Castiel watched the righteous man. He was a gifted hunter and very protective brother. Castiel had watched the man for a long while, from the moment he was born to the first scraped knee. The angel guarded the boy as he quickly grew, his childhood stolen by tragedy, a sudden weight of responsibility slung onto his tiny shoulders. The angel never interfered, however often he listened to the soft crying that filled the night hours.

The angel watched the boy grow into a strong, stoic man. He watched as the Man continued along the trajectory he was created for. The angel often caught himself wishing there was some way to save this man from his predestined path, someway to spare this human, then as if flipping a switch the feeling was gone again and the angel continued to watch. The man grew into a warrior, a hero and often Castiel found himself stepping in to help the man, a quick handed distraction, a simple whisper of a warning in the man's ear, or healing minor wounds, but never enough to alert the man of his presence.

The Hunter had learned quickly to hide his emotions. It was a task Castiel had once perfected but now had found himself slipping, actually feeling humanity in it's rawest form. The angel watched the man closely as the years passed, often feeling fear or sadness along side the hunter as he moved about his life, never aware of the guardian's ever-present existence.

Possibly the most emotional time for the angel was when he had to watch the man suffer in the bowels of hell. For many years the angel avoided going to the aid of the man. Castiel pleaded with his father to save the man, allow him to correct the wrong, make the world that now seemed so lost whole again. When the angel could no longer endure the heavy weight of despair he went to the broken man. He slid the chains off of the worn shoulders, undid the shackles holding the soul together and stole way gripping the soul tightly as he flew.

Castiel flew to an open field and set to work, carefully reconstructing his bounty. Each bone, joint and muscle was carved and shaped from the most precious of materials, working effortlessly from memory the angel toiled away until it was perfect; the righteous man, back where he belonged.

When the man opened his eyes for the first time, it was as if Castiel was seeing the sunrise after being blind for his whole life, if a tidal wave had pulled him under and his entire being radiated with sudden desperate longing. The angel was at a loss, he had never experienced anything like it before. He knew there was but one simple solution, he had to make his presence known to the hunter before he shattered from the sudden well in his chest.

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