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'Yang is really lovely, isn't she?' Velvet thought to herself, humming happily. So far her day was going great. No bullying yet, a nice chat with a friend and most of her daily chores were already done. 'What next?' The rabbit Faunus slowly ran through her list of tasks. Her smile grew slightly bigger when she mentally ticked off everything that she'd completed. Then something stopped her dead in her tracks.

'Did I? No… I don't think I did… Dammit!' Velvet sighed, spinning on her heel and returning the way she came. After coming all this way and being rather blissful about it, she'd forgotten to turn the washing machine on. She verbally abused herself all the way to the laundry room.

As she arrived, she noticed Yang was absent. 'She must've already left. Oh and look, she wasn't an idiot and turned the washing machine on!' Insulting herself further, she took a glance at the machine washing Yang and Ruby's clothing. Something caught her eye, a crumbled piece of paper slowly moving about the top of the rumbling machine. Without a second's hesitation, she snatched it up and laid her eyes upon it.

The writing was rather neat and informative, it was obvious that Yang couldn't have written it. Velvet felt mean thinking this, but she wasn't wrong. She had only skimmed the opening sentence and from just that, she could discern that it had to be Weiss Schnee who wrote this document. She was the only Team RWBY member that had high enough knowledge on.

Only one other person from Team RWBY came to mind who might have a little stash of knowledge on dust, which was Blake. The only problem with this idea is that Blake was scared of Zwei, hating him even. Velvet actually found it quite adorable when Blake's mood suddenly switches whenever she encounters the fluff-ball. The energetic, but scared look always made Velvet smile, maybe that was mean of her, but she couldn't help it.

Velvet slowly read through it as she hit the 'on' button to start up the washing machine she'd forgotten about. Her cheeks began to redden as her eyes kept travelling along the beaten paper. The paper fell from her hands as she covered her mouth with both hands. It was hard-hitting news. Almost like finding out that a certain someone was shagging the least expected person, except way more of a shock. She would've assumed the least expected person for Weiss to have sex with would be Cardin Winchester or Professor Port, she wouldn't have even considered her pet dog, Zwei. The science was all here, but why did Yang have it…

Her eyes widened more as her back hit the wall. It was a strange feeling she was being attacked from. A mixture of panic, shock, confusion and excitement. It was rare for her to be in on little secrets, especially huge ones like so.

"W-Weiss… And Y-Y-Yang!" Velvet spluttered aloud. She disliked thinking of herself this way, but she was certainly a closet pervert. Whilst she didn't browse pornography day in and day out, her dirty mind extended past just a few dirty jokes. She would see two people being friendly with each other and it wouldn't be a stretch to say that her mind fluttered with excitement as it went to town imagining vivid daydreams such as them proceeding to have sexual relations right in front of her. Normally they'd just be getting a drink from the vending machine together, but that didn't matter to her and her heartrate.

Her thighs rubbed together, feeling her own skin getting sensitive and tingly. She slowly scooped the paper back up off the ground and stuffed it in her small pocket for later investigation. Her body was beginning to heat up and it was far too dangerous to be reading it in this public area.

The CFVY dorm room, where she'd retreated to, was empty, thankfully for her. Clicking the door shut behind her, she threw herself onto her neatly made bedding before ripping the note from her jeans. She never quite finished reading, but the following was just as she expected. Basic facts about Zwei and his transformation, what her testing was – which seemed to be written quickly, most likely due to embarrassment – and the instructions to replicate the experiment again in the future.

Velvet had never heard of purple dust, but she was certain Weiss Schnee could continue to supply herself and Yang with it due to her family and the business they were in. There was a small doodle drawn in the lower right corner. It seemed to be of a little man with fluffy Faunus ears and a brush-like tail. Velvet discerned that it must be a poor illustration of Zwei once he transforms into a Faunus.

The rabbit Faunus was immensely curious, for science no doubt. It was an incredible discovery that she'd never heard of before. 'Surely people have tried using all kinds of dust on animals before, so why has this one never been found before?' She thought to herself. Once she remembered that the Schnee dust company often creates their own artificial dust, it seemed clear that that was the reason. To replicate this effect, she'd have to find the dust that Weiss has and borrow their pet; purely for science.

Whilst science was a part of it, Velvet was definitely curious as to why two members of RWBY took their pet dog in as their lover. Whether it was a onetime thing, a living sex toy or a full time partner with them, it was still strange.

'Maybe he was rather attractive?' Velvet giggled to herself while her mind continued to explore the depths of her mind. The wonderful illustration Weiss provided certainly did not help in picture anything but dog ears and tail.

As a rabbit Faunus herself, she tended to fancy other rabbit Faunus' more so than any other race. It wasn't a racist act, just personal preference which she was entitled to have. This didn't mean lewd thoughts involving humans or other Faunus' didn't exist in the dirty pool of her mind, it just tended to lean towards rabbits more.

Velvet often laughed under her breath whenever anyone told her she was the smart, quiet one who was always focusing on learning in class. She still did the work and passed papers without much hassle, but the dirty thoughts were always in the back of her mind. To herself, she was a pervert, but that was fine.

"Maybe I'll… Investigate…" She grinned, straightening out her shirt as she stood.

Once she'd made her way to the RWBY dorm, she witnessed a sight she didn't expect. The busty blonde from the team riding the seemingly adorable dog Faunus on the carpet. Neither had heard the door open or close quickly, but it wouldn't be a stretch to say that Zwei ignored it for the reason of pleasure.

With a bright red face and loud breathing, Velvet's grin grew wider. As perverted as that may be, everything she thought was true. She was now an eye witness to the erotic theory she'd create in her mind of Yang and her pet dog being involved together sexually. Her Faunus ears listened in through the door, hearing the lewd sounds of Yang's moaning and breathing, their bodies slapping together and their liquids combining.

Her desires for pleasure were increasing every second she hung around outside the door. She kept her legs closed tightly to stop herself from disgracing herself in the corridor. Her hands began to shake, lusting for the same treatment.

'I… I'm such a pervert…' Velvet thought amongst the erotic imagery flooding her mind. Her hands clenched, building up a light sweat. She wanted to listen in for a little longer, but she heard people walking down the corridor. A quick glance told her that they were not any other member from RWBY, but whoever they are will be curious as to why Velvet is standing outside their room doing nothing with the eccentric grin on her mug. In a flurry, she dashed the opposite way, back towards her dorm room.

Sliding in through the doorway, she noticed there was still a lack of her teammates. 'Thank God!' She sighed in relief, shutting the behind her. "Pervert!" She exclaimed under her breath as if she was scolding herself, but she giggled afterwards.

She calmly sat down on her bed, breathing to the melody of a ticking clock nearby. Minutes passed by in silence. With her eyes shut, her facial features began to twitch. "Ah, screw it! No one's here anyway!" She sighed, beginning to wriggle out of her skinny jeans.

She had been trying to calm down her lust, but it turned out to be a waste of time, she was far too worked up to tap out. Pulling her silky brown panties down with her pants, her lower half was nude. Caressing her wet core, she felt her lips go numb, only feeling them react to the warm breaths she emitted.

She slowly pushed her fingers inside, but pulled them back out before entering too far. Her rabbit ears twitched every time a jolt of pleasure rushed up her spine. One hand was dedicated to circulating around her clitoris, nudging it with every lap. The other hand quickly ran up her stomach underneath the teal shirt she was sporting. She gripped her right breasts, feeling satisfaction from her choice of wearing no bra today.

That wasn't because she classified herself as a pervert, more because she'd outgrown most of her bras in the past few years yet she felt too awkward to buy more. She recognized that it was her fault, but at times like this, it just made things a whole lot easier.

She massaged her generous breasts mostly with her palm. Her lust was telling her to pull her shirt off, but it would be harder to hide if someone were to walk in. With her lower body, she could quickly slide into bed and act as though she wasn't feeling well. They could see if she was topless.

Once her mind reverted back to the erotic scene she'd witnessed moments earlier, her hands started moving much faster. The pleasure was shocking her entire body, lifting her arse from the plump duvet. Her juices were beginning to mark her sheets but she wanted to continue and never stop.

"Fuck… Oh God… Ye-Yes…" Each chant was said whilst exhaling her short warm breaths. Eyes shut, cheeks red and rabbit ears twitching, she felt ready to orgasm. Through her years as a teenager, she'd learnt many ways to make herself reach an orgasm, but the best way was simply vividly imagining something erotic.

"Shi-Shit!" She cursed, realising she needed to escape to the bathroom before she made a mess in the main dorm room. In a strange decision, she rolled off the bed and dropped onto her knees and one elbow. Her hand was still rubbing her clit as she waddled to the bathroom. Kicking the door shut with her heel, she collapsed onto the tiled floor, back hard against the wall. "Y-Yes!" She moaned. She faced the opened shower door as a strategy she came up with in seconds from her clouded, lusting mind.

The cold tiles were a little uncomfortable to sit on, but there was more than enough distractions to take her mind off that. With two fingers caressing her G-spot, she felt ready to melt. Suddenly, her ears straightened out, alerted to someone's presence. Her eyes widened, barely managing to keep her voice low, but she never stopped pleasing herself. She couldn't tell who it was who entered, but she hoped to God that they didn't wish to use the bathroom; she didn't lock the door, after all.

Her plump arse slowly slid along the tiles as she tried to shrink out of existence. She couldn't afford to stop now after being so close to climax. "Ah… Ah… Fuck…" She whispered under her breath, her ears beginning to droop in exhaustion. She felt the light sweat begin to surface under her breasts and thighs.

Continuing to keep her ears tuned into the other room, she heard the person sit down on a bed and begin mumbling to themselves, but she couldn't make out the words. Perhaps if her full focus was devoted to it, she would've been able to, but there was something else that her mind desired. Her thighs began to quake as her body continued to heat up. The hand massaging her own breasts shoved as much of her shirt into her mouth as she could to mute the moaning that would come three seconds later. "MMM! Ahh!" She exhaled into her shirt as a large squirt erupted out of the shy girl. It rained down on the tiled floor and open shower. She could clean this easily enough, but she was worried that at any moment, the person in the other room could wander inside.

She laid in exhaustion, but she could afford to spend time winding down from her mighty high. She rolled onto her knees then shakily to her feet. With a towel pulled off a hanger, she used her foot to do away with her ejaculatory fluids and sweat on the floor.

She stood in the middle of her dorm room's bathroom beginning to realise that she left her jeans and panties on her bed. Sporting only a shirt with a wet patch due to saliva, she decided that she had to play it off with a shower and some bad lies.

Coming out in a towel, mostly dried from her shower, Velvet smiled at Coco, the teammate who must have been the one who entered. "H-Hey, Coco!" She gave a slight wave, one hand helping to hold the towel wrap together.

Coco smiled back, but didn't speak. She seemed to be busy tapping on her scroll. "Er… What are you doing?" Velvet asked politely.

"Oh, don't worry about it. I'm just adding clothing to my shopping list." Coco gave a small smirk once she said the word 'clothing'. Her clothing currently took up all the room in her drawers and two other drawers they had to purchase for her.

"Right. Well, I'm going to grab my things and get changed then." Velvet shyly smiled once more.

"Better hurry before the boys get back and start fantasizing about you like this." Coco grinned.

"Hey!" Velvet responded quickly, not really taking offense, but it was her immediate response. She scooped up new clothes from her small drawers and quickly dashed to the bathroom. Within the clothes she'd picked up, she'd stealthily hidden the informative paper in the bundle.

She reread it once again in the safety of her bathroom, now locked. "This… May be… What I want…" She mumbled, shifting her thighs once more.

A few days passed and the entire time, Zwei was on Velvet's mind. She wanted to try it badly, but she had to stick with masturbation until the time was right. There were a few main problems with the plan to get Zwei and herself together. One obvious one was that Zwei lived in team RWBY's dorm and it would be hard to get Zwei out of that room without someone from RWBY realising or finding out he's missing. Second was her own team, while it wasn't rare that they were out doing their own activities (which was perfect for Velvet's hobby). If she was masturbating, she could typically hide the evidence for the most part, but if her team entered and found a naked man with her, it would be significantly harder for her to deceive them. Thirdly was her timid nature. Whilst her sex drive was rather high, that didn't change her public appearance. She tried to avoid the gaze of people, stay out of their way and wouldn't talk to strangers. With this personality, she felt like it would be hard to instigate anything between herself and the dog-turned-Faunus.

But now, the situation was changing. Team RWBY had been assigned another mission that would take them away from 10am till 10am the next day. They'll be camping out whilst studying and killing Grimm, without anyone else, which included Zwei. Ruby had requested that JNPR would take care of Zwei, but they also had their own mission so the team felt that Velvet would be responsible enough. She hadn't anticipated any of this, but everything was falling into place. She now had a reason to be in their dorm with Zwei, alone for twenty-four hours. It was almost too perfect, but she would take it. Her erotic imagination had become too much to bare in the passing days. The image of Yang and Zwei was in her head at least once an hour. Perhaps that was far too much for a normal person, but Velvet was a rabbit Faunus which came with bonuses such as better night vision, greater hearing and a large libido.

"I'll see you later Zwei! Be good!" Ruby snuggled her face into Zwei's furry coat. He barked happily with the attention.

Weiss patted him a few times on the head before turning away, out the door. Blake stroked him once, quickly leaving after. Finally, Yang kissed his furry head and rubbed his back until Blake ordered her to get a move on. The team was leaving and Velvet was waving politely as they left her with the room and dog. She was expected to sleep in the room with Zwei overnight so she was granted Blake's bed for the night ahead.

She sat in the room, staring at Zwei for a few long minutes. Her mind was going crazy, but it was far too early for her to try anything. RWBY's bullhead hadn't taken off yet and team JNPR won't leave until midday, but there was one thing Velvet could do to pass the time.

She ripped a crumpled note from her pocket and straightened it out on the carpet. She had to find the purple dust that was mentioned on the note. It was the key for the transformation, after all.

Immediately, she began rummaging through Weiss' bedside table. If it was Weiss', then she'd certainly have it here. Finding items like stationary, books and hairbrushes weren't unexpected, but she did find dust. Red, white, black, yellow and every other colour possible… Except purple.

"Dammit…" Velvet sighed, slamming the drawer shut. Her next idea was Blake's bedside table since Yang shared it and she knew full well that Yang knew about the dust.

After searching, she found nothing too bizarre except a few erotic novels in Blake's drawer and Yang's drawer was a complete mess with no hope of return, but no dust. The Faunus continued to sigh, feeling defeated. It didn't matter if the entire team was gone and she had the entire room and dog to herself if she couldn't activate her plan. "And it was all going so well…" Velvet sprawled out on the carpet, starring at the ceiling. A small yap cried out from her left, getting her attention.

The dog was sniffing underneath Weiss' bedside table. Velvet instantly put two and two together and reached the jackpot. "Good boy, Zwei!" She praised him, rubbing his furry chest. Beneath the table was a small vial of purple dust. It was close to depletion, so Velvet was praying that he didn't need a lot to transform.

It was now only eleven so she still felt obliged to wait another hour before her desires would be allowed to kick in and control. She spent a good chuck of the hour glancing at the vial of dust and Zwei. She continuously rubbed her thighs together, wearing similar jeans to the other day.

Her Faunus ears shot up straight when she heard the team across the corridor moving out of their room. She quickly opened the door to make sure. The four of them were chatting excitedly as they marched down the hallway. A large smile spread across her face, but at the same time, her body was shaking nervously. This could work and be wonderful or the exact opposite could happen.

What if Zwei wasn't interested? What if the dust doesn't do anything? What if the sex is awful and hurts? She gulped, thinking back to what Coco had once told her during her first year at the academy, 'You never know unless you try.'

She slowly and calmly shut the door behind herself. Gripping the vial of purple, transformation dust in her sweaty palm, she took deep breaths. "H-Hey Zwei…" She muttered, now feeling the potential for disappointment skyrocket.

With shaky hands, she opened the vial and sprinkled a small portion of the powder onto her hand. Holding it out for Zwei, he eagerly sniffed it up. His body locked up and seemingly turned to stone. "Ah! Zwei!" Velvet screamed out, holding her hand over her mouth. "I-I-I-I didn't… I didn't think this would happen!" Tears built up and fell quickly. She had been left alone with the dog for roughly two hours and she'd already killed him. She slammed her palms against her eyes, crying out in a mixture of anxiety, misery and shock.

A warm hand rested on her shoulder. This instantly stopped her crying. "H-Huh?!" Her eyes shot wide open as a pale, naked teenager came into her blurry view. "Z-Zwei… Is that… You?" He wasn't very tall, actually shorter than herself by roughly half a foot. His hair was scruffy along with his ears, but that was certainly part of his charm. He was smiling happily, noted from his warm smile and swaying tail.

Velvet pulled him into a hug, forgetting about the nude state of the boy. She was feeling so relieved that he was not going to be buried because of her silly actions. The remnants of tears fell onto his bare shoulder whilst the bunny nestled into his neck, smelling a wonderful scent. He obviously didn't have time to apply any sort of cologne so this was his natural fragrance; she liked it, a lot.

Peering over his shoulder, she joyfully watched the tail whip back and forth. It had obviously grown to accommodate the new size of his body, but it was as adorable as ever. She was tempted to reach out and grab at it, but she felt as though that might be a tad rude.

So far, Zwei hadn't made a move on her. She felt as though he would as her entire plan of initiation had revolved around that. It might be time to strategize on the go. She was still locked in his arms as he was with hers so she could use this to her advantage. She was nervous, to say the least. RWBY and JNPR was gone and wouldn't be back for a full day. She had successfully transformed Zwei from a dog into a Faunus, even if there was a huge scare for a moment. Next was getting things moving, but this part was not a one way street. She wanted things to happen, but she could not speak for the fluffy companion.

'What to do… What to do!' Velvet hummed in her head. 'I could begin by kissing his neck. If it's soft enough, he might feel it and go along with it or if he does feel it and not like it, we could brush it off as an accident… That could work! But what if he doesn't feel it? Then I'd have to do it again… But what if he does feel it and pretends not to notice, then I do it again and he speaks up! My plan would be foiled since I did it twice! Oh God… I'm so not ready for this…' Her internal monologue was making her head spin. She argued with herself often and when she did, she wouldn't notice things happening around her, such as his lips kissing her exposed neck. That was until a moan she didn't see coming barrelled out of her lips.

"Eh?!" She spoke, stunned. He didn't stop, which she was happy with. He wasn't moving too much, just kissing in circles on her neck. Perhaps he was trained not to be too adventurous? Velvet would soon figure it out.

She'd been vividly imagining how this day would turn out right up until team JNPR left and she was left horny, the boosted libido only made her lust that much more. She let her hands explore the backside of Zwei's body, feeling his arse and teasing movements towards the front. Zwei followed with the progress Velvet had made. His hands travelled to her arse, running over her fairly wide hips. The jeans she wore deserved the name 'skinny', not because they were too tight, but once Zwei began feeling around her plump arse, he could map it extremely well, plus, she could feel his touch as if she were naked.

His lips slowly crept up to her chin, ear, cheek, and then finally, her lips. During her fantasies, she skipped the kissing as his lips tended to be occupied or she was focusing on another aspect of 'making love'. Due to the absence of dreamt kissing, there was no expectation fabricated in her mind so this was better than she would've expected. Soon after her instigated the kiss, she kissed back. Their mouths were closed for the most part, feeling as though it was an innocent kiss between a couple who'd been building up to this moment for a while, but Zwei went a little further after a full minute had passed by. His tongue softly nudged against her puckered lips. She opened without a second thought, loving every second their lips were connected. Sliding against hers, his tongue travelled its full length. Playfully, she used her tongue to grind over the top and bottom of his. Meanwhile, Zwei's hands raised up her tight shirt that displayed her figure wondrously.

He felt her smooth skin against his fingertips as her approached her bra, or where a bra was on the other four. Her lack of bra was somewhat stimulating for Zwei, between the thought-provoking day dreams and the idea of less hard work for himself in the future, he was excited. He continued to raise his hands until her shirt was at her head. Velvet's cheeks reddened, breaking away from the kiss to let her shirt fall off between them.

Zwei studied her exposed chest and stomach. Her breasts were sized to his pleasure. Whilst he didn't mind small or big, he found a certain charm to breast size as if hers was the middle size between team RWBY; a little closer to Blake's size than Ruby's. Whenever she was in training or combat, she wore her sports bras which made people assume she had small breasts, but once they saw her walking around braless, her size was much different.

He gently caressed her left boob, feeling the softness over his palm. Once he reached the hardened nub, Velvet moaned, quickly grabbing at his arm. To match her libido, her body was highly sensitive. She stepped towards Zwei again, almost into a hug until something poked against her thigh, stopping her. She glanced down, immediately realising what stopped her. It was undoubtedly larger than she had assumed. Velvet took a deep breath before reaching out towards it, gripping it and pushing back the foreskin. She felt him tense for a second before she pulled back. Zwei looked into her brown eyes. They both saw lust.

Velvet continued to stroke his stiff erection while Zwei decided it was time for Velvet to lose her pants. He didn't need to focus on undoing the button, it had already been done for him. Simply, he tugged on the zip to pull it straight down with no hesitation. One more tug and her jeans were around her ankles. She tried to ignore the strange sensation of being naked in front of a male until it was too much once his fingertips slid against her panties. She jumped back slightly to assess the situation. She wanted it, she knew that much, but for her first time, she had to get use to this feeling before they carried on forward.

Zwei was already naked, although he never had clothing on in the first place, so she just had to get her mind in the right place. She stared down at her body and took one deep breath before Zwei step forward. He couldn't rely on words, instead he wrapped his arms around her body and hugged tightly. Butterflies summersaulted once his warmth crashed against her. She knew now, she was ready.

"I'm ready, Zwei." She whispered into his canine ears that began to twitch gently. He nodded against her smooth shoulder and let his hands slide down her naked body once again. As he reached her panties, he didn't stop moving his hands. Her last piece of clothing got caught with his hands and rolled down with them until they got to her shins. Velvet did the last bit of work from that point, kicking them off to the side.

The two now stood in front of each other, naked. They both shared a soft smile before engaging in one more kiss, tongue and all. They stumbled back until Velvet held a hand out to stop them from banging into the wall, but that is what Zwei had in mind. His hands ran along her curves before approaching her thighs. With a rather strong pull, he lifted her left leg over his shoulder. His cock was pressed at her entrance already, feeling the warmth on his tip. She looked into his eyes and spoke softly. "Do it."

Once the words dropped from her shining lips, his tip entered inside of her. "Oh! Ahh…" She cried out, not expecting the rush of pleasure immediately, but he was still slowly pushing inside. Half of his shaft was in Velvet at the point where she moaned, "Oh God! Yes!" and once his entire cock was inside of her, she gasped with a, "Fuck!"

Her insides felt overwhelmingly good, perhaps a nice bonus from her heritage. Zwei's tail was already wagging happily as he pulled out. Velvet clawed the wall, breathing heavily. Once he pushed back in, he understood something, her insides were massaging him too well. Soon enough, he'd be at his limit without even wanting to be just yet.

One of his hands still rested on her left leg, keeping it up on his shoulder, but his other hand was free, so taking that advantage, he gripped her right breasts and focused on her erect nipple.

"Oh, fuck! Z-Zwei! Keep fucking me! Sh-Shit!" Velvet stumbled over her words as she tried to moan out between warm breaths. His erection was hitting every delicate spot, reaching far inside. She could feel his cock pulsating as her walls tightened. Small trails of saliva ran down her chin. Every thought in her brain was being drowned by pleasure. "Zwei…" Her breath no longer travelled, rather it just dropped from her lips. She wanted to kiss him, but her leg position was in the way so to make up for it, she suckled on her bottom lip and stared up at the ceiling.

She shakily stretched out her free hand, rustling it through his messy hair and fondling his soft, twitching feline ears. He couldn't help but shudder in pleasure as she stroked down. Her only leg touching the ground began to quake once Zwei picked up the speed. Velvet continued to caress his ears, feeling him get faster and harder every slow loop round.

After a few more thrusts, she realised she was making markings in the wall, but soon forgot once her mind forced itself on the pleasure she was receiving. "Oh Zwei! Y-Yes! Yes!" She make a few slower circles around his ears and every so often, teasing the top. His thrusting couldn't get much faster without wearing him out too quickly, so to compensate for the erotic feelings coming from his ears, he began to massage her breast more intensely. "S-Shit! Zwei!"

Between her pleasurable pussy and his large cock, they were both about to cum. Once he felt the sudden gush of her liquids spray his crotch and legs, he felt himself tense up. "Yes, Zwei!" She called to him as her body began to shudder powerfully. Her legs and arms felt weak, while her mind was barely comprehending the pleasure. She continued to squirt in the corner of the room they were stationed at. The rabbit was having a tough time coping with the sheer amount and force she was spraying out; much more than her normal masturbation orgasm.

Whilst going through her orgasms motions, her vagina began to tighten. He was at his limit. His erection was pulsing inside and soon enough, started shooting his warm semen deep inside of Velvet. The warmth spread through her body quickly, tingling her core. "Oh yes… It feels so… Ooh!" Velvet cried out, slowly slipping down the wall.

Zwei's ears started flicking uncontrollably as he continued to pour his hot fluid into Velvet's welcoming pussy. It had to be her genetics again, wringing him clean with her erotic body. Her squirting came to an end around the same time as his ejaculation did. They stood together, breathing in sync, letting the sweat run down their naked bodies. Her leg came down from his shoulder as he stepped back to remove his cock from her. She collapsed in his tired arms. Slowly, she raised her head from his chest to his neck and placed gentle kisses leading up to his chin. "Thank you, Zwei." He happily wagged his tail in response.

She felt the warmth trail down her thigh and giggled, serving as a quick reminder of everything that occurred in the past hour. She kissed him once more as spoke again, a whisper this time. "I hope you're… Ready for another round." She was feeling much more confident than before they started.

The dog Faunus helped her stand up on her own and collected the purple dust, inhaling a small amount to prolong his Faunus state. His member was resting, but Velvet wanted to go again. Her libido was expected from the ears atop her head. She continued to kiss his cheeks and neck whilst fondling his ears. Just the feeling of her fingers running along his furry ears made his member try to erect. If she kept this up, it would only be a few more minutes until he would be raring to go once more.

She had only achieved her first time a little earlier, but it felt so good that she wanted more. It almost felt like a drug to her, so much so that it should be illegal. Velvet understood her body compared to humans and Faunus of other types. Some say the large lust was a blessing whilst others called it a curse, she had yet to decided but for now, she was settling into the blessing camp.

Once she noticed his cock beginning to erect again, she slid down his thin body and balanced on her knees. His erection was right between her eyes, almost menacingly. She gradually wrapped her fingers around it and gave it a small peak on the tip, tasting both herself and his semen. Only a few seconds later, she had built up the courage to try to take his erection into her mouth. She'd seen this before in porn, plus she had envisioned herself doing it in day dreams, but this day was full of first times for her.

She could mostly just taste herself and semen, but there was a subtle taste of his own scent mixed in. Zwei ran his hands through her hair, tugging on her rabbit ears softly. She had no idea if what she was doing felt good, but Zwei wasn't complaining so she decided to keep it up for a little longer. Refraining from deep throating, she only took part of his shaft into her own mouth. Pulling back to breathe, Zwei tugged on her arm, trying to lift her to her feet.

"What is it, Zwei?" She asked nervously.

Her ears twitched with worry, scared she did something wrong. Zwei smiled softly and asked in a casual voice. "Mind if we… Go again… Now?" His speech was still improving, plus he was more alert than when he first transformed.

With a large smile, Velvet accepted. Their lips connected once more, but only briefly as Velvet dropped to the floor once more, lying flat on her stomach. Her legs were spread apart and her breasts were pressed up against the carpet. Zwei followed her and placed his hands on either side of her lewd body. His cock brushed against her entrance and, like a key, fitted inside perfectly.

"Ooh, God!" Velvet bit her bottom lip, feeling his warmth rush through her once again. As he thrusted, her breasts rubbed against the carpet, bringing out an oddly blissful sensation from her nipples. His pubic area pressed up against her arse with every thrust in. After every thrust out, he watched the ripples running along her behind. Looking higher, he noticed her long brown hair running down the left side of her neck, piling on the floor. Up a little more were her delicate ears reacting to his movements. He was holding himself up with one hand. His other hand was slowly approaching her Faunus feature. With a soft brush from two of his fingers, they twitched and her legs tensed. Playfully, he brushed over them a few more times. Much like his, her ears seemed to arouse her when fondled. Zwei was going to have fun with this.

He gently wrapped his fingers around her ear, feeling the warmth and fur in his palm. With a grin, he tugged softly. "A-ah! Oh ye-yeah!" Velvet stuttered each time he pulled, so naturally, he continued to do so. He was careful not to hurt her as there was a thin line between pleasure and pain with situations like this, but currently, Velvet was on cloud nine. Throughout his discovery and fun, his tempo never wavered until her other twitching ear caught his attention. Feeling taunted by it, he tried his best to reach it with the same hand. He couldn't remove his other hand from the ground or he'd fall awkwardly. Each attempt tugged Velvet's ear in a different direction. "Oh G-God yes! K-Keep f-f-fucking me! D-Don't sto-op!" Even though the speed had slowed, the sensation from both his cock and her ears kept up the lust-filled fire still burning and spreading.

As he finally gripped the other ear, her pussy tightened more he'd felt before. This change brought upon blissful feelings for both parties. She could feel his cock grind against her walls with the warmth only heating up. With every thrust, Zwei pulled on her long rabbit ears. Her mouth was always open, letting oxygen in and out with heavy pants. She truly felt like an animal like this, but she would accept Cardin's bullying for this pleasurable experience at a moment's notice. "Y-Yes! Oh God, yes! I-I'm gonna… Gonna c-cum again!" Velvet cried out with a loud exhalation.

It was true; she was extremely close to reaching her second orgasm. She could tell it was building up. It was rare that she'd have an orgasm so soon after a first. Whilst masturbating, she either got tired or was forced to stop before reaching the second, but the occasional times she did, it was much greater than the first.

He became attuned to the panting of the Faunus girl presented in front of him. He found joy in mucking up the pattern with each tug of the ear or each thrust that went deeper than usual. "Oh God… Z-Zwei! I'm… I'm…!" She couldn't finish her words before she hit her climax. He felt her pussy narrowing on his erection as her body was thrown into spasms brought upon by unadulterated pleasure. Her legs tensed, her hands clenched, her eyes shut tightly and back tried to arc back, but due to the position, ultimately failed. She squirted again this time, spraying strongly against the carpet that could've been considered clean before she arrived. Her tongue was almost dangling from her mouth, trying to keep her breathing proper.

Like before, it felt like her body was trying to squeeze the orgasm out of him and it would certainly accomplish it soon. He was already beginning to find keeping up the pace difficult due to the sheer tightness she had achieved. Only a few more thrusts past her orgasm and he began warming Velvet up once more. His hand clenched down on her ears, a little rougher than normal, but the rabbit Faunus didn't notice at all, she could only feel the hot liquid invading her territory. Zwei didn't pull out until it was all out of his system. He was knackered, and so was Velvet.

"Ahh… Ahh… Ahh… Ah…" She panted, feeling the sweat appear on her brow. Pure bliss was the only way to describe her feelings. After a few minutes, she managed to roll over onto her back and make eye contact with her new lover. She waggled one finger in his face, beckoning him to crawl over her. As he did, she connected their lips. "I don't want today to end…" She muttered between kisses.

As time passed, his lust returned and they went at it once again, and again.

The day had ended and the sun was making its way back around the globe, Velvet and Zwei snuggled together in the bathroom where they somehow ended up. The ball of fur was curled up, sleeping quite happily on her bare stomach, head against her erotic mounds. They'd burnt through a large amount of Weiss' purple dust which she hoped she wouldn't have to explain, but that was a problem for another time.

Over the next few weeks, Velvet never had the chance to return to Zwei side and returned to masturbation disappointed. The RWBY girls on the other hand, managed to keep up the little game every so often. The girl who did it the most was Weiss, the one who discovered the transformation. Whether she had to retreat to a hotel or had to rely on patience, she succeeded in achieving some alone time with him. The other three girls didn't try to spend some spare time with him too much, but if the stage was set, they didn't mind playing their part.

Author's Note: That was the 'canon' ending, but I received many requests for at least one pregnancy, so if you wished for that ending, here it is! The 'what-if' ending, if you will.

As time passed in Remnant, it came to the attention of two huntress-in-training that they carried more than their own weight. Once the busty blonde discovered that she would be a mother, it was obvious who the father was. Unable to continuing attending Beacon Academy with child, she was forced to sign out and rent an apartment. She wasn't left lonely in her new environment, Zwei lived with her and Ruby often came to visit. Weiss begrudgingly handed over her remaining purple dust to the 'lovers' as the heiress had no use for it anymore. The entire team felt weird about the whole ordeal, but they came to accept it as time went on. She gave birth to a happy, female dog Faunus.

As for the other girl, the young Faunus, Velvet. She left Beacon Academy without much word. For most, she disappeared. Many claimed it was due to the bullying getting to her, which was a fair statement that most believed. She moved in with her parents and gave birth to twins, two playful, male Faunus. Their only difference was that one took the rabbit ears while the other took the dog ears. She never got to see Zwei again, but she did manage to meet a young lad who took on the responsibility plenty, which was more than she could have ever asked for. Perhaps her lust was where most of that responsibility went to.

The other three managed to avoid pregnancy, although they all panicked once Yang discovered that she was. They continued to attend Beacon until graduating.