A/N: So, I posted this AU to Tumblr, but forgot to post any of it here! I've recently been into a mini-series called Sons of Liberty, which focuses on the American Revolution, and of course, I had to combine fandoms a little bit!

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"Killian, wait up!" Emma giggled as she followed her best friend through the busy streets of Boston.

"Hurry, lass!"

She giggled and lifted her skirt a little to pick up her pace.

They were running towards the docks, where Killian's older brother, Liam, was working. He had just turned eighteen, so of course, he joined the British Royal Navy.


"Take my hand, Emma!" Killian replied as they started to make their way into a more crowded around.

Emma smiled as he turned his head, offering his hand to her. She took it with a grin and continued to follow him into the crowd.

"Are we supposed to be here?"

"Probably not." He grinned, dragging her through and around people, shoving his way towards the front.

They finally reached it, and Emma nearly gasped at the sight.

The Admirals were lining men up and speaking about... something-Emma couldn't really tell what.

"Killian, what are they talking about?" Emma whispered.

"I don't know-do you see Liam?" Killian asked, glancing around nervously.

"No-oh, he's right there." She said, pointing to where Killian's older brother stood.

Emma watched as one of the Admirals took a sailor out of the line and pointed him out as being a rebel.


"Liam, no!" Killian yelled, causing Emma to grab his arm and hold him back.

"Killian, shh-don't let them know what Liam is." Emma whispered, holding onto his shoulder.

One of the officials must have heard Killian's outburst, because he made his way over to where Killian stood and motioned him forward.

"Are you trying to cause a stir, young man?" He asked.

"No, no sir." Killian offered with a hard swallow.

"I suggest you keep quiet then, or run home." The man snapped before pushing Killian back into the crowd. Emma took his hand again, holding him close.

"Emma, they're going to hurt Liam." He whispered worriedly.

"No, they won't, Killian."

"He's been working with them, he's been trying to-"

"Shh." Emma hushed, looking forward as the officials grabbed Liam from the line.

"Liam!" Killian shrieked as the crowd uproared. The three men picked from the line were stood together, as if for a display.

"These men have been alerted as working for the rebels here in Boston," An official stated, "And, today, we will show you exactly what happens when you are a rebel."

After the gunshot, everything went fuzzy for Emma.

She remembered reaching for Killian, holding him back as the officials beat the three men who had been deemed rebels.

Including Liam.

A man Emma grew to love as perhaps her own older brother.

The last thing she remembered was Killian's heartbreaking yell as Liam fell to the cobblestone street, lifeless.


Killian was so stupid.

So, so, stupid.

And, here Emma was, running around frantically in the middle of the night to make sure her best friend was alive after she'd heard gunshots (and trying to make sure her parents didn't know she was even gone made it all the worse).

She finally turned down a corner, following one of the guys she'd seen Killian hang around lately.

He joined the rebels as soon as Liam was killed-which was fine to Emma, but she knew he ran the risk of being killed every single day.

Emma carefully followed the man, until he stopped and turned to see her. It was just Robin.

"Miss Swan, what on Earth are you doing out this late?" He asked in a loud whisper.

"Do you know where Killian is?" She asked frantically.

His expression softened when he nodded, motioning for her to follow. She swallowed hard and followed the man, lifting her skirt to keep it from dragging on the street.

He led her to some dark, dank building, then dropped a coin into a small slit. The door opened, and he motioned her in. She immediately heard someone scream in pain, and it was definitely Killian.

"Killian!" She shrieked, running to find him.

"Emma?" He asked in response, his voice wavering.

She turned a corner to see him sitting up on a table, shirtless and under a bright candlelight.

"Killian, thank God you're alive." She spoke quickly, hurrying over to him and hugging him tight.

"I'm sorry, love." He whispered, setting his hand on the back of her head like he'd always done.

She only cherished the hug for a moment more before she shoved him away.

"You scared me half to death! I thought you-"

"I know, I'm sorry." He offered, then grunted, closing his eyes as the doctor continued working on his side.

"What did you-" Emma stopped when she saw the blood coming from a tear in his side.

"I was only grazed, love, but it's cleaned and I'll be okay."

"You have to stop doing this." Emma whispered.

"Doing what?" He asked.

"All of this." She motioned to the air around her, taking in the guns, men sitting around, plotting. It all scared her.

"Emma, love, you know why I do this."

"I know, but you're my best friend, and I'm not losing you, too." She spoke softly, her voice cracking a little.

"Mr. Jones, we'll need to stitch this up if you want it to heal properly." The doctor warned, causing Killian to close his eyes and rub a hand down his face.

"I'll be right here." Emma offered, holding out her hand. He looked to her, then down to her hand before taking it in his and giving it a gentle squeeze.

Killian nodded to the doctor, lying down and closing his eyes tight. Emma gave his hand a squeeze this time, letting him know that she was still there.

He grunted in pain as the needle entered his skin, causing him to wince.

"Killian, stay still." Emma whispered, bending down to get closer to his ear, "It's okay. Talk to me."

"About what?" He groaned.

"Anything." Emma replied with a small smile, brushing some hair from his face. He winced again, squeezing Emma's hand.

"Talk about something that makes you happy." Emma spoke softly.

"You make me happy, love."

Emma's cheeks reddened-she knew it was possible that Killian had feelings for her. They had known each other their whole lives, and unlike Liam, he treated her less like a sibling and more like a... lady.

"Tell me." She smiled, meeting his eyes.

"The way your eyes twinkle when you get excited, or the way you smile when you see your little brother-" He closed his eyes again as the doctor threaded the needle through his tender skin, and Emma gave him another assuring squeeze.

"Keep going, Killian." She whispered, rubbing her thumb over his knuckles.

"You have always had the most brilliant mind of anyone I've ever known," Killian spoke with a pained smile, making Emma blush, "And, you care-about people, about your country, about your family, your friends... about me."

"I've always cared about you, Killian."

"I know." He smiled.

He squeezed her hand again, sweat forming in small beads on his forehead as he resisted the pain.

"Just a little longer, Killian." Emma whispered, grabbing a cloth from her bag and gently dabbing at his forehead, "Killian, you're burning up."

"I'll give him some medicine to ease that and his pain as soon as I'm done." The doctor said.

"See?" Emma smiled, "A few minutes more. Continue talking, Killian."

He squeezed his eyes shut hard before continuing.

"Your hair is the most... wonderful thing I have seen in my whole life, Emma. The way it frames your face, and falls on your chest... It captivates me-perhaps more than anything else."

Emma's cheeks reddened again, and she wondered to herself if anyone felt as hot as she did.

"That is very kind of you to say, Killian."

"It's true." He grimaced, "I should have told you sooner-perhaps when I wasn't in a state like this."

Emma giggled at that, pressing a kiss to his warm hand.

"That's alright." She whispered, "This was perfect."

"You're all stitched up, Jones." The doctor sighed, handing him a small bottle filled with some substance, "Now, go home and get some rest."

"Aye." Killian nodded, carefully sitting up and tossing his feet over the edge of the table. Emma helped him stand, holding him around his waist as she helped him to the door.

"You'll be back tomorrow, Killian?" One of the men asked.

"Depends on how this heals up, I suppose." He smiled as Emma helped him out of the building.

"Killian, please don't scare me like that again."

"I won't, love." He spoke tiredly.

"You're exhausted." She sighed, "Why don't you stay with me for the night? My home is closer than yours."

"Are you positive? Will your parents know?"

"They know you, Killian. I doubt they would be too surprised." Emma smiled.

"Thank you, lass." He breathed.

"Always, Killian."

It took them longer than normal, but they finally made it to Emma's parents' home and snuck in, trying their best to be quiet. She took him up to her room and gently closed the door behind herself as she watched him carefully move to the bed.

"We are not wed, love. We cannot sleep in the same bed."

"That's alright." Emma offered, lighting a candle and illuminating the room.

"No, I cannot-"

"Killian, it's truly alright." Emma smiled, "I will work something out. I'm sure we've an old cot lying around somewhere."

"Love, I would feel awful if you slept on a cot."

"Stop protesting," She smiled, walking to sit on the edge of the bed, "And, take some medicine. It will help with your pain."

"Pain? What pain?" He teased, taking the small bottle from her.

"You couldn't fool a blind man." Emma grinned, "Take it."

He carefully opened the bottle and drank a bit of it, sticking his tongue out in repulsion.

Emma rolled her eyes and grabbed her water pitcher from her bedside table to pour a glass of water.

"Here." She offered, and he took it with a gentle nod and a smile before downing the whole glass.

"Thank you, love. You've been far too kind."

"It really is nothing, Killian. You are my best friend, after all." Emma smiled, gently nudging his shoulder.

"Goodnight, Emma."

"Goodnight, Killian." Emma smiled in response, rising from the bed and going to search for a cot-blowing the candle out on her way out the door.

She woke in the middle of the night to sounds of pain-coming from Killian.

The medication must have worn off, she thought. She sat up on the small cot, glancing over the edge of the bed to see Killian shivering and mumbling in his sleep.

Emma carefully opened her bag that sat at her bedside, grabbing one of the other medicines for pain she'd taken from her father's medicine cabinet and rising to her feet.

She pressed a hand to Killian's head, and it was steaming again. She needed to wake him.

"Killian, Killian." She whispered, shaking his shoulder, rousing him from his sleep, "You need more medicine."

He grumbled something incoherent before sitting up a little and opening his eyes.

"Are you alright?" She whispered, setting her hand on his warm cheek. He simply nodded, so she handed him the small vial and let him drink it as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"Thank you."

"Of course." Emma spoke softly, "Killian?"

"Aye?" He whispered.

She didn't speak a word more, simply leaned her head down a little to press her lips against his firmly. She had only kissed a handful of men in her life-she was sure Killian had kissed far more woman than she had men. She didn't know if she was even good at this.

"I'm sorry, I was-"

"-Lovely. You were lovely." Killian spoke with a soft smile, setting his hand on her cheek and kissing her once more.

Emma's eyes fluttered closed under his touch, heat burning beneath her skin now. She finally pulled herself away, leaning her forehead against Killian's.

"That is certainly new." Emma smiled.

"Aye," Kilian agreed, "But, it's something I have longed to do for a long time."

"Me, too." Emma spoke with a tight-lipped smile, "Now, go back to sleep. You need your rest if you want to go back in the morning."

"Ah, so you do like the rebels." Killian smiled.

"They treated you well, and took care of you when you were hurt." Emma spoke softly, "I would prefer if you didn't scare me on an hourly basis, but if you must, I suppose there's no stopping you."

"I will be a hero if I continue this, Emma. I can avenge Liam's death." Killian whispered.

"I know." Emma whispered, dropping a kiss to his forehead, "Goodnight, Killian."

"Goodnight, love."