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A/N: So this is for all the Stelena fans still out there (hope you guys are still around.). I have changed some of the canon. Basically - Delena never happens. They remained nothing but platonic friends through out the whole Klaus/Silas thing/story in general. Also important note - Elena is human, not vampire. I really wanted to get back that love we all had for her in the first seasons. I feel turning her into a vampire, just butchered her character even more. Plus we all know it was to prop Delena. This is set after the whole Silas thing, when she was in college, but not a vampire. Hope that makes sense. Also the Katherine thing never happened (much as I like Stefan/Kat, it related too much to vampire-Elena story.) Also, i'm not sure about the whole cure-thing. Maybe I will mention it later on. If i mixed up the plot a little, I apologize. I only watched bits of seasons 4-5 (don't get me started on 6), due to how bad it was. I really disliked how the show changed so much. Only good thing about season 5 was that cute Stelena scene and snarky Silas . Anyway, hope it's enjoyable.

Chapter 1: Started with ice cream

It started with a ice cream.

Elena was waiting in a line of agitated people. They were all sighing in unison, fed up of waiting for their ice cream sundae. Elena tried to remain sympathetic to the poor guy making them. He was clearly new and inexperienced. She felt herself being pushed by a guy behind her, as he continued to grumble in frustration. It was a boiling hot summers day in mystic falls. Usually they would serve ice cream outside, like today. Unfortunately this was the only one that day, with only one member of staff. It couldn't have been easy for the poor guy working in the heat. She could see the sweat dripping off his face. Red tan lines forming on the skin under his huge glasses.

"Can't this idiot hurry up?" The guy behind pointed his stubby finger to the guy behind the ice cream counter.

"He only has one pair of hands," she replied tiresomely.

"Well he should grow another pair!" he yelled back at her in frustration.

She was happy when she was near the front of the line, so she could ditch the rude asshole behind her. As she got up front, she could see how worn down the poor ice cream guy looked. He did not look much older than her. Poor guy no doubt took it on as a summer job, not expecting to get accosted by a huge portion of mystic falls.

She gave him her most cheerful smile, as she reached the ice cream cart. He smiled back appreciatively. He seemed happy to at least have one customer not screaming at him.

"What can I get you?" He avoided her eyes. She could see he was blushing, and thought he looked extra cute.

"Can I have a chocolate sundae please, with whipped cream and sprinkles." Her mouth already watering at the mention of it.

"Sure thing." Still avoiding her gaze, he went on to make it.

She waited patiently. She just hoped he would hurry up, before she over heated. She could feel the heat burning through her pink summer top she wore. The sweat was trickling down her back, causing the top to stick to her skin. She still loved the summer. It brought back many pleasant memories of her and Stefan. Also her best friends, Bonnie and Caroline.

Stefan. She had almost forgotten about her current dilemma. A few weeks ago she had decided to drop out of college, much to Caroline's annoyance. Her life was becoming even more complicated, with all the supernatural events that continued to disrupt any sense of normalcy. It wasn't her own life she had been thinking about, but her loved ones. Matt, Jeremy, and Bonnie especially. They had suffered so much trauma from all the supernatural drama. They had both lost family and friends because of vampires. She felt almost responsible for it all. She had decided to break up with Stefan after the whole Klaus saga, but was there for him during recovery process.

They had made progress on helping him get off his blood lust. Then Silas happened, causing things became complicated, yet again. Stefan had disappeared through out the summer. She had spent every waking moment searching for him. Damon had told her she should stop, that Stefan was probably off having some alone time. She refused to believe it. She knew Stefan would at least call, or tell his brother where he was going. She knew something was wrong. They were always connected in a weird telepathic way, or just very in tune with eachother.

Long story short, he had been locked away in a box under water. After Silas was dead, he still suffered from PTSD symptoms. Deciding it was too much to bare, he had turned off his humanity. Becoming ripper Stefan once again. Meanwhile, her blood had caused a spark in vampire gossip outside of mystic falls. As soon as Klaus left, they heard vampires were interested in what the Original valued so much. Her doppelganger blood became a huge commodity. Not wanting a bunch of vampires to turn up and disrupt her friends lives any further, she knew it was time to go.

Now Klaus was gone, she could go where she pleased. Stefan was no longer Klaus's lap dog. No longer watching over her. He still was around, causing trouble everywhere he went. She had honestly needed a little time to get her head clear, before deciding what to do with him. She knew that she had to get out of mystic falls.

She sighed. Hoping the boy would hurry up. She watched as he clumsily dropped another scoop of ice cream on the floor, before knocking a box of cones over. Why can't something just go right for once? Is it too much to ask for some ice cream?

"Want me to kill him for you?" The familiar voice came out of nowhere.

She spun around to see Stefan standing next to her. Or humanity-less Stefan, as she liked to call him. She had honestly thought he had skipped town by now, but felt slightly relieved he was still around.

"Twelve step program Stefan. Step one, no killing innocent people, " she tried to sound firm, but knew it was in vain when he laughed at her.

"That would require me to sign up for this program, which I haven't. " His smile was smug as he looked down at her. He then turned his attention to the ice cream boy.

She started to panic when his eyes rested on the poor ice cream guy. Luckily the guy had managed to salvage her sundae he had ruined, as he handed it to her. She looked down at the yummy ice cream, happy he had at least got the order right. She noticed the little cherry placed on top.

"I added it as an apology for taking so long." He replied to her unspoken question.

He looked so shy as he he said it, that she could not help but smile. Only Stefan's agitated look stopped her. She walked away from the ice cream stand, knowing he would follow her. At least she could make sure poor ice cream boy was safe. When she got far enough, she dipped her spoon into the eagerly awaited sundae. It tasked like heaven, as she took another bite. Stefan stood there watching, but she did not care. Ice cream was a great distraction.

"What? Do you want some?" She questioned.

"No, not unless it's covered in blood," he was clearly trying to annoy her.

"What do you want Stefan?" She bit out in frustration, not in the mood for his mind games.

"Other than wanting to bite that pretty neck, before licking that ice cream and blood off of you?" He said it like he was discussing his favorite color with her, only the intensity in his hazel-green eyes showed he was serious.

"Really Stefan, what do you want?" she tried to put some distance between them, as she felt her body heat up at his words.

"I'm leaving this crappy town for a while, I think you should come with me." Despite his words, he looked like he honestly could not care less if she came or not.

"You're serious? You want me to come with you?" She couldn't hide the shock in her voice.

"You said you wanted to leave right? Overheard your lil conversation with Matt." Smiling at her obvious annoyance of his spying on her. She hated vampires super hearing, it made it hard to get any form of privacy.

"Fine, but I'm calling the shots. I want to make sure you don't kill anyone." She had planned it already. She knew she had to try and bring old Stefan back, bringing him along would be a bonus in her plan.

He moved towards her, so quick she did not register him moving. Leaning down, so his lips brushed her ear. To anyone else they would look like two young lovers, but bad-Stefan was not one for romance.

"You can try little Elena, you can try," he whispered against her ear. It had sounded like a threat and promise rolled into one.

Before she could reply, he had left. She cursed vampire speed for that. She looked down at her ice cream, which now resembled a melted puddle of brown goo. The whipped cream and pretty sprinkles had melted into the mess of a sundae. Crying out in frustration, she threw it in the trash-can next to her. She wondered if it was something so perfect could just melt into a huge mess. She was thinking about her relationship as she looked at the mess that was now her ice cream. How her nice day had turned into the worst day ever. Either way, she knew her up coming trip with Stefan, would bring more of those days.