Harry Potter Fanfiction (HP/Twi Crossover)

Summary: 8-year-old Harry meets the Cullen family and immediately charms him with his innocence. They adopt him after seeing he's been abused by the Dursleys and finally has a home. But what will happen when Dumbledore realises Harry is gone?

Chapter one:

Privet Drive was a quiet normal street. Each house stood tall, identical to the next with their neat gardens and clean driveways. It was the last place you'd expect to find something strange to happen. However, not all was as it seemed. Mr and Mrs Dursley, of number four, had a secret, one which they feared to share. With them and their son, Dudley, lived their nephew, Harry James Potter. They detested everything about Harry because he was different, abnormal and freakish in their eyes.

Harry had lived with them since he was fifteen months old, having been left on the doorstep of the Dursleys mere hours after the death of his parents. Ever since he had faced a horrible life at the hands of the Dursleys. He was beaten, abused both physically and mentally, starved, neglected and treated as a slave. The child had never known, or at least could never remember, the true love of family. However, Harry found a way to keep going. Each morning he would wake and complete his chores and today was no exception.

Harry woke to the screeching of his Aunt Petunia. His eyes shot open as he reached for his glasses. The sound of his cupboard door unlocked alerted him that he had to move. He scurried out of the cupboard under the stairs and to the kitchen where he immediately started making breakfast. With his eyes downcast, he placed each plate in their respective spot on the table before hurrying to get his uncle's coffee. Unbeknownst to him, Dudley had stuck his foot out to purposefully get him in trouble. As Dudley wished, Harry tripped, falling face first to the ground with the cup of coffee shattering under him, the liquid burning his skin.

"HOW DARE YOU SPILL MY COFFEE, YOU UNGRATEFUL FREAK!" Vernon roared. Harry scrambled up to clean up the mess but was stopped as his uncle grabbed him around the neck and flung him into the counter. Uncle Vernon was suddenly near him again. Vernon stood on Harry's arm, breaking it easily while he punched him repeatedly. All of a sudden a shrill ring echoed through the kitchen and Uncle Vernon pulled back, leaving the room. Harry lay still on the floor as to not draw attention to himself, listening to the convocation. He had learnt from a young age how to determine the mood his uncle was it. It had helped him through a lot of situations.

"Hello?" came Uncle Vernon's voice from the hall. Harry strained to hear the person on the other end of the phone but managed to hear the words,"…new…job…honour…dinner". He wrinkled his nose, it didn't give him much to go on.

"Of course, my family and I would love to have you for dinner tonight. We can't wait for you to arrive." Harry cringed at hearing his uncle's overly sweet tone. The phone was put down and Uncle Vernon came strolling into the room. He pulled harry carelessly off the floor and roughly shoved him towards the door.

"I'm having guests Freak and I don't want you here to screw it up. Leave now and you won't be allowed back until eleven o'clock tonight. Am I understood?"

"Yes Uncle Vernon," Harry replied timidly, before he rushed out of the door and into the street. He breathed a sigh of relief once outside, the fresh smell of the air relaxed him. With a small smile on his face, he set off towards the park on the hill.