Albert awoke the sound of heavy boots approaching him.

"Ready to hunt, old man?" He could feel the rifle plop down on the bed beside him as he slowly sat up.

"Eager, aren't we, son? You're awful spry for having a hole in your chest." Albert grabbed his clothes and started dressing up as Abraham began to clean the barrel of his gun.

"That hole sealed up weeks ago, Albert."

Albert turned around and looked at Abraham. It had been four months since he had come stumbling to his door soaked in blood. Now he was a strong, capable man with excellent marksmanship. He was indeed a true man among men.

"I said are you ready, Albert?" Albert snapped back into reality as he grabbed his gun and followed Abraham out the door.

The farm in the distance had gone up in flames about a week ago, leaving only a scorch mark in the beautiful spring mountainside. Flowers and plants were sprouting up as the snow had all but disappeared for the year. Most of the trees around Albert's house had been cut down, leaving a firewood pile the size of the house.

When they reached their hunting grounds, they saw a sea of tents raised, with soldiers walking around with weaponry Abraham had never seen before. One of the soldiers spotted the two armed hunters and quickly approached them. He was dressed in heavy coats and padding, with what appeared to be a modified gas mask covering his face. His shoulders, chest and helmet bore a golden 'N' on them.

"Leave these premises at once, or we will not hesitate to execute you as traitors to the new world order." Abraham began to back up slowly, but Albert stood his ground.

"You just can't take another man's land. This here is my hunting ground, and I won't stand for your kind moving into it without any warning." The soldier moved into Albert's face.

"Listen here, old man. We are taking these lands in the name of the supreme leader, Neo. I don't need permission from a measly peasant to move my men. We can camp wherever we goddamn please. Now leave before I fire a laser through your heart." His weapon began to glow purple and whir loudly. Albert didn't budge.

"I will not have my freedom stripped from me, son. This isn't over." Albert turned around as he and Abraham walked back home.

Later that night, Albert and Abraham had sat in front of the fire with a vodka in each of their hands. Abraham had not said a thing to Albert all day. He could tell he was brooding. He finally slammed his drink down and stood up.

"I'm gonna go outside and get some more firewood." He stumbled outside, completely drunk, and slammed the door. Abraham waited for a few minutes...which then turned into an hour. Albert had still not returned. Worried, Abraham grabbed his rifle and began to search for him.

Not a single log had been touched. Albert hadn't even made it to the logs. Fear struck Abraham as he realized where Albert had gone. He quickly ran for the camp, where two soldiers quickly greeted him with their glowing weapons whirring.

"Has the old man been through here," Abraham asked frantically. "If he's here, I only ask to take him back home."

The soldiers looked at each other and turned back to Abraham. "The old man trespassed into our territory and attacked our soldiers. He has been detained and repurposed. Now leave."

Abraham didn't move. "What do you mean, repurposed? Let me see him."

The soldiers pointed their weapons at Abraham. "This is your final warning. We will kill you."

Abraham had had enough. He had waited. He had watched. It was now time for him to react. He took his rifle and knocked the butt of it into the face of one of the soldiers, knocking him down, as he fired it into the gun of the other soldier blowing all three of them back. His ears began ringing. Abraham scrambled to his feet, seeing the soldiers coming up out of their camps firing at him. Hiding behind a nearby tree, he began to pick off the soldiers one by one. The only thought that ran through his mind was to find his friend.

He walked down into the camp, moving towards the largest tent in the middle of the camp. He peeked inside to see a large machine, buzzing and smoking. He looked around and saw Albert strapped to a chair in the tent. He ran over to him.

"Let's get out of here, Albert. We have to leave." He began undoing Albert's straps.

Albert started mumbling, "guards...guards".

"Albert, don't worry about them, let's just get out of here."

He began to squirm more and more. "guards...GUARDS! GUARDS!" He used his free right hand to punch Abraham right in the nose, knocking him down. Abraham heard the sounds of soldiers coming over to him. In a panic, he ducked under the tent and took off for the woods. He could see the house in the distance up in flames.

Abraham turned around, with tears rolling down his face, "ALBERT! ALBERT!" Laser blasts began to fly past his head as he ran deeper into the woods.

"ALB-" he was quickly silenced as a glove covered his mouth and a large pain seared through his head, causing him to black out.