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Story Start!

The Elemental Satellite!

The greatest piece of technology ever created by ninja!

The Elemental Satellite was the newest creation of the Elemental Nations, something that had been built to house an entire race of species... humans. It was built in case the world was ever put into danger, and the planet needed to be evacuated. It had been built as a last resort in the orbit of the planet Earth... one of the few known Earth's in the universe apparently. It was the pride and joy of the Ninja World.

With Adamantine being the metal it was made out of, the Elemental Satellite was nearly indestructable... and even if it were to be attacks not much would be able to break it by it's size alone.

The Elemental Satellite was a GIANT machine in the shape of a sphere that had a diameter of over 6000 miles wide... it was easily able to be classed as a planet of it's own.

Currently, over over 510 different giant humanoid robots were flying towards the Elemental Satellite. Most of these robots had something that was written on the side of them, and many of them seemed to be copies of other machines. Each machine were very humanoid in nature, and most of them seemed to be heading towards the giant

Elemental Flame x 100
Elemental Wind x 100
Elemental Earth x 100
Elemental Lightning x 100
Elemental Water x 100
Hokage Buster
Kazekage Buster
Tsuchikage Buster
Raikage Buster
Mizukage Buster

The Elemental Flame, this robot was built very humanoid in nature. Standing at over 500 feet tall, this machine was built out of silver-like metal in the same of a humand that was given varius plates on it. Over the silver frame of these machines were dark green chest plates with a cannon in the front of them, and each cannon seemed to be made out of three cannons. Sticking out of the back of the machine was a rectangular bulging portion that was red. The bottom of the Elemental Flame had jets coming out of it, and it had red armored arms that were thinner. The face was covered completely by a red face mask, and it wore a helmet over the rest of it's head that had two circle bulges on the side of it's head.

The Elemental Wind, this robot type was built shorter than the Elememtal Flame standing at 450 feet tall, and it had a more golden frame instead of a silvery frame. It had brown armor over it's body similar to the Elemental Flame, but it lacked a cannon on it's chest. Instead this machine type all had long cannons attached to their backs. Each of them had green face masks, and dark green helmets with antenna coming out of the top.

The Elemental Earth, the shortest of the first 5 types of robots standing at nearly 300 feet tall. This machine had a dark brown frame, and it's body was covered in pitch black armor. This robot had very large arms disproportional to it's body, and it lacked any sort of weapons on it. Instead of weapons, it had two large shields on each arm, these shields were rounded and gray in color. It had a brown face face, and with dark brown helmet.

The Elemental Lightning, the tallest of the first 5 standing at 600 feet tall, this robot was built with a lean frame that lacked any armor on it. It's entire body was built for great speed, and this robot had four arms instead of the usual two. On it's back these robots had 4 swords, which explained the 4 arms well enough. The only piece of armor that this robot wore was it's yellow helmet that covered it's face and head, and it had a lightning shaped antenna sticking out of the back of it.

The last of the Elemental 5 was the Elemental Water, with the wider built, this machine stood between the Elemental Flame and the Elemental Wind in height. It had a thicker built to it, and it was covered in different cannons all over it's body. The back had a larger bulging back to it, and it was made of a silvery metal with dark blue armor to it. This machine had a red cross on the front of it's dark blue helmet, showing that this wasn't a robot that was made for battle. Instead, this robot was made for fixing and building things up, most likely for repairing the Elemental Satellite.

These were the Elemental 5, the mass produced models that were piloted by 20 ninja per machine. Each of them were built with chakra amplifiers that could turn even a normal group of ninja into beings that destroyed entire planets.

The next were the larger of the robots.

The Kage Models

The Hokage Buster, standing at over 5 miles tall this robot completely outclassed it's Elemental Flame counterpart. It was made in an even more humanoid shape, even having a gentle looking face built into it out of metal. It wore a thinner version of the Elemental Flame's armor, but it had more weapons on it. It even had a white cape on it's back that had Hokage written down the middle, and on the top of it's head was a triangle hate colored white with a red portion in the front with Fire on it. It had glowing red eyes, and the fists and feet had flame designs on them.

The Kazekage Buster, standing at 4 miles tall, this robot was completely different from the Elemental Wind... instead of armor, this robot seemed to have a fine cover of iron sand covering it's body. It was the most humanoid looking, but that might be because of the gold dust and iron dust on it that was giving it a more humanoid look. It had a white cape with a Kazekage written in green, and the same kind of hat as the Hokage Buster, but with Wind as it's symbol.

The Tsuchikage Buster, this was just a 3 mile tall version of the Elemental Earth, but with only a single shield and a large cannon attached to it's right arm. It did have a cape and a hat though, and it showed it's face unlike the mass produced models.

The Raikage Buster, a machine that stood over 7 miles tall. It was of a very 'muscular' build and made of some kind of black metal. It had a grinning face, and it had bright yellow eyes that crackled with electricity. It had zero weapons on it, and a large golden belt around it. The only armor this machine had was on it's arms and legs, near the fists and feet. This also had it's own version of the cape and hat, showing what it was one of the 5 more unique models.

Finally, the Mizukage Buster... this was the only feminine build of robot. This machine had a strictly female appearance to it, with large breasts made of metal. They were covered by armor though, keeping them hidden... but at the front of each breast were a square plate for some reason. This machine was 4.5 miles tall, and had a slim silver waist and wider hips. It wore smaller armor over it's body, and it had a smaller cape and hat to cover it.

These were the Kage, and each one was piloted by 3 people each... the Kage that owned the machine, and 2 people chosen by the Kage. Each of these machines had the raw power to destroy even the sun with relative ease, and only the most responsible was given the change to pilot these machines... only a few even had the potential to pilot them for more than a few minutes at a time.

The Hokage Buster turned it's head towards the 100 Elemental Flames travelling behind it.

"Okay everyone, lets get moving! We set off in 10 hours!" The Hokage Buster said in a male voice, and the lips moved in sync with the robot for some strange reason. The Elemental Flames all saluted and started to follow behind the Hokage Buster as they headed towards one of the openings that was opening up in the Elemental Satellite.

"Yes Lord Sixth!" The Elemental Flames called out as they flew into the Elemental Satellite and started to line up in rows near the walls of the giant sphere. When each of them was leaning against a wall, there was a clicking sound and the armor seemed to lose all of it's color and turn white. The machines slumped forward, and a hissing sound was heard as the backs opened up and groups of 15 ninja started to jump out of the Elemental Flames. They landed on the ground, and each of them were wearing extremely skin-tight red uniforms with green outlines on them. There was no single gender, because men and women of many shapes and looks were lined up in front of the machines... and each of them were had black writting on their chests.

EF(001) - EF(100)

The Hokage Buster lined up against a large slot in the wall, before the front of it opened up and 3 people jumped down onto the ground... also in similar uniforms... only one of them wore a black face mask.

The first was a tall man with a lazy demeaner and a scar over his left eye, and his eyes were colored black. He had spiked gray hair, and light colored skin. Next to him was a pink haired girl with green eyes and a purple diamond on her head, and on his other side was a blond haired woman with a purple triangle on her head... and huge breasts.

HB(001) - HB(00.5) - HB(002)

"When is that idiot doing to get here Kakashi-sensei?" The pink haired girl asked in annoyance, while the large breasted woman sighed.

"He will get here when he gets here Sakura... right Lady Tsunade?" Kakashi asked with a raised, but amused eyebrow as he looked at the large breasted woman named Tsunade... and his student named Sakura. The many ninja on the other hand had already started to move towards a series of doors that would let them into the deeper parts of the Elemental Satellite.

The Elemental Winds and Elemental Lightnings were the next to come into the hanger and hook up against the walls. When the ninja jumped out of these machines, they were each wearing green and yellow versions of the skintight uniforms that had been provided for all.

EW(001) - EW(100)
EL(001) - EL(100)

Soon the Kazekage Buster and the Raikahe Buster entered the hanger and hooked up to the walls so that their machines could be charged up properly. The fronts of the stomachs of the machines opened up, and 6 people jumped out and joined the 3 still in the hanger.

"A... Killer B... Samui." Kakashi the 3 people that came out of the Raikage Buster in the order in which they walked towards him. A was a large black man nearly as well built as his machine with blond hair and a small tuff of mustache on either side of his lips. He was wearing the tight yellow uniform, as were the Killer B... a man that looked MUCH like A, but with his hair pulled back in braids and with sunglasses... and a fair skinned girl with Tsunade-level breasts and blond hair in a bob-cut.

"Gaara, Temari, Kankuro." Tsunade greeted those that came out of the Kazekage Buster. These three were were shorter red haired teenager with green eyes, and a red tattoo for love on his head. A blond woman with her hair pulled back in four ponytails, with blue-green eyes... and a boy with brown hair whose face was covered in purple war-paint. All three of them wore the tight green uniforms.

RB(001) - RB(00.1) - RB(00.2)
KB(001) - KB(00.1) - KB(00.2)

They all greeted each other, before they sort of just stood around awkwardly. None of them really had anything to say to each other, the only link all of them had was Naruto... and without Naruto there they didn't really have much to talk about.

They all sighed in relief when they saw the last 2 sets of robots come in together.

EE(001) - EE(100)
EWa(001) - EWa(100)

The first to get out where the 100 Elemental Earth pilots wearing... black uniforms with white writting on them. The next were those wearing blue uniforms coming out of the Elemental Water machines. With all of their machines attached to the wall to charge.

"Mei... Ao... and Chojuro... nice to see you all in one piece. The Mizukage Buster just finished it's repairs after it's little... water fiasco right?" Kakashi asked awkwardly as he looked at a female, Mei, and two men, Ao and Chojuro, walking towards them. The female was a beauty of Tsunade's level... and body shape... with long auburn hair and greenish eyes. Ao was an older man with moused-up blue hair. He had a talisment over his right eye, and long earrings. Chojuro was a younger boy with dark eyes, dark glasses, and short spiky blye hair. He carried a large double handled sword on his back, and he was slightly worried about something.

"In my defense... I was no informed that using Water Jutsu inside of the machine was a bad idea." Mei told them, and everyone sweat dropped.

MB(001) - MB(00.1) - MB(002)
TB(001) - TB(00.1) - TB(002)

"Lady Kurotsuchi... so you were finally made Tsuchikage... to think that Onoki finally gave up the seat... and you are her guard Akatsuchi?" A commented with a dry tone as he looked at a VERY short and wrinkled elderly man whose entire body was covered by his kage robe. Next to him was a young woman of a petite shape with short black hair and pink eyes wearing the same Kage robes as the elderly man, Onoki... and the final person was a tall fat man wearing the same black uniform.

Onoki, Kurotsuchi, and Akatsuchi.

"Of course, he finally got to... where is Uzumaki Naruto?" Kurotsuchi asked randomly, bringing everyone's attention back to the back that Naruto was missing in action.

They HAD to wait on HIM!

He was the ONLY person with enough raw chakra to control the Elemental Satellite and get it moving so that they could get it flying towards one of the nearby solar systems.

"Are all of the civilians in their areas?" Onoki asked with a dry tone to his voice.

"The teleportation grid got them all where they needed to be." Gaara answered, speaking for the first time.

"Hey guys! Look at this!"


"That is him now... isn't it?" Kurotsuchi asked with an annoyed look as they all looked towards the planet that they were coming from.

Sure enough... peeking out from the other side of the planet was a large robot... the largest robot... a huge robot.

ALL of the other robots could fit into the palm of this robot's hand.

It stood at over 2000 miles tall in height, and unlike the other robots this was one the most... unique.

Instead of armor on it's head, this robot had golden energy coming out of the top that imitated spiky blond hair. The robot had glowing orange skin-like metal, and it was grinning at them, showing that it had teeth. The robot's face had 3 large black rectangles on it, and it had bright glowing blue eyes. The thing wore a HUGE red jacket with black flames near the bottom of it, and underneath that it had only some extremely light armor in the color dark orange. It had two piece of spiked shoulder armor, and it looked like it had heavier armor at the feet. It even had what looked like a nose on it's face. The robot had two holes in the palms of it's hands, and it was teenage male shaped for the most part... and it carried no weapons on it.

The robot simple moved a little, and it was in front of the Elemental Satellite.

A slot opened up in the side of the sphere itself in the shape of the huge robot, before the giant robot layed back into the slot as it was covered up again when the slot closed.

Not before a golden blur shot out of it, before instantly appearing in front of them and turning back to normal.

It was a blond haired boy of what appeared to be 17 years old, and he looked very similar to the robot that he had come out of. He wore a black shirt with a red swirl on it, and he had on orange pants. He had a copy of the jacket his robot was wearing, unlike the others he wore no uniform, and he had 3 whisker marks on each cheek that mirrored the rectangles on the robot. He had spiky golden hair, fair skin, and bright blue eyes that were filled with passion.

Naruto Uzumaki was a young teen, with a lean body that showed hard muscle. He had a slightly rounded face, and his right arm was covered in bandages.

Naruto grinned.

It was time to set sail!

An adventure of universal proportions was about to take place!

Chapter End!
I am about to break ALL of the rules of Highschool DxD fanfiction, which include keeping the Supernatural a secret. Naruto's planet has over 16.2 times the gravity of normal Earth (Naruto the Stat Sheets Ch.5), and they DO have the potential for this level of tech (Naruto the Stat Sheets Ch.6).
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