Harry Potter Fanfiction (HP/Twi Crossover)

Summary: 8-year-old Harry meets the Cullen family and immediately charms him with his innocence. They adopt him after seeing he's been abused by the Dursleys and finally has a home. But what will happen when Dumbledore realises Harry is gone?

Chapter Eight:

The first thing Harry was aware of was the overbearing warmth surrounding him. Groaning, he made to move whatever had been wrapped around him, only to be stopped. He wrinkled his nose in distaste and snapped open his eyes. The sight that met him caused him to jump in surprise. Encircling him, his family stood looking down, their faces a mix of emotions; he saw anger, worry, happiness and concern. Slowly he attempted to shrink back but found moving hard and tiring.

"Don't even think about it." Harry winced at his father's tone. He had known when he left that he would be in trouble, he didn't have to like it though. The last thing he remembered he was sitting at the base of one the trees, but it was quite foggy.

"Anything to say before we start?" his father said, interrupting his thoughts. Cautiously, Harry shook his head. Carlisle moved to perch at the end of the couch by Harry's feet, his face now emotionless.

"Why?" He was clearly not amused with the turn of events. Harry took a deep breath. This was going to be hard to explain properly without getting in any more trouble. Frankly, all he really needed was a hug.

"I just needed some fresh air. I never really get time alone here," Harry whispered despite knowing everyone could hear him anyway. "I didn't mean to be gone for so long, I got a bit lost."

"Apparently." A frown marred Carlisle's face. "But I believe there's quite a lot that you're missing out." Harry opened and closed his mouth a few times though no sound came out. What if they hated him for just giving up on them, for not trusting them? Harry sighed. He might as well get it over with, it'd only get worse. And with that thought it all came spilling out.

For the next hour, Harry told them everything. He told them the fear he'd been feeling, how much this had actually affected them. He told them of the letters he'd received and the magic he'd discovered. By the looks from his family, he assumed that they had thought this would happen but he couldn't get much else from it. If anything, it just scared him. Due to his time at the Dursleys, he had relied on the faces and sounds of others to tell him when to run. It had saved him countless of times when he was younger. Unfortunately, his family were good at hiding emotions… would they still be family after this though?

"… See, those teachers were right. The Dursleys were right. I'm just a freak and I don't belong here." Harry concluded on what had been gnawing at him for days. A small tear rolled down his cheek and onto the blanket that surrounded him. Before anything else could happen, Carlisle scooped his son up and onto his lap.

"No. Hadrian James Cullen, that is in no way true." Carlisle spoke sternly, emphasises each and every word. "Never call yourself a freak." His arms had locked securely about his son in protection.

"Come on Harry, you're an angel not a freak," Edward's voice rang out. Harry scowled lightly at the phrase. "Don't look at me like that. Our little brother is perfect." Emmett's laughter echoed through the house for a long time after.

Professor McGonagall took her chance. For the past week she had been planning the best way to reach America without Dumbledore's knowledge. After Phineas had alerted her to the shocking plans the headmaster had, there was no stopping her. As soon as she reached Hogsmeade, she twisted on the spot and disappeared.

With a loud crack, she reappeared in the garden before the home of the Cullens. Swiftly, she stepped up to the door and knocked twice. The door was wrenched open only moments later, revealing a young woman with luscious brown hair.

"Esme Cullen," McGonagall queered. She had done her research before she arrived in the hopes to speed up the meeting.

"Yes, how can I help you?" Esme responded, as polite as always.

"I am Professor Minerva McGonagall, Deputy of Hogwarts School. I realise that your family has no reason to trust me, especially after the situation with my colleges. But believe me it will be worth it." Esme's eyes narrowed but after a short discussion with her husband, in a tone and speed in which no human could hear, she allowed her inside.

The full Cullen family sat around the room: Harry was still in his father's lap wrapped in a blanket with his mother now beside him; Emmett, Jasper and Edward sat on the floor having just paused the video game they'd started while the girls sat with magazines on the smaller couch. Professor McGonagall sat carefully at the edge of an armchair to begin business.

"Now, I have been alerted to the situation that arose on the 31st of July. It seems that the headmaster is plotting something terrible to make sure Harry stays at Hogwarts."

"What do you mean plotting?" Alice chirped suspiciously from her seat.

"The headmaster is very powerful and very dangerous. He is determined to have Harry at Hogwarts. However, I can offer a solution."

"Please elaborate." Carlisle asked, wishing to protect his smallest son.

"As deputy I can offer permission to home school Harry in the art of magic. It cannot be overruled by our ministry as you are in a different country and under different rules. But the invitation to Hogwarts will still remain." The Professor waited for this to settle in before continuing. "It will allow Harry to be safe from those who want him. I will be more than happy to send you the correct books and lesson plans of my staff."

"Those who want him?" Emmett questioned from his place on the floor.

"You have to understand, Harry is very powerful, even now, and once at his full potential he'll be one of the strongest of out kind. Even when he was very young he could be seen performing great magic just by accident and that power is wanted by many, like Dumbledore." This news was met by shocked gazes and slight confusion. But Edward being Edward, he was the first to question the prospect of magic.

"If Harry performs this accidental magic so much, why haven't we seen it?" After a thought he said," No offense, Harry." Minerva just smiled softly.

"Harry is happy here. After his… unfortunate… time before being here, I assume he feels safe, so does not have any need for his magic." Small smiles appeared on the faces of the Cullens.

"Is there anything else we need to discuss?" Carlisle asked. With a sharp nod McGonagall replied.

"Yes but I believe it best if I discuss it with you and your wife in private."

"Follow me," Carlisle responded before rising and returning Harry to the sofa. With a stern look to their oldest children, both parents lead the deputy headmistress of Hogwarts to Carlisle's office.

Once inside and settled, McGonagall cast silencing charms around the room and pulled out a thick, leather bound book.

"This is a brief history of magic's culture. It will allow you a small insight into the wizarding world." She quickly opened the book to the page she'd marked. "And this chapter is all about your son's status in the wizarding world."

"Our son's status?" Esme questioned confused.

"Yes, young Harry Potter is famous in my world." After a short breath, she began the tale. "On 31st October, a man named Lord Voldemort found the house Harry and his parents lived in. Now, you have to understand that at the time our world was at war and Harry's parents, along with many others, opposed Voldemort's side. So when that monster found them, he took no breath when killing them. Harry's father stood before him in the hope that his wife and child would escape but unfortunately not. James Potter was murdered at the door and Voldemort followed Lily upstairs. He proceeded to kill her too as she stood before Harry in an attempt to save him. That sacrifice is why Harry is here today. A mother's love is sacred and prevented Voldemort killing Harry. Instead the killing curse used rebounded off Harry and hit Voldemort only leaving a scar on Harry's forehead. Harry James Potter Cullen is the only person ever to survive the killing curse and 'saved' our world at only fifteen months old. Regrettably, only hours later Albus Dumbledore left Harry with the Dursleys and despite my discomfort at the thought, I didn't fight enough. That is one of the main reasons I'm here. I see Harry as a nephew as such and I would like to make up for the horror I sadly left him with."

"You are. This will keep him safe. Thank you," Carlisle said, his heart going out to the woman before him. He was glad to have someone like this with them. This family would be safer, Harry especially. McGonagall smiled at them and stood.

"Then I will take my leave. Thank you for taking Harry away from those monsters." And with a crack, she disappeared.

Downstairs, Emmett was as hyper as ever. He bounded around the room with Harry in his arms.

"You'll be able to fly like this and make bunnies and…" He was interrupted by Rosalie hitting him on the upside of the head.

"Give it a rest! If you remember, Harry's ill." Rosalie snapped before lifting Harry into her own arms and sitting back down, holding him. Cautiously Harry turned to look at her, immediately spotting her scowl.

"Rosalie….?" He questioned timidly. She glanced down at him frowning.

"I don't like this wizarding world. It's too lenient on… bastards!" The fury in her voice was evident; she hated not knowing the threat. After a thought she added, "Don't repeat that word."

Harry frowned, leaning into Rosalie carefully. His curiosity of the wizarding world had only grown through meeting Professor McGonagall and now had a chance to stay and learn magic. But would he be allowed? Would his family start to hate him like the Dursleys did? That was why they hated him after all. Rosalie obviously disliked the thought of magic.

"I can't hear them!" Edward voiced, panicking.

"Me neither," Jasper confirmed. "But how?"

"It's probably that witches fault." Rosalie stated angrily.

"Rosalie, don't." Alice gestured to her little brother quickly whilst glaring.

A crack suddenly sound causing everyone to jump in their seat. The vampires stood, ready to defend themselves just as Carlisle and Esme entered the room.

"Calm down, it was just our guest leaving," Carlisle explained calmly.

"WHAT! I told you she was dangerous. How can you be so calm?" Rosalie shouted. Harry flinched away from her in which only Alice picked up on. Silently, she pulled Harry to her for comfort. She held her face in an emotional mask; luckily no one had noticed her brief vision. The bright colours confused her, the screams terrified her and in the centre, she saw her little brother.

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