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Enter the Club

You build me up
You break me down
My heart, it pounds
Yeah, you got me
With my hands up
Put your hands up
Put your hands up

Now, the party don't start 'til I walk in

Stefan had spent the first ten minutes of their car ride, trying to convince her to have sex with him. She had to say, he was very persistent when he wanted something. The ripper would not take no for an answer. She guessed that he was probably a petulant child back in his ripper days. No doubt used to having women be all over him, not denying him like she was now.

"Come on Elena. You know what they say about two people that spend a lot of time together" He gave her a suggestive look.

"They want to kill each other?" She smiled innocently.

"No, two ordinary people would have the desire to fuck sooner or later" He explained it like it should have been obvious.

"Well we aren't two ordinary people, are we? And I'm not having sex with you Stefan" She would just have to control her hormones better.

"Fine. You will give into my charms sooner or later, I guarantee it" He smiled in an all-knowing way, as if he could predict the future. She scoffed at that, and instead decided to stare out the window and avoid this conversation.

They stopped speaking to each other, and remained silent the rest of the way. The club was a good twenty minutes from the hotel. She took the time to smooth her dress, and adjust her hair. She had worn leather boots so she could hide her little vampire weapon. Initially, she would have taken the stake; but it might have appeared too obvious. So she had opted for the little injection full of the drug that puts animals to sleep, instead. She hoped her idea worked. If not the only back up would be the man sitting next to her, and she didn't think he cared enough to protect her. He may act possessive on the surface, but ripper Stefan was selfish; he would simply find another toy if she failed to amuse him.

He stopped the car near the club, and she was shocked to see a long line of people waiting outside. Guess it's more popular that I thought. Brian wasn't kidding.

Her and Stefan got out to join the long line of people. Some were dressed in full goth get up, and others jeans and a nice top. She wished she had gone for her basic jeans and smart top, instead of the little black dress she wore. It felt like they waited for ages before they got to the front door. There stood a handsome black man, dressed in a long leather coat. He resembled Wesley Snipe's character in blade. A movie she had watched many times, and it brought a smile to her face. She could use Blade right now, as she was about to enter a club full of vamps.

"Tickets?" The bouncer asked them. He sounded like he was in a foul mood already.

"The guy we met before, said we were on the guest list" Stefan said from behind her. She had almost forgotten about him, till that moment. Too nervous to speak.

"Did he now, Brian! Get your ass out here now" The bouncer yelled out, making her jump.

She could see a blonde mop of hair appear through the gap of the big black doors, that hid the club from their view. He gave the bouncer an annoyed look, before turning to them. He smiled upon seeing Stefan, and gave Elena a nonchalant look, before turning back to the bouncer.

"Cool it Deac, I said they were on the list" Brian did not seem intimidated by the bouncer's mood.

"What did I tell you about adding people on the guest list, without consulting me? You can't just add any damn person to the list" Deac glared at him, before turning to them. His look seemed to soften when he saw Elena, who was now more nervous than ever. She was sure he could see the sweat glistening on her forehead. They hadn't even got inside the club yet, and she was already anxious.

"Sorry honey, did not mean to scare you. It's just this punk ass bitch over here, needs to learn his place" he pointed his thumb at Brian, who laughed it off.

"Hey, you're just jealous Nic always puts me in charge" His smile was teasing.

"That is because he's sick of ya whiny lil ass, always crying when you don't get your way" Deac smiled back mockingly.

She was glad they were at least on friendly terms. She didn't want a fight to break out outside a club full of vampires.

"Come on hot-stuff, get ya ass in here. Forget Mr grumpy-ass over here" Brian pointed a finger at the bouncer Deac, who swatted it away in annoyance.

"Fine, just this once. Hey you over there, what the hell is up the the sneakers? This is a club!" Deac was now yelling at a group of young guys behind her. Brian didn't take notice, as he continued drooling over Stefan. She couldn't blame him. Stefan was looking very good in his smart-casual wear. Black shirt with a white vest underneath, and black jeans. She was glad he was wearing smart black shoes, as Deac was really laying into the guys behind her.

"You coming? Lover?" Brian purred with expectation.

"I will be there in a minute" Stefan replied back, sounding very aggravated.

Brian finally got the message, and disappeared back through the door. She was about to follow, when she felt Stefan take her arm and lead her to a back ally.

"Stefan, I told you we are not -" He cut her off before she could finish.

"This isn't about that. Look, this club is going to be filled with vampires. That means there will be a lot of blood, and I won't be able to resist. As you know, I'm not going to sit in the corner and play good-boy. You will have to watch your back in there" Maybe it was hope on her part, but she thought she saw concern flash in those hazel-green eyes of his.

"I can take care of myself. Thanks for the warning" And she did mean it. She knew he was trying to warn her, even though he didn't really care. It gave her some hope that her Stefan might still be there.

"Good. I'm going to be checking the place out, so I want you to stay on alert. Remember to say your my, what was it again?" He had that cute-puzzled look on his face.

"Pledge" She emphasized. Trying to hide her smile.

"Right, pledge. Just tell them you're taken. Shall we?" He held out his arm in the old gentleman way, like he was escorting her to a ballroom; not a raunchy club.

She let him lead her back to the entrance. She could now hear the loud music coming out through the door. She felt her heartbeat vibrate along with it, as she tried to calm her nerves. She couldn't believe she was about to enter a club full of vampires, with a ripper on her arm.

Now or never. She repeated in her mind, as they entered through the door.