Ch. 1

Light Yagami really had it all.

At age 23, he was already a lead detective with the NPA. He lead a small team of men, who, in their short tenure working with Light, had helped to solve over fifty crimes. His job afforded him a comfortable lifestyle; he and his girlfriend, Mae, lived in a nice apartment in one of the better sections of Tokyo.

Mae was, for all intensive purposes, a housewife. She and Light were not yet married, but she took care of their apartment and cooking and paying the bills. On the nights when Light was home, she ensured that he had a hot meal ready, and that his bath was drawn just how he liked it.

Besides taking care of all aspects of the home front, Mae modeled and worked as a freelance graphic artist. The arrangement was perfect for both her and Light - she was able to pursue her passions at a reasonable pace since Light provided enough income for the both of them. Anything else that she brought in was topping on the cake.

Light loved Mae. She was beautiful - with long, wavy dark hair, pale flawless skin and huge green eyes. She was what people would call Eurasian; her mother was Japanese, her father American. She and Light had met through Matsuda, one of the men on Light's team. Mae was Matsuda's friend's sister.

Yet, as much as Light loved Mae, he also loved his job. He'd followed in the footsteps of his father and he loved the challenges that he faced both intellectually and physically. Light was extremely intelligent - a genius, people often said. His intellect was rivaled only by L Lawliet, one of the other members of his team.

Realistically, both Light and L led the team. Light considered L to be an intellectual peer. Someone who could understand things and ideas on a level that most others could not.

In day to day practice, L usually took care of the research part of investigations while Light did the footwork. L was strong physically, but Light was stronger. Light figured that L could probably become equally as strong if he gave up his habit of consuming such large amounts of sweets and sitting around all day, but he would never suggest such a thing. Their arrangement worked out fine, there was no need to change anything at all.


This particular night was one of celebration. Light, L and the rest of the team had cracked a case of an abducted child. She had been taken in broad daylight from outside of her school. They managed to track her location and rescue her before the man who'd taken her - a past murder suspect and possible sex offender - had had a chance to make a move.

With the girl safe at home with her parents and the perpetrator locked in prison, the group went out to celebrate. Light phoned Mae to tell her that he would likely not be home. As they would be drinking, he would probably spend the evening at L's apartment, which was within walking distance of the bar they frequented.

This was nothing new to Mae. On such occasions, Light often stayed out to party. She understood. And she trusted L as well. The other genius would keep her lover safe, for sure.