"Cinder Fall," one said. "A sinister name, and she deserves it."

The other nodded, lost in thought.

"Apparently, her long-term goals involve overthrowing the Kingdoms and becoming a god—or close to it, in any case. But she'll never come close on her own. She's too focused on the future and the big picture to make good plans for any one step. She demands too much from people who work for or with her. The only people who are still willing to work with her are a pair of street rats. They're skilled, and so is Cinder herself, but they can't pull off anything near their goals on their own. But they could be what we're looking for."

The other shrugged.

"They have nothing but some level of talent and skill. They are anonymous, unknown. And they are ambitious—Cinder is, at least. We could help them. If Cinder had a clever, charismatic face for her operation, someone to make allies and plans for her, and perhaps someone skilled with covert operations...well, she could do great things. That would more or less solve her issues. Get some new legs for the boy, some decent weapons for the girl, and guidance for Cinder herself. It wouldn't be perfect, of course."

The other frowned.

"The potential issues depend on our approach. If we try to approach them from an apparently inferior position, pretending we'll work for her, Cinder may ask us to do things we don't want to do. However, if we approach from a superior position, asking her to work for us, I have no doubt she'd try to resist us. But I have a plan, or at least the seed of a couple."

The other raised an eyebrow.

"In the latter case, we could lie about what we want, try to direct her rebellious tendencies to lead her the direction we want her to go. In the former, we would need to avoid letting her know everything we could do, make sure she could only ask of us what we're willing to do for her. Do either those sound good to you? Both?"

The other paused, then nodded.

"Excellent. We both have work to get to, then."