Chapter 9: Workaholic

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"No, seriously, just shut up and take my money!" I said whilst stuffing a lot of 10,000 yen notes into the hands of Aika, Katase and Murayama.

I seriously don't get girls at all, why won't they just take my money and go buy whatever clothes they want. I mean, I have lots of cash from my patent and grinding, this honestly isn't damaging to my wallet at all.

As to how I got to this point I guess it's time to monologue in my head about how I got myself into this mess. Let's see here… I got out of school, see my female friends waiting outside, and got dragged to town for some after exam recreational activities which happened to consist of lots of shopping. After about 5 minutes I thought it might be a good idea to give them more cash so that they wouldn't fuss over the price. Thus saving me some time…

You have gained a special skill after monologuing a lot!

[Monologue] – Passive/Active – Lvl.10 Rank E

Description: Improves the attention drawing abilities of monologues delivered to people. At higher ranks people will cease their actions in order to listen to you monologuing. If it's an internal monologue, your thoughts are accelerated so that the chances of your internal monologues being interrupted will be lowered.

I-I guess that's good? Damn it, no free stats.

"For goodness sake, I'm filthy rich just treat yourself to something." From what they been telling me on the way to town it seems that they aced their finals with no problem, so I've been using the excuse that I'm rewarding them like a proud sensei or whatever.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't enjoy watching the girls happily shopping for clothes and whatever. I just don't like it if there's time to save.

With my [I AM MAD SCIENTIST] title on I had quite a few good ideas that popped up by the time we arrived. The 'liquid steel' that I made for Doomwing's body contained all the material to create billions of nanobots, all I did was provide the blueprint and let the magic rituals replicate the rest of the body to become nanobots, which was cheating in a way. Now with my increased INT and stuff I finally figured out how to mass produced advanced nanobots properly, but first I have to get home or to the warehouse to do it.

Reason why this is a good idea? First I have to make sure the world knows I'm not some one-hit wonder inventor. Next is to build up respect which will come in useful in the long run. Getting more money is also a plus so that I can conduct research and production legally. But the most important part is that I can use the nanobots to help treat cancer better, since with current nanorobotic technologies it can only treat 'solid' cancers and there are lots of problems with manufacturing in large quantities.

But noooo… I'm stuck playing the normal high schooler. Not like I hate it, if I stick out way too much then that will be bad too. But I digress, it's time to do whatever I can to get back to work.

*2 hours later*

It didn't take as long as I expected to convince them to take my money after all. But seriously, I need to come up with a solution to deal with the problem of following high school girls shopping. I don't think learning the [Shadow Clone Technique] will help because my clone will ditch me.

Okay, it wasn't that bad.

I mean I got to see all three girls try out different clothes, which as a man, I can't exactly complain…

Who am I kidding, I enjoyed it.

I mean, Murayama bought quite a bit of new clothes which emphasised her sizable chest, Katase got stuff that accentuated her hips and Aika purchased clothing that showed off her legs.

I was caught reasonably off guard when they asked me whether they looked good when trying out clothes. I didn't really know much about fashion besides dress shirts, suits, and dusters because that's what I always wear to town. So I just nodded my head and said stuff like 'yeah, you look really cute/pretty' and whatever variation I could come up with.

Quite frankly I have no idea why they would ask me whether I liked what they wore rather than asking each other, I mean, surely those girls know more about this that me, right?

On a side note, I changed to my black duster, grey dress shirt, black suit, and black pants while they were busy changing at the start.

The only downside to all that shopping was when it came to shoes… Urghh shoes….

At the very least I had time to check my stats and practice my inventory management skills.

Name: Hyoudou Issei Age: 16 (will age up on April 16)

LVL: 56 EXP: 22115/176180

Title: [I AM MAD SCIENTIST] Affiliation: None

Race: Human

HP: 3190/3190 Regen: 185.02 per minute

MP: 2973/2973 Regen: 78.66 per minute

STR: 211.5 (87+124.5)

END: 159.5 (84+75.5)

AGI: 308.1 (88+220.1)

INT: 153.5 (80+73.5)

WIS: 131.1 (78+53.1)

MAG: 293.3 (86+207.3)

LUK: 87 (77+10)

GAR: 23 (23+0)

Points: 147

Yen: 109,400,000

When that was all said and done, we went for dinner at a reasonably fancy restaurant (with me carrying all their shopping bags). Everyone ordered the more expensive meals, since I suppose they want to treat themselves after going through the exams and all, plus they know I'm paying. We mostly made small talk, traded some thanks and compliments (mostly about me paying and for tutoring) etcetera while we were there.

"Come to think of it… what exactly do you do for fun?" asked Murayama.

"Well I suppose I… oh…" I actually had no answer for that. I mean, if she asked about free time I can just say I do research and stuff. But…. Fun? I mean I have fun grinding, getting stronger, making stuff… but I haven't really went all out on having fun in quite a while. Does making a homunculus count? Technically I had a bit of fun until I realised there were devils at the school, but that was weeks ago.

"Ummmm… I haven't really thought of having fun in a long time." I suppose that answer will do.

"HAH!?", "Seriously?", "Thought as much…" exclaimed Katase, Murayama and Aika respectively.

"Hmm? Did I say something wrong? I mean I'm busy and all, plus that's lots I want to do If I want to do something useful with my life." I responded as such.

Eh? Why are they giving me worrying looks? There's nothing wrong with doing what I can. It's not like everyone can pump their stats like me, which means it's my responsibility to do what others cant. Otherwise I won't be living my life right.

"Hyoudou-kun! You should take better care of yourself!" Katase scolded me angrily.

"You do know it's pretty ridiculous when I have to ask you to get a work-life balance you know?" Ahh, I'm getting chastised by Murayama.

"Hyoudou-kun… maybe you should go back to perving for a little while…" No Aika, that's ridiculous, not like my body wouldn't enjoy it, but I rather not feel any guilt if I can help it.

"Relax… it's not that as bad as it sound. Besides, it's not really something for you girls to be concerned about."

As I said that I felt my [Detect Bloodlust] skill activate slightly.

Oh crap. They're glaring at me.

"You're telling us to not concern ourselves with a friend that helped us with our studies, cooked for us and paid for all our shopping? Are you sure you're a genius, Hyoudou-kun?" Murayama said angrily whilst glaring at me with a greater intensity.

I'm getting flashbacks to when I was getting beaten up for peeping.

At this point I'm almost sure my INT only applies to everything else BUT social interactions.

I'm just going to take a guess that they're mad because they're worried about me and I really shouldn't dismiss their concerns like that.

I suppose it's time to use my trump card when dealing with angry girls.

I immediately apologised for my actions and let them berate me.

If anything, I found it a pleasant surprise Katase and Murayama considered me a good friend after all that's happened. I don't really check the [Reputation] list even through it can be quite useful. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth since its borderline mind reading in some ways.

Well since everyone here considers me a good friend…

"Okay, Okay, I got it, I'll won't overwork myself and stuff. By the way, you girls can just use my nickname, the guys and my parents call me 'Ise' whenever we're not having a serious talk."

I suppose it worked better than expected since they were all quite happy about that. Although I was perplexed when they said I could use their first names as well, so long as I add an honorific. I suppose it's hard to come up with nicknames with their names so they thought it was only fair this way. At least I think it was the reason.

In any case, dinner ended on a good note. Whilst I offered to walk them back home and carry their bags for them, Murayama and Katase decided to head back home themselves. Which works out since I wanted to inform Aika about what happened at the student council room.

We headed to the park where I erected an empty illusion barrier, after that I explained in as much detail as I can about what had transpired in the student council room. She took everything quite well in my opinion.

"So you mean the devils are not all soul sucking creatures and that they are convincing and or making humans give up their humanity to serve them in order to repopulate and for whatever selfish reason they might have?"

"Sounds pretty much right", She doesn't seem too concerned with their whole great war stuff, well I guess that's natural, since she's a normal girl besides knowing how to use mana and stuff. I'm not intending to involve her in my affairs other than making sure she can defend herself.

"And you also ended up showing off your abilities, essentially threatened them and behaved as if you were bipolar in order to confuse and strike fear in their hearts?" She continue to comment in an almost exasperated manner.

"In my defence I never really shot out any weapons, so that means they don't know how strong my attacks are. Plus I was holding back a lot, AND I never used any sword techniques." Ok, find I sort of showed more than I would have liked.

"I think you could have played the enigmatic badass better than the eccentric and important living arsenal a lot better." She countered.

"Fine… I may have been overly generous and irrational, through that was mainly because I reacted badly and ended up frightening them. Trust me, I felt bad when I scared the girls… Although I don't feel that bad in regards to Sona, if anything the stray devil business can either be a) the former servants just wanted freedom, or b) they went all murderous and ax crazy, and the way she talked about it showed that it even if it was type A she would eliminate them. Not exactly a good showing of humanity"

"They're devils, what did you expect?"

"I'm surprised you're taking this better than I did."

"I'm surprised that after massacring zombies, exterminating ghosts, going all mad scientist, delving into magic, essentially reviving a dead person, being all superhuman and all, you would feel so strongly about some issues like that."

"I dare say that's more normal than finding out there are devils at our school that essentially have a feudalistic society and are inducting humans and other races through their something called the 'Evil Pieces' which I might add, has the word EVIL in them."

"You do realise of all people… you can't really decide what's normal."

Ugh… she got me there.

"In any case, I think what's more important for you is to decide how you want to go about things. If anything, you might want to decide on a strong stance to take, if you keep behaving unpredictably, they will do the same as well and may do something rash against you. If I recall, whatever contract you made only applies for the events of the day, so you have to be careful not to interact with them in the future so they can't give information on you, at least until that date you set."

"Hmmm, that's a good idea I suppose, while I gave them a small message to pass on I suppose making it clearer would be better. Dang, why didn't I think of that!"

"Maybe because I'm not a social idiot like you?" Ah, I just got put down by Aika with a smug look.

"I can see that you spent your level up stat points on MAG, INT and AGI but mine are way higher."

"You do realise that while you may be a genius at inventing you're still an absolute idiot when it comes to girls?"

"Oi! That's…. actually right… By all right I should be at least 15 times more intelligent than an average adult and almost 9 times wiser… yet I still don't get women at all." I let out a sigh in resignation.

"Because you're totally the dense type, if you're INT and WIS correlates to innovation at a 1:1 ratio, then I bet in regards to your social, political and women related abilities they would be like 1:1000. At this rate, even if you were to become the smartest being on the planet you still wouldn't get women."

"Guh!" I grunted as I felt any last hopes of understanding a woman's heart, and by extension getting a girlfriend, much less a harem, bleed out of my body.

I fell to my knees and hung my head in despair.

"Which is why you should abuse that [Reputation] Menu of yours to the max." Ah, Aika just provided me with the easiest solution.

"Ummm, don't you think that's wrong in some sense? How would you feel if someone else knew exactly how you felt about them?" I managed to come up with a, in my opinion, sound hypothetical situation.

Eh? Why did her face redden a bit?

"Oi! Your face is red! Are you ok? Are we being attacked by some sort of magic? Oh wait, I doubt someone could enter the illusion barrier. In any case check your [Status] and tell me what's wrong!"

After I said that I spammed [Cure] on her, only for her to look at me as If I was some idiot before face palming herself. Oh…. This was one of those social idiot moments wasn't it…?

"Oh my god you really are…." She sighs and then continues, "In any case, it's fine if it's just you ok? And please consider abusing the [Reputation] menu, like all hard-core gamers would abuse any overpowered feature."

"Well, if it makes you happy I guess?" I suppose if I don't do anything amoral or evil with it then its ok.

I guess that's the ended of those conversation topics for now.

"Hold on, Aika-san, can you help me test something? That whole aptitude thing gave me something I want to investigate."

"I don't see why not?" She agreed easily.

After that I asked her to test her maximum strength, speed and magic by fighting me, and by fighting me, I meant use me as a punching bag since I wouldn't get hurt by her attacks at all.

Once that was done with I managed to kick her out of the [Party] and use [Observe] on her.

I found that her stats was lower than before, specifically her stat gains from skills and skills levels were gone. Which meant that stat bonuses from skills were exclusive to my [Gamer] ability.

Interestingly, we found that her max abilities without being in the [Party] were much lower that her stats might suggest. For example, her speed should have dropped by a normal human adults worth if calculated by stats alone. But instead, her movement speed dropped about 3 times that amount, however, her reflexes fell to a level more in line with the stat drop.

Which meant that having a [Gamer's Body] made stats like AGI equalises amongst all speed related capabilities. A person with 50 AGI in my party would be faster in all aspects to a person with 50 AGI outside my party. Essentially, having [Gamer's Body] would make your capabilities correspond to your stats better than without.

This meant that if I encountered people with ridiculously high stats, like say 1000 STR, it probably means their strength is split amongst leg strength, arm strength and everything else. Likewise, for INT, will be split for magic control, actual computation abilities and knowledge rather than it being equal.

But of course considering my terri-bad abilities when it comes to people I suppose not even my [Gamer's body] and [Gamer's mind] could offset it.

Oh Shit! Does that mean I'm as dense as a harem protagonist? NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I continue to scream internally while maintaining my normal facial expression.

Thank you [Monologuing] skill for making sure I don't look like a person that should need any pity.

I guess that just gives me more reason to abuse the [Reputation] Menu.

Once we were done with those experiments I invited her back to party and dissolved the Illusion barrier.

It was already pretty late, about 9 pm, so I asked her whether she minded me carrying her back home, since it's just faster and all.

She accepted my offer easily enough, though I don't understand her look of surprise when I offered. Oh well.

I activated my Rank C [Presence Concealment] and carried her bridal style back to her home.

While jumping off the air at high speeds, I found that it would be a lot more mana efficient if I were to use shunpo at high attitudes and let the momentum carry me until I slow down a lot. That way I would use way less mana while travelling long distances, if I were to do that at max speed I would cover lots of distance with a single step. Once I fall down low enough I can just shunpo upwards just as quickly. Should have come up with that idea sooner.

Although if I have to travel with others, then that wouldn't work since they would get hurt by me constantly breaking the sound barrier.

At normal running speed I'm about Rank C in agility in servant parameters term.

With my level in [Hohō] (Footwork) my shunpo can carry me 35 steps worth with a single step. Throwing me up above Mach 35 with a single move.

Essentially I normally move just above supersonic speed, and using Shunpo I will accelerate to ultrasonic speeds. Using that method of travel I just thought of, I would eventually decelerate to high-hypersonic speed then hypersonic before going back to supersonic.

[Resistance Zero] does not allow me to take damage and be slowed by air resistance and all that. But it still applies deceleration when I'm not actively making an effort to move.

Thus, I have to practice my Superman flying poses, you know, for reducing air resistance and all.

Oh, I almost forgot to take into account body [Reinforcement] which is probably one of my best spells. Considering that it acts as a huge buff. At level 42, that's a percentage effectiveness buff of 215%, essentially tripling my stats. Whilst it would last 21 hours on an object it only lasts 10% of the time when used on my body. But still, a basic mage craft used on a very strong body does wonders.

Does that mean I move up to Mach 100 for a moment? I don't suppose I should do that regularly since I might break everything around me with the sonic booms and all.

Maybe I could weaponised my speed?

I let Aika down once we reach in front of her home and said our farewells.

Well then, time to get back home.

*Scene Break*

"You want us to train and level grind with you tomorrow?" My mum asked, well technically she's repeating what I said.

"You, father, Sasaki and Doomwing are all training with me tomorrow. As I said, I plan to leave on Sunday night on a global trip to help out in disaster, solve crimes, and find missing persons, root out corruption and help people suffering from armed conflicts. Thus, I will be arming you all as well as making sure you can defend yourselves."

When I got back home I had gathered all the residents of the house, namely my parents, Sasaki and Doomwing. I then told them of my day, all I heard about the supernatural and recent revelations about my powers. Then I told them I want to grind EXP and train together.

"I have been in need of exercise, is sparring in the itinerary?" Sasaki asked with a hopeful expression.

He may not be a battle maniac but he's eager to keep his skills drom dulling. I need to grind him because reincarnating him made him slightly weaker, through it improved his MAG stat. Good thing he restarted back at Lvl.1.

"Yes, we will be sparring, plus I got you some new weapons. Don't worry, they're all Nodachi's, your usual swords."

Wait what? Did he just do a fist pump?

Never mind, the fact that a man from the Sengoku period just did a fist pump is not that important. I shouldn't be astonished any longer than necessary.

Doomwing never had the chance to grind but is at level 7. He managed to get level 7 because it seems that [Quests] are generated for party members. Aika hasn't informed me about it, so I suppose she didn't really find anything really worth putting her mind to doing. Considering quests only pop up then.

Suddenly a pop up notice appeared in front of Sasaki.

"It seems to be one of those quest you mentioned… let us see… hmmm… its titled [Fight Seriously with Hyoudou Issei without killing him]…. Objectives, fight continuously for 5 minutes without killing your opponent"

Ah, Sasaki just got a quest to not kill me when fighting…. and in front of my parents as well.

"Ahahahaha, that will be fine, I have plenty of weapons that won't cut through my bone, plus I'm a lot stronger than before so that's fine I guess."

After that I had to spend another 15 minutes convincing my parents this was perfectly not life threatening to me.

I also spend the rest of the night detailing to my parents about their assistance in setting up a company for me, ordering some materials and having them delivered to some properties I bought.

I told Doomwing that he would impersonate me for the next few weeks whilst also releasing some 'new' discoveries that I will hastily make over the weekend.

Since I plan to release nanobots I should at least build up towards that. First I plan to release a 'new' flexible ceramic material, which is unheard of, since ceramics are brittle by nature. Then with the second release, we will move on to advance tech stuff.

When I made Doomwing I included advance language recognition and translation systems into the eye, thus the second invention of a decade will be a program that can identify speech and text of major languages while maintaining an accurate translation regardless different sentence structures and all those issues.

The third innovation will be the Nanobots themselves as well as the process and applications. All of which I will leave to Doomwing to handle.

I also to Doomwing to hint to the public that I'm shifting my focus to the biological field after releasing the nanobots, which in actuality I plan to make use of Homonculus material in order to create a material that can replace flesh and organs within seconds . Which can potential solve a lot of problems, were it not for the fact that making it will probably require magic, thus, making it unmarketable for now. But still, I can work on making something viable once I have the end product to work with.

I plan to patent the ceramic, copyright the language system while dealing with the nanobots exclusively with the medical community. Of course, I fully expect governments to try to steal the secrets which is why Doomwing will be keeping it all in his head, plus when I assemble the machines over the weekend I will ensure proper protections and self-destruct mechanisms.

Once all that was over and done with I decided to have a chat with Doomwing, specifically, I wanted to ask about his goals. It actually pained me when I realise that it had none other than doing what I said so I sought to rectify that.

I patted Doomwing's head as he was in his eagle form at the moment.

"You know Doomwing, you're really doing a lot for me, and I'm thankful for that. But I want to let you know that there's more than just doing what I say. Just because I made you doesn't give me the right to use you, you're not a tool, and I want you to know that." I sincerely voiced my appreciation for how he went along with everything so far while trying to communicate the value of his life.

Ah, he's tilting his head in confusion. It's a little cute until I remembered that he can fire lasers out of his glowing red eye.

"Father, if I'm not a tool than what am I? So far, with my capabilities and origin, I see nothing beyond that."

"Well then, the simple answer is that you're a living being." I managed to respond to that immediately.

"Your body is made out of metal and lots of other materials being reshaped into nanobots. Your soul is part animal, part machine and originally kept by a soul stone. Your artificial spirit derived from various magical and alchemic techniques. Those are facts. But the most important fact is that you are living. Just like me. And if you're worried about your purpose, just live your life to the fullest. Although I really do need your help impersonating me and doing some work, so doing at least that will be much appreciated."

Doomwing stared at me for a good half a minute before turning his head towards the night sky.

"Father, I will complete the mission you have assigned me. I found something I really enjoy, so, I think being able to experience joy is more than enough reason to be grateful for being born. So don't worry about assigning tasks to me, I will feel dissatisfied if I don't show my appreciation somehow."

"Well, if you're alright with it then I'm glad. Anyways what did you find so enjoyable?" I asked, while sighing slightly in relief that there's no resentment between us.

"I enjoy playing a genre of video games called MOBA's" Doomwing responded quickly to my question, clearly indicating his enthusiasm for it.

Interesting genre, Japan is mostly console and smartphone orientated, so it's unusual to have PC gamers, unless you count eroge and Touhou.

"I also enjoy wrecking scrubs, flaming noobs and using foreign vocabulary to illicit stress from other players. Those scrubs should get on my level, fucking noobs."

… I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to react to that.

*Saturday evening*

Note to self: Leave dual wielding spears till I grow taller.

It seriously doesn't suit me at all, well more specifically, it doesn't suit an average high schooler like me. My build is more suited towards short to medium weapons in any case.

I learnt the hard way when Sasaki kicked my ass when I tried fighting with spears, Ok, it was more like cut my head off rather than literally kicking my ass, but I digress.

With my combination of masteries, [Reinforcement], [Eye of the Mind (True)],[ Knowledge of Respect and Harmony] and [Villian's True Strength] I can beat Sasaki in a serious fight provided I used swords.

We sparred like 20 times throughout the day. Overall win rate: 50%. All of those wins were with me dual-wielding various swords or using only 1 sword. And if anything I still rely on my superior STR more than I would have liked.

But in any case, the day was quite fruitful.

I managed to grind everyone to around level 20 whilst I got 2 levels myself. My father put most of his stats to AGI, INT, and STR. On the other hand, my mum put her stats into WIS, MAG and AGI. Doomwing's physical stats vary on his body shape, so he dumped everything on WIS and MAG. Sasaki took the chance to improve his INT and WIS, though he saved most of his points.

I also taught Sasaki how to use [Mana Step] which should solve his reach issues should he get attacked by supernatural beings for whatever reason.

I didn't sleep last night, and instead I worked on gathering materials and building the necessary production machines for the inventions to be unveiled whilst I'm gone. Thanks to my [I AM MAD SCIENTIST] title I ended up making more stuff than I imagined.

Like say, a watch with a built in GPS and laser beam. Which I used the Rolex watch I got from the zombies for. My dad loved that gift by the way.

I used the [Spirit Cloths] dropped from the monsters from the [Ghost] dungeon to make a mentally controllable cloth weapon. Which I gave to my mum. It can change shape and colour through its originally translucent. Thank you various magical tool creation techniques and Rank C [Item Construction].

Sasaki got his Adamantium Nodachi, along with a bullet and magic resistant Hakama.

Plus I managed to finish one of Doomwing's planned mystic code. The [Yellow Claws of Mortality] which I named after [Gae Buidhe: Yellow Rose of Mortality]. To anyone else it would look like a pair of yellow eagle shaped claws. Its real use is for Doomwing to attach it to his legs in eagle form and swoop down from the sky at high speeds and clawing enemies. Of course, since it's based on [Gae Buidhe] I made sure I gave it a similar curse. Like [Gae Buidhe] the curse in the claws is passive, however its conceptual rank as a curse is only about a third as strong as [Gae Buidhe]. If I were to put it in game terms, it would lower a person's max HP on hit, limiting healing and regenerative abilities to the point where the injury is received. Overall I would Rank it as maybe E+ on the scale. Once I get my [Item Construction] to a higher rank and learn a proper [Cursing] skills then I should be able to make a better mystic code.

In addition, I found that I could use [Alteration] on my face and bones to change its structure. It hurts like hell, but damn if it wasn't worth it. I spent the time making my face squarer and rougher looking, specifically I tried to imitate Archer's face. After that I managed to make hair colour changing potions which I used to change my hair colour to white. Once you can make something like that, making a potion for tanning your skin, altering your voice and changing your eye colour to black was no problem at all.

I can't travel around the world doing vigilante and superhuman stuff as Hyoudou Issei. So I'll will need a cover identity, and what better cover identity than the person I have the most similar skill set to, Heroic Spirit EMIYA. I'll like to people try to prove that Hyoudou Issei has been going around the world as some tanned skin, white haired, Asian looking man in black armor and red half overcoat. Most likely people will just think I'm some crazy cosplayer that wants to be an Ally of Justice.

I know that Sona and the student council already saw the costume, but then again I plan to have Doomwing impersonate me so even if they were to have suspicions they won't be able to prove anything to anyone but themselves.

On a side note, I managed to unlock the [Time control barriers] as part of my ID create, currently it's at a ratio of 2:1 barrier to real time. Hurray for more abuse.

*Sunday evening*

I have everything I needed prepared. I have learnt dozens of languages overnight, in addition to learning to create boundary fields using [Boundary Field Creation] magecraft. I put a simple alarm type that senses animosity around the house, after that Doomwing can simply alert me through our mental connection and I can get back in minutes should anything happen.

I spent Sunday training, arming my parents, preparing to purchase a new house, sparring with Sasaki and informing Aika about my plans. Although she sounded a bit pissed that I totally disregarded any advice to have fun but she still wished me luck.

I exchange some of my cash gained from my dungeon adventures to US dollars and stuff it into my inventory. Part of me seriously wanted to spend my stat points to see if I will get more skills at a base of 100, but I rather get that through training than spending my stat points.

After getting my hair cut to a similar look like Archer's I bought lots if hair gel and spiked it up. Once I was satisfied with my look, I said my goodbyes and jumped up high in the skies while wrapping the [Hades's Cap of invisibility] on my arm.

Although feel like I'm forgetting something…. Oh yeah, the [Reputation] menu, I better go check it.

... Well then… Ahahaha I feel like an idiot now…. Looks like the Harem King plan might work out after all. But, that can wait, I decided to try my luck making the world a better place. My inventions will help me build up some influence and popularity on the normal side of society, but since I have the power to take action against evil I damn well should use it. I can always enjoy life a little later.

*Third last week of the academic year, Friday*

Sona Sitri stared at the chessboard in front of her, with her hand on her chin. Her opponent had already left the room a couple of minutes ago but she had remained, going over on how she lost to Issei Hyoudou at a chess.

Well in actuality, it wasn't Issei Hyoudou she lost to, but a homunculus, shikigami, android hybrid impersonating Issei Hyoudou. Not like she knew that. Not like knowing your opponent was essentially a computer with sentience would have helped.

Sona knew that the loophole in the agreement was to not talk or imply anything about the meeting on that day itself, through if she got him to show anything out of the ordinary any other day she could inform her sister Serafall about that, and her friend Rias as well, through the latter is of secondary because she would rather not have to deal with an angry Rias. After all, Rias called dibs on approaching Hyoudou Issei first.

Most of the week proved quite difficult when it came to getting a hold of Hyoudou Issei as he released another new ceramic to the world on Monday, this time a flexible and strong ceramic. Which strength and toughness rival's the strongest man-made nanomaterials without being brittle. It would inevitably be used as insulators, more durable light weight cars and bullet proof armour. Through Hyoudou had pushed it for use for peaceful purposes only. Thus this made it difficult to get a hold of Hyoudou throughout the week.

An opportunity came when he decided on this Friday to visit the Chess Club, which he played against all the members at once and won while facing multiple opponents. The chess club president then went to get Souna Shitori as whilst she was not a member of the Chess Club, was without a doubt the best chess player in the school, and they really wanted to get someone to beat Issei, since they couldn't stand losing to someone formerly part of the perverted trio, despite his recent accomplishments.

But well that opportunity was lost. On the other hand, she noticed that the man's aura was certainly different, though she couldn't put her finger on it.

As she was returning to the student council room she couldn't help but hear about the gossip that had been going around.

Specifically about a tanned skinned, white haired Asian looking man in black armour and red overcoat.

Apparently the man calls himself 'Archer' and has so far busted 2 sex trafficking rings, one in China and one in Japan. Without killing any of the criminals whilst rescuing the victims and leading the police to them. Accounts from the people involved described his appearance and how he used martial arts to incapacitate everyone with blinding speed, though not much more information could be gleaned.

Sona sat back at her chair at the student council room and googled 'Archer red overcoat black body armour', she found that the first few search results showed the exact armour Hyoudou Issei had worn in their meeting last Friday.

"Tsubaki, can you get our familiars to monitor Hyoudou-san?" Sona asked her vice-president and Queen.

As she gave the order, she continues to research this 'Archer' of the Type-Moon wiki, it was quite clear to her that the Hyoudou Issei wouldn't go out of the way to challenge an entire club just to apparently 'Rekt some scrubs' as some students heard him say. Put two and two together it would be quite obvious that it was an imposter all things considered. Well, that being obvious only applies to Sona and her peerage since no one else would know a certain someone sports the very same armour and would have similar sword spamming abilities.

Unknowingly Sona would end up delving into the deep lore of the Nasuverse in the name of trying to find out more of the magician named Hyoudou Issei. And in the end, it won't actually help her deal with him very much at all.

*Second last week of the academic year, Friday*

*News headlines*


A drug dealer had attempted to flee from a drug bust resulting in a high speed pursuit. However, the chase was ended quickly as the vigilante 'Archer' had apparently jumped from an intersection above the highway where the chase was taking place and landed on the drug dealer's car.

Eye-witnesses, namely nearby drivers allegedly saw 'Archer' punching through the front screen of the car and knocking out the driver, then hijacking the vehicle and stopping it safely at the side of the road.

The police had tried to detain 'Archer' for questioning but had lost him in a manner of seconds. The only words he had said were: "I happened to be in the area, so I had to help out".

The vigilante known as 'Archer' has so far taken down 4 sex trafficking rings, 3 narcotic rings, stopped a smuggling operation and resolved 3 missing persons cases across Asia in the past 2 weeks.

He is well known to wear black body armour and a red overcoat. Criminals that have been apprehended by the man have showed that he sometimes carried around 2 black and white short swords. He has distinct spiked up white hair, tanned skin and Asian features. The man had left no DNA on any site he has been, along with no fingerprint marks and facial recognition technology has failed to find any matches.

If anything, he has long been known to have matched a fictional character also named 'Archer' with the exact same features, with the exception of the vigilante being shorter. Through it is unknown whether he actually has superhuman abilities. Although some accounts by the criminals he had taken part in subjugating swore they saw him cutting and deflecting bullets with his blades as well as leaving sonic booms as he moved.

*Scene Break*

At the side of the text of the article was pictures captured of the incident as well as a clear full body high resolution picture taken of 'Archer', apparently a civilian managed to grab a good photo with a camera on hand.

Aika and 'Hyoudou Issei' watched with amusement as they saw the girls of the class fawning over the picture of 'Archer' who they decided to also nickname 'The Red Man'.

Doomwing as 'Hyoudou Issei' had been replicating his father's cooking recipes, and whilst they are roughly 80% as good as his father's cooking it was more than sufficient to bring much pleasure to the classroom.

The rest of lunchtime for 'Hyoudou Issei's' class was passed between enjoying the brilliant food and talking about 'Archer'. Especially since 'Archer' the fictional character origins were Japanese, it was especially popular to think the man originated somewhere in Japan as well. Some even thought that the Heroic Spirit was reincarnated into the world.

Details from those saved or helped by 'Archer' as well as criminals he fought helped further shaped what the public thought of the man.

So far, all of 'Archer's' work had not taken any lives and ended quickly in minimum bloodshed. At most there were broken bones and a decapitated limb or two. Apparently he had also treated the wounds of those he injured more severely.

As for those he rescued, they describe him as using an indifferent and sarcastic tone in most cases, through if he sees someone hurt he becomes very caring for a while.

The man also could speak all languages, though he would always introduce himself as 'Archer' in English. The vigilante had apparently also apologised to the people he rescued for not arriving sooner and for not being able to do more. Some of the victims helped by 'Archer' said he gave them money to get them back up their feet, usually around a few thousands of US$. Which made people believe that 'Archer' was some young rich billionaire.

Not like anyone would find young rich Asian looking people with enough time on their hands to cosplay as an 'Ally of Justice' going round the world fighting crime and finding missing people.

Well, 'anyone' doesn't really included the Kuoh Academy student council, whose members occasionally drop by a certain classroom to both indulge in a certain billionaire's cooking and occasionally dropping obvious hints to get him to react.

"Don't you think that Archer guy is about your height Hyoudou-kun?" Tomoe Meguri asked while poking 'Hyoudou Issei's' shoulder and munching on the croquettes made by him.

"Now that I think about it, you're quite muscular, though I wonder why you hide those muscles." Tsubasa Yura said as she eyed the high schooler chest.

At this point Sona's peerage was certain that someone was impersonating Issei whilst he was going around doing he stuff. So for the past week, Doomwing had familiars and at least 1 of Sona's servants tailing him. While he had a copy of the [Hades's Cap of invisibility] it was not used much since staying scene will provide Hyoudou Issei an alibi.

Doomwing, of course, would not give any indication that he was privy to them knowing about his role. And played stupid or used the 'busy making ground-breaking research' excuse.

*Last week of the academic year, Thursday*


The young genius Hyoudou Issei has done it again, this time releasing an advance text and speech translation program. It can identify speech and text of dozens of language while maintaining an accurate translation regardless different sentence structures and many other common translation issues faced by services like Google Translate. The creator intends to copyright the program and sell its services to news stations, MMORPG companies, online news sites and social media.

In other news, Hyoudou Issei had set up a website called ArcherHelpme in order to showcase how the program can translate multiple languages to a user's preferred language accurately. The young man also joked that people that needs the vigilante 'Archer's' help might as well give it a shot and post their problems.

*Scene Break*

"Whewww, the paperwork's finally done." Jinoza Hyoudou, the father of Issei let out a sigh in relief as he finally dealt with the paper work to make a company to deal with the business that his son will be involved in.

Through he made the company most of the business would be handled by his son.

He had also quit his job since his son transferred a lot of money into his account. Now being able to live a life of luxury he's not quite sure what to do right now. Besides going on a luxurious vacation with his wife.

Sasaki had already moved out of the Hyoudou household to his recently renovated dojo, though he visits the house very often.

Mika Hyoudou had quit her part-time jobs due to their increase in wealth.

He looked at the newspaper and smiled at what his son had achieved, both as 'Archer' and Hyoudou Issei.

From what Doomwing had told him, it seemed that his son felt overwhelmed by the amount of conflicts and problems of the world. He barely did any training at all with so much to do all around the world.

This week he had jumped back and forth Europe and Australia, doing his usual rescuing of kidnapped people, stopping drug operations and also had begun to publicly leak out evidence of police corruption. Which he gained through research and lots of hacking. He used mass produced Shikigami's in order to help scout and look for people. He had also made use of [Structural Grasp] check buildings for hidden rooms. Using [Spirit Phase] he could easily enter any area.

All three were glad every time they heard of Issei's exploits. Although Sasaki had cautioned that there will be a point where Issei would kill, either because he is forced to, or by accident or for pragmatic reasons. The parents had already accepted that their son will kill eventually, though they already resolved themselves that they will love him regardless.

*First week of Spring Break, Saturday*

*A Summary on an online news site*


An American family had posted about their teenage daughter that went missing days ago, they were desperate and decided to make a serious post on the website while providing as much information as they could.

In about a day, 'Archer' had appeared with their daughter in front of their doorstep and had already contacted the police to arrest her kidnappers. He left immediately after reuniting the family.

-read more details

And with that, the website mentioned started to fill with actual posts instead of troll requests.

*Week 2 of Spring Break, Wednesday*

*News headings*





*Week 3 Spring Break, Friday*


The Vigilante 'Archer' has sighted and has been involved in the ongoing war against drugs in Latin America for the past week. In the week 'Archer' has been responsible for the deaths of over a dozen violent drug cartel members, and the capture of hundreds. Experts believe that 'Archer' has decided on more lethal methods as the there are many infrastructure weaknesses in Latin America when it comes to the Justice system.

This culminated when a drug cartel leader that 'Archer' had been believed to be targeting was killed through the use of said WMD. Video footage showed what was thought to be a shooting star, was actually a glowing WMD of some sort. The weapon was shot in the direction of the drug lord's villa many kilometres outside the nearest town.

While the CIA and the government of the city had launched investigations into the drug lord they had yet to take action against him. Most believed that this was an attempt to strike crippling fear into the crime lords although the most likely explanation is that he saw it as a method to sacrifice a few to save more, likely in the belief that by killing the few he would save more in the long term. This explanation is based on the assumption that the vigilante's motives were based on the fictional character 'Archer' from the Fate/Stay Night series.

The fireball radius was estimated to be around 200 meters wide and air burst radius was an estimate of 1.8km, equivalent on the Hiroshima blast radius. However, investigations showed no radiation on the blast sight, the heat had also dissipated quickly.

The only people living in the area were the drug lord, his family, a few members and mostly his bodyguards. It is likely that no unrelated individual was killed.

The area had been declared a prohibited zone for the public. The trajectory of the WMD flight patterned was traced to the top of a hill with a clear shot to the villa.

World Leaders have declared 'Archer' as a dangerous international criminal.

*At a certain Kuoh Academy old building*

If anything, Archer's latest actions have certainly caused some of his former supporters to swap over to the other camp.

Not so for a certain crimson haired High-Class female devil.

"It's Caladbolg! Akeno! It's got to be Caladbolg!" said the beautiful high class devil to her queen in the confines of the Occult Research Clubroom, which was actually the base of operations for the peerage of Rias Gremory.

Although the room has lately been littered with torn article pages, pictures of the vigilante 'Archer' and a world map with lots of pins tracking Archer's activities.

If anything, it looks less like an Occult Research Club and more like an 'Archer' research club.

"Ara Ara, to think that Buchou liked the mass destruction types." Her queen, Akeno Himejima, a black-haired beauty responded to her master's excitement.

Ever since the emergence of the man that called himself 'Archer', Rias Gremory had been gushing like a rabid fangirl over any new pictures and news about the man.

Rias Gremory was both a Japanophile and an otaku. Archer had always been her favourite characters from the Fate series so it's no small wonder someone playing his role would have her attention. And she was 100% convinced that he was some sort of reincarnated heroic spirit or sent by Zelretch through the Kaleidoscope to her world.

She also happened to be a diehard supporter of his actions, never mind that being a devil they are much more prone to violence and scheming.

Her Knight Kiba Yuuto was more interested in if this 'Archer' was a master swordsman like the fictional character, he wasn't one to think that he was a reincarnated EMIYA or anything.

Her Rook Koneko didn't particularly care too much.

And whilst her queen didn't show much interest, she definitely did think of how wonderful either dominating or being dominated by 'Archer' might have been at times. She was after all the world's biggest sadist in combat and also a big masochist.

It was spring break and the only ones that stayed in school during the break were those with supplementary classes, the student council and the occult research club members, as the latter two were the devil's bases of operation.

Either way, the two devil groups don't tend to interact with each other to not draw too much attention. It was however still a surprise for Rias to find her friend Sona and the rest of her peerage arriving for a visit.

And to her surprise Sona had told her that it would be the best that we give up on approaching Hyoudou Issei and about how he already found out of the supernatural through meeting Sona. While she was certainly angry that Sona went behind their agreement to let her approach Issei first, she was more concerned with his apparent rejection of any offers. And also about his threat of raining swords on us if we were to manipulate humans without good cause, if anything that comment bugged her a lot more.

Thus Rias kept pressing Sona for her reasons but she wouldn't answer no matter what. Although in the end she got her answer from Sona's newest pawn.

"It's because Hyoudou Issei and that 'Archer' is the same person. They have the same outfit and same superhuman abilities afterall."

"Saji, you idiot! She would have figured it out eventually!" Sona shouted at Saji, since Saji essentially broke to geis conditions.

The rest of Sona's peerage looked pitifully at Saji.

"Its ok Gen-chan, I'm sure he's not gay" said Hanakai Momo as she patted Saji's shoulder to reassure him somewhat.

"Eh? What's going on?" Rias said in confusion.

"Ahh, Saji-kun broke the rules Hyoudou Issei set for us when we met and… KYAAA!" Tomoe Meguri accidentally got caught up in the Q&A pace and joined Saji in his fate.

After that, Sona decided to just let Saji and Tomoe explain to the Gremory group about what had entailed since those two are already doomed anyway.

Unfortunately for Sona, instead of being perturbed by the fact that their recruitment target is a person of mass destruction on the level of an ultimate-class devil and an international criminal, Rias instead seemed much more eager to recruit him.

Apparently she's going to decide to approach him by starting of as friends, considering that was part of his message. At this point she decided to just head home.

Tomoe and Saji would then spend their time fearing what Hyoudou Issei will do to them, not knowing he would just use [Rule Breaker] to sever the contract and even if that didn't work, he still wouldn't take advantage of them.

*At a certain Grigori office*

"So our scouts have confirmed the blast for magical in origin, hmmm…" A fallen angel with black hair and golden bangs stared at the human news report as well as the report from their fallen angels that investigated the site.

Unknown to Hyoudou Issei, the fallen angels had technologies to roughly scan for Sacred Gear wielders.

The time period where the Hyoudou Issei in Kuou town happened to no longer showed up on those scans happen to coincide with a man with the emergence of 'Archer'.

Which the fallen angel governor did not see as a mere coincidence.

"Seems like it would be better to wait for him to get back to his home, can't catch him when he's going all around the world." said Azazel to no one in particular.

Considering that Hyoudou Issei happened to be a fellow research fanatic, he was sure they would get along well enough. And if he's actually Archer then there would be more than enough reason to try to persuade him to join the Grigori.

*Elsewhere on Earth*

"This man… Archer… see if you can find him Georg, he's definitely human. Even if he doesn't have a Sacred Gear, he may well be one of the strongest humans we can find."

"Leave it to me, Cao Cao."

*At a different dimension hidden on an island in the middle of a lake*

"His successor has been busy ~ he's working so hard ~ it brings back memories doesn't it?" A woman with long light green hair said to the unidentifiable mass of energy shaped like a human in a singing tone.

"I was sure you would be angry at the unnecessary destruction, Gaia." The human-shaped energy being replied.

"There's always worse ~ at least there was no radiation ~ In any case ~ you would be meeting him first ~ right?"

"I will, though I wonder if giving myself a name representative of my being might make it easier for him to listen to me… I suppose the closest name that he would find familiar would be… Alaya… so long as he remains with that ability I will be called Alaya. Ahhh, my time runs short here, send my regards to the Lady of the Lake for allowing us to meet in Avalon." And then the human-shaped energy vanished from the realm.

"Will do Alaya-chan ~ Ah! Is it a woman's name or a man's name?" The representative of the planet got stumped on an irrelevant topic.

*Scene Break*

It was the last week of spring break, a Saturday morning.

Issei's parents woke up to the news that 'Archer' had apparently massacred the top military leaders of North Korea and also executed its leader with his black and white twin swords. When they were about to continue to watch the news about the implications of their son's actions they heard someone coming in from the front door.

They walked to the entrance and saw their son, not as 'Archer', while he may have been in the outfit he was back to his original appearance, hair spiked up notwithstanding.

They saw a man that was so, so weary. Doomwing had told them that he was overwhelmed with what he was doing to the point he had not slept in weeks. Apparently having [Gamer's Mind] allowed his mind to operate flawlessly without sleep.

But they could see he was tired, his brain may not be weary. But his soul and spirit were weary. They also saw that he held fear in his eyes. Fear of rejection from his parents, clearly he thought his parents would not condone his actions.

But he thought wrong. His parents embraced him and said, "Welcome home, son." They didn't need to remind him that they loved him. As much as he was an idiot to social interaction it was impossible for him to not to see that he was loved and accepted no matter what he had done.

Even though he regretted not being able to do more, even though he regretted not being able to do better. At this moment, the regret was replaced with a warmth he hadn't felt in a long time. He smiled with all that he had, and said, "I'm home."

Even if a certain fallen angel governor would come knocking at his door tonight, even if a certain red-haired devil will be pestering him for days to come, and even if forces would conspire against him.

He would resolve himself no matter how many regrets he might pile up along the way. If his parents could be proud of him despite all he had done, then he could certainly hold his head up high and continue to forge onwards.

*Chapter End*

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