(Spoilers up to chapter 416! So a little forewarning if you haven't gotten that far yet! :D)


It had been a difficult decision in some respects, and yet in others it'd been the easiest choice Igneel had ever made. It was tough, knowing that he'd leave Natsu without a trace or an explanation, and yet to protect him, he'd do anything. Even if it meant leaving him to fend for himself, feeling lost and alone.

Well, not completely. He'd still be there, with Natsu, just not in the flesh. He was nestled deep within Natsu's body and conscience, even if the boy couldn't feel him.

He could see and hear everything Natsu went through, he could feel the emotions brimming in his heart, he could hear the thoughts in his head. He was right there, even if his only son couldn't feel it.

It'd been difficult, that first day, when Natsu had awoken to find he was alone. It wasn't the toughest part, no, that was still to come, although at the time Igneel thought it couldn't possibly become worse.

He felt Natsu's panic and confusion first hand as he stood, looking and calling for Igneel, utterly perplexed as to where the dragon could've gone. Igneel was large; he wasn't easy to miss.

It hurt a kind of hurt Igneel hadn't felt before as he felt his son's anxiety. He would come to feel a lot of emotions, traveling with Natsu as he continued to suppress the spread of the Dragon Slayer magic, stopping it from taking him over entirely, but he never would've guessed the variable emotional rollercoaster that was to come.

Igneel was there, always, listening and quietly observing Natsu's growth and adventures. Even if Natsu couldn't sense him, he was there. And in the end, honestly, Igneel was certain he couldn't be any more proud.

The Becoming the Tamer King Challenge - write a drabble collection centered around a certain character or pairing (Igneel & Natsu)

Hello~! This will be a little story of ficlets about what all Igneel went through inside of Natsu. I love their relationship and I'd be lying if a few tears weren't shed during the end of the Tartaros arc for me. ;3 So it'll be a little trip throughout Natsu's journey up to Tartaros! I hope you enjoy! :D