Hello everyone,

Sequels to The Nightmare Man and The Birth of a Nightmare Man is now here, Fractured Time and The Nightmare Man's Journey. The time to continue the Nightmare Lord's story has come! Updates might be slow, might be fast, but they will come!

Have a little scene with the Nightmare Lord along with this update:

The lord was bored. That in itself wasn't hard to accomplish, considering he was locked up in a dark room with nothing to do but wish death upon people.

Sometimes death upon himself, but he had tried bashing his head in some time ago. All it resulted in was his hair got bloody, and then the blood dried and itched more than anything. So he wouldn't try it anytime soon again.

One would think death would be nice and just let him die in this damn room. But at the same time, the lord knew it wouldn't be that easy. He didn't know exactly why he couldn't die, and besides, letting him die would be kind. He didn't deserve kind.

He tapped his toes against the ground, and hummed. The darkness was eating itself into his eyes. He didn't notice his eyes were open sometimes until they were all dried out. Maybe they were open now? Or were they closed?

"This is so boring," he tried saying.

Things didn't get less boring. What was he expecting anyway? Did he expect the rooms to answer? The guards outside to hear him? Anyone to answer him? He almost wanted the Resurrection Stone with him. It might drive him a bit more insane, make him want to die when the souls went away but at least he'd have someone to talk to while he went insane.

But no, he didn't think that he'd be stuck in the same place after so many years. He moved his head from side to side. His muscles protested. He was amazed they weren't completely gone, all of his muscles. Did the chains keep him somewhat in shape, to make sure he would suffer?

Oh well, who cared? At this point, the Nightmare Lord couldn't even really bother to care. How many years had passed since the last guards had come inside? He killed one of them. The blood had long since dried and flaked off him.

"So utterly boring," he moaned and hung his head.

Also, his leg had begun to itch. Badly.

"Couldn't they at least have put chains that still allowed me to move?" he wondered to the darkness. "But then again, then I probably would've just escaped anyway. Damn them for being logical."

He tapped his toes again. It wasn't like he had anything better to do.


Just a short, nonsense-scene with our Nightmare Lord.