24 Hours Earlier

"You think you are going to win you fucking piece of trash?" I yell at the pineapple head. Lifting my flute up to my lips, I start playing an eerie melody, which controls my summoned Doki. Watching them charge at him erratically at him. 'Why do I even keep those things?' Then I see them destroy two trees with a single swing of their respective weapons. 'Duh. That's why.'

"Well that was close, wouldn't you say?" Looking up, I see some fucking chick, and of course the slacker.

"Oh that's just fucking great, the trash keeps coming." I shout, seeing them land, I immediately have the doki charge them. 'Of course they somehow dodge the doki. I need to end this quick.' I see the blond swing her fan.

"Fuck!" I scream jumping back, watching the trees come flying down. Watching a tree fall, I try to jump away but am not quick enough, it lands right on my left arm crushing it, and my flute. I bite back a scream of sheer pain.

"You think we got her Temari?" I over hear the fucking slacker.

"Do you have little faith me Shikamaru? No one can survive that, even with her stupid curse seal thing." She replies offhandedly.

So their names are Temari and Shikamaru huh? I'll have to keep that in mind if I somehow get out of here with my damn arm attached. Sensing that their chakra signatures start fading away, I see this as sheer luck. Grabbing a kunai from my pouch, I start sawing away an area around my arm, hopefully I can get out of here soon, I hear something crack, I attempt to turn around as I am half way through getting my arm out, then all I see is black.

"Okay, where the fuck am I?" I shout, looking around me, it's night time, how long have I've been out? Looking around, I don't see the trees, I have my arm free, and it's, in a cast?

"Ah, so you are finally awake." A voice from the shadows says.

I immediately grab a kunai and whip it at the voice. Growing up in Iwa, then living in Oto since you are 15, you learn a few things, and one of those things are, to never trust someone from the shadows.