WARNING!: Suggest mature themes *cough* Sex *cough*

5 hours after the explosion Artemis was in a medical room on the hellicarrier still unconscious, the rest of the agents were ordered to spend time with their families. Bucky was the only one in the room with her and he was sitting anxiously, waiting for her to wake up, and as if his prayers had been answered she let out a groaned and her eyes fluttered open.

"Don't move Artemis, you've got a broken wing and a lot of other hairline fractures in your body since that pillar fell on you" Bucky said getting up and walking over to her bedside

"Okay" She groaned

"How're you feeling?" He asked

"Pain, but other than that, I've been worse" She smiled weakly

"We know that" He sighed

"Don't we" She smiled

"Hey, Rider?" He started before Artemis interrupted him

"Seriously Bucky, you can call me Artemis" She laughed gently

"Okay…Artemis, I-well I was wondering if you'd like to um, well go out with me sometime" He was incredibly nervous at this moment

"Are you asking me out on a date Barnes?" She smiled

"I-well-yes" He stuttered

"I'd love to Bucky, once I heal up, I'd love to take you bowling"

"Bowling?" He asked confused

"Oh I'm definitely taking you" she laughed and then winced as her bruised ribs hurt

"You okay?" Bucky asked concerned

"Nah, I'm fine, it's just my ribs" She smiled

"Okay" He smiled and lent down and gently kissed her forehead causing the both of them to blush brightly and smile

"Welcome to the hellicarrier" Reid smiled turning to face the BAU team

"This is amazing" JJ breathed

"Isn't it" Natasha smiled. Two women walked up with to the group one with striking blond hair and bright blue eyes, she bolted straight to Alex and let out a giggle as she took her in his arms and kissed her, the second was of Latino authenticity and extremely beautiful, she walked up to Ashland and kissed him deeply

"Ew" Talia called jokingly seeing the couples reuniting, causing her parents to laugh. Soon shouts of 'Mommy' and 'Daddy' were heard a a group of kids ran in and tackled their parents, a young teenager took out Ashland and her mother, two twin girls too out Alex and the blond, and an older teenager tackled Natasha while a younger one child took out Reid in a puff of feathers as she flew into him having inherited her wings from him

"Okay" Garcia clapped happily, "I want to be introduced to all the little ones here, and I don't care if you're a teenager you're still a little one"

"I'm Taylor" The young teen spook up from Ashland and the Latina, "Terra" one of Alex's daughters started "And Crescent" The other finished

"I'm Daring" Spencer and Natasha's oldest smiled, "And I'm Artemis" The youngest clapped happily. Taylor was a mix of both her father and mother, her dark tanned skin highlighted her sharp cheek bones. Terra was tanned and she had dark green wings that were tipped with a lighter green colour, Crescent was more paler than her sister and had blond hair instead of Terra's brunet, she had dark blue wings as well. Daring had shocking bright purple eyes and she was clearly physically toned, she and Taylor were the only two kids that didn't have wings. The youngest, Artemis had her red hair tied back in a ponytail and her brown wings were fluffy as she was shedding her old feathers and growing new ones as she aged.

"You're all so adorable" Garcia grinned at the kids causing their parents to laugh.

"I'm Crystal" The blond by Alex smiled holding out her hand to the team as she handed Alex his wedding ring, he never wore it when he was on mission so he wouldn't loose it

"And I'm Jessica" The Latina smiled brightly holding out her hand and also handing Ashland his ring

"How's Artemis?" Crescent asked her father about her aunt

"She'll be fine, Bucky's in with her now" Alex smiled kissing her forehead

"I swear if he doesn't ask her out soon, I'm gonna kill him" Daring grumbled from beside Natasha

"Tell me about it" Jessica huffed. The BAU team looked on with curiosity

"Bucky helped Artemis recover after a traumatic experience and she did the same for him, they've fallen for each other but both of them aren't willing to admit it" Crystal smiled

"Ohh" The team nodded in realization

Reid laid beside Natasha in bed holding her against his chest, it was the first time the two of them had had any alone time together, the BAU team was marathoning the Harry Potter movies with the kids so all the parents were spending time by themselves.

"I love you" Natasha whispered to Spencer causing him to smiled and kissed her neck causing her to laugh

"Nat?" He started

"Yeah" She answered turning in the bed so she was facing him, their bare bodies tangled together

"Well" Spencer started, "We've been together for over twenty years, we've had Daring and Artemis together, and I think it's time for us to take the next step" He smiled and pulled a ring box from his dresser drawer and opening it gently to reveal a beautiful rose gold band with black diamonds and rubies. Natasha gasped letting her emotionally barrier fall completely as tears pricked her eyes

"Natasha Romanoff" Spencer smiled starting into her stunning green eyes, "Will you tie the knot finally and marry me?"

"Of fucking course" She beamed and kissed him harshly as her slipped the ring onto her left ring finger.

"I love you so much" Spencer murmured against her lips

"I love you too" She smiled against his lips, puling back and nuzzled against his chest. He chuckled at that and wrapped his arms around her wrapping his wing around her to pull her closer. She smiled feeling his feathers against her skin and started running her finger though them gently pulling out his loose feathers, he let out a purring sound and snuggled into her, his wings were his weak spot and she knew that he loved it when she groomed them.

Amanda and Adam Rider walked down the halls to the medical wing so they could see their daughter and after making sure she was okay they could start yelling at her for being caught in another explosion. Amanda opened the door and then froze at the sight, Artemis laid in the bed with her splinted wing was stretched out on a separate bed so it rested comfortably on it, but what shocked this is that she was laying on her left side meaning that she was on her repaired her mechanical arm so it caused her no pain and she was nuzzled into Bucky's chest with his arms gently wrapped around her waist, she had had a nightmare so he was consoling her and they had feel asleep together, neither of them showed to have any stress showing on there faces, which had never happened when either of them slept, they were always tense when they slept, but when they were together this time they seemed to be relaxed and comfortable in each others arms. The parents grinned seeing this, the two kids were clearly meant to be together.

The BAU team smiled as they saw all the kids, even the older teenagers dressed in their Harry Potter gear and quoting the movies. Garcia smiled as they explained the universe to Talia, she had been reading the books with her and Derek but they hadn't seen the movies yet so this was the perfect chance for her to see them, she was currently cuddled with her husband on one of the many couches in the screening room of the carrier, the rest of the team were either watching the movies or now sleeping. She looked around and smiled seeing what families had grown in the S.H.I.E.L.D. community, things truly weren't what they seemed beneath the surface of their Dr. Spencer Reid, he had two children and was head over heels in love with their mother, he was a deadly assassin and much mrs outgoing than they expected, and most importantly she had more kids to spoil.

So that's it, I'm done. This was an absolute blast to write I am working on a sequel now, I'm working on the name but it will focus more on the S.H.I.E.L.D. families than the BAU. Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this