The team had just finished a practice session in the Danger Room located in Bobby's basement. The Danger Room was specially shielded to prevent damage from the use of their powers.

Dean was the tactical leader of the team. His mutant ability to convert his skin to steel gave him great strength and near invulnerability. He had often used his body to shield his teammates during a fight.

Sam's abilities had first manifested in the form of visions during his childhood. As he grew older Sam developed formidable telekinesis & pyrokinesis. He was the long-range weapon on the team.

Gabriel was a shape-shifter who could create powerful illusions. Gabriel was their stealth operative. He could sneak among their foes to not only gain Intel, but also to cause disruption and sow discord. On one memorable occasion he had actually tricked the enemy into attacking themselves.

Castiel was an alien rather than a mutant. He had fallen to earth during a battle in space. Unable to return home, he had joined the team to help protect his adopted planet. While Castiel looked human, his true form was a glowing ball of blue energy. He could teleport and often popped behind their enemies' defenses, where he would shoot off lightening bolts before popping off to attack at another location.

Bobby's disability prevented him from taking an active role on the team. However, his telepathy allowed him to maintain contact with them while they were on missions and offer support and advice. He was an unofficial mentor to his four "idjits."

The team had suffered a number of setbacks recently, particularly Sam. They had only recently discovered that Sam's girlfriend, Ruby, was really the Black Witch. She was an undercover agent planted by Lilith, the Red Queen of the Hellfire Club. She had used Sam's concern for his brother and his teammates to encourage him to try and expand his powers. Her manipulation allowed her to slowly gain control of Sam, feeding his dark side until he was almost lost to them. During the final conflict with the Hellfire Club, Sam had thrown himself into a pit in his mind so that he couldn't be used as a weapon against his comrades. This had been the turning point of the battle.

But the victory wasn't without a great cost. Sam had retreated so deeply into his mind that Bobby couldn't reach him. Sam was eventually restored by a formidable alien telepath Dean begged for assistance. The telepath created barriers in Sam's mind to prevent further manipulation and allow Sam to maintain control of his dark side.

Today's exercise was just one of many steps to help the team rebuild their fractured trust and relationships. It had been only a mid-level exercise, but the team had worked well together. It seemed that at last things were looking up.