Warning: I'm going to lapse into Troperese sometimes. I'll try to make sure it's still comprehensible, though.

Warning: Spoilers for all involved works.

RWBY has Loads and Loads of Characters. Worm has Loads and Loads of Characters. Shards has Loads and Loads of (minor) Original Characters on top of the source materials' characters, including some Chekhov's Gun-men. Hopefully, this document will help keep things comprehensible.

This list is alphabetized. Real names and pseudonyms are alphabetized by surname, as are families. Nicknames, codenames, and usernames are alphabetized by the first character; locations and organizations follow the same rule, except that words such as "the" are ignored.

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Aster Acea: Doctor and herbalist of Meadow-Creek. Middle-aged.

Paul Acea: Nephew of Aster Acea. Orphaned; tries to distance himself from her aunt these days, but still has a talent with plants.

Dinah Alcott: Niece of the mayor of Brockton Bay. Possesses powerful precognitive abilities.

Alec: AKA Regent, Jean-Paul Vasil. Name assumed by Jean-Paul Vasil. Member of the Undersiders. Possesses the ability to manipulate the nervous systems of humans, usually allowing him to disrupt their movements but also granting the ability to control people, given a sufficient quantity of time with said person restrained to allow him to "learn the controls". Trigger event: Caused by Nikos Vasil, his father. Lazy, rude, clinical sociopath. Son of Nikos Vasil, in a relationship with Aisha Laborn. Weapon: Used to use a scepter with a concealed taser.

Walta Arthur: Absolutely nothing. See Taylor Hebert.

Minerva Ayala Aurelius: Small child of undefined age in Meadow-Creek. Possesses an aura which can manifest itself as a visible, yellow repulsive force, for protection, retaliation, or propulsion. Wants to become a Huntress. Friends and possibly future teammates with Rinus Blecher, Amara Gray, and Alice Niles. Weapon: A wooden toy rifle.

Banesaw: Fan nickname for a White Fang lieutenant seen in a couple episodes of RWBY. See Pierre Delany; see also the White Fang.

Rinus Blecher: Child in Meadow-Creek. Wants to become a Huntsman. Friends and possibly future teammates with Minerva Aurelius, Amara Gray, and Alice Niles.

Adelaide Biancardi: Absolutely nothing. See Mael de Rege.

Barker: Underling of Bitch. Capable of generating clouds of smoke, which he could "detonate".

Bitch: Rachel Lindt's chosen codename. See Rachel Lindt.

Biter: Underling of Bitch. Capable of increasing the size of any part of his body. Name comes from a piece of headgear which resembles a bear trap, which can be enlarged along with his jaw to deliver powerful bites.

Blaine: Remnan beagle. Afraid of people, but violent when cornered. See also Rachel Lindt.

Bonesaw: Codename of Riley. Biological tinker in the Slaughterhouse Nine. Like her teammates, insane and sociopathic.

Boris: Remnan mutt, terrier-ish. Small but stubborn. See also Rachel Lindt.

Brockton Bay: The setting of Worm. A moderate-sized city, notable for having a high density of parahumans.

Ignatius Carboni: Bartender at Junior's club. Short-tempered, poor self-image. Wants to be a bouncer.

Carmine:Xiong cousin. DJ at Junior's nightclub.

Cherish: Codename of Cherie Vasil. See Cherie Vasil.

Coil: Supervillain in Brockton Bay, employing the Undersiders, the Travelers, and several independent villains. Possessed the ability to "split" reality into two, one in which he did one thing and another where he did another, discarding the one which turned out more poorly. Was trying to take over Brockton Bay, and nearly successful. Killed by Taylor Hebert, ironically not long after he faked his death.

Pierre Delany: Member of the White Fang. Family worked in a Dust-processing plant run by the Schnee family until it was attacked by the White Fang three years prior to the start of the story. Clever, strong, and determined enough that he rose relatively quickly through the ranks of the White Fang, and will likely become an officer soon. Currently running a warehouse owned by the White Fang. Hates the Schnees. Weapon: A chainsaw. See also the White Fang.

Rue Delany: Younger sister of Pierre Delany.

Odel Downer: Employee of Junior's. Slightly craven.

Flechette: Lily's heroic codename. See Lily.

Foil: The codename Lily intended to adopt upon leaving the Wards. She didn't really get a chance to do so. See Lily.

Nina Gagnon: Absolutely nothing. See Rachel Lindt.

Amara Gray: An orphan in Meadow-Creek. Wants to become a Huntress. Friends and possibly future teammates with Minerva Aurelius, Rinus Blecher, and Alice Niles.

Grue: Codename of Brian Laborn. See Brian Laborn.

Hagel family: A rich Atlesian family, many members of which hold notable positions in the Hagel Smelting Corporation. (Because one corporation which exploits faunus isn't enough, am I right?)

Hasenkamp family: Large family in Meadow-Creek. They farm, and sometimes rent their spare rooms to travelers.

Piroska Hasenkamp: Distant cousin of the "main" generation of Hasenkamps. Works for them, generally doing errands; she feels a bit distant from the family due to not being part of the same nuclear cluster.

Heartbreaker: Codename of Nikos Vasil. See Nikos Vasil.

Taylor Hebert (pronounced heebert): AKA Skitter. Protagonist of Worm. Member of the Undersiders. Possesses the ability to control bugs and use their senses, plus enhanced multitasking. Trigger event: Being stuffed in a locker full of all sorts of filth that had been sitting for a month or so, as part of a history of bullying, in part by what turned out to be the civilian identity of one Shadow Stalker, a member of the Wards. Ascended through the Undersider's ranks due to her intelligence, resourcefulness, and ruthlessness; currently acting leader of the Undersiders, one of Rachel Lindt's few friends, and in a relationship with Brian Laborn. Weapons: Has used a collapsible baton, a large knife, and pepper spray, and also knows some about fighting with her bare fists courtesy of Brian Laborn, but mainly fights through increasingly creative use of bugs.

Hellhound: Official codename of Rachel Lindt. See Rachel Lindt.

Raluca Holub: Former leader of the White Fang. Favored peaceful methods.

Rini Houtman: Member of Madson's Huntsman team. Possesses large-scale terra- and botanokinesis. Elderly but lively, eccentric, and mysterious; as far as anyone knows, he's lived deep in the woods all his life. Weapon: A simple wooden staff, and the aforementioned Shaker abilities.

Imp: Codename of Aisha Laborn. See Aisha Laborn.

Junior: AKA Hei Xiong. Runs the Xiong crime family in Vale. More suited to handling business than criminal politics and such.

Olivia Kennard: Member of the White Fang. Poor, unemployed Valish citizen; joined the White Fang in part for change, in part for employment. Worked as a guard before her work ethic and loyalty caught the attention of Pierre Delany. Lacks confidence and a bit of a perfectionist, but otherwise a decent leader. Notable subordinate of Pierre Delany. See also White Fang.

Aisha Laborn: AKA Imp. Member of the Undersiders. Possesses the ability to force memories of her out of observers' minds; long-term memories return, but this still allows her to be essentially undetected—to the point that she literally stabbed Bonesaw in the eye without any of the Nine (except Cherish; see next sentence) noticing her. Exotic senses, such as Cherish's emotion sense and the ability of Grimm to sense humans, are not affected by this power; however, she can actively use it to wipe short-term memories, such as with Nero. Younger sister of Brian Laborn; in a relationship with Jean-Paul Vasil. Weapons: Likes knives.

Brian Laborn: AKA Grue. Member of the Undersiders. Possessed the ability to generate large amounts of darkness that also muffled sound, various forms of radiation, and certain superpowers. After a second trigger, the speed at which he generates darkness was reduced (making it difficult to blanket entire blocks in darkness as he had done in the past), but it now moves faster and not only are its power-dampening properties generalized and enhanced, but he can now actually copy powers. Trigger events: Some event involving defending his sister from his mother's boyfriend (it's kept vague), and then being helpless to save Taylor from Bonesaw (due to having been vivisected by Bonesaw—he got better). Also a big, muscular guy, who learned a bit of a bunch of martial arts, including boxing courtesy of his father. Former acting leader of the Undersiders, elder brother of Aisha Laborn, and in a relationship with Taylor Hebert. Weapons: Right and left hooks.

Lily (no surname given): AKA Flechette, Foil. Former member of the Wards, lieutenant of a semi-official member of the Undersiders for several hours before they were sent to Remnant; starting to regret her choice. Possesses the ability to "charge" items (fastest with metallic ones, but possible with others, such as cloth), making them unaffected by any force for a certain amount of time. Possesses secondary power granting her an enhanced sense of timing, which among other things lets her precisely time her primary power so the projectile is left sticking out of the target rather than completely piercing it and the various buildings and innocent civilians behind the target. Wildbow's Word of God states that she is an orphan, which lets her easily be moved to any city which needs some muscle; Brockton Bay was such a city. In a relationship with Sabah. Weapon: Used an arlabest containing a notable amount of tinker tech.

Lina: Remnan rottweiler. Large scar over left half of head. Aggressive. See also Rachel Lindt.

Rachel Lindt: AKA Bitch, Hellhound. Member of the Undersiders. Possesses the ability to transform canines she touches into large creatures, mainly made of nonliving organic matter but with a sac in the middle, containing both fluid and the body of the dog. These creatures have no skin, instead being covered in tough muscle and plates and spines of bone. As a secondary power, her psychology was altered to be more canine, allowing her to interact with her dogs more naturally. Trigger event: Being forced to watch her stray dog trapped in the pool to drown by her foster mother, causing the dog to transform and attack her foster family. Semi-feral child, rescued by child protective services before being sent to a number of ill-fitting foster homes. Her lack of education and social skills was not in any way helped by being a homeless fugitive or by her secondary power; she has great difficulty interacting with other human beings in a non-hostile manner and can barely read or write. Essentially her only true friend is Taylor Hebert. Weapons: Fists and dogs.

Sharrue Lutetia: Equine faunus; was a servant for a Valish council member, then fired. The White Fang accepted him as a member, intending for him to mostly be a messenger and courier, but he eventually convinced them to let him be a warrior.

Arthur Madson: Unofficial Huntsman. Second son of a family of rich Valish merchants. Heavily wounded in a duel at a young age (he got revenge), but wished to become a Huntsman anyways. Found three like-minded individuals. Stubborn but persuasive. Weapons: Fathersblood the Classic Steel-Bladed Sword, plus Dust grenades.

Melanie Malachite: Employee of Junior's, Militades's twin.

Militades "Militia" Malachite: Employee of Junior's, Melanie's twin.

Meadow-Creek: Village near the edge of Vale's Civilized Zone.

Min: Nickname used by Minerva Aurelius. See Minerva Ayala Aurelius.

Napolini family: A family of mouse faunus who moved from Meadow-Creek to Vale at the same time as the Undersiders went there, to join the White Fang.

Lily Napolini: A young mouse faunus with pink hair and eyes.

Nardi Brak: Member of Arthur Madson's Huntsman team. Born on eastern islands near Vacuo; was an adviser for a time before fleeing to Vale. Arrogant and abrasive, known to insult people at the slightest excuse. Weapon: Lightning Wit the Folding-Bladed Sniper Staff.

Nero: Codename used by a minor villain seen in one of the epilogue chapters of Worm. Aisha Laborn confused his name with Nemo, causing her to wipe his short-term memories of several fish puns.

Alice Niles: Child in Meadow-Creek. Wishes to become a Huntress. Friends and possibly future teammates with Minerva Aurelius, Rinus Bletcher, and Amara Gray.

Ovid Oak: Not a professor, sadly. Animal-lover with a wide variety of pets; keeps sheep. Hired Nina Gagnon during her time in Meadow-Creek.

Monty Oum: The guy who wrote RWBY.

Parian: Codename of Sabah. See Sabah.

Mael de Rege: Pseudonym chosen by Jean-Paul Vasil to blend in with Remnant society. See Alec.

Regent: Codename of Jean-Paul Vasil. See Alec.

Ruby Rose: Huntress-in-training. Half-sister of Yang Xiao Long.

Summer Rose: Huntress in Vale. Deceased. Mother of one Huntress, stepmother of another.

Sabah (no canonical surname): Semi-official member of the Undersiders. Possesses telekinesis, but limited to small objects unless she can "soak" it into the weave of a material; typically manipulated thread and cloth, often creating what appear to be walking stuffed animals. Trigger event: The worst of a string of bad nights spent alone, stewing in frustration, in the wake of both dealing with a persistent boy and her father's death by heart attack (mostly the latter). Basra native who moved to Brockton Bay in high school along with her family. Studied (first math and engineering, then fashion) at Brockton Bay's college, which went through the entire story without being named. In a relationship with Lily.

Raul Sangua: Member of Arthur Madson's Huntsman team. Vacuoan; worked in Atlas, first as a soldier then as a fencing teacher, before coming to the Vale region on Madson's request. Weapon: Sword the Multi-Action Dust Rapier. (He has been accused of being uncreative, but claims he is merely describing what it is.)

Schnee family: A rich Atlesian family, many members of which hold notable positions in the Schnee Dust Corporation.

Siegfried Schnee: Patriarch of the Schnee family and CEO of the Schnee Dust Corporation.

Remus Schreier: Shepherd in Meadow-Creek.

Shu Li: Left-hand man of Junior. Rebellious.

Skitter: Codename of Taylor Hebert. Assigned by the PRT. See Taylor Hebert.

Najwa Sturm: Absolutely nothing. See Regina Sturm.

Rajnish Sturm: Absolutely nothing. See Brian Laborn.

Regina Sturm: Absolutely nothing. See Aisha Laborn.

Tanin Dagmar: Absolutely nothing. As with Lie Ren and some real-world Eastern cultures, the surname comes first. See Lily.

Tattletale: Codename of Lisa Wilbourn. See Lisa Wilbourn.

Tt: Username used by Lisa Wilbourn on Parahumans Online. Likely a throwaway account. See Lisa Wilbourn.

Tukson (only one name known): Owner of Tukson's Book Trade and member of the White Fang. Dissatisfied with the direction the White Fang has taken of late, and wants to get out; working up the courage to leave.

Undersiders, the: A group of teenaged (mostly) supervillains (some only technically) and their subordinates. Arranged by Coil as part of his plan to take over the city. (It should be noted that the other team he hired, the Travelers, was also composed of teenagers, and that Dinah, likely among his greatest assets, was also a minor.) The first three members were Bitch, Grue, and Regent (order of recruitment unknown), followed by Tattletale; these committed several crimes before being joined by Skitter (then unnamed), who intended to infiltrate them; she lost heart a couple of times, but rejoined regardless. After Leviathan attacked Brockton Bay, Grue's younger sister triggered and joined as Imp. Skitter recruited Parian as an associate. They had three subordinate capes: Barker and Biter under Bitch, and Flechette (rechristened Foil) under Parian, who offered to join as a lieutenant. Skitter, Grue, Tattletale, Bitch, Regent, Imp, Parian, and Foil are the main protagonists of Shards. See also Alec, Taylor Hebert, Aisha Laborn, Brian Laborn, Rachel Lindt, Lily, Sabah, Lisa Wilbourn.

Vale: One of four kingdoms in Remnant. Notable for being a mercantile and cultural center of the four kingdoms, due to its central location and gregarious traditions.

Cherie Vasil: AKA Cherish. Member of the Slaughterhouse Nine. Possesses the ability to temporarily alter emotions of those within a wide radius. Tried to have Regent killed by suggesting him as a candidate to the Slaughterhouse Nine. Daughter of Nikos Vasil, sister or half-sister of Jean-Paul Vasil. Weapons: Suicide.

Jean-Paul Vasil: Birth name of Regent. See Alec.

Nikos Vasil: AKA Heartbreaker. Possesses the ability to alter peoples' emotions, which gives him (among other things) an army of brainwashed beautiful women/consorts, an easy life, and an easy way to discipline his children. Villain in Toronto. Father of Cherie and Jean-Paul Vasil, as well as a few other parahumans and several unpowered children. Do not see also Pyrrha Nikos.

Amund Volk: Current leader of the White Fang. Prefers violent tactics.

White Fang, the: Originally a group of faunus fighting for equal rights, until Raluca Holob stepped down and was replaced by Amund Volkov. Now, they are little but a group of terrorists, reaping fear where the old White Fang tried to sow love. Their efforts have resulted in some changes, but much greater hatred of the faunus. Notable for their actions against various corporations exploiting faunus labor.

Lisa Wilbourn: AKA Tattletale, Tt. Member of the Undersiders. Possesses what is effectively superhuman intuition, sufficient to allow her to (at one point) deduce a man's cell phone password by looking at him. Was recruited by Coil after Alec, Brian, and Rachel. Weapons: Has used pistols and grenades, and is also an expert at psychological warfare.

Ryan Wolan: Young hunter in Meadow-Creek. Wants to be a Huntsman.

Yang Xiao Long: Huntress-in-training. Aggressive and boisterous. Half-sister of Ruby Rose. Smashed Junior's club.

Hei Xiong: Real name of the crime lord known as Junior. See Junior.

Zork: Remnan mutt, largely some kind of sheepdog. Dark fur. Trusting. See also Rachel Lindt.