This is my first Flash fanfiction and only my second multi chapter story so please bear with me if this seems a bit rough still. This is a WIP so things may be a bit slow, especially since I just started up classes again. In any case, read, review, and enjoy!

Leonard Snart scowled as he watched Star Labs, hoping for some sign of the cocky kid scientist that had stopped him before he could finish off the Flash. If this kid had made the Cold Gun in the first place, he could make them something bigger and better. For now, Cisco Ramone was a free man, at least until they got their hands on him anyway. He checked his radio, hitting the call button. "Anything, Mick?"

Mick Rory responded a moment later from his post watching the police station. "Nothing. You sure about this?"

"Positive," replied Snart, "The news article says this CSI, Barry Allen, was struck by lightning after the Particle Accelerator explosion and Star Labs helped him pull through. He still visits there almost constantly. If we grab him, our scientist will come for him."

"He works for the police though. Isn't that a big risk?"

Snart snorted. "We're criminals, Mick. The risks aren't that big anymore, only more interesting." He smiled to himself. "And more fun…"

Barry had just finished with his work in the lab when Eddie came up and knocked on the door. "Hey, Eddie… What can I do for you?"

"I'm just heading to lunch. Thought I'd ask you to join me." Eddie noted the paper bag lunch on Barry's desk. "You can save that for tomorrow."

"Yeah… Sure, I'd love to. Need to get some fresh air anyways," said Barry nervously as he shoved his lunch into his bag, "Was there somewhere you had in mind?"

"Bart's on 3rd Street has lunch specials." Eddie shrugged. "Otherwise, not a clue."

"Sounds good," said Barry. He shouldered his bag and followed the detective out. "Did you want to walk or…?"

"Walking's good. It's only a few blocks. You're in shape anyways so." Eddie grinned and Barry forced one in return. "'re nervous. Why?"

"You never want to have lunch with me," said Barry, "You want to talk about something. Should I be worried?"

Eddie laughed. "No, Allen, it's nothing to worry about. Honest."

Barry relaxed slightly. "Ok. Got it. Cool."

Joe waved to the two. "Heading out to lunch, you two?"

"Yup, is that ok?" Asked Barry.

"It's fine. Just bring me back something. Someone has to hold the fort while you two are out…" Joe smiled at the duo and headed up the stairs past them. "Have fun!"

Barry shot a panicked look to Joe's back, but followed Eddie down the rest of the steps. Somehow, the foreboding feeling about this venture just kept getting worse.

Mick's voice blaring out of the radio scared the crap out of Snart who had just managed to get comfortable again. "The runt cop is leaving the precinct on foot."

Snart immediately sat straight up in his seat. "Is there anyone with him?"

"Just a cop. The one that's partnered with the runt's foster parent."

"Good. Follow them to wherever they go and wait for me. If we're lucky, we get to kill a cop and make sure they all know we mean business." Snart grinned as he hung up his radio. Finally. Action.

"I still can't believe how many burgers you managed to eat!" Said Eddie with a grin. Barry couldn't help but grin back at the detective who was actually a lot of fun to hang out with. "No, seriously, how do you do that? You're what like thirty pounds?"

Barry laughed. "More like 160 but thanks. I'm not that skinny, am I?"

"I guess looks are deceiving," said Eddie, "You're like some sort of superhuman eating machine underneath this guise, right?"

Barry grinned, a little more nervous with the line of questioning. "You'd be surprised," he said.

The sound of squealing tires made the two of them turn. Eddie and Barry both hit the deck as a van came skidding up the sidewalk, almost sideswiping them. As Barry and Eddie stood, the side door swung open and the duo found themselves face to face with the mouth of the Cold Gun.

Snart smiled. "Hello, Mr. Allen. I suggest you get in the car."

Eddie immediately had his gun in hand. "Run Barry!"

Snart aimed the Cold Gun at Eddie and Barry made his move without a second thought. The moment Snart's finger twitched on the trigger, Barry yanked Eddie out of the way and attacked Snart at super speed, knocking the gun up so the blast hit the space above them. A flash of recognition made its way across Snart's face and he struck out immediately, knocking Barry back into Eddie, the two tumbling to the ground in a heap. "Super speed won't save you this time, Flash!"

"Barry, you're-?" Eddie looked both horrified and guilty.

"Sorry, Eddie." Barry tried scrambling to his feet only to feel Snart's Cold Gun press up against his head.

Eddie reached out for his weapon which had skittered away when Barry had been thrown into him. A boot stepped on his hand, stopping him. He looked up and straight into the muzzle of Mick Rory's weapon.

"Feel like playing with fire, pretty boy?" Mick Rory smiled and Eddie could only glare at him.

Snart grinned. "Say good night, Mr. Flash." He struck Barry across the temple and Barry's world went dark.

Eddie could only watch helplessly as Snart knocked Barry unconscious and threw him into the van while Snart's partner restrained the detective. "Let him go!"

Snart turned to Thawne, pointing his weapon at the cop. "I'd put you on ice, but I think we can probably find some use for you." Snart removed Eddie's cuffs from his belt, tossing them to Snart's partner. "Mick, cuff him and throw him in with the Flash."

Mick did as Snart said, cuffing Eddie's hands tightly behind his back, and shoved Eddie roughly into the van as police sirens sounded in the distance. He jumped into the driver's seat. "We'd better haul ass here, Snart!"

Snart merely grabbed Eddie's badge and phone and tossed them out the window next to Barry's bag. "Then get a move on. We have what we need."

"You won't get away with this," said Eddie as the van pulled away with a loud screech of the tires.

Snart pressed his weapon to Eddie's head. "You'd be surprised what we can get away with. Now be a good hostage and lie face down on the floor or I'll just have to resort to freezing you to it."

Eddie complied, glaring at Snart. He glanced at Barry who lay unmoving on the floor next to him. His mind was still reeling over the reveal of Barry's secret, but oddly enough, all he felt was concern for the unconscious forensic scientist. "What are you going to do to us?"

"Hold you hostage of course," said Snart, "You're both worth something in terms of bargaining chips after all…" He dug in his jacket, pulling out a syringe and Eddie tensed. "Don't worry. This isn't for you." Snart jabbed the needle into Barry's neck. "It's just a little something to keep him under."

"We've got cops on our tail, Snart!"

Snart grinned. "That won't be a problem." He swung the back door open and fired at the cop cars, creating a wall of ice between them and the van. The first of the squad cars rammed right into it and exploded. "Done."

"You murderer!" Eddie twisted and lashed out with his legs, striking out at Snart as he shut the door, nearly knocking the criminal out the back door.

Snart whirled on the detective with a snarl. "That wasn't a very good idea, cop." He grabbed up a roll of duct tape and pinned the detective down easily before setting to taping his legs together. Eddie struggled only to receive a sharp rap across his head from Snart's gun.

Eddie glared at Snart, but stayed silent, watching as he set to tying up Barry with electrical wire. Sadly, all he could do was sit and wait for an opportunity to get them both out of this.