So. You know about my secret," the Autobot stated, using Bluetooth to talk. "Apparently your being local hasn't stopped you from discovering the truth. What raised your suspicions?"

"I was looking at the way that man was hanging around the car. His story didn't make sense either. If you're looking for the car name, it's on the back, not on the door," Mary responded. "What's all this about Harbor Springs?"

"Look, regarding that call hailing all the Autobots. I'm supposed to head up to this Harbor Springs area by five sharp. The problem is, I don't know where that location is. And if I go on my own, I'm going to be caught," the Autobot explained. "I overheard you say you're a local girl. Do you know where Harbor Springs is?"

Mary nodded. "I was on vacation there last year. I can show you the way; I haven't forgotten it."

"You can do more than that – you can come with me on the way up," the Autobot said. "The others won't mind. They will probably hail those on the way to the place, asking for directions. I just need you to tell me where to go."

With that, the car started, and pulled onto the highway. "Just stay on here?"

"Up until the exit for 131; when you spot the sign, there will be two exits; take the first one, which goes northbound. Then all you need to do is just stay on that road," Mary said. "That highway takes you all the way to Petoskey; when we reach Petoskey I'll give you directions from there."

"Thank you, ma'am," the Autobot stated. "Tell me, what's your identification?" When Mary didn't answer right away, he rephrased his question. "I meant your name. What's your name?"

"Mary Runner. What's yours?" The girl replied.

"I go by Jigsaw, mainly because I have the form of a jigsaw piece on my chin," the Autobot said. "Call it a battle scar if you will. Received it from a nasty piece of work – Decepticon calling himself Diehard. Primus knows that his brother unleashed such a powerful enemy upon us."

Neither said anything for the rest of the four-hour trip up. But as they journeyed towards Harbor Springs, they noticed that behind them trailed a few other autonomous robotic organisms: the same black-and-blue Bugatti Veyron, a green Corvette – which had a little Autobot in the backseat disguised as a sound system, a yellow Chevy Camaro, and a black Ford Falcon, and high above them was a fighter jet. All of these, except for the fighter jet, were Autobots. The fighter jet was the Decepticon leader Megatron, who hoped to go along and greet those coming on good terms. He didn't want to be on any bad relations with his old enemy; frankly, he hated what the humans had manipulated him into doing, seeing as they had turned him into Galvatron and made him attempt to destroy his kind in the name of the company KSI. Today, he would stand for it no longer; today, he would go greet the enemy as a comrade of their own.