A/N: This is probably a very unlikely crossover, but I LOVE the Blacklist and I LOVE Scorpion, and wanted to play around with how the teams might interact. So here you go.

No. 193: Alianovna Nikolai.

The slim, tall woman stepped into her bathroom. There were two showers, side-by-side, but one was for...well...special things. At least, special to her. She stripped her clothes, set the bloody and torn things in a plastic bag, and stepped into the first shower. Cranked on the handle. And let the mixture of fresh blood and hot water rain down on her. It was a twisted ritual; literally bathing in the blood of her latest victim, but she couldn't get enough of it. She remained there, letting the mess run over her; pound into her hair and stain the floor. The cleanup was dreadful, but so worth it. When the water ran dry, she stepped out of it and then into the other shower, which was connected to a separate, town-water supply. After, she got down to the work of bleaching both showers and every square inch in which she'd walked on. Dressed in a little black number. Dried her hair and curled it. And then waited to meet her next victim: Kenneth Mason.

"Lizzie, I have got the most intriguing case for you today!" Reddington strode up to the young woman, who was sitting on a park bench. She was staring at her cell phone with a mix of disgust and, dare he say, fear. "Agent Keen, did you hear me?"
"Oh - yes, I heard you." she nodded, setting her cell phone aside and pushing away the conversation she'd just had with her ex husband, Tom. "What twisted killer owes you something now?"
He gave a short, barking laugh. "Oh, Lizzie, today's list is far too long to elaborate upon. No, what I have for you today is a special case. Number one-ninety-three: Alianovna Nikolai. She's a modern-day black widow, and the only reason I was able to get any leads on this damsel at all was because of your ex husband, who proves to be worth something after all!"
"I know. He just called me, letting me know that you'd be here to talk to me. And he wants everyone in our department involved. Plus, this team within the FBI called the Scorpion unit? Headed by Cabe Gallo, if the name means anything to you."

Reddington nodded, playing with his fedora. "Ah, so Tom gave you the details?"
"Not really. He just said that she's incredibly elusive and dangerous. How did he even-never mind. I don't want to know." She shook her head and held a hand up. "But what do you know about the Scorpion unit?"
The man pursed his lips. "From what I hear, they're a team of geniuses located in California. Wonder how they'll take to traveling to D.C. Their team leader has an IQ of 197 - spectacularly high. You know that. They specialize in behavioral analysis and hacking, which will be very useful with this case."
"Why can't we just skip the hassle of calling these guys in, and just have our tech guys hack her?" Liz asked, her brows furrowing. Sure, Red had a tendency to throw his weight around; but would he really call in a special group of geniuses just to show his power?
He gave a short bark of laughter. "Oh, Lizzie, you don't just hack Ms. Nikolai. She has security systems like you wouldn't believe. Firewalls. Computer programs. Computers she built herself. Her own virus system. Her own viruses. She's a genius. It's all a game; stimulation for her mind. Even the murdering and the showering in her victim's blood."

"Happy, will you help me with my science project? I have the design, but I don't have the tools and some of the stuff is kind of heavy." Ralph stood before the black van, which she was perpetually working on. She was underneath it, working on the fuel pump.
Jumping in surprise at Ralph's sudden appearance, her forehead crashed up against the van's metal parts, and she had to bite her tongue to hold back the list of vulgar words she wanted to yell at the van. "Ah-uh, hey, Ralphie. Sure, I just need to fix this fuel pump first, buddy. Then we'll work on it, okay?"
"Okay. Did I frighten you?" he asked, peering underneath the van. "Sorry."
She bit her lip as she fought to loosen the pump. "Nah, that's fine, kid. Tell you what, can you hand me tools? I'll get done faster."
"Okay," he nodded and crouched beside the van, waiting for her next instructions.

Then the warehouse door slammed shut. "We've got a case, geniuses. Time to get going; we're headed for D.C. Get to meet one of the FBI's most wanted." Cabe Gallo announced, taking his sunglasses off in a slightly dramatic manner. It was safe to say he was eager to finally meet the man who'd been causing such uproar within the FBI for the past year or so.
Walter glanced up from the laptop he was rattling away at. "Raymond 'Red' Reddington?"
"You got it," Gallo nodded.
Toby jumped up, awe-stricken. "Finally. I've wanted to pick that man's brain apart since I heard about him years ago."
"We're not investigating him. We're investigating someone on his blacklist," Gallo omitted the eye roll he wanted to give the shrink.
"Still doesn't mean I can't evaluate him, even if merely from afar," Toby said melodramatically. "Right, Happy?"
She crawled out from under the van. "Not my problem if you're having problems with your man-crush," she said sarcastically, wiping her hands on her tight jeans.
"Wait, what mode of transportation are we using?" Sylvester spoke up.
"And how long will we be? I'll need to arrange babysitting for Ralph," Paige spoke up, getting up from the couch she sat at.

Gallo licked his lips. "We don't know how long, but probably a week or so. If you need to sit this one out, that's fine, Paige. And Sylvester, we'll be flying."
This was an immediate issue. "Flying? Isn't there another option? Maybe-I wouldn't be a very important part of the team this time, Gallo, maybe I'll-"
"Oh no," he shook his head. "You're coming with, Calculator."
"It'll be fine," Walter reassured him. "Statistically speaking, there are far more vehicle crashes than there are plane crashes."
"I know that," Sylvester said. "But you can at least control a car."
"Good point," Paige brought up. "I'm going to call his sitter. Be right back."

"Ralph, buddy, can we work on the project when we get back? When is it due?" Happy asked, turning to the boy at her side.
"In three weeks," he said. "But I wanted to get a head start on it."
"Okay," Happy nodded. "We'll still give you a two-week edge, at least. As soon as we get back, alright? Keep that brain working and try to figure out how much material we'll need. Got it?"
"Got it," he nodded and smiled up at her.
"We're already scheduled for the next flight," Gallo said, glancing at his watch. "Grab your gear and let's head out. Soon as Paige gets things set up with her sitter and takes Ralph to school, we'll go."
"Raymond Reddington," Toby sighed, shaking his head. "I can't believe this. This is stupendous. Who gets the opportunity to pick the brains of one of the FBI's most wanted?!"