After The Rain

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"Kagome!" Shippou yelled excitedly.

It was early in the morning and the sun had risen into the sky a fraction, tinting it an orange-pink.

"Yes?" Kagome yawned sleepily, crawling out of her sleeping bag.

"Guess what today is?" he asked her, jumping from foot to foot.


"You haven't even guessed yet!" he pouted

"Um . is it a special day?"


"A festival?" she guessed, rolling up the sleeping bag and cramming it into her giant bookbag.


Your birthday?"

"Yeah!" he exclaimed, dancing around in circles happily.

"Really? How old are you?"


Kagome sighed. "Oh, okay, " she said tapping her chin with her finger, "Let me think . "

"Seven?" Sango guessed, coming up from behind Kagome.

"Ahh! Don't do that!!" Kagome screeched, holding her heart, still a little shaken. "You scared me half to death!"

Kirara mewed at her.

"Six!" Miroku called, walking up behind Sango, who promptly walked away.

"Eight?!" Inuyasha yelled jumping from a tree, and landing in from of Kagome.

"Inuyasha!" she screamed, "Don't do that again! You could've given me a heart attack." Kagome sighed after catching her breath. "Seriously. What is it? Pick on Kagome Day?"

"What's a heart attack?" Inuyasha asked questioningly.

"Never mind!" she huffed!

Miroku laughed. "Pick on Kagome Day! That's funny!"

Sango walloped him. "No it's not. Tomorrow is now officially Pick on Miroku day!"

Miroku cowered.

"Kagome?" Shippou asked timidly.


"You're the only one who hasn't guessed yet."

"Uh . okay . nine?"

"And the answer is . "

"Yeah .?" Miroku said, rubbing his hands together, secretly hoping that he would be the one to have guessed right. Then maybe Sango would like him more .

"Eight!" Shippou yelled jumping on Inuyasha's shoulder. For once, Inuyasha didn't pluck him off.

"Darn it!" Miroku yelled.

Inuyasha grinned. (sorta)

"Hah! I knew it!" He smiled inwardly, his grin changing to a smirk of satisfaction.

"You probably cheated!" Miroku pointed accusingly.

"How?" Kagome and Sango asked simultaneously, turning towards Miroku, waiting for an explanation.

"Well, uh . " he stammered. "Maybe you sniffed out his age! Yeah that's it!" he grinned. ~There. That was good.~

"Miroku." Sango said coming up beside him.

"Yeah?" he asked, hoping Sango would think him smart.

"That's dumb! It doesn't even make sense!"

~Darn~ Miroku thought dejectedly.

"We should do something special!" Kagome squealed, (in a Kagome sort of way) plucking Shippou from Inuyasha's shoulder and dancing around in a circle with him. "Eight is an important age!" she told him.


"Sure it is. Course, every age is important. But eight is really important."

"What other age is important?"

"Let me see . there's 1, 13, 16, 21, and 50."

"Why are they important?"

"Well, when you turn one, you've been alive for one year. So it's celebrated be family and friends." She explained, patting him on the head. "Thirteen is important because that means that you've just turned into a teenager."

"What's that?" Shippou questioned.

"Well, a teenager is a person between the ages of thirteen and nineteen." She said, stressing the teen. "That's why they're teenagers. Hear the word 'teen'?"

"Oh, I get it"

"Anyway, sixteen is important because you can drive a car, and people think that you're more mature."

"What's a c-ar?"

"It's these big clunky things that make a lot of noise and go really fast and if you get in the way you get smashed and then you could die and they're cramped and they're weird contraptions that are stupid and you shouldn't ride in one because they're dangerous." Inuyasha intervened in a run-on sentence, giving his opinion of what a 'car' was.

"Really?" Shippou asked Kagome.

"No. They're fast, and NOT clunky, well, not usually. And if you step out in front of one, you're just asking to be flattened like a pancake."

"What's that?" This time the question came from Miroku.

"A type of food. And if you behave yourself, then maybe I'll make them sometime!"

"What about eighteen?"

"Well, when you turn eighteen, you become an adult. You can make your own decisions, leave home and live by yourself, or with someone else if you want-"

"With guys?" Inuyasha asked her.

"Yeah, if you want you could."

"You're not going to do that are you?" Shippou asked.

"I dunno. Why?"

"Well, what about Inuyasha?"

Kagome blushed.

"Shut up!" he told Shippou. "Of course she won't do that ." ~At least I don't think so .~

"Twenty-one?" Shippou asked, whishing he never mentioned Inuyasha.

"That's a mature adult, and the legal drinking age(A/N). Most people have a lavish party with their friends instead of their family."

"Legal, what?" Sango asked, listening intently.

"Drinking age. When we're allowed to legally drink."

"Drink what?" Miroku asked.

"Alcohol. You know, saké, and other alcoholic beverages."

"Oh," Miroku said, finally getting it. "Why do you need a legal drinking age?"

"Because some oxymoron would get drunk, come to school, and either act like a fool or kill everyone! And there'd be millions of drunk drivers on the road every day! Then you wouldn't even be safe in you're house! Someone might smash through your house! Then you'd die, and the only thing you were doing could be taking a bath or sleeping on the couch!"

Everyone was quite a bit taken aback by Kagome's outburst. But they supposed that they'd be mad too if they were just sleeping and one of those car things had smashed them into the dust.

"Well?" Inuyasha asked her, "What's so great about turning fifty?"

"Well, it's more like a depressing thing really . we hang up black balloons everywhere and things like that (A/N 2). It means that you're half a century old! Most people aren't depressed. My mom was depressed when she turned 40. It depends on who you are I guess."

"Oh." Miroku said, totally not getting it.

"Well, to some people, turning fifty is scary. Being half a century old is, well, OLD."

"I get it!" Shippou told her. "Now what are you gonna do for my birthday?"

"Well, I suspect that I'll do exactly what we do in my time!"

"What's that?"

"You can't know yet! It has to be a surprise!"

"Darn!" Shippou pouted.

"But first I have to ask Inuyasha if we can go back to the village to celebrate. I have to go home to get some supplies. And you aren't allowed to know about it! So we could leave you at Kaede's and set it up in the forest where you can't watch!" she chattered, getting into it, "And Miroku, Sango, and Inuyasha could help too! Won't that be fun?" she turned to Inuyasha. "Can we? Huh? Please?"

"Well ." Inuyasha said smirking. "I think-"

"Please?" Everyone asked, standing in a circle, surrounding him. They were scaring him . Especially Miroku . His eyes were huge and shiny. ~Looks like he really wants to help .~ he thought smugly.

"Okay." He stated.

Everyone cheered. Shippou hugged Kagome, Sango laughed, and Miroku grinned broadly.

"Except Miroku. He's not allowed."

Miroku's face drooped as Inuyasha's grin widened.

"Just kidding, old chum!" He said in a cheesy British accent. (can you picture that? That'd be scary .)

Miroku's grin returned.

~And so they arrived at Kaede's hut~

"All right Shippou! You stay here and DON'T MOVE!"

"Okay Kagome!" he said, his eyes shining, "I'll be good! Just make it fast!"

"Alright!" she laughed.

"Inuyasha? Will you come with me?"

"What for?"

"What else? To carry supplies!"

"Is that all you need me for?"


Inuyasha's face lit up. "Really?"


His face fell again.

Kagome laughed. "Just playing Inuyasha! I do need you for more than that! But right now I need for you to help carry stuff!"

"No." he firmly declared.


"Because you're being mean to me!"

"Oh. Well, you did the same thing to Miroku! And that wasn't nice either!"

"Oh. Well, I guess I can. But I demand one of these birthday celebration things on MY birthday!"

"Okay, when is it?"

"Not telling!"

Okay, well let's go!"

~After the supplies are found~

"Did you really need all of this?" Inuyasha asked, trying not to stumble and fall flat on his face . that would be embarrassing. But at least he'd be buried in boxes where nobody could see his face.

"Yes." She replied, carrying a sizeable load herself.

Inuyasha grunted a reply that Kagome couldn't hear. His whole face was covered in boxes. Kagome laughed.

"What's so funny?!" he demanded to know.

"Nothing besides the fact that you look funny walking around looking like a giant box!"

"It's not funny!" he declared. "I can't see where I'm going!" Just then he tripped, and fell flat on his face. The latter was red with embarrassment, tripping in front of the girl you like isn't exactly the most graceful thing in the world to do. He was glad the boxes covered his face though. If Kagome saw his face now, she'd laugh until she keeled over.

"Inuyasha?!" Kagome cried, coming over to him. She knew that he probably wasn't hurt, but hey . she should still do the right thing and help him up.

A mumble was heard from underneath the pile of boxes, of which thankfully stayed closed. Kagome pulled the boxes down one by one stacking them to her side. Finally she spotted a hand. "Here," she told him, "Let me help you up."

"I can get up just fine by myself!" he muttered.

Kagome's face fell.

"But thanks just the same!" he added letting her pull him to his feet. He hoped his face wasn't too red.

Kagome picked up her load, and added a few from Inuyasha's stack to hers.

"You don't have to do that, you know?"

"Yeah, I know . but I want to!"

Inuyasha smiled to himself. ~That was nice of her~ he thought.

~Back with Sango and Miroku~

"What'll we give him?!" Sango asked worriedly.

Kirara mewed sadly. She wanted to help too. But she didn't know what to give him either.

"I'll think of something!" Miroku assured her, but he wasn't so sure himself. Kagome had told them that people usually give presents to the person whose birthday it was. He thought of something. "I know!" he shouted.

"What?!" Sango asked excitedly. "Tell me!"

Miroku told her, and she smiled. "That should work!" she laughed happily. Kirara jumped onto her shoulder, purring in delight

Miroku grinned, puffing out his chest in pride. "See?" he said, "I told you I'd come up with something!"

"That you did!" she grinned back squeezing his arm. At least he wasn't acting like his usual self today. Kagome told him to be on his best behavior for Shippou's birthday.

"Miroku beamed brightly at Sango's comment. Maybe she was starting to like him .

"Come on!" she urged, "We've got to get started!"

~An hour or so later~

"Finally!" Sango breathed, flopping unceremoniously on the ground. "That took forever!"

"Yeah ." Miroku said, staring off into space.

"Hey guys!" Kagome called off in the distance. They could see Inuyasha beside her. They were carrying a million boxes. Miroku and Sango ran out to help them.

"Now!" Kagome said, her hands on her hips. "You guys ready?"

A/N: The legal drinking age in the US (well, Ohio anyway) is 21. So that's what I put. Sorry, I dunno what the legal drinking age is anywhere else!

A/N 2: The whole black balloon thing is what we do in the US. Granted, not everyone does it, but my 6th grade class did it for one of my teachers on her 50th birthday.

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