Mikey woke up with a yawn in the morning, he rubbed his eyes and he noticed that Raph wasn't sleeping with him. He then saw Raph, he was sitting on the floor in front of the TV. Raph heard the yawn then he turned around and he faced his baby brother, he smirked at him.

"Mornin bud" Raph said to his still looking sleepy little brother, Mikey smiled a little and he sits up, he stretched his arms up into the air and he yawns again.

"Hey Raph, how long have you been awake?" Mikey asked his big brother then he slips off the couch to sit next to his big brother.

"Just a hour, everyone is still asleep. Surprised you are awake right now honestly, it's eight a clock" Raph replied as he puts his arm over Mikey's shoulders, Mikey smiled at that.

"I am still tired, felt cold so I guess I woke up" Mikey said with a giggle, Raph looking at him with a worried look on his face.

"I put two blankets on ya, ya feelin alright bud?" Raph rested his hand onto Mikey's forehead then Mikey giggled more.

"No dude, I woke up cause I kinda felt alone. I didn't feel you next to me" Mikey replied with a light blush forming onto his face, Raph relaxed then he smiled softly at him and he pulled him closer.

"Ain't ready to sleep alone, huh?" Raph said softly, Mikey nodded his head as he bites his lower lip.

"Yeah… I… I don't wanna be alone, I hate being alone…" Mikey mumbled looking down at his lap, Raph rubs Mikey's arm for comfort.

"Don't worry baby brother, I don't mind ya sleepin with me for a while" Raph told him with a small smile on his face, Mikey looked up at him a little surprised.

"Re-Really?" Mikey asked his big brother and hero, Raph laughed at this and he nodded his head as he gave Mikey a noogie.

"Sure thing bro, I am here for ya. Ya ain't gonna be alone, plus don't forget about Donnie and Leo. But if ya rather sleep with me, I am cool with it" Mikey laughed from the noogie as he tries to get out of it, Raph smirked and he lets his little brother go.

"Thanks bro, you are the best bro! I love you and I mean it bro, I do" Mikey told his hero then he hugged him tightly, Raph blinks then he smiled softly as he wraps his arms around him and pulled him closer.

"I love ya to baby brother" Mikey smiled happily and he closed his eyes as he hugged his big brother more, Raph closed his eyes also and he held his baby brother protectively.

Mikey and Raph opened their eyes when they hear someone walking down stairs or even two of them, Raph released Mikey and he climbs out of Raph's lap, he sits down next to him and he picked up the remote. Donnie and Leo walked into the living room seeing Raph and Mikey in front of the TV on the floor.

"There you guys are, what are you two doing up early?" Leo asked his little brothers with Donnie standing beside him, Mikey turned around and he smiled innocently then he looked back at the TV, Raph nudged him a little with his shoulder then Mikey sighed a little as he nodded his head.

Leo noticed that Mikey had something to say, Mikey signals them to sit down with him and Raph, Leo and Donnie sit in front of them and Mikey begins to tell them about his nightmares.

"So… That night when you said you were getting a drink, you had a nightmare?" Donnie asked his baby brother with a worried look then Mikey sighed as he looked down at his lap.

"Yeah… I really didn't want to lie to you bro, but… I just didn't want to bother you with my problems, since you do a lot in there and you look stress sometimes…" Donnie now felt guilty for yelling at him a few days ago, he sighed a little.

"Mikey, even when I am stress, you can always tell me or us if you upset or about your nightmares and… I am really sorry for yelling at you a few days ago, I shouldn't of did that" Donnie sighed with a soft then he saw Mikey smiling at him.

"Bro! I totally understand, I do. You don't gotta apologize!" Mikey said with a wide smile, Donnie smiled a little showing his gap tooth.

"Donnie is right, Mikey. You can always tell us when you are feeling down ok? Never hide it, we are here for each other" Leo told his baby brother, Mikey smiled a little and he nodded his head.

"Yeah I know that now, don't worry! I will tell you guys for now on!" Mikey smiled wide at his big brothers and they returned the smile.

"Ya better, ya knucklehead!" Raph give's Mikey another noogie, he squealed and he giggled as he tries to get out of Raph's hold again, Leo chuckled softly as Donnie smiled.

"Guys?" April asked as she walked into the room, Raph stops of what he is doing and the four of them look over at April.

"Hey April!" Mikey waves his hand as he smiled big, April blinks then she smiled softly as she rolled her eyes playfully.

"What are you guys doing?" Mikey bites his lower lip nervously then he looked over at his big brothers.

"We were watching a movie, but then Leo wanted to talk about lame stuff or something, didn't really pay attention of what he was saying" Raph knew Donnie didn't like lying to April and Leo was a horrible at lying. Leo looked at Raph with an angry look then Raph rolled his eyes.

"Oh… Alright then. Want me to make breakfast?" April asked mainly Mikey since he was the only cooker, Mikey thinks for a moment then he shakes his head no.

"If it is cool with you, I kinda um… Wanna finish watching the movie, I think the good part is coming up! I will make lunch instead!" Mikey smiled wide, April giggled lightly and she smiled softly.

"Sure, go ahead" She replied then she walked out of the room and into the kitchen. Mikey crawled over to the box of movies and he looked though it then he grabs the movie, Iron Man.

"Iron man?" Donnie asked looking at Mikey, Mikey looked at him then he smiled wide.

"Well yeah, I told April we are up to the good part and there is awesome good parts in this!" Mikey smiled big and he puts the movie into the DVD player and he grabs the remote.

"Yeah, it is a good movie" Leo said with a smile then he got up and he sits down onto the couch, Donnie got up also and he sits down on the couch next to him while Mikey and Raph stay on the floor.

Mikey pressed play for the DVD to start then he begins to watch the movie with his brothers but they were only able to watch about ten minutes of it since of breakfast was ready but April brought the food over to them so they could eat it in there, they say their thanks and they keep watching the movie while eating their breakfast.

Mikey winced a little from the loud thunder, Raph smirked at this and he punched him in the arm playfully, Mikey looked at him then he smirked as he tackled his big brother to the ground. Leo and Donnie watched them wrestle playfully on the floor, they both chuckled softly while shaking their heads. Mikey and Raph stop wrestling after a little while.

"You knuckledhead" Mikey smiled innocently at Raph while he rolled his eyes and he punched Mikey in the arm playfully again, Leo and Donnie rolled their eyes playfully also.

"So, what you guys wanna do now? It's not like we can go outside…" Mikey pouts a little, he really wanted to go outside to have a bit of fresh air and have some fun since it was raining yesterday also.

"When will it stop raining?! Man… It's getting boring in here after a while…" Raph groaned, he really wanted to get some fresh air to.

"It should be clearing up by the end of the week" Donnie answered his hothead brother, Raph blinks at him then he frowned.

"How the heck do you know everything?!" Donnie rolled his eyes at this while Leo shakes his head.

"Uh Raph? The weather channel" Leo states as if it's the obvious thing that was true, Raph growled at Leo while rolled his eyes.

"No has answered my question dudes" Mikey stared at them with a bored look then Donnie chuckled softly.

"How about a board game?" Donnie asked his baby brother, Mikey thinks about this for a moment.

"What board games do we have here?" Mikey asked him tilting his head to the side curiously then Donnie shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh, we have snake's and ladders and Monopoly" Leo told his brothers, they looked at him blankly then Leo blushed lightly as he rubs the back of his neck nervously.

"Well… I was kinda bored the other day so I went into the cupboard in mine and Raph's room and I found those two games" Leo told them with a still small blush on his face.

"Let's play Monopoly!" Mikey smiled wide then he jumps up, Leo nodded his head and he gets up but then Raph stops him.

"I'll get it" Leo was about to say something until Raph gives him the look, Leo sighed a little and he sits back down then he watched Raph leave the room.

"How is your leg doing?" Donnie asked since he knew why Raph went to get the game, Leo looked at him then he smiled.

"Actually pretty good, still hurts now and then, but good" Leo answered, Mikey smiled wide happy to hear that his big brother was getting better, he also knew why Raph went to get the game, so Leo could relax and stay off his leg.

Raph came back a little while later and he sits down on the floor next to Mikey, Mikey grabs the game happily while Raph rolled his eyes but with a small smile on his face. Mikey opens it up and he sets up the game.

"Ok Raph, you are the car like always, Leo's the hat, Donnie's the boat and I am the dog! Let's play guys! Can I go first? Please?!" They laughed at this and they all nodded their heads, Mikey smiled happily and he rolls the dice.

"No fair! How come you won, Leo?!" Mikey pouts as he asked Leo, Leo chuckled softly and he smiled.

"You need to be careful of what you buy, and there is a bit of thinking into it" Leo answered his little brother while he was still pouting, Raph chuckled softly then he looked over at Donnie.

"What happened there Donnie? Thought you would've of won since ya got the brains" Raph said with a smirk, Donnie rolled his eyes and he leans against the couch since he was sitting on the floor along with the others.

"Because Leo got the good ones and since of that I kept going onto his and lost money" Donnie looked over at Leo with an angry look while Leo smiled innocently. Mikey was about to ask them something until April came into the room with a tray with plates on it.

"Hey guys, made your lunch since you were busy playing your game" She said with a smirk then she lays the tray in front of them.

"Awww man! I said I was gonna make lunch! You can't make dinner now, ok? I have to since you have made breakfast and lunch!" Mikey said as serious he could get which made his brothers smile, April giggled lightly and she rolled her eyes playfully.

"Alright alright, I will let you make dinner" April told him then she walked out of room with a smile on her face.

Mikey picked up a random plate from the tray and he starts eating his sandwich along with his brothers, he was really happy that he told his brothers about his problems but he was also still sad.

"Mikey? Are you ok?" Mikey looked up from his plate and he looked over to the brother who asked which was Donnie, Mikey smiled innocently.

"Of course I am! Why wouldn't I be?" Raph, Leo and Donnie give Mikey the same look then Mikey sighed a little and he swallowed his food.

"Fine… Was… Just thinking… About father…" He answered looking at his lap now, he feels someone put a arm over his shoulders, he looked up seeing Raph the owner of the arm then he noticed Leo and Donnie have come closer.

"Don't worry Mikey, once we are ready, we will go and find him" Leo rested his hand onto Mikey's knee since Raph's arm was rested over Mikey's shoulders. Mikey smiled a little and he nodded his head a little, Leo smiled softly at this then Mikey felt Donnie rubbing his head, Mikey smiled more at the affection, he liked being rubbed on the head he didn't know why but he just did, he always got rubbed on the head when he did something good or when he was feeling down and it did make him feel better.

"Thanks bros, I love you all dudes" They smiled softly at their baby brother then they all pulled each other in a family hug, Mikey was really happy now since this was a rare thing to do, they rarely hugged all together.

"We love you to Mikey, never forget it" Raph told his baby brother then Mikey smiled big and he nodded his head as he hugged them tighter. They soon break away and they look at each other then Mikey looked at the board game.

"So, one more game?" His big brothers all laughed and they all nodded their heads. Mikey starts setting up the game again with the help of his brothers then they start up a new game.

"Ok guys! I better start up dinner!" Mikey jumps up with a big smile then he ran out of the room, Leo, Donnie and Raph smiled softly as they watched their baby brother run out.

"Where the heck has Casey been? Would thought he would come down or something" Raph told his others brothers.

"Well… I think April has something to do with it, she probably sensed something from us" Leo replied while he gets up and he sits back down onto the couch, Donnie nodded his head in agreement.

"Yeah, she probably noticed Mikey being really happy. I think she noticed him feeling down… I wish I knew sooner..." Donnie said with sighed while Raph and Leo nodded their heads in agreement.

"Actually, I did kinda notice, just wasn't sure. Oh and guys, he will need to be sleeping at least one of use for a while" Raph told them; they both nodded their heads again.

"I think he would most likely sleep with you" Leo told Raph while Raph nodded his head.

The three of them talk to each other for a while then they turned on the TV while they waited for dinner to be ready.

"Guys! Dinner is ready!" Mikey yelled from the kitchen, his brothers got up and head for the kitchen when they make it they see Casey and April already there. They take their seats and start eating dinner. Once they finished their dinner they all put their plates into the sink and they all go into the living room.

"So wanna play games all night or watch moves?!" Mikey asked with a big smile on his face.

"I prefer games" Casey answered then April sighed a little as she makes her way out of the living room.

"April? Where are you going?" Donnie asked worriedly, April smiled softly and she tuned around.

"I will let you guys play games all night, I kinda rather read for tonight" April answered then she walked out and she walked up stairs to her room.

"So… What type of game? Fighting or racing?" Mikey asked his brothers and Casey, Raph grinned when Mikey mention fighting.

"I vote fighting bud" Raph said as he grabs the controller, Mikey smiled and he nodded his head, he grabs one of the fighting games and he puts it on. Leo and Donnie sit down on the couch while the other three sat down on the floor.

"Wanna go up against Raph, Leo?" Mikey asked with a smile whiling raising the controller in the air, Leo thinks for a moment then he grinned.

"Yeah sure, that sounds good. Would love to kick his butt" Leo said as he caught the controller, Raph smirked at this then he starts the game.

"Ya goin down bro!" Raph told his brother as he started the game, Leo smirked and he starts fighting his brother in the game.

After a few rounds of fighting Raph ended up the winner, the next person to fight him was Donnie. Donnie and Raph fought but then Donnie lost to Raph, the next person to fight Raph was Casey, they fought a few rounds and Casey won. Raph was annoyed at this then he tossed the controller over to Mikey, Mikey caught it and he grinned. Mikey and Casey fought a few rounds, once at the final battle Mikey won the game, Casey got annoyed now since he has lost again against Mikey. Raph, Leo and Donnie laughed while Mikey smiled big.

"Alright guys, it's getting late now" Leo said as he got up slowly, Donnie looked over at the time.

"Wow, Leo's right. It's almost one in the morning" Donnie got up also and he stretched a bit, he walked out of the room with a yawn. Leo looked at Raph, Raph nodded his head showing that he will be up there in a minute, Leo nodded his head and he followed Donnie.

"Night guys" Casey yawned then he walked out of the room and he followed Leo and Donnie up stairs, Raph looked over at Mikey seeing him packing up the game, Raph got up and he pulled up Mikey, Mikey looked at him with a slightly surprised look.

"We can clean that in the mornin, we should get some sleep bud" Mikey looked at Raph with very tired eyes then he nodded his head while letting out a big yawn, Raph smirked at that then he and Mikey start walking out of room and walked up stairs to their rooms.

"So where ya want us to sleep? Ya bed or mine bed?" Mikey bites his lower lip as he tries to think, he looked at his and Donnie's shared room then he looked at Leo's and Raph's shared room.

"But… What about Donnie? He would be alone in there but if we do sleep in there, Leo would be alone…" Raph smiled softly at that, Mikey was so innocent caring. Raph walked over to his and Leo's room leaving Mikey slightly confused, Raph opened the door slowly then he smirked.

"I think Donnie will be fine, come on baby brother" Mikey looked at him even more confused, he looked back at his and Donnie's room then he walked over to Raph who opened the door wider, Mikey looked in hen he smiled big seeing Donnie and Leo sharing a bed together, Mikey kinda had a feeling they planned that.

Raph pulled Mikey into the room gently and he closed the door quietly, he soon makes his way over to his bed and Mikey followed behind him, Raph took off his bandana and he sets down onto his bedside table. Mikey feels his face then he realized he hasn't wore his bandana all day, Raph lets out a small chuckle and he shakes his head, Mikey sticks his tongue out playfully.

Raph climbs into his bed then Mikey soon climbs in and he rubs his eyes, Raph smiled softly and he wraps his arms around Mikey and pulled him closer then he grabs the blanket and he puts it over them. Mikey smiled more then he closed his eyes as he snuggled into his hero's chest.

"Night Raph, night Donnie and Leo" Mikey said with a light smirk forming on his face while his eyes were closed.

"Night baby brother" The three of them said all together, Mikey smiled happily then he soon fell fast asleep in his big brothers arms, he was so lucky to have brother like them, he would never want to be away from them. He loved his brothers with all his heart and he will never stop loving them, Mikey slept peacefully thinking about him and his brother finding their father and all hugging each other like a happy family.

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