Paige had never seen Walter break into a sweat trying to hack into a system before. Nonetheless, between Walter and Sylvester, the system was hacked.
"We're in!" Walter announced, but he didn't let his tense fingers leave the keyboard. "You need to find the GPS location now. I've only disabled the firewall for ten minutes. Then it's back to square one, and by then, your cover agent will be in there."
Aram immediately ducked his head, tapping furiously at his own computer. "Linking to your laptop now," he called, and Walter quickly disabled his own firewall.
"Okay, but go fast. If I leave my firewall down, her system's going to flood mine with viruses and then we're, well, screwed, for lack of a better word." Walter said, looking behind him to make sure that Aram knew the importance. Aram nodded and bent over his computer.
" it!" Aram announced, blurting out a series of numbers.
"Got that, Sly?" Cabe asked. Sly repeated the numbers back, and Aram, Liz, and Ressler traded impressed glances.
"Ladies and gentlemen, this is why we called in Scorpion. You see now, Lizzie?" Red asked.
"You didn't just so they could hack, did you? Red, that's-" Liz started, her eyes widening with disbelief.
"Of course not, dear. They'll be coming along tonight. The psychiatrist will come especially in handy." Red tossed Toby an assessing gaze, and as soon as his gaze left, Toby glanced towards Happy, giving a minimal gesture of surprise and awe.
"Do you need a moment?" Happy reached on tiptoe to whisper sarcastically in his ear.
"Way to ruin said moment," Toby said, acting offended.

"Alright, kids," Cabe announced. "Get your stuff picked up and we'll head out..."
"We're on a clock," Cooper called at the same time Cabe did. "Head out. Mr. Reddington has set a very tight schedule for all of us."

Three hours later, team Scorpion was piled into a single big black van, with Lizzie and Reddington. Meera and Ressler followed in a small car, which was parked behind the van. Alianova Nikolai lived on a large wooded property, which allowed the perfect opportunity to hide the vehicles unnoticed within range of the house. Meera and Ressler headed out, armed, to scout for the water wells or any incriminating evidence.
As soon as they left, Liz turned to Red. "I can't believe you. You're sending Tom in there."
"Why do you care, Lizzie?" Red cocked his head to the side, assessing the woman's face.
"I don't, I just-" she broke off as a quiet tap came on the tinted window of the van. Happy swung open the door and Tom Keen crawled in.
"Geez, this thing's like a clown car," he announced, peering through the dark at the teams.
"Thomas! Lovely, you're right on time. You've got your driver's license I gave you, right? Your Keen identity would work well, typically, but we can't have her know you're married to an FBI agent." Reddington greeted him.
"Yes, I have it," Tom pulled his wallet out and showed him the license, which read a simple name: Peter Anderson. A small photograph fluttered to the carpeted floor, and he immediately snatched it up.
"Be careful in there, alright?" Liz told him, her blue eyes piercing the dim space between them. "I don't feel like cleaning your blood out of her shower."

"She'd be the one doing the cleaning," Tom corrected. "She's meticulous. I've been studying the information Red gave me, I'm not going to slip up."
"Okay. Well, you better not," Liz told him firmly.
"I thought you two were separated," Happy said. "You're acting like you're still married."
"We aren't," Liz said firmly.
Toby cleared his throat. "You're vehemently denying it - just the mere mention gets you riled up. Tom here's taking it in stride, and the photograph that fell out of his wallet was a sonogram photo. Obviously, whatever happened between you two caused a lot of pain, but it seems to me like you've kissed and made up."
Liz stared at the psychiatrist in horror and disgust. "Just put your headphones on and make sure you don't miss the panic word. It's-"
"Mention something about Berlin if you need backup or extraction," Reddington broke Liz off. "She used to know Berlin; however, I doubt you will need removed from the situation. Use whatever brain you may possess."
Tom nodded, rubbing a hand through his hair and mussing the short strands, making them stick out everywhere. "Do I look appealing enough for Ms. Nikolai?"
Happy spat on her hand and pushed his hair back down. "No. I read her file. She prefers well-groomed men, not duded who look like they just woke up from a hangover."
Tom looked at Happy with a mixed expression of surprise and hurt at the fact that he missed this detail. "O-okay then. I'm out."

"Don't get yourself killed," Liz yelled after him.
Happy rolled her eyes. Toby cleared his throat and nudged her. "Do you prefer well-groomed men?" he asked, passing a hand through his own hair.
"Shut up," she shook her head and left.
Toby glanced towards Reddington, opening his mouth to start picking apart the man's brain.
"Toby, can you focus on Tom, please? I'm sure you can talk with Mr. Reddington later," Paige called quietly.