Lucy Heartfilia sneezed through her hands. Her close friend Juvia grimaced in disgust, patting Lucy's back apologetically as she rubbed her nose clean.

"I hate allergies."

Juvia remained expressionless, that's how she's always been. "That, or maybe Natsu-san finally received your confession letter."

"Maybe. I hope so."

Gray Fullbuster turned pale staring at the box of chocolates on his hands. His best friend Natsu grinned cheekily in front of him, pointing at the letter signed with a beautiful 'L'.

One, Gray was never fond of chocolates.

Two, Gray wasn't sure if L stood for Love or a name.

Natsu assumed it was both.

"I don't want to open it," and that was true. Gray didn't want to open it because that'll have to mean he has to consider feelings. Gray never dealt with feelings well.

"Well you should! What if it was Erza or something?"

Gray cringed, shivering at the name. "Don't say that kind of stuff, that's scary."

Natsu rolled his eyes, giving a hard slap on Gray's arm, insisting that he should just open it and get it over with. Gray, already annoyed with the way Natsu was acting, ended up handing the box of chocolates to Natsu, making a deal that if he were to reject the girl, he'll give the sign of a thumbs up for Natsu to happily enjoy the chocolates, or a thumbs down if he'll have to take them back after reading the letter.

Gray took a deep breath, ripping the side of the red envelope.

His eyes traveled from left to right as he scanned the paper from the envelope, reading the contents thoroughly. Natsu greedily eyed the chocolates, smelling the box like he knew what was inside already. Natsu drooled, becoming impatient and looked like a dog wagging his tail as he went on his knees, trying to refrain himself from opening the box.

There was a small pause. Gray almost forgot to breathe after he finished the letter; Natsu stared at him, now curious on what was on the paper. The pink head placed the chocolates on the ground then stood up, reaching for the paper but Gray moved away.

"No, you can't read it."

Natsu glared, "why not!?"

"Because it's from Lucy Heartfilia."

"Oh, I see." Natsu blinked. "Who's that?"

Gray facepalmed.

Lucy sighed on her chair. She was hoping that it was lunch so that she could grab a juice box to comfort herself. There was the feeling of rejection already swelling up inside her, and she knew well that Natsu Dragneel was an oblivious kind of guy; you need to tell him how you feel before he can actually consider you as something.

It was as though the Heavens have been listening to her that day because her teacher said it was lunchtime. Lucy got up on her seat, tightened the jacket wrapped around her waist and adjusted her hair tie as she bolted out of the door to avoid any of the questions her friends prepared about the chocolates and love letter for Natsu.

By the stairway, Gray was deep in his thoughts, wondering what he should do about Lucy's love letter. He knew that it wasn't meant for him, but for his best friend Natsu. Gray found it humorous that it was sent to him by mistake, not Natsu. It wasn't that hard to distinguish who is who because they contrast each other. Natsu had pink hair and Gray had blue. They were technically fire and ice. Others have thought they were gay, but they don't flow that way. They were just close, and that was it. At least that's what Gray thinks; he wasn't entirely sure about Natsu, but knowing Natsu enough, the feeling must be mutual.

Natsu was nagging him about who wrote the letter. Gray groaned, barking that he already told him whom it was from and that he should stop asking because it was getting annoying.

Gray caught a swift of blonde hair rushing past him; he had a feeling that was Lucy. Her smell was different compared to the other girls in school—there was a hint of vanilla, he knew that for sure, but the other mix, he couldn't quite describe it. He may not say it to anybody, even to Natsu, but he always thought that Lucy was cute.

"I'll be right back," said Gray as he rushed down the stairs to follow Lucy.

Natsu reached out in surprise, calling his best friend back.

"Hey! Where the hell are you going?! YOU'RE NAKED-" then he heard Gray shriek downstairs.

"Damnit. I wanted you to treat me for lunch..." Natsu muttered and walked off, he'll beat Gray to death later.

Lucy and Gray stood in five feet away, facing each other. Gray had the love letter in his hand and Lucy knew what that was in his possession; she stiffened. Her face turned red in embarrassment because she knew damn well what just happened.

Gray received the chocolate and the love letter. It wasn't meant for him. The blonde tried to open her mouth to explain herself but Gray raised his hand.

"I already know it's not meant for me. I'm just here to tell you that it's pointless."

Lucy's facial expression dropped. "I-I know... It's my t-third..."

"Third confession... With Natsu?"

The girl nodded. Gray gaped at the girl in disbelief.

"Natsu just got over his previous break-up, you know Lisanna Strauss right? He's still hooked unto her."

"Yeah... I see..."

Gray frowned, walking over to Lucy and placing his hands on her shoulders. "Don't lose hope though. It'll just take a while for him to notice you."

"R-Really?" Her eyes were less dull now.

I shouldn't be getting her hopes up but I feel bad.

Deep in his thoughts on his new resolve, Gray furrowed his brows and crossed his arms. Natsu barely knows Lucy, so it's impossible for them to get into any level of romance. The only way for Natsu to notice her is if they stayed together long enough—that's how it was with Lisanna after all. They've been friends for years and feelings built over time; Lucy could be in the same position.

"I know one way," Gray thought aloud.


"Be my girl."

Lucy's mouth dropped. "Are you crazy? You don't even know me!"

Gray smirked, "you don't even know Natsu."

"Okay, touché. Fine, but what's in it for you?"

"For me?" He raised a brow. "To be honest, nothing. I just wanted to help you out."

She stared at him suspiciously. "Why...?"

A shrug. "Look, Natsu's really oblivious over those kind of things. If your past two confessions were in person and you told him you liked him, he'll probably take your confession as "I like you as a friend" kind of way. Your third would have worked, but you failed by giving me your chocolates and love letters—seriously, how did you even manage to get the wrong locker?"

Lucy frowned. "I could have sworn I put it in locker 113."

Gray snorted. "I have locker 113. Natsu has 115. He just happens to share lockers with me most of the time because he forgets his locker combination—wait. How'd you know my locker combination?"

"I didn't. My friend Juvia did."

He cringed once more. Not another girl he was afraid of, but that wasn't the point anymore.

"So what? Are you up for the challenge?"

"What challenge?"

"Oh, you don't want to take my offer on being my girl to catch Natsu's attention?"

Lucy was hesitant. "I don't know, Gray... It sounds a little... fake."

"Of course it's fake. It's all going to be an act."

"Well... If you put it that way... No falling in love?"

Gray nodded confidently. "No falling in love. You'll be in Natsu's arms in no time."