Chapter 1 'Seeing New Land'

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England sighed as he leaned against the side of the ship, he stared out to the blue water watching as the waves gently rocked the ship side to side. His past experiences with being on the sea had made him accustomed to its movements and he was able to move about on the vessel as if he was walking on land. He had been taking a small break from the mountains of paperwork on his desk, it seems that the revolutionary war wasn't enough, but all the paperwork was added to his stress. One of which was where he would be sending all of criminals. The war with America had left him with nowhere to put them, and his jails had become dreadfully overcrowded. Thankfully one of his most loyal explorers had found some seemingly abandoned land a few years ago.

"May as well put them here," England muttered to himself bitterly.

The scar that America had left on his heart was still so fresh. The memories he had shared with his little brother would plague his mind constantly. The scent of salt and sun in the breeze that carried the ship forward soothed the tense atmosphere surrounding the nation.

His peace was shattered however as the shouts coming from the prisons below pierced the air. He rolled his eyes and proceeded to walk below deck. After weeks of having to listen to those convict's shout and make mockeries of themselves had reached his patience limit.

"Sir, would you like me to deal with them?" A soldier had asked England

"No thank you," England dismissed, "I'll take care of them."

England walked down the creaky wooden stairs into the dark and loud prison cells filled to the brim with people. The prisoners ranged from men to women but they all had one thing in common, they were criminals.

"What the bloody hell is going on down here?!" England had shouted to the people crammed in the cells. The voices were so loud that he had to shout to be heard.

"Oh look boys!" One of the prisoners announced, "It's his highness himself, aren't you normally in that fancy office of yours, or always tailing after the royal family"

"I expect you to shut up, if you know what's good for you Smith" England hissed while practically spitting out the convicts last name. The other people that were caged in the prison cell all quietened down, they knew the wrath of the Englishman was something to be feared.

Ever since they had first left port in England, Smith and his little gang of friends have made it their personal goal to annoy England and his men for the entire trip. The English nation proceeded to turn his back and walk back up to the main deck when one of his officers had spotted land. It was quite a large blur in the distance that slowly started to grow closer.


Once the boat had made birth, England had stepped onto the sandy shores of the beach. The new land was definitely different to his own home, the sun was harsh as it stung his pale skin, it would probably burn if he spent too long out of the shade. He kicked up some of the soil with his shoe, the ground seemed dry. It would prove difficult to grow anything, no wonder Netherlands didn't stay when he first sighted this place.

England sighed, he was here now anyway so he may as well have a look around.

"I'll be gone for a few days," England told one of his men, "If you should need me I won't be too far"

England turned his head when he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. His quick reflexes kicked in as he ducked out of the way to narrowly avoid a rock that was thrown at him. His eyes narrowed into a glare at the culprit.

"And make sure Smith here gets an extra whipping tonight" England threatened with an agitated tone. The guard nodded and walked off to relay the orders to the others in command.

England's gaze caught movement in the trees looking down at him. The only proof that he hadn't imagined it was the rustling noise that the leaves made. He stared at the tree for a while but he had not seen any more movement, so he brushed his thoughts to the side as he assumed that it was probably a bird or some other creature. So he started his walk into the unknown land, he made sure to be carefully imprint the way back into his mind. This land seemed big and he didn't want to get lost, especially not in this dry and harsh environment.

The walk was very tiring, and the heat of this land was starting to get to him. Oh lord the heat! Even in the shade it was sweltering. It was hotter than the hottest summer back in his home, and it only looked just after midday. He had stopped at what looked like a small murky lake.

He brought out the small bottle of water he had brought with him and proceeded to refill the water canister. The water that touched his hand as it was plunged into the lake was cool and a refreshing feeling from the heat. After his water bottle was filled up he splashed some of the cool water on his face and neck to try and cool himself down.

He stood up and turned his back to the pond as he observed his surroundings in detail. The land actually wasn't as bad as he thought, aside from the heat. It had sort of a rugged beauty to it, yet the conditions were practically unliveable.

He drank from his water bottle as his thoughts wondered back to America once again. Even when he takes some time off from his work and travels thousands of miles away from his home to try and get his mind off that time, the thoughts kept coming back. Was he cursed? Had he really messed things up so much that he had to endure such heartache as punishment? How he wished he had brought alcohol on his trip, it was his way to try and numb the pain.

England was suddenly ripped from his thoughts when he heard a loud splash from behind him. He whipped his head around to see a large reptile like creature a few feet away from him, the creature had its head turned towards the tree that stood rooted closely to the pond. The creature, whatever it was, looked down right menacing with its row of sharp white teeth and what was worse that he didn't even notice that it was that close to him. He really needed to pay more attention, even when America wasn't around he was still causing him trouble.

He narrowed his eyes at the tree the creature still hissed at in warning. England had felt as if he was being followed the whole day, it unnerved him at the feeling at being watched in such an unsettling quiet place with only the sounds of the wild life. But he couldn't see anything, maybe it was just the heat getting to him. So he went searching for a tree to sit under that was a safe distance away from that creature, because whatever it was, it looked dangerous.

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