Author's Note:

WARNINGS: Dark fic, very, very dark fic. This is NOT a redemption fic in any sense of the idea. If you're reading for a redeemed Tom Riddle/Voldemort or Golden Gryffindor Girl Hermione, you're in the absolute wrong place.

Dark Hermione and Tom Riddle Jr/Lord Voldemort pairing (yes that means snake face Voldemort as well), excessive violence, sexual themes, manipulative and controversial themes, wonky time shit, quasi-crazy Hermione, references to non-con, attempted non-con, and at least one instance of dub-con. The scenes of this nature included in the fic are pretty important to the story so if it bothers you in the least, I suggest again that you not read this.

AU, Voldemort wins scenario, the entire thing pulls from mostly canon events up through DH but there are notable exceptions to make the story go round, you'll be able to tell them from canon because… well, they won't be canon. There is also an extensive use of time turners with blatant disregard for the preservation of timelines. In addition to all of that, there is an assortment of character deaths, some minor, some major including HP canon characters and OC's.

Going forward, warnings are no longer posted at the beginning of chapters.

Consider yourself warned.

Standard disclaimers apply - i.e. Harry Potter is not mine, just this story.

Many thanks and happy reading.