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The four weddings went off wonderfully that fall. Harry found himself serving as best man four times; Hermione though, was matron of honour only twice. Daphne wanted her friend Tracey Davis as her maid of honour with Alicia Spinnet doing the same for Katie Bell, so Hermione had to settle for being a bridesmaid. Both Tracey and Alicia decided to join the expat community and settled nearby when they too married a few years later.

Within a few years, all the couples added babies to their families. Hermione and Harry led the way, of course, with Charlus Richard Potter, Scion Potter (his parents thought the name James was too overused) and his brother, Canopus ('Opie') Centaurus Black, Scion Black entering the world on Groundhog DSay, 1999. Their fear of losing their privacy, due to the magical world's automatic registration of magical births was groundless. They spent the last month of each pregnancy at the Delacour estate in France. The births were duly noted there, which meant school notifications were sent there, to everyone's great amusement. As the others had estates in Britain, their children were born there, assuring their privacy.

Harry assiduously read and studied Hogwarts: A History with Hermione and had it down pat when they arrived in France for the births. Hermione loved that he'd read it to her every day, along with other books that caught her fancy. Helen had had a rough time giving birth to Hermione; the complications had robbed them of any siblings for Hermione. They were amazed and thankful that, being a witch, she delivered with practically no discomfort. Helen and Richard noted wryly that this made certain that they would have plenty of grandchildren to spoil and over the next ten years, six more, two girls and four boys rounded out the family.


Harry and Hermione turned out to be excellent parents, ably seconded by the Grangers and a growing team of house elves. It turned out that with the demise of the DeathEater families, many elves, out of gratitude, had bonded themselves to them without their knowledge. Knowing what they did about elves, they simply grinned and bore it.

Theirs was a happy family, with only the friction normal for a large family. The children were reared to be loving and to look out for and care for one another, respecting others and to only judge others by the content of their characters, as shown in their deeds. The expat families integrated readily into Adelaide's magical and non-magical communities, making a large circle of friends and acquaintances. The Australian Ministry had more progressive ideas than those in Britain and offered comprehensive education for both worlds. Since there were several magical Potter families there already, the Potter-Blacks were accepted as distant relations without further comment.


The expats kept a careful eye on the doings in Britain and were dissatisfied, on the whole. That society had not reformed to any particular extent; there was too much bigotry still, including, sadly, Hogwarts. Most sadly to the Potters were their several sojourns into Britain and particularly Hogwarts, during which they saw many examples of bigotry and Pureblood elitism, at times approaching the actions of Voldemort's DeathEaters in severity. They were aided by their elves, who could effectively disillusion them. Nothing had really been done at Hogwarts to deal with the worst aspects of the house system and they concluded they could not expose their children to the treatment they had had to endure. Several carefully worded announcements informed the old country that the expats would educate their families elsewhere. As it happened, several expats found themselves teaching in the schools their children and extended families attended.


Hermione adored motherhood, but was too intellectually curious to not continue learning. She soon had advanced masteries in Runes, Arithmancy and Warding and had a rather lucrative sideline in spell-crafting and ward construction, augmented by authoring a series of textbooks on those subjects. They became the standard books in the magical world through a number of editions. Her studies would serve her well when the major project that would fill their lives presented itself.

Harry took to his now normal life with gusto. Along with being a wonderful father and godfather, he continued to attend his PTSD meetings, eventually working out his inner demons and helping others to do so as well. As a form of therapy, he kept a journal which morphed into something grander.

He also used some of the Potter-Black wealth to fund a number of orphanages, in both worlds. Through the business help of Gringotts, several exceedingly well run non-profit

corporations handled the operations end and Harry was content in developing, refining and imparting an overall vision.

He became fascinated with wine, buying several vineyards in Australia and New Zealand, then jumping into viticulture with both feet. By 2012, he became concerned about trends in the weather that affected the quality of vintages. By then, he had enough contacts in the wine industry to find that this affected vineyards all over Oceania, and could pinpoint when the problems had started. Harry delved into climate change and the ramifications of global warming. Spearheaded by Hermione, Daphne, Neville and others in the Australian magical community, they sought a magical way to combat the trend.


In 2017, a literary sensation commenced with the worldwide publication of Scarhead: My Story, published in both worlds and quickly translated into many other languages. The magical world knew it was Harry Potter's autobiography, while the rest of humanity saw a brilliant work of fiction. By the time the last volume came out in 2027, the books and the inevitable cinema series had earned them over five billion galleons.

Also in 2017, the group's researches had resulted in plans for a 'decarbonization' plant, that would convert carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas, into blocks of magically inert carbon, which could be used for a variety of purposes. A pilot pant was constructed and exceeded their expectations by removing sixty-five thousand kilotons of carbon in a day. It was so efficient that they had to shut it down after a week, for lack of means to handle the carbon output. At that point, Harry enlisted the aid of the Australian department of magic and the mundane government. Through the Department of Magic, Harry was able to gain access to the ICW and their research and development section, which refined and improved upon the initial design. More research showed that the blocks produced made a superb building material and was soon being marketed to both worlds for that purpose. It fell to Harry to speak to the ICW and convince them of the need to follow up on the construction of more plants. For once, his fame turned out to be a plus and his standing in the magical world allowed him to carry the day. By 2030,150 plants were scattered about the world and the warming trend had been checked and even a start of reversal could be seen.


All of this was only part of Hermione and Harry's lives. Their children grew up to be intelligent, strongly-magical persons, with varied interest, hobbies and passions. They followed the Potter tradition of marrying for love and losing their hearts to strong, intelligent witches and wizards. Charlus lost his heart early to Aurora Alice Longbottom, Neville and Daphne's oldest daughter. Other of the children married mainly witches and wizards who were newbloods (a better term than the muggleborn label Hermione had endured).

Most ironic was the romance and marriage of Sarah Marie Potter and Louis Weasley, the son of Bill and Fleur Weasley. Since the Potters came to spend a considerable amount of time at the Delacour estate and the Weasleys often were guests in Australia, the two practically grew up together and their romance was approved by both sets of parents and the Granger grandparents. Due to the estrangement from the British Weasleys, in part to ensure the Potter's privacy, the engagement came as a huge surprise to them, but was the cause of a rapprochement. Harry and Hermione planned the wedding, at the Delacour estate, and between them and Louis' parents managed to nullify all of Molly's attempts to take charge. The wedding was a splendid success, and the Potters and the British Weasleys met and made a start at mending fences, particularly with Ron. When Louis and Sarah had their first child, a year and a half later, Potter and Granger genes finally enriched the Weasley gene pool, albeit in an unforeseen manner.


By the mid 2040s, the magical world concluded that the non-magical world would soon have proof positive of the existence of their world. The only questions were when and how. To manage those questions for the optimum benefit of both worlds, the ICW enlisted the knowledge and talents of the 'Ceramic Expats', as Harry's biologic and self-made extended family were referred to fondly by the top ICW echelons. For the man whose people saving thing was legend and his family, this was the acme of his and their lives' purpose.

In 2059, the curtain was lifted as non-magical governments around the world announced together to their citizens that their world was larger and richer than they'd believed. Each country was aided by their native magicals.

Unsurprisingly, the expats took the lead, led in turn by Harry who addressed the UN, the governments of each English speaking nation, and all the main news and information outlets. Harry's fame as an author did wonders to bring people to acknowledge the reality of magic and magic wielders.

Inevitably, there was a measure of opposition and hostility by some in both the old worlds to the new reality. It took much hard work on everyone's part, spearheaded by Harry, Hermione and the extended family, but in a couple of decades the gains from the melding of science, technology and magic were so evident that opposition couldn't even be called token. After fifty years, a united humanity were ready to take rational, progressive steps, both on and off the Earth.


A few days after his 150th birthday, Harry Potter and Hermione Potter were found embraced in their bed, having passed away. The world as one mourned soberly, almost reverently. They were buried next to James and Lily, in Godric's Hollow. The simple inscription on the marker told the tale.

Harry Potter Hermione Potter

We fought the good fight

We ran the race

We kept the faith


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