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Chapter 2

Seriously what a day it has been. I thought as I stood by the reception counter to gather my files. I arranged them neatly before hitting the files lightly on the counter top. I could feel someone was tapping me by my shoulders so I whipped around and I came face to face with the white lady earlier.

"Hi there, I'm sorry there was a misunderstanding earlier." The white lady spoke as she smiled at me. She was such a beauty. "My name is Mirajane, I believed yours is Lucy right? Lucy Heartfillia, the lady who contacted me?"

"Yes, that's me. So you are Mirajane. You're the one whom I was contacting with right?" I paused so that I could turn around fully to face her as I held the files in front of my chest. "Thank you so much for coming at the right time. If you weren't there, I think everyone would have thought I was making a fool out of myself."

"Yes I'm the one you've been contacting with." Mirajane confirmed herself before continuing. "And please don't thank me. You really have to thank Mr. Natsu for coming at the right time. After all, to be honest I wouldn't have stopped if there was a commotion going on."

Is that right? Do I really have to thank him later? Maybe I should because let's face it, if he didn't come in earlier, I would have been thrown out of the building without any justice done.

"Yeah Mirajane, maybe you're right." I replied her back with a smile.

"Just call me Mira, I think calling me Mirajane all the time is too mouthful. Anyways, your appointment with Mr. Natsu should be now right? Let me escort you up."

I nodded and compiled with her as I followed her to the lift lobby. We went into the lift and I saw Mira pressed the most top button which was level 30. It was a long way up so I just stood on the opposite side of where Mira was in the lift as I waited patiently for us to reach the top.

Once we reached our destination, the lift door opened and I followed Mira out. It was clear that Natsu Dragneel occupied this floor alone together with Mira because it was a long hallway leading to what I believe would be his office. He must really be a big time millionaire to be able to own the entire building, the space, and even the workers. Just imagine how many workers are there to be occupying each level and furthermore there is a total of 28 floors, minus his level and the lobby of course.

We entered a big room and I couldn't help but be amazed on how big it was. This is almost the size of my agency office! Hell, I haven't even entered Natsu Dragneel's office. I bet his size of the room is not even an understatement. Now I know why Ezra desperately wanted me to nail an interview with this guy. This is just the entrance and I could see Mira's desk was on my left and she helped me confirm it when she went towards it to place her stuff down. On the opposite side, a sofa line up against the wall facing her desk. There was a small coffee table in front of it as well.

She directed me to take a seat at the sofa which I compiled to again but my eyes never leaving her as they followed her to the room on my right which I believed that is Natsu Dragneel's office. I was about to just check my phone when Mira came out and called for me.

"Hey Lucy! You're good to go in."

I stood up quickly and walked towards her. I smiled and thanked her before going into his office, Mira shutting the door close after me. I immediately scanned around the office looking for the person who was solely my purpose of visit today and there he was, standing at the corner of his office with a glass in hand as he looked out of his windows.

I decided to walk towards him, somehow stealthily like I was afraid to make any noise. As soon as I was near him, I stopped and looked at him with my files in my hands in front of me. The sun shoning down on his face was making his features glow even more. I couldn't help to stare abit before shaking myself out of it.

"Hi Mr. Natsu Dragneel, I know we kind of met earlier due to unforeseen circumstances but I'm Lucy Heartfillia from Titania Publishing and we're thankful for opening your time up today to meet me." I raised my hand up, waiting for him to come and shake my hand but unfortunately he didn't. Instead, he turned around to face me, still holding the glass while his other hand was shoved in his pants pocket.

"Nice to meet you Lucy, I've been waiting for you." He said and gave me a smile. I couldn't help but feel bubbly inside when he smiled at me. It wasn't any ordinary smile. It was such a cute and wide toothy grin. It was like, he didn't look like a CEO at all. He looked more like a kid when he did that. Well, time to find out more about him.

After the self-introduction, Natsu led me to take a seat at his couch and he offered if I wanted any whiskey. I kindly declined and asked for waterinstead because knowing my alcohol tolerance; it isn't very good so I could end up goofing off which I ain't planning on risking that.

Natsu sat opposite of where I took a seat, a small glass coffee table in between us. I put down my files so that I could take out my notebook and pen.

"So Mr. Natsu-"

"Natsu is fine."

"So Natsu Drag-"

"Like I said, Natsu is fine. You don't have to be so formal with me." He said as he rested his elbow on the handle of the couch, with his knuckles supporting his cheek.

"Okay Natsu, well I got a list of questions I liked to ask which most probably every little word is going to be publicly displayed in the magazines so you better think before you answer."

Natsu was blinking at me hard and I didn't seem to notice anything so I decided to start.

"Okay so firstly-" I paused when I saw him trying to stifle a laugh as I looked up. "What's so funny?"

"Oh." Natsu cleared his throat before continuing. "It's nothing, carry on." I simply glared at him for a while before looking back at my list of questions.

"So Natsu, you're the CEO of this company, Fairy Tail Corp right?"

"More like Managing partner."

"Okay and you're only 25?"

"Right again."

"How do you do it? Usually most CEOs or I mean Managing Partners are at least 30 in age so you're considered quite young to be one for such a big company."

"I got my ways." Natsu paused as he leaned forward to place both of his elbows on his thighs, with his fingers crossing each other underneath his chin. "What about you? How old are you? Are you taken?" Did I just see a cheeky smile spreading across his face?

"Er… Sorry Natsu but this interview is about you and not me."

"But you said to think before answering so I was compiling to you Lucy." Natsu said as he leaned back and spread his arms on top of the couch. Huh? Oh wait, I get it.

"I mean to my questions! Not to counterattack me back with the same questions thinking I would put this down!" He burst out laughing and I couldn't help but to look at him like he was crazy. "Oh Lucy, Lucy, Lucy, you're so weird you know."

And there goes my pen, hitting directly at his forehead. I could see the stupid look on his face. This is just too hilarious that I was trying to keep my calm and not laugh out.

"Are you done laughing?" I said as I adjusted my reading specs. "For your information, I'm not the weird one but you are."

"Pfft, says the girl who threatened my guards to be thrown out when she doesn't even work here."

I gawked at him because I didn't think he caught on what I said earlier today. "Excuse me, they were being rude. How can I let two guys take advantage of carrying a girl out?! I could sue them for harassment for holding me that way!"

"Excuse you, firstly they were not being rude but basically doing their job and secondly, you can't sue them. They were not even harassing you at all."

We then held each other's eyes, not giving up the staring competition that we were currently having at that moment; clearly none of us were willing to lose. There wasn't a slight finch until I recalled my purpose of being here today. God, it will make me look like a weakling but who gives a damn, quickly finish this interview and I don't have to face him anymore.

"Tch, fine whatever." I looked away and folded my arms before looking back at him again. "Can we get back to the interview?"

"Not until you answer me." He wiggled his eyebrows at me with his damn smirk etched onto his face. I just feel like slapping him but instead I slapped my forehead.

"I'm 24 and I'm single." I unwillingly answered him before looking up again. "Happy?"

"My, my. Why is a pretty girl, no scratch that, a hot bod like you single?"

"I don't know and I don't really care." I spoke a tad bit louder than usual. "Anyways, so how did you manage?"

It seems Natsu was satisfied with my answer because he began to answer me seriously. "Actually, gramps is the one who run this place first."


"My granddad and by right, he was supposed to hand over the ownership to my dad, Igneel Dragneel but due to unforeseen circumstances, he passed on so gramps had no choice to pass it to me instead."

"Oh my, I'm so sorry. I-I won't put this down."

"It's alright. You can put it down if you want to, it doesn't really matter. Anyways, gramps is still around to guide me and to be honest, I didn't expect myself to catch on so fast and the next thing we knew bam! We're one of the top richest companies around."

"Oh. I didn't know you were that smart."

"Thank- Eh what was that supposed to mean?"

I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud this time. This was so going to be one long ass interview.

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