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After The Rain: Chapter Two (final chapter)

"Hurry! Pretty soon it'll be too late for Shippou to enjoy it!" Kagome shouted, running to fix a falling decoration.

"I'm done!" Sango panted, running over to help Miroku finish his job.

Inuyasha had already finished. Course, he practically LIVED in a tree, so hanging a million decorations in them wasn't that hard.

~15 minutes later~

"Okay, is everything done and ready?" Kagome asked the tired group.

"Yeah." Miroku gasped, holding his side.

Kagome looked at him.

"I ran around too much."

Kirara rubbed against his hand, purring happily. She was too small to do any physical labor.

"Okay then! Who wants to get Shippou?"

Nobody moved.

"Hello?" Kagome said, wondering if they were all asleep.

Miroku grunted. "Can't . walk . another . step ."

Sango shook her head, and Inuyasha looked away.

"Alright then, I'll go get him then. Just sit there and DON'T MOVE!"

"Alright Shippou!" Kagome called, "You can come out now!"

"Finally!" he yelled, running from the hut.

"Now close your eyes!" she told him.

"Okay!" he said, "They're closed."

Kagome picked him up, and carried him to the site where the party was all laid out. She was surprised that he hadn't tried to peek. Most children would be peeking through their fingers. She set Shippou down, the little kitsune shivering with anticipation.

"Okay," she whispered, "You can look now!"

Shippou's eyes widened to the size of saucers. It was beautiful! The forest glowed softly from lanterns that hung from lower hanging tree limbs. Balloons were everywhere. Hanging from trees, littering the ground . Shippou loved balloons! Confetti was on the ground also, gold and silver, green and blue. It was pretty! He loved it! Then he noticed the food! Platters of all kinds of food sat on a huge blanket in the middle of it all! Shippou walked as if in a daze, sitting down on the blanket. He stared at a big pile of some kind of meat. He wasn't sure exactly what it was, but it sure looked good!

"Do you like it?" everyone asked with hopeful eyes

"It's great!" he yelled, pumping his little fist into the air and smiling happily.

"Let's eat!" Miroku yelled reaching for the strange meat.

"No you don't!" Kagome told him firmly, "Shippou gets first pick!"

"Really?!" he yipped. Not waiting for an answer he continued. "What's that strange meat there?"

"Well," Kagome answered him. "It's called either Chicken Fried Cube steak, or Country Fried Steak. It's good!" (yum yum! ~^-^~)

"Okay!" Shippou said, barely waiting for an answer. It smelled good anyway, so he piled a lot of it on his plate, along with other goodies.

After Shippou was served, everyone else dug in, the humans went first of course. Nobody wanted to get deprived of the good food. Inuyasha went last, taking most of what was left. Everyone had seconds.

"Now," Kagome said, now that the food was cleared. "It's time for dessert!" she left the little clearing for awhile, Inuyasha watching carefully, so that some demon didn't attack her or anything. She returned a while later, carrying a huge cake covered in icing, with eight little candles on top. "Shippou," she told him, "What you do is make a wish, but don't tell anybody, or it won't come true. Then you blow out all the candles! And your wish will come true!"

"It will?" he asked her.

She nodded. "If you blow them all out!"

Shippou closed his eyes and silently wished for something before opening them again and hastily blowing loudly on the candles. Each sputtering slightly before being completely blown out. He opened his eyes and cheered. He'd blown them all out! Now his wish would come true!

Kagome clapped, and pretty soon, Miroku, Sango, and Inuyasha were clapping as well. Kirara meowed.

A rumble was heard in the distance, and the clouds in the sky darkened dangerously.

"I hope it doesn't rain!" Kagome said worriedly.

"Don't worry, it won't." Miroku said, hoping it wouldn't rain also.

"Well, let's cut the cake then!" Kagome shouted, picking up a knife from beside the cake platter.

Just then it started to drizzle lightly. Lightning crackled in the distance, lighting up the sky.

"No!" Shippou cried, waving his arms, "Go away! Don't ruin my birthday party!"

"Quick!" Kagome shouted over the new noise of lightning and thunder. "Save the leftover food and the presents!"

Everyone ran into a mad panic, rushing madly back and forth from the hut to the little clearing. Kagome grabbed Shippou, and ran to the hut, setting him down on the floor. "Don't leave! We'll do everything!"

"Okay ." he answered shakily.

When Kagome left the hut she noticed that the drizzle was now rain, and that she needed to make sure some of the things got back inside. Inuyasha ran past carrying the box that housed the presents. Sango and Miroku came running, carrying containers of food and some balloons.

Kagome ran back, hoping to save the birthday cake. But to no avail. When she got there though, the cake was a soggy mess. "Oh well," she thought. She grinned. It didn't matter anyway.

She grabbed a few of the lanterns, which by now were not lit anymore and dashed for the hut. She ran into Inuyasha on the way back, and stopped him.

"Don't bother!" she shouted above the clamor of the storm. "There's nothing worth saving left!"

"What about the cake?" he shouted.

She shook her head. "No! It's a mess! Let's go back!"

Inuyasha scooped her up and ran for the hut. When they arrived, he kicked open the door and ran in, slamming it quickly behind him. They were dripping wet. Kagome sighed, setting the lanterns next to the box of presents. Shippou ran up to Kagome, sobbing.

"It's not fair! How come *sob* it had to rain?! Now my birthday's all ruined! No cake, no nothing!"

"It's okay Shippou," she soothed him, "Who said we didn't have a cake?"

"But it got wet!"

She reached over to the box and opened it, pulling out another cake. "I made another one in case the first one got smashed or dropped or something!" she kneeled on the floor and proceeded to wipe the tears from Shippou's tear-streaked face. "See? Everything will be fine! We can tell stories and stuff. Is that okay?"

"I guess so ." Shippou sniffed.

Kagome had everyone find a place to sit before lighting one lantern and placing it in the center of the room. I lit the room dimly, shadows dancing on everyone's faces. Cutting up the cake, she handed a slice to everyone before taking a seat between Shippou and Inuyasha. "Now!" she said cheerfully, "Who wants to tell a story first?"

Nobody answered.

"I don't know any good stories." Miroku stated, and Inuyasha and Sango both nodded.

"Do you know any, Kagome?" Shippou asked her, near to tears with the fact that there wouldn't be any story telling.

"Sure! Oh- where'd Kaede go?"

"She left before you and Inuyasha came back." Sango spoke up.

"Okay, well anyway, there was a community of mice. The mice were afraid of a barn cat that would chase them throughout the barn whenever they ventured out. So, fed up with the cat, the mice held a council."

"What's that?" Shippou asked, jumping into Kagome's lap.

"A meeting. Well, the mice got together to discuss what to do about the cat. 'Does anybody have any ideas?' a big mouse said, apparently the leader. The mice chattered-"

"Mice can't talk!" Inuyasha protested.

"Inuyasha! It's a story! Be quiet and listen. Anyway, the mice talked about what to do, but no solution could be reached. Eventually, one mouse mentioned that they could set up a warning system. The other mice wanted to know what he meant, and he told them that they could tie a bell to the cat's collar, and when the cat was around, they'd hear the bell ringing. Well, all of the other mice thought this was a great idea, and they considered it at length. Just then a timid mouse in the corner spoke up. 'But who will tie the bell to the cat?' All of the mice stopped talking and looked at the small mouse. Nobody seemed to want to be the one to sneak up to the cat, risking death, and tie a bell to its collar. 'Why! That would be suicide!' one mouse spoke up, and pretty soon, all of the mice turned to the mouse who'd suggested it. 'How about you?' the leader asked him. The mouse shook his head and hightailed it out of there. All of the other mice left grumbling and shaking their heads. And so no conclusion was reached.

"That's it?" Shippou asked.

"Yep. Does anybody know what the moral of the story is?"

Everyone shook their heads.

"Well, the moral is to 'Look before you leap.' The mouse who'd suggested tying the bell to the cat blurted it out before thinking about whether or not it would work. And the mice almost did it too."

"Oh!" Shippou said, understanding the concept. "Tell another one!"

Once there was a lion who demanded a woodcutter's daughter in marriage. The woodcutter did not want to give his daughter to the lion, but he was afraid not to. So he told the lion that he would let him have his daughter in wedlock if he would cut off his claws and teeth, for his daughter was dreadfully afraid of them. The lion agreed, and cut off his claws and teeth. When he returned to claim his bride, the woodcutter, unafraid now, beat the lion, who couldn't fight back, and chased him into the forest.

"That was a terrible story!" Shippou said. "The poor lion."

"He deserved it!" Inuyasha stated. "He shouldn't have cut off his claws and teeth."

"What was the moral?" Sango asked.

"Well, this story's moral is 'Even the most courageous of men can be blinded by love."

"Hey! What do you mean by that?!" Inuyasha growled.

"Oh ." Kagome said slyly, "Nothing!"

"Yeah, right" he muttered, "I'll bet there was some kind of hidden meaning in that moral."

Kagome smiled and winked at Sango, who understood what she had meant with the telling of the story.

"One more?" Shippou asked.

"Nah," Kagome told him, "It's time to go to bed now."

Kagome picked him up, and set him in a pile of bedding, tucking him in snugly. "We'll open your presents tomorrow!" she whispered.

Shippou mumbled a reply, and Kagome went to sit with everyone else. They talked a little bit, but then Kirara fell asleep, and Sango decided to go to bed. Soon after, so did Miroku. That left Inuyasha and Kagome all by themselves.

"Well," Kagome yawned. "I guess I'm going to go to sleep too."

"Wait." Inuyasha grabbed her hand. "Umm . " he said, looking embarrassed. "Sleep well." He told her.

Kagome smiled at him. "Thank you!" she said. "I will. You too, okay?"

Kagome walked over to her bedding and snuggled into its depth. And they all fell asleep with the rain pattering on the roof, and the sound of the wind howling outside.

The next morning, Kagome got up early to make breakfast. She decided that since Shippou hadn't had a birthday breakfast yesterday, he would get one today. She stirred the batter, and poured it on the griddle, steam rising up, and the heat making the batter bubble. Sango walked into the room with Kirara on her shoulder and sniffed appreciatively.

"Smells good!" she told her. "What is it?"

"Pancakes," Kagome replied, smiling. "I mentioned them yesterday morning when we were talking. I thought that Shippou deserved a birthday breakfast."

"In your time do you make birthday breakfasts?"

"Yeah, usually."

Just then, Miroku stepped in. "Hey." He yawned.

"Aren't you the happy one this morning?"

He yawned again. "That rain kept me up all night."

"Well, cheer up! I'm making pancakes!"

Miroku brightened. "Really?" he asked.

"Can't you smell them?" Sango said unbelievingly.

He sniffed. "Oh! Yeah I do! They smell good!" he added as an afterthought.

"Is breakfast ready yet?" Inuyasha asked.

"Be patient." Kagome told him.

"But I'm hungry!"

"I'm making this for Shippou! Not for you! If it was your birthday, then I would, but it's not!"

"It's not his birthday either!" he protested.

"Well, he didn't get his birthday breakfast yesterday, so he gets it a day late! Oh yeah- he gets to open his presents today, too!"

"Oh!" Sango said happily, "I hope he likes what Miroku and I got him!"

"What?" Shippou asked, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

"You get to open your presents today." Kagome told him.

"Cool!" he yelled, his eyes snapping open.

"All right you guys, go sit down. I'll serve you in just a second."

Within a few minutes, everyone was served and they started to eat the pancakes.

"These are great!" Inuyasha complimented with his mouth full.

"Yeah!" Shippou agreed, but he had the manners not to say it with his mouth stuffed full.

"Why, thank you!" Kagome said, getting up. "Who's done?"

Miroku and Sango also complimented her on the meal, as did Kirara, who had a little taste of the pancakes when Shippou slipped her some. Then Kagome cleaned up the dishes and things, and set some wrapped packages on the ground.

"Open them!" she told him, explaining which one was from whom.

First, he opened a blue sparkly package, which Kagome had said Inuyasha had picked out.

Tearing off the paper, he discovered a bouncy ball that he bounced on the ground. "Thanks, Inuyasha!" he said happily, getting up to hug the Hanyou. That shocked everyone, but it shocked Inuyasha the most.

"Uh- ." he stuttered. "You're welcome."

Next, he picked up a green package from Sango. Inside, he found a fuzzy warm blue-green coat.

"It's going to get cold soon." Sango explained. "And I figured a coat would be a good idea."

"Thank you!" Shippou said, giving her a giant hug.

"You're quite welcome." She replied squeezing him back.

Then Shippou selected the black package that was from Miroku. Opening it more slowly, he found a small steel sword and sheath. Picking it up, he grinned.

"Now you can practice and become a great swordsman!" Miroku stated, smiling.

Thank you!" he smiled.

"You're welcome! And where's my hug?"

Shippou hugged the monk, and then practiced swinging around for a minute or so before picking up the last gift, a squishy yellow package from Kagome.

He peeled the paper off quickly, and found a small stuffed fox. He grinned, and hugged the stuffed animal to him.

"Thanks Kagome!" he beamed, and gave Kagome an extra-big hug. "I think I'll call him Todd."

Kagome smiled. "That's a nice name!" she told him.

"This is the best birthday I ever had! Thank you all!"

"You're welcome!" they all said in unison.

"Well," Inuyasha said. "Better clean this up! We've got to go searching for another Shikon jewel!"

"Inuyasha!" Kagome glared at him.

"Just- uh, kidding!" he said sheepishly.

"That's what I thought! Otherwise, I might have had to s-word you!"

He frowned. "You wouldn't!"

"Wanna bet?"

"Uh . no!"

"Okay!" Shippou yelled. "I'm ready to go now!"

Everyone looked at him. He was in the coat Sango gave him, Miroku's sword in its sheath at his waist, carrying the stuffed fox named Todd, and bouncing his new bouncy-ball from Inuyasha.

Miroku grinned. "I guess you are ready to go!"

"Yep!" he grinned. "Kagome?" he asked, coming up beside his friend.


"I'm glad it rained."

"Why's that?" she asked him, a little confused.

"Well, if it hadn't rained, I wouldn't have had those wonderful pancakes, and we would've just had an ordinary morning. It was really fun!" he said smiling cheerily. "And," he continued, "The plants need water or there wouldn't be a forest here! It would be plain dirt! Then we couldn't ever have a picnic on the grass again! You know what else?" he asked them.

"What?" they all wanted to know.

"The sun always shines after the rain!" ^-^

The End

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Here are the words to a song that I heard. The song is a Christian song, but the words fit so nicely! Think about how Shippou felt when it rained on his birthday party!

After The Rain (chorus)

Sung by: Aaron Jeoffrey

Copyright on: WOW 1997, the year's 30 top Christian artists and songs.

After the rain

You can look to the sky again

The clouds will give way

To the light of the sun

After the rain

You know that you made it through

And you'll finally see the joy from the pain

After the rain

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