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"Is he going to be okay Dr. Broflovski?" The worried woman in the room asked, her husbands hands gripping onto her shoulder to show support. The man addressed sighed heavily, his own hand going to the woman's arm, squeezing it gently. He gave her a warm smile, his eyes filled with hope.

"He'll be just fine Ms. Mathews. He's got a broken hip and a sprained wrist. He's on medicine right now for the pain. Your father will be transferred in the morning where they can prep him for his hip replacement surgery." The woman sighed happily, her body relaxing after hearing the doctors kind words.

"Oh thank you so so much Dr. Broflovski! I'm so thankful to have you helping my father!" The man gave the woman another squeeze before letting his hand fall.

"I'm just doing my job." He smiled brightly and pointed over to the older gentlemen resting in the hospital chair. "The Nurse will be in shortly to give you more information about the doctor for tomorrow and the proper procedures. I'll check back with him later on in the evening. Have a wonderful night." The woman gave him friendly smile as she rushed over to her fathers side. Her husband followed suit, giving the woman the space needed. The Doctor smile as he walked out of the doorway and down the hall towards the nurses station.

"Kyle, you do amazing with the patients and their family. You would be wonderful as a specialized doctor, you know that right?" The Nurse in the station commented as she turned her body around to look at him. Kyle laughed, shrugging his shoulders.

"I get told that a lot Bebe, but I like helping out those who need immediate help. It makes me feel just as good." Bebe chuckled.

"That's very noble of you Kyle! How did confronting with Cartman go?" Bebe questioned, her eyes examining Kyle's features to see if she can get any hints from his expression. He turned his back to him, adjusting something on the desk. Exhaling deeply, Kyle rolled her shoulder.

"It went well. I'm not sure what else to tell you. He was obviously upset over his mother, and was the same old fatass from High School… Only not as fat it seems." Although he couldn't see it, Bebe raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Oh? I spoke to him for a few minutes when he was dropping off his mothers medication. I told him that you could speak with him, but he said he needed to go." While she was speaking she dug through a small zip-lock bag, handing it towards Kyle. Kyle turned back around and accepted the bag. He examined it closely, his eyebrows scrunching together in annoyance.

"This isn't a great medication for her since she has HIV… I'll make sure to inform the doctor before she leaves the wing." Kyle slipped the bag in his jackets pocket, the annoyed expression not leaving his face.

"I suppose you're right. Anyways, you're off in a few minutes, right?" She questioned, looking over files in her hands.

"I am, yes. I'm going to make a few more rounds on those who are spending the night. Then I'll be out. " Bebe gave a nod.

"Don't work yourself too hard, okay?" She cooed, her hand gripping his arm just as he did with the woman earlier. Kyle looked over to her, a soft, forced smile on his face.

"Of course."

After he made his rounds, and dropped off the medication for Ms. Cartman, he exited the hospital. Kyle shivered as the brisk November air hit his face. Without his old green hat, his head grew colder as each winter passed. Kyle shook his head, trying to ignore the memories building in his mind. Fumbling in his pockets, he grabbed his keys and entered his car. Kyle started the car and made his way towards Denver, hopefully drowning his sorrows with some old friends.

The ride took forty-five minutes and once he arrived to his destination, he pulled into a small parking lot. He looked at the time against his watch, 9:26 PM. Kyle got out of the car and made his way down a street and into a side alley. He glanced around every so often to make sure no one was paying too much attention to him. As he approached the alley, he exhaled deeply. There wasn't much to the alley, a stray cat and boxes upon boxes. The cat meowed, scurrying away once Kyle grew closer. He pouted at the cat, but turned his attention towards a large metal door. Although no one was around, he knew better. He brought his hand out from his pocket and tapped on the door in what would seem to be an odd pattern. After a moment, a window slid open.

"What's mama's favorite fruit." The gruff voice asked. Kyle blinked, nervously looking around before answering..

"A-Apples." He mumbled loud enough for the man to hear. The small window quickly shut, followed by the door opening up.

Once the door was open, loud pop music could be heard from inside. The man ushered Kyle in from the cold and Kyle obliged. He followed the narrow, blacklite hallway towards his destination, music growing louder with each step. The hallway opened up into a large bar area, followed by a dance floor and a cat-walk that branched out into three smaller sections. Kyle smiled as the familiar feelings rushed through him like a river in a rainstorm. The building was quite busy for a thursday evening. Kyle made his way to an empty seat at the bar.

"Alright boys, the night is young and so is our first dancer of the evenin'. He's a personal favorite of mine, so please show him a good time and he'll do just the same." The announcer's voice filled the club as the music shifted from upbeat pop to older pop hit's from the 80's. "The one… The only… Mysterion!" The crowd began to gather at the middle of the three catwalks, cheers and clapping echoed throughout the entire club. Kyle turned around, blinking as he recognized the song. He chuckled loudly, a hand going to his mouth as he tried to cover his laughter.

"Relax, don't do it."

The tall and skinny, yet muscular man bursted through the curtains, a hooded cape covering his head and shoulders. His eyes were equally as covered, only bright blue orbs could be seen through the darkness. His chest was bare and glistened with oil and glitter. Wearing purple tights and a very tight - leaving no imagination to the viewer - pair of shiny, metallic purple speedo the man dubbed as Mysterion slid across the floor on his knees towards the edge of the catwalk.

"When you want to go to it."

He extended his glistening arm towards a member of the crowd. He let the man place a few dollars in his palm before rolling over on his back. He pushed his pelvis up into the air, thrusting a few times as a few men placed more dollars into his speedo. He rolled over onto his stomach.

"Relax, don't do it."

He began to crawl towards a man in the middle. His tongue slithered out of the darkness of his hood, desire very apparent in his eyes. A few men squealed, throwing crumpled up bills at the man. Mysterion grinned, showing pearly white teeth as he quickly jumped up to his feet.

"When you want to come."

In one quick motion. The man pulled at a seemingly invisible string against the cape. He flung the cape off into the crowd, leaving the hood on his head, his bulging shoulder muscles flexing at the action. He turned around, shaking his hips in a very seductive manner. Kyle squinted his eyes at the letters on the backside of the speedo, a loud laugh leaving his lips and leaving him breathless. "Enter here" was written on the speedo, causing more men to gasp and cheer in happiness. By the end of the song, Mysterion threw his fist into the air, before turning his body around and groping his own bulge in the speedo. More money was thrown as the song transitioned into another one.

"Boy-howdy, that was a rockin' good show! Next up is the fabulous Spacey!" The announcer cooed, letting men continue to hoot and holler. Kyle continued to laugh as he turned his body around back towards the bar. The man behind the bar giggled softly as he adjusted something on his waist, turning his attention towards the customers. After a few moments he noticed Kyle, happily bouncing over to the man. "Kyle! Fancy seein' you here!" The man with a small puff of blonde hair squeaked over the loud music. Kyle smiled, extending his hand backwards.

"Haven't seen his show in a while, figured I'd get here in time to see him in action." Kyle laughed, causing a flush of color to graze the other man's cheeks.

"Well dang, didn't know you liked my man like that Kyle." The blonde teased, leaning his elbows on the counter. "What'll you be havin' tonight?" He asked, tilting his head to examine Kyle. Kyle's cheeks flushed red, blending in with his hair.

"Oh, you know I don't like Kenny like that Butters, he's been yours since we graduated High School." Kyle coughed, rubbing his cheeks to hide the blush. "A-And… I'll have a whiskey and sour."

"Comin' right up!" Butters cooed, turning around and quickly getting to work. There was another bartender this evening, taking care of everyone else. After a few minutes, Kyle had his drink in his hand, sipping on it lightly. "Haven't seen you around here in a while." Butter's commented, his attention going towards the men on the stage. He cheered, watching the man do a split with ease. Kyle turned around just in time to watch him go down, wincing loudly as he imagined the pain that would follow.

"I've been pretty busy at work. With the weather getting cold, people aren't taking care of themselves." Kyle shrugged, taking a bigger sip this time. "I uh… I had a date the other week…" Kyle commented. Butters squealed, grabbing Kyles hand.

"Oh!? Tell me everything! C'mon, let's go to the booth." Butters let go of his hand, walking around the bar with his own drink in his hand. He grabbed Kyle by the forearm, leading him along. Kyle chuckled, making sure to grab his drink as he followed. The made their way towards a booth in the far corner. Close to the stage, but still in view of the bar and the entrance. Butter's had his back towards the entrance, but was still able to see the dancers. "So, what's his name?" Butter's began, taking the small red straw from his drink and stirring it delicately.

"Well, his name is Greg. He's an old Med school acquaintance of mind. He found me on that site you told me to sign up for. We went to dinner and that was it." Kyle sighed, leaning back into the booth, spinning his drink slightly as well. Kyle could see Butters pout as he finished his story.

"Awe shucks, nothin' fun happened?" Kyle shook his head, causing another sigh to leave the blondes lips. "That's no fun… Come around here more often! I'm sure you'll find someone!" Butters giggled, bringing his drink to his mouth. He took a large sip, almost spitting it out when he lurched forward. Kyle jumped, raising an eyebrow towards the man. "Did'ja hear!? The ten year reunion is comin' up!" Kyle blinked, tilting his head.

"Bebe told me earlier today." Kyle looked down. "I wonder who is going to go. Apparently Wendy is in charge of everything." Kyle shrugged.

"Probably a bunch of the old gang! Say, they all know right?" Butters questioned. As Kyle was tilting his head back, he noticed someone come through the entrances hallway. He brought the glass down, narrowing his eyes at the person. Although the club was filled with mostly black lights and neon lights of every color, he could still barely make out the men's figure.

"What's gotcha spooked?" Butters questioned, turning his body halfway out of the booth to look in the direction Kyle was looking at. "Well I'll be damned… How did he get the password?" Butters mumbled. Kyle felt his breathing stop as his hands shook. The glass dropped from his hand and crashed onto his lap, spilling over his clothes.

"I have to go, he can't see me here." Kyle said, he stood up quickly causing the glass to fall and shatter onto the floor. Thankfully the music was too loud for the shattering glass to be heard. Butters turned to look at Kyle, who was already up and rushing past the man who had just entered. He kept his head low, but his curly red hair helped him stick out like a sore thumb. He didn't notice the man turning towards him, all he could focus on was his feet and getting out of the building.

Kyle walked fast out of the door, towards his car and thankfully made it into his car without anyone stopping him. He put the car in reverse and pushed the gas, getting onto the highway. His mind was racing faster than his car could go.

Why… Why would he be there?

Why is he back in town?

Does he know?

He can't… No no… He doesn't care about me…

No one does…